staying in home


Day 27/100:

i stayed home sick today and used my time for revising and for preparing for my acid-base test in chemistry tomorrow. i’m really nervous, but i’m trying my best to prepare and hopefully i’ll be okay!

i’ve also recently taken up self-studying french!

je veux Français parler.🇳🇱

▓  - the awful weather forced them to stay stuck home (bonus if one of them doesn’t live there) (w/ ceo!hoseok)

“You know, you could just spend the night here,” Hoseok suggests, his fingers strumming up and down your arm, a leisure movement he likes to do when you’re tangled up in the sheets with him; skin on skin with your whole, if not almost entire being connected to him. You hum and remain pressed to his chest, fingers idly flicking one another behind his back because Hoseok likes leaning against the headboard with a small gap for your arms to slip and settle there.

“I wouldn’t want to have to worry if you’d make home safely with the weather looking like the moment you step out, you’d be swallowed,”

Chuckling, it’s a sound Hoseok adores to hear. He smiles at you, as if he couldn’t the moment your eyes meet. 

“You sure you wouldn’t swallow me first?”

All he does is bite his lip, and you hit him without much force.

“I mean, you know, if you wanted me to all you have to do is just ask me, love,”

“You’re insatiable,” You mutter under your breath, turning your head to rest your cheek by the side of his arm. He laughs and shifts you to lay down with him, legs coming between yours before they rest like that, tangled and warm under the sheets, “I know,”

“But you seem to like it,”

“No comment,” You sigh, closing your eyes and it’s his turn to chuckle as he cups your cheek, “So you’re staying?”

You peek with one eye to see his gummy smile before it closes to dissolve his image, but not his voice when they continue to kiss your eardrums.

“With you here like this, I’d be crazy to leave,”

He smirks and pulls you closer, as if you hadn’t been anything but close.

“I would’ve said the same thing,”

“Don’t push it,”

“…let’s sleep then.”

The Signs as Everyday People:

Scorpio - The Tough Guy/Gal 😈

Aries - The Persistent Salesperson 💰

Aquarius - The Rebel For a Cause 😎

Cancer - The Stay/Work-At-Home Parent 👶

Taurus - The Boy/Girl Next Door 💋

Sagittarius - The Techie Philosopher 🤓

Capricorn - The Wise Old Hermit ☠️

Pisces - The Distracted Daydreamer 😴

Leo - The Leader of the Squad ⭐️

Libra - The Couple ❤

Gemini - The Chatty Barista 😜

Virgo - The Bitter Professor 🎓

anonymous asked:

Can you give me some advice on how to keep motivated on school work? I've been in this slump for over a month where I can't even bring myself to do any homework or study. It's gets really overwhelming when the work begins to pile up and I've even skipped class sometimes because I don't want to face the teacher for not completing assignments. I waste so much time just laying around in bed when I could be doing something productive...I don't know please help me..

the situation you described is actually me right now, i’m not kidding. my anxiety is interfering with my productivity and sometimes i stay home from school. getting work done is hard especially when it’s given all at once or if it’s presented with lots of pressure surrounding it. procrastination becomes your worst enemy. even when school gets tough, i still find ways to stay motivated. i don’t know if this will help, but it’s kept me quite motivated over the years. first, think about what you want most in life, a goal you want to accomplish and what makes you happy. keep that image with you at all times. when you’re feeling down at school or if you’re having trouble getting work done, think about that goal. the goal i made for myself was finally moving out of the u.s. and living in iceland by myself alone in comfort. i always think about that future i wish for and it always fills me with hope and motivation. the only reason i work hard in school is because i get closer and closer to that goal every day. work hard so you can get closer and closer to your goal. another key is organization. split your assignments by days, so you won’t have to do it all at once. take it step by step so you won’t get stressed. this has also worked for me and has made work easier to accomplish. i don’t know if this helped, but i hope you find that passion that pushes you forward and i wish you the best. if you have any other questions or concerns you can always talk to me :)

anonymous asked:

I was really sick this morning, but now I'm feeling better and I get to stay home from school/work and sleep for the rest of the day! Double win!

Yay that you’re feeling better! I hope you get lots of rest and maybe read a good book or binge watch some Netflix <3 All the hugs! <3

Tell me about something nice/awesome/lovely/unexpected that happened to you and that made you smile and/or brightened your day :) Let’s spread some positivity :)

✨Sick Babygirl✨

I decided go stay home today because I’m feeling like a sick lil munchkin. 😢🤧

Someone should play xbox one or entertain me 💕😋


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Name: Sonja

Nickname: Sunny

Gender: female

Starsign: Scorpio

Height: 5'7"

Sexuality: straight

Hogwarts house: Transient

Favorite animal: I don’t have a favorite, love them all!

Average hours of sleep: 4-6

Current time: 1:50 p.m. and I’m still in jammies lol

Blankets you sleep with: one sheet and it depends on the given moment / hot flash.

Dream trip: Fiji

Dream job: Stay at home grandma!

When i made my blog: 2016

Followers: 1500ish

Account peak: ? It hasn’t! Still growing and I love it! 🙂

Why i made a Tumblr: For weight loss motivation, to keep myself accountable and to make friends with others going through similar journeys.

Reason for url: Ohhhh, it’s a very long story. Lol

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WhaT IS UP can i ask for some advice or hElp cause i have this confirmation school(???) meeting and im literally bawling my eyes out worrying if im going to have a panic attack??? Or if ill be thoroughly anxious the whole time idk im just so selfconscious about my outer appearance and what others might think that it has gone to the level where id rather stay at home unless its necessary and this isnt but id love to have the money cha ching yes thats it i love you

I think my advice would be to not worry so much over what these people would think because more than half of the time those people aren’t even caring about you?? But like not in a harsh way I mean even if you don’t attend it they probably won’t think anything of that, and unless you’re wearing a bra on your head or something then they wouldn’t really give a damn about your appearance either. Basically what I’m saying is I think you’re just over thinking things dear ^.^