staying cozy

Stayed inside with some horror fiction today and watched autumn colors fall outside of my window.

Friday the 13th; a holiday that only my fellow autumn people and I properly observe.

Stay spooky, my loves. Xx.


Gryffindors are summer, when it’s the best time of the year to stay outside all day, the cloudless skies, birds chirping and insects buzzing, hanging out with your friends, every refreshing wind blow and the short summer showers, bathing in the river, the adrenaline of doing sports and staying up all night to have parties and fireworks.

Slytherins are autumn, the crisp, but not freezing evenings, the fog that’s lying like a coat over the streets, the leaves that are turning from their usual colour to a flashing yellow and orange, the good smell of the forest after a long, soothing rainfall, being excited for Halloween and going trick-or-treating, even if you’re probably already to old for it.

Ravenclaws are winter, staying in your warm, cozy home, reading alone in front of a crackling fireplace, being wrapped in your favourite blanket, reading a good book and have a warming drink, the aesthetic feeling of making the first steps in fresh snow, the sharp, keen feeling of a cold breeze hitting your skin, the freezing nights with clear skies and sparkling stars.

Hufflepuffs are spring, watching the snow melting away, when the animals wake up from their winter sleep, plants and flowers grow and bloom, being playful, the air smells like earth and new life, the refreshing spring showers that remember you that you’re alive, the bright, warm sunlight tickling your skin after a way too long winter.

To Do:

1. Get out of bed. Roll across the sheets before you stand and tangle yourself like a caterpillar because that’ll never go out of style. Seriously, it’s fun as hell.

2. Brew coffee or tea or something else cozy. Drink it hot and in front of a window so you can watch the war going on just past the glass. Wear a blanket across your knees, it’ll be your shield.

3. Make a second cup of coffee/tea/hot drink of your choice. Repeat step number 2. Watch the steam fog up the window and draw shapes in it’s haze. Maybe you’ll see the doodles the next time it’s misty. Consider something magic. You can never have enough time exploring the inside of your own skull.

4. Put on music you haven’t listened to before. Pay attention to the lyrics, you might hear yourself. Then dance until your heart is beating to the time of the song. It’ll make you feel alive.

5. Step outside. Smell the rain and the new life and the melting air, that’ll make you feel alive too. Let the rain hit every part of you. Your finger tips, your eyelids, your teeth. Feel it dance on your skin. Remember it was once inside a dinosaur.

6. Listen to it pound elephant foot pinprick drumbeats on the roof. You might hear yourself, I know I have. Notice the way it crescendos and decrescendos like a choir of a million voices. You might fall in love.

7. Run your fingers across the brail of the clouds. The peaks and the caverns of cotton water. They’ll roar epics like you’ve never heard before. Furious and bright and deep and dark all at once. You might fall in love.

8. Watch your favorite movie, twice. Don’t let the rain distract you. It doesn’t need all your attention all day today. It has work to do, feeding the earth and drowning the heat. You deserve to sit back for a while.

9. Forget it’s raining and let yourself feel the tiny jolt of surprise when you notice the tears still rolling down your windows. Possibly repeat step 2.

10. Go to bed to melody of the droplets in the gutters and the baritone of water rushing through the streets. The storm will battle through the night if it so feels the need. You can sleep now.

—  A.O.A.M || To Do List For A Rainy Day
After Words

Summary: Bookshop AU. Reader finds a book with some handwritten notes inside and sets out to find the person responsible.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 6,690

Warnings: language, fluff, mentions of anxiety, one mention of PTSD, mentions of mental health issues, I love italicizing things, and I make fun of people calling other people snowflakes

A/N: This is for @whotheeffisbucky​‘s AU Writing Challenge. Thanks for letting me participate! Sorry if it’s a mess!

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The Mafia’s Son Part 1

So, I’ve gotten quite a large amount of comments asking for a series and for dark lance. And I’ll tell you. I listened. In my own way. So, I present to you a mafia au of our fine blue boy! The Young Prince of the McClain family.

Lance was the youngest of the family. And he’d proudly say that to anyone and everyone that would listen to him. Though, he doubted that people really just how much weight that held in his family, the McClain family. He was the baby of the family. A family that was… how would it be said? Rather, well known. Famous even, if you knew who to ask. All the attention just for their small family business. It really wasn’t too big of deal. Well, not a big of deal for them being one of the biggest mafia’s in Cuba with connections internationally. Lance was a lucky boy being the youngest. With all his older sisters coddling him and protecting him, there was always someone playing with him, or teaching him things. Protecting him from the big bad world.

           Just look at Lance’s first boyfriend, the mess it was. He’d been an asshole, taking advantage of Lance’s money and love. Then breaking his heart when he slowly realized just who Lance was. His sister had not been happy. Lance was hurt.

           Luckily, the pain wasn’t so bad that he couldn’t enjoy painting targets of that jackasses pants and watching his sisters taking turns with their pipes. He did warn his dear Johnny that his sisters would bust his kneecaps if he hurt Lance. Johnny had said he’d love Lance forever… but obviously that was a lie if he was fucking some other girl on the side. Sweet girl. Lance liked her, he took great pleasure in stealing her to be his own when Johnny was in the hospital, and remaining her closest friend when the relationship was broken off.

           That doesn’t mean Lance was completely helpless… they didn’t call him the dark prince for nothing. He was the young prince of the family, with family members that would protect him with their lives. They would do anything for him, enjoyed taking care of him and smothering him in protective love. But Lance was more than capable of taking lives of his own. Mama didn’t raise someone lazy. And Papa didn’t raise a son who was at the mercy of his surroundings. He was the hunter, not the prey. Lance was just as driven and hardworking as his older sisters. And Lance couldn’t help but think that maybe that was his saving grace. Though, he guessed no one could have guessed the son of a mafia would be shot into space to fight an intergalactic war with giant metal space lions.

           Hey. He’s seen weirder things growing up he guessed. His uncle was quite creative with a can of spray paint, a crow bar, and toothpicks. He’d never seen a torture victim crack so fast. Though, Lance was more partial to kill them with kindness. Mercy and guilt. Classic. And worked so well for him, being the so called ‘innocent one’ of the family.

           Too bad everyone that could disprove that was either family or dead.

           Oh well, that was a shame he guessed.

           What Lance couldn’t have guessed however, was just how hard it was to be in space without his family. The loneliness and frustration was almost crushing. He couldn’t get a break from being smiley and joking. He didn’t get to let out his frustrations anymore. The bloodlust inside him aching, the need to dig and tear into someone, watch their pain beneath your fingernails. Blood. Red. True. Honest. It was difficult to act normal without a break for so long. Acting average in training simulators where he could easily handle his own load, but had to stumble a bit. They had nothing to technically be suspicious about. And he guessed he could explain himself. But, that would be. Inconvenient. Gaining trust was time consuming. He cared about them so much. He’d never hurt them. But if he confessed his sins, would they still believe that?

           It was easier if they never found out. Even if the dark prince within him was growing impatient. Itching to just get this over with and go home. The temptation to find and corner a Galran general on a mission and just take the information he wanted was so an enticement that was so hard to resist. Lance had to wonder just how long he could take it. The jabs at his goofy nature, a personality that was warmly received at home. The biased behaviors, everyone preferring someone else to his company, excusing Coran. If only he’d met Coran on earth. His father would have loved him. They would all be well taken care of when they got to earth, whether they learned why that would be or not. Lance had his plans.

           He was going to get Pidge and Hunk into good colleges or careers dependent on their wishes, they had enough military and fighting for their short lives. Shiro would be urged into counseling by everyone, so that wasn’t a worry. Though Lance would be sure to make sure he would get only the best job in whatever field he would go into. Keith, he was a little more difficult, Lance would have to wait and see before he made any decisions. God knows where Keith was going to stay. Though with how cozy him and Shiro were getting, Keith was probably sure to stay with Shiro. Either way, Lance would be sure that Keith would not end up in some shack in a desert. He loved all the paladins, but he knew for a fact he had a soft spot know as a crush for both the red and black paladins. It wouldn’t affect any judgement he had on them. And he certainly wasn’t jealous per-say of them finding affections in each other. He couldn’t have them anyway. They were pure. Naïve. He wouldn’t taint that.

           Maybe them getting together in front of Lance’s eyes was the next best thing. Whether it doomed him to other fantasies or helped him move on. He didn’t know just yet… guess he’d find out as the days went by. Lance leaned back against Blue’s paw. Head lulled back with a smile.

           Blue was the only one that knew everything. Mind melds were easy to avoid the memories of a little five-year-old Lance holding a gun. Or the many ‘interrogations’ and strewn bodies parts that stained the floors of the training rooms. It wasn’t that hard really. All he had to do was push forward the memories of his sisters and parents. Christmas trees and laughter. Playing card games and speaking Spanish together into the night.

           “Hey Blue, do you think I’m a bad person?” A purr of reassurance rang through his mind, soothing him. She loved him regardless of human laws and moralities. She sensed his good heart. His love for their team. She was not worried about him hurting anyone that didn’t deserve it. Didn’t mind that he had human blood on his hands as well as alien. Maybe that even helped him, the others all had a hard time with the concept of deaths on their head. Needing comfort which Lance was often the one to give as the friendly and cheery paladin. Holding Pidge and assuring her it was okay, she would find her family, and they would love her all the same. They loved her too. Hunk always would need a hug. His anxiety and guilt reaching high levels until Lance could curve it. Whispering quietly and helping Hunk destress, think with a clear head. Lance helped Keith keep his mind off it. Sparring with him. And giving subtle reassurance whenever a flash of fear and guilt would ring through those violet eyes when Keith would pin Lance or point a weapon at him. Shiro was a little harder to help, but also was easier in a way. He was used to death. Most of Lance’s comfort was given to Shiro by finding him when the nightmares were bad and staying with Shiro. Quietly humming, or talking in a low voice until Shiro would drift back to sleep.

           Lance wandered if he noticed how even when he helped them, he didn’t quite get or need help himself. Looking down the barrel of a gun and taking someone’s life was a feeling Lance knew quite well. And if there was a reason for it. Lance was quite fine with the feeling, only enjoying the rush of pleasure and sadistic desire. Lance knew if he killed an innocent, with no ties to his family, those feelings would drown in guilt and ill emotions. So, Lance would avoid that, he never hurt anyone that hadn’t hurt or threatened him or his family first. Just like he’d avoid scaring and hurting his new family with his blood ties. His Blood Right.

           Lance didn’t realize just how hard that would be to avoid.

           Secrets don’t hide in the dark forever after all.