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idk this is probably a controversial opinion but im convinced that dumbledore knew that it wasnt sirius who killed peter and all those muggles yet he never did anything to prevent his conviction or at least reduce his sentence like he did for sneep 

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Looks like it's going to be another long day of filming but yet again I'm going in with no expectations because I never can predict what's going to happen with this shoot lol. But I def don't expect anything like this in LA since they'll be in the studio, but it will be nice to see Harry back in LA😊

Yep, same, but I think it’s likely that we will get candids from today too… paps and fans are already there, plus today is the last day so pics would be a good and nice farewell “present” to remember these incredible months! and I’m happy to know that Harry will be in LA soon… Hazoff reunite!