thanks for taggin me niallismyreligion ;)
Name: Trudi
Nickname: trudes
Birthday: January 29
Star Sign: aquarius
Gender: female
Height: 5'4
Sexual Orientation: straight
Favorite Color: either lavender or any shade of blue
Current Time: 9:27 am aka way too early
Average Hours of Sleep: ~8
Lucky Number: 9
Last Thing I Googled: Ohio river 
Happy Place: Joseph, Oregon
Number of Blankets: 1
Celebrity Crush: Harry styles
Favorite Book: All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
Fav Bands/Artists: 1d, Halsey, Hozier, Twenty One Pilots
Last Movie I Watched: Ratatouille which is the best movie ever tbh
Dream Trip: France I guess or just Europe in general
Dream Job: veterinarian
Last Movie I Saw In Theaters: inside out
What Am I Wearing Right Now: t shirt and spandex cuz I’m getting ready for soccer practice

Ok soooo I tag but-thereisonlyonedirection fuckin-horan playboynialll harrys-waist-line stayforaniall grl-almghty narry-syndrome niall-the-churchboy-morelike loveyharold 1dfangirl1210