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Casekiel being the Cutest Thing Ever™ 1/∞

Jingle bells
Yuri falls
Yurio has a friend
JJ cries
Fandom dies
Gotta watch it till the end, hey
Viktor smiles
To the other guys
Pichit slays, chris… still gay
Ep 12 is on the way, hey
—  Me when yoi hits you like a bus but u gotta stay festive

Your friendly neighbourhood medic and security chief would like to remind you to stay safe this festive season!! Happy Lunar New Year again everyone!


So you guys know how much I love pretty much everything EA does, I’m very vocal about that fact, but this right here? This pisses me off. Not only because it happens and hasn’t been fixed yet (it’s been happening since City living came out) but also because it’s been marked as ‘Solved’ on the EA forums when in my opinion it absolutely is NOT solved.

The solution?

This bug is caused if you leave a festival that doesn’t take place in the neighborhood you live in early.

For some this auto-resolves but if not, attend the next festival that takes place there and stay till the end.

To avoid: Don’t leave festivals that take place in other neighborhoods early.

I’m sorry but that’s nowhere near good enough, I shouldn’t have to force my sims to stay at the festival just to avoid this shit and I shouldn’t have to wait a week for the festival to happen again.

I’ve been waiting almost a full Sim-week for the Romance Festival to show up again because I needed it for Kori’s City Native aspiration and it showed up like this, where she can’t use a damn thing at the festival. Not only that but because this has happened to me before and I saw this “solution” last time I went looking, I have been staying at every festival until the whole thing despawns every single time, which is really inconvenient when your sim has work at 6am and the festival doesn’t despawn until 4am even though it’s supposed to end at 1am.


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shallura - #3

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If loud, weird public sex is wrong, then being wrong is wicked hot. (right and wrong are just guidelines to hotter sex)

Shiro’s breath caught as he was pushed back against the wall next to his guest room.

It was late.  He and Allura had both stayed at he festivities until the leaders of this planet retired, out of respect and a desire to keep pushing for a better deal as part of the Voltron Alliance.  They’d made some progress, but not really enough to justify being up this late.  

Shiro hadn’t had anything to drink in hours, and neither had Allura.  But in the quiet of the late hours, the come-down of the long, long party and Allura pressed against him, her hands gliding down his chest, he felt like he was drunk.

“Allura,” he gasped, and then groaned when her mouth found his exposed neck.  “We’re out- we’re outside.”

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