I have so many more pictures from Playlist Live but I uploaded these ones because these people mean SO MUCH to me.

I don’t know if any of you care, or if any of you will even read this but I just really wanted to write all this out. :3

Meeting Destery and Nathan basically made my life. I’ve been watching their videos since 2008, and I’ve always wanted to meet them since I first watched the IDEK (Who Stole the Cookie: A Word With Nathan 2) video. This moment, was so important to me to be honest. They’re both so wonderful and nice and I just want to go back to Orlando and meet them again. Nathan is seriously the sweetest person I have ever met and I’m so glad I finally met him. Destery is so silly and it just made me so happy to finally meet him too. He threw his pen at me while I was waiting in line and he was like “I could see you from all the way to the back of the line because your hair is like, as bright as…” and I forgot what the thing he said was because I was just so mesmerized by the fact that him and Nathan were standing there in front of me. Just, this was one of the greatest moments of my life, I can’t even explain how I reacted or anything because of how wowed I was. I kind of just wanted to break down into tears because I never though I’d meet them after being subscribed for four years or more, I don’t know how many years total, haha. It was just the most amazing moment ever.

As for the adorable person with the kitty whiskers, Dakota, this meant basically THE WORLD to me when I met him. I seriously cried after meeting him and Johnny (the dude with the cool glasses c;) because I couldn’t believe that had just happened. I’ve been watching Dakota’s videos for a little over two years now, and his videos have changed my life. His video, Stay Happy, really made an impact on my life. I was going through a really tough time at one point. I’d explain everything but I don’t want to make this long, haha. Anyways, just, meeting Dakota really made my life because he just means so much to me. I was shaking when I saw him lol. With so many other Youtubers I was so shy, but when I saw Dakota, I screamed and ran straight out of the line for the DesandNate meet up and I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug because I had been waiting to meet him for forever. Then after taking a picture with him, I asked to get a picture with Johnny, which is when I started to shake really bad because of how nervous and happy I was. I told Johnny that him and Dakota really meant a lot to me and he said that that means a lot to hear. I was really trying to hold back tears when talking to him about how much they meant to me because it’s true, they both have just made such a huge impact on my life, I don’t know where I would be if Dakota never followed me on Twitter and me seeing that he was a Youtuber that made me check out his videos, which introduced me to Johnny. They are just so wonderful and lovely and I just love them a lot and I’m so glad I finally got to meet them. <3

Then there’s Christian. I can’t say much about him because I mean, he’s made just as much impact on my life as the others. He’s the sweetest person ever and he’s so wonderful. I relate to him so much, I didn’t tell him that but I do. He said that he sometimes feels like the things he does isn’t great or anything so he just deletes things that he’s created and stuff. I feel the exact same way, and after watching his video about that, it made me realize that maybe I should just not really care what others think about me and that I shouldn’t be scared to be myself around others. Even though I’m still incredibly shy around others because I’m so insecure about my personality, I’m slowly breaking out of my shell from it.

Last, I couldn’t meet them which actually made me cry for a straight hour but, HaiLedaBear and MattG124. I REALLY wish I could’ve gotten to meet them because they really, really have made a huge impact on my life. DesandNate (Well, Destery, but it’s on their channel) introduced me to MattG124. I watched all 200 and something of his videos from around 5 p.m. to 3 or 4 a.m. His videos have really helped me. I love how crazy and silly Matt is, I always watched his videos wishing that I could be like that, and now, I’m slowly starting to be more crazy and silly. After Playlist Live, I’m feeling more confident. I dunno, I guess it’s just different when you finally meet the person that you admire so much? I dunno, anyways, I really wish I met him because ever since I saw his first video I told myself that I WILL meet him one day. I started watching his videos around 2009.

As for Leda, she was the main reason I burst into tears because I didn’t get to meet her while I was at Playlist because that girl means the world to me. Her videos really helped me through tough times too. I think I found out about her through Nathan when they were dating, but I can’t remember. She really helped me find myself and she really helped me through really tough times. For a couple of years, I never really knew who I was. I always liked to name myself different names because I didn’t know who I was. I called myself Delilah for so long, and I wouldn’t be myself at all, bu then I found Leda’s videos. Watching her videos, and seeing how she was always acting like herself made me really think about things. It made me think, why couldn’t I do that, you know? She said in one of her videos how she would always manage to smile even if the day is terrible, she would always have to smile before the day ends. After that video, she really got me into trying to smile every single day no matter how terrible that day could be. Her videos automatically made my life brighter and happier. I started to become myself as I watched her videos. I stopped hating my name and myself, I stopped trying to pretend I was someone else and I started to be who I really am. Also, in other videos of hers she talked about how she was bullied when she was younger because she wasn’t the skinniest person and I can relate to that so much. I felt so insecure about myself throughout the year of sixth grade to eighth grade just because I felt like I wasn’t skinny enough to do certain things. Some people used to call me a dude because I wasn’t pretty or didn’t wear makeup like my other friends that seemed so perfect in my eyes did, but then I realized that they were only pretty on the outside and not on the inside. Then there were people that would just make fun of me because I wasn’t really skinny like them. I was actually a really sad person, even though I always covered it up with happiness. I still feel that way a lot, but I’m not so much anymore since she’s posted more videos about getting through life and stuff. Actually, basically, ever since I started to watch Leda’s videos, I’ve started to feel more comfortable about being myself and being in my skin. Leda is seriously my biggest inspiration and idol. I honestly have no idea what I would be like if I hadn’t found her videos. I feel like she really has made the biggest impact on my life out of everyone I’ve ever met or seen on Youtube. I’m sad that I didn’t get to meet her at Playlist this year, but maybe she’ll be there next year. I hope so. Lol, I’m crying as I’m writing this right now but it’s okay, cause crying is good in way. It just would’ve meant the whole world to me if I could’ve met Leda and Matt while I was there.

And if any of you Youtubers read this, I love you guys so much, and thank you for becoming a Youtuber because I don’t know what I would do with out you guys, you all mean so much to me.