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Figured out part of the reason everyone keeps getting cut: Turns out the SM stays longer than she is scheduled, which puts us over on hours. The kicker is that she then cuts us to make up for it.

Deception - Eisuke/Soryu (Part1)

His nimble fingers manage to twist and knot throughout the ends of my hair amorously as I’m pulled over and onto him upon the bed. His kisses without any warning or hesitation to explore past my lips leave me nothing but hot, bothered and meek.

We’d agreed months ago that this little fiasco; that this behind closed doors secret was going to end; yet when the text is received – the one that tells me how much he misses me, the one that tells me how bored he is, the one that tells me how he’d like it if I just dropped by for coffee and perhaps stay a little longer than just saying a simple, stern hello, I can’t at all help but feel week.

The sounds of rumours filter from the radio as gently and as timid at the lights dwindle in through half closed wooden shutters from the busy and bright Tokyo streets. His breath is warm as it taints my skin and I curse to myself like a mad woman for falling for his tricks, yet at the same time – at this time – the right time, I can’t help but for some reason fall for him again.

The tiny buttons of his shirt pop open in my fingertips; the tip of my tongue draws a line; soft and sensual from his chin all the way down his to his waist. French manicured nails with cream tips scrape at the outlines of muscle I have nothing but the pleasure of feeling and he hisses my name as I leave nips and bites which will bruise and paint like forbidden, erotic art across his chest.

“Eisuke….”, I mumble in a whisper; knowing that he likes it when I mutter his name innocently and bring my bottom lip shamelessly between my teeth. A rumbling growl resonates at the base of his throat and the sound of his belt unbuckling indicates an awareness of defeat.

With fingers still snaked in my hair, he presses me down; guiding me towards what I can only think of as a treat. Zipper down, briefs pulled, cock out; like a kitten I run my tongue teasingly along the underside of the shaft as I watch him whimper and weak.  The constraints of my skirt don’t make it easy to move so with a few quick shuffles, I manage to shimmy the material off and have it fall onto the floor of the bedroom. My blouse easily becomes undone; the cute little red bow in the chest our little secret and before I know it, he’s rocked us, rolled us, turned us over so that now my back is against the bed – and I’m the one who feels like the temptress, like a goodness – as if in between the sheets I’ll turn into a sex craved freak.

I’m sure, if not entirely certain, that it was a less than humble – clever woman who created the man-on-top position; why else after bearing a man’s weight above you for only a few seconds can you so easily fool them into believing anything – absolutely everything – including the notion of course that they actually think they’re in charge of what’s happening.

A year ago; when this all started, I’d spent hours upon hours at night fidgeting with my wedding ring – the thin gold band which is meant to symbolize a unification of love, honesty and trust now lays wrapped around my finger dormant and heavy. My cheeks blush; a warmth rushing across my face at the thrill, he can give me. Not a stranger; not a lost soul – my husband’s best friend and nothing more.

As the straps of la perla lace, I haven’t worn since my wedding night skim off my shoulders with ease – the quiet creak of the front door opening makes goose bumps appear as he rises to his knees.

“Honey, I’m home.”

I swallow hard; frozen; my next few words a plea.

“Fuck… Soryu’s here. Eisuke you have to leave…”

“i wish your mom had been a little stronger. i wish she’d stayed around a little longer. i wish your dad were good! i wish grownups understood! i wish we’d met before they convinced you life is war! i wish you’d come with me!”

these lyrics fuck 👏🏼 me 👏🏼 UP 👏🏼 like every single time they always get me. i legit almost cry when singing this line

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Hey sorry if this is a random question, I'm only on anon for my own anxiety issues, but were you at the coh2 con? I just keep seeing things on twitter saying Katie faked her injury that made her miss a day at that con. And it makes me mad

I was at coh2, anon, and I can promise you katie had a real injury. she went to the gym and hurt her hand, and when she saw a doctor they insisted she stay in hospital for observation, hence why she wasn’t there on the saturday. but in my opinion, she more than made up for it on the sunday. she stayed longer to finish autographs even though I’m sure her hand was hurting and the staff said she didn’t have to do them.

ignore what you see on twitter. it’s just people from a certain fandom trying to stir up trouble. are you going to coh3 this year? I won’t be there, but I will be at hvff london. I hope you enjoy whatever con you’re going to! :)

I like to think Dipper grew up to be a gangly gigantor, haha!

(Mabel is still 1 cm taller ;D)

Okay, so I rewatched all three eps of Yuri on Ice today and I came to a certain realization on the topic of YOI’s love interest.

Remember Yuuko/Yuu-chan? You know, the cute girl to whom Yuuri first showed his imitation of Victor’s routine? The one he crushed on since he was a kid? The one with the three daughters/the triplets and the husband with whom she runs Hasetsu Ice Castle? Her.

Notice anything about her? Because I did: Yuuko is not Yuuri’s love interest.

Or at least, the moment we learn that she has a family with Takeshi she stops being shown as a love interest. But this isn’t a post about her family life (which is great btw), because if the show wanted, it could have kept her as Yuuri’s love interest despite her being married, but that’s not the case. Why?

Because Victor appears in the story. It’s not just that Yuuko is no longer shown as a love interest - it appears that Yuuri is no longer interested in her. From the moment of Victor’s arrival, Yuuri’s crush on Yuuko hasn’t been mentioned even once, even though Victor does ask (in episode 2) whether Yuuri has any girl he likes or whether he’s had any past girlfriends. This is further highlighted by the fact that when Victor asks them whether they know anything about love (this is right before showing them the two On Love Eros and Agape pieces), Yuuri only shakes his head. Not a single reference is ever made to his (past?) crush on Yuuko.

Is it just me or does Victor replace Yuuko’s place as Yuuri’s love interest?

Now, I don’t mean to say that Yuuri is heartless for losing interest in Yuuko after years of secretly liking her just because Victor arrives, or anything of that sort but simply that narratively, Victor takes on the role of the love interest and the rest of the show follows that mindset from the end of episode 1 onward.

He’s the one Yuuri dedicates his Eros to. He’s the one Yuuri wants to impress. He’s the one Yuuri turns to in times of doubt or insecurity, and most importantly he’s the one Yuuri is most focused on.

Victor is clearly shown to be Yuuri’s love interest.

Yuuko remains a good friend and seems to become a mother figure to Yurio.

And that’s just beautiful.

Anakin and Padme holding in undignified squeals as they surreptitiously record Obi-wan playing a very serious game of patty-cake with baby Leia.