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Let it all go.

This idea came after I watched Justice League during its premiere and it just wouldn’t leave and was further ignited after I watched Justice League again earlier with a couple of friends. But no worries, there aren’t any spoilers. Mistakes are here and there but I hope you will still enjoy reading this! 

Arthur looks at you from the corner of his eyes and he almost feels sad at the state you are in. Almost being the keyword. He is still a little bit annoyed that Bruce decided he needed a babysitter – he definitely didn’t need any babysitter! He is perfectly capable of navigating both the lands and the waters on his own. The loud crackling of thunder sounds like music to his ears and he narrows his eyes at the sky – if they are lucky, they will get to the intended shelter before the heavy rain.

The quiet sneeze brings him out of his thoughts and Arthur looks at you over his shoulder. You look absolutely miserable and unlike him, you are probably not used to the crazy, cold weather. He eyes your clothes – you also probably did not take into account the weather being absolutely crazy here. Not that he would blame you; this area is only known to frequent visitors about how quickly it gets cold. Feeling sorry for your state, Arthur clears his throat. “Do you want to borrow my jacket?”

You are startled when you hear his voice and almost bumped into his back before you hastily stepped back. “Excuse me?” It took everything in you not to stutter through those words. The wind is really starting to feel very chilly and you absolutely regret not wearing something thicker.

Arthur raises one of his eyebrows before he repeats his question. You cross your arms and huff. “I am not cold.” You state in a matter-of-fact tone.

Unfortunately for you, it probably would have looked convincing if the wind didn’t blow causing you to shiver. Arthur lets out a bark of laughter before rolling his eyes. “So you are just shivering for no reason then?” He grunts as he takes off his jacket and drops it on top of your head, causing you to let out a small yelp of surprise. You definitely had not been expecting that!

“Put that on and let’s hurry.” Arthur turns to look back at the clouds; they are darker now and Arthur knows the longer the two of you stand around here, there is a high chance the both of you will not make it to the safe house dry.

You splutter incoherently as you grab his jacket off of your head and look at his retreating figure. Not wanting to be left behind, you immediately trail after him. You were contemplating on whether or not you should be wearing his jacket when the wind blew once more and you hastily put the jacket on, letting out a relieved sigh.

Unfortunately for you, despite Arthur’s good deed, the rain decided to fall ridiculously heavily the moment the safe house is within distant. Arthur grabs your wrist and pulls you towards the safe house because of his superior skills in being able to navigate with this much water pouring down from the sky.

“Sorry about that.” Arthur apologizes as he turns to look at you; if he thinks you looked miserable earlier, you are downright miserable now, looking like a down-trodden puppy. The corner of his lips lifted at that – an adorable, down-trodden looking puppy, his mind corrects him. “Let’s go inside.” Arthur turns to the padlock at the door and presses the passcode – a sigh of relief leaves his mouth when the door unlocks and he pushes the door open. “After you.”

You look at him before shaking your head. At this point, you really just want to get out of your wet clothes and into something dry. You involuntarily shiver once more – the longer you stay in these wet clothes, the quicker you will get sick. You vaguely hear Arthur closing the door behind him. You ignore him briefly in favour of double checking the house and headed back to the front of the house where Arthur is currently at. “Seems safe; locks are all still in place and unfortunately for us, I don’t think there is power.” You had tried switching on the heater earlier but it didn’t work at all.

“Better here than out there.” Arthur tries to placate you and you slowly nod your head, getting distracted by the water that’s glistening and rolling down his muscles. You immediately shake your head and try to rid those thoughts from your front of mind.

There is no denying that you are attracted to the Atlantean – other than the fact that he seems to have all of the characteristics of your ideal type fitted within him, Arthur is also a man who gets on your nerves too and it is not always in a bad way. Barry likes to joke about the heavy sexual tension between the two of you and you partly think Bruce made up this stupid mission just to get the two of you together – there is really no telling what goes on in his mind.

Still with the smirk plastered on his face, Arthur steps closer to you and with every step he takes, you take one step back until your back hits the wall and Arthur chuckles, sending a very delightful shiver run down your body. The fact that you are still wearing his jacket is really not helping at all – you look good enough to ravish. In fact, this is something that is long time coming and so Arthur leans down so that his face is really almost touching yours. The sharp intake of breath he hears from you somewhat pleases him and he can see the emotions running through your eyes – relieved when he takes notice that you don’t exactly fear him or is disgusted by him.

Feeling his warm breath hitting your cheeks causes you to become aware just how close the both of you are and you can smell his scent – something that manages to turn your insides into a mush and you feel as if your brain just short-circuited. You lick your suddenly dry lips and you cannot help but notice how Arthur’s gaze fell onto your lips so you lick them again. “Can you please not stand this close?” You murmur, cheeks flushing slightly at his close proximity.

Arthur smirks as he steps closer still, his nose brushing against your cheek in a very suggestive yet casual way and this causes you to involuntarily shiver. “Why?” He whispers hotly.

“Because I can’t think straight with you this close!” You blurt out, making the mistake of placing both of your palms on his chest because the moment you did, Arthur grabs onto both of your wrists with his hands, pulling them away from his chest which in turn pulls you very close to him. You can feel the heat radiating off of him.

“Sweets, the last thing I am asking you to do is to think straight.” You are about to retort when Arthur lower his face to kiss you deeply. He swallows the moan you let out and releases your wrists so he can place his arms on your hips, bringing you closer to him. He has been meaning to kiss you ever since you donned his jacket – Bruce’s teasing words are ringing in his ears and he rolls his eyes. Your arms immediately wound around his head, running your fingers through his hair, lightly scratching his scalp and tugging on his hair.

Arthur’s lips make their way from your mouth down to your neck, loving how well you are reacting to his kisses. Arthur pulls back after a while to stare at you – you look absolutely disheveled; your face is flush, lips swollen from the kisses the both of you have shared and he can see the hickeys he left on your skin beginning to appear and he feels oddly proud and possessive. Arthur growls before pressing his lips against yours, hard causing you to moan. He pulls away to look at you straight in the eyes. “Mine.”

You would have laughed at the turn of events but Arthur’s kisses had not only left you fazed but they have also left you breathless so all you can do is to lightly smack him causing the bigger man to chuckle before he releases his hold on you completely.

“Come on – I am sure we can look for the generator or gather a few things that can be burned; you are going to get sick if you stay in those wet clothes of yours.” Arthur points out before turning around, padding slowly to the living room. You roll your eyes – Arthur really has such a weird way of showing his affections for you but today, you feel like you have understood him better: Arthur Curry is a man of actions. With a small smile on your face, you begin to follow after him.

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Head cannon idea: Rick enjoys hiding outside of Morty's room at night and listening to the boy masterbate, but maybe one day he's too busy jacking of to notice that Morty stopped until the boy opens the door and sees him

Ohhhh yes, this hc is delicious 0_0

Maybe it’s Rick’s dirty little secret.

It all started one day when he ran to Morty’s bedroom intending to go on another adventure. It was an ungodly hour of the night, and Rick knew this but he didn’t particularly care. He needed Morty for something and he wasn’t above dragging the boy off his bed. 

Morty’s bedroom door was ajar. And when Rick peeked inside to call for him, his heart suddenly stopped.

Rick had caught his grandson at an inopportune moment.The boy was kneeling on the floor, bent over a magazine flipped to a two-page spread of a gorgeous redhead. Morty was clearly not expecting to be disturbed at this time. He was clad in nothing but a shirt, his erect cock as naked and exposed as the day he was born. Morty’s eyes squeezed shut and his face flushed with pleasure as he gripped his cock with a hand slicked with lube. The boy then began to pump relentlessly.

Rick couldn’t look away. For some reason, he stayed to watch instead of walking away to give his grandson some much-deserved privacy. Maybe it was the way Morty stuck out his tongue as he concentrated on jerking himself off, maybe it was the way Morty whimpered and moaned adorably through the whole thing, maybe it was the hilariously desperate look that Morty made when he almost reached his climax. Whatever it was, Rick was transfixed, and he stayed until Morty finished.

The boy emptied into his hand with a cry, and from that moment on Rick was well and truly wrecked. The face of pure ecstasy that his grandson made upon release stirred something in Rick, and he crawled back to his own bedroom with a tent his pants, itching to relieve himself as well. Forget the adventure Rick was about to go on, that memory of Morty on the brink of orgasm would keep him busy for the rest of the night!

Then Rick starts sneaking to Morty’s bedroom at night, hoping to catch the boy jerking himself off so he could be treated to another show. Many times Rick would just catch Morty doing mundane and boring stuff, like finishing his homework or watching TV, but other times Rick would get lucky and see Morty masturbate to porn. Those days he stayed much, much longer by Morty’s door.

Maybe for the first few times Rick would try to delude himself into thinking that he was only passing by his grandson’s bedroom to check up on him. He was definitely not visiting Morty late at night without alerting him of his presence because of any other reason. No siree.

But when it turned from a weekly to a twice-weekly to an almost daily occurrence, Rick just threw his hands up and stops restraining himself. He starts jerking off to the sight of Morty jerking off, and the initial feeling of shame is quickly forgotten after the waves of intense pleasure that comes from seeing Morty at his climax.

The boy starts to masturbate more often, and Rick’s on cloud nine. Almost every day, after Morty stalks off to his room, Rick would be waiting by his grandson’s bedroom for the inevitable to happen. When Morty finishes, Rick follows soon after, and he’s off to his own room before Morty even has a chance to notice.

Before Rick fucked up, that is.

On one night, Rick was a bit too loud and careless. He came into his pants with a cry, and when he zipped his pants and stood up he’s greeted with the sight of an annoyed Morty.

“W-w-would you keep it down?” Morty complained. “You’re too noisy, Rick!”

The color drained from Rick’s face. He gaped open-mouthed at Morty like a goldfish. His grandson had seen him, he was caught right in the fucking act. Morty knew Rick was a sick pervert who got off to his own grandson masturbating.

He was so fucking dead.

“Y-y-you think I never noticed you by the door, Rick?” Morty said when Rick was too shocked to reply. “I-it took a while, but I’m not a complete idiot. W-w-why do you think I never locked my door, huh,? I knew y-y-you’ve been watching me a-a-and jerking off outside my bedroom for months! I-I’d been waiting forever for you to get the hint! Would you just grow some balls and fuck me already?”

Rick blinked stupidly. What?

Morty just rolled his eyes at his oblivious grandfather and pulled him into his room. After a few seconds of hesitation, the bedroom door lock clicked shut.

Hey Bartender Chapter 13: Stay a Little Longer

Pairing: Bartender!Reader x Rock God!Rob

Chapter Summary: Reader and Rob are both aware that things between them aren’t working and will probably never work the way that they want them to. So, why can’t they stay away from each other?

Word Count: 4069

Warnings: swearing, slight angst, mild smut

Notes: Sorry if this is all over the place. Not feeling 100% lately, but I needed to write and wanted to get this chapter out.

Catch Up: Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8 Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12

At the end of your shift, you closed the bar up; Rob watching you as he waited around. You motioned to him letting him know that you were ready to leave and he followed you out to your car, both of you walking quietly. It was nice to have this moment with him again. Regardless of the fact that he had been a colossal dick, you had missed him. You told yourself that you had missed the fooling around, but just having him near you was enough to make you feel relaxed again. You both got into you car, as you usually did when you left the bar together.

“My place?” He asked as you pulled out of the parking lot.

“No,” you replied as you focused on driving, “we’ll go to my place. Bad things happen between us when I go home with you.”

“You know, if we go to your place, you can’t sneak out on me in the middle of the night,” he joked, smiling over at you. You tried not to smile in return, still feeling a bit ticked off over how he had treated you, but that smile and those blue eyes made it impossible for you to let your anger be known.

“We’re talking tonight,” you reminded him. “That’s it.”

“Okay, I get it. That’s cool.” He turned his attention from you, staring out the window as you drove the rest of the way to your place in silence. You had lived with Briana for a while, and only recently decided it was time to leave and get your own place. Luckily, you had managed to save up most of your tip money over the years in an account that Tyler never had access to. The money came in handy when it was time to get your apartment. It wasn’t anything fancy, and it wasn’t really your own; but it was enough for you.

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I don’t know, but I hated falling for you.
I counted how many times you glanced at me from 10am to 1pm.
I rethought about the first time you did
and how different it was to the second time.
And then I thought about your eyes.
And maybe that’s why I started staring longer.
I wanted to know what color of eyes you had
and I probably did think of being closer to you.
I used to listen at what you’d laugh at.
Just so I could develop that sense of humor.
It might be the only time you’ll ever remember me or my name.
And last but not least,
I took the fact that you didn’t leave the classroom immediately at the end of class, as a sign that maybe you really did want to stay a bit longer until I got to leave. 
But, no. 
That was just me falling for you in my head. 
That was just me putting malice on a boring, old tale. 
That was me wanting to fall in love so bad that the slightest little thing coming from someone who gave me daily butterflies made me believe that he could be the one.


Every moment a gesture goes unreciprocated

I start to disappear

And become a collection of particles that occupy the space

Where you can no longer see me

But you keep me around, engage me with minimal effort

To disguise it as genuine affection and desire

The particles shift in question, do you see me?

But you have become deaf to my presence

You can no longer hear my heartbeat as it began to fade behind the fallacy of us

I’m being carried by the wind and you don’t even notice I’m being scattered

My cells flurry like autumn leaves caught in a fall wind

I can no longer stay grounded, your indifferent love has displaced me

My voice dulls against your oblivion to my love

You no longer see me as I wave my hands in front of you

I’m begging for your attention when you have gone blind to the sound of me

Now I stand behind a tall wall that casts my shadow to the south of you



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Will u finish the NLMLY update today? 😍💙

i tried and i failed. i can no longer stay up late these days. so weird. gotta love allergies.

i’ll try to update on the train tomorrow or from my parents’ house haha i already have 13K written so it shouldn’t be that bad

thank you for asking 💙💙💙

overwatch pro dude: fire in short bursts as soldier to combat the spread of his gun

me: no way that makes much of a difference but lets try it

me: (doubles my eliminations per match, lowers my deaths, literally staying alive longer) ……. teach me more, overwatch dude


He’s got his gun, 
He’s got his suit on
He says, “Babe, you look so cool”

Some more from the mafiya/bodygaurd AU because it’s taken my life over by this point :“)

I’ll go to bed early.
—  A Ravenclaw who will most certainly not go to bed early 

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Aizawa did you enjoy the trip to the hot springs? Did the kids behave? ((Im new to the fandom and just found out about that old (?) onsen event and it was really cute wow))

I don’t remember how long I was there (don’t do this, it’s dangerous for your health). Luckily, All Might happened to come by soon after I think. My memory’s a bit fuzzy.

@ask-allmight Care to clarify…?

event in reference to this!

Some binding tips from the Voltron boys! Stay safe everybody <3

This is Day 3 (You’re a Star!!/Armor) of the trans voltron week put together by @trans-legendary-defenders  which ended 3 days ago soz

This took me like 3 days to make but I’m :’) so proud

btw I don’t bind yet (I’ve done quite a bit of research in preparation tho) so please let me know if any of my information is wrong!