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I never thought this day would come, where I’d create my first Follow Forever or reach 900 followers in general. I’ve run this blog since December 2014 and yet, I hit another milestone. I just wanted to thank all of my amazing followers for staying by my side even though I’ve switched fandoms multiple times and became a really multi-multifandom blog.

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                                                 stammi vicino, non te ne andare
                                             stay by my side and never leave me

                                                                     aria / duet

anonymous asked:

Dude. Those fusion drawings look amazing!!!!!! You should totally do more if you're cool with that!

…heck, as if I need to be asked twice

I dunno what tododeku’s quirk would be but whatever it is it’s definitely too strong to be fair




English translations for the Japanese line, “Kore kara mo zutto yoroshiku ne.” would be “I want you to stay by my side, always and forever as my loved one who understands me more than anyone else in the world.” and “Let’s be just like as we are.” The meaning of “yoroshiku” varies according to the contexts and this one could be(and sounds like) a marriage proposal. Genji uses a very Japanese way that avoids a direct expression of love.


sleepy boyfriends~♡

Everybody’s got their own battles to deal with, but the most important thing is to be taken care of by the one you love when you enter a rough period.
—  Poets Love Her

The sun is setting.

Stay By My Side (Soprano's "Duet" Rendition)
Elisabeth feat. Rui, pianist
Stay By My Side (Soprano's "Duet" Rendition)

Thank you to everyone for your kind response and reception of my first cover of Stammi Vicino.
After just releasing my cover of this aria, the new duet had it’s early previewing… and its poignant and gentle way of making you want to cry just made me want to sing this rendition all over again.  I was very fortunate my lovely friend Rui - the beautiful pianist who has covered many pieces already from YOI -  had already recorded her piano cover of this duet, and allowed me to record with it. And thus our first “duet” collaboration was born.  
I wanted to capture the same peaceful tone of the duet rendition, with my own personal touch.  
I’m grateful to this anime and its music for really inspiring me to want to explore singing various pieces and recording again. This is my way of showing my love…  I hope you enjoy yet another dose and rendition of this romantic aria, as we enter the final chapter of our beautiful skaters’ story.  

“Let’s go together. I’m ready.” 

Many thanks to @ammeja for granting me permission to use her beautiful art for the track visual. 

don’t you see?
i don’t just want you
i want us

i want the sleepy good morning kisses, before you leave for work
and i’m not even awake enough to kiss back
but i can still feel you there before you’re gone
i want the insecurity, yours and mine
when the anxiety doesn’t let us believe the kind and truthful words we say
but we still say them anyway
i want the waiting, waiting for you to come home
waiting to get off of work so i can text you about my day
waiting for your phone call so i can hear your voice
waiting for you
i want the arguments, knowing everything is going to be okay in the end
because we loved each other more than anything
because we’d never let a little fight come between us
i want the long days
and the even longer nights
i want to make out in the back of your car like horny teenagers
and i want weekly dinner dates like an old married couple
and i want to be in bed by eight pm like old people in love
i want you to tell me when i’m being a bitch
i want to be able to tell you when you’re being a bitch
i want honestly
i want serious talks about our future
and the things we’re afraid of
and the things we’ve never talked about before
i want a best friend
someone i can confide in
someone who builds me up
someone who stays by my side while i put myself back together
i want to be your best friend
someone to cheer you on
someone to support you
someone to hold your hand while you walk through the storm so you won’t be alone
i want it all
the good
the bad
the ugly
the moments we’d rather forget
and the moments we’ll never, ever forget
i want memories that will last us a lifetime
i want a love that could rival the big screen
one that nicholas sparks could only dream about writing
i want everyday to feel like a dream come true
i want
all of you
i want the parts of you that you don’t even want
and i want you to want me
all of me
i want to be fearlessly
and forever
in love with you
—  now what do you want?
(cc, 2017)


王嘉尔: 我的你们 在做什么呢 😊 现在这点都应该睡着了吧😴💤💤 我也现在洗完澡 然后躺在床上准备睡了😙 睡之前想跟你们说一句 谢谢我的你们 😁 每一天都很感谢 很感激 谢谢我的你们 一直在我身边 也是因为我的身边有了你们, 每做一件事都会很有自信的去做, 很敢去做, 可以非常用心的去做,很开心的去做, 无论什么事都在我身边的 我的你们 让我知道了谁才是真正 我的人 也让我真正的体会到了谁 最了解我 我会做好自己 每天每天 感激 感恩 让你们可以到处很骄傲的可以说 我喜欢王嘉尔 谢谢我的你们 521 快乐 我爱你 ❤️ ️ #王嘉尔##521##我的你们##我爱你

All of you who are mine, what are you doing? 😊 You should already be asleep at this timing 😴💤💤 I’ve just finished taking a shower, and am getting ready for bed 😙 Before I sleep, I just want to say a thank you to all of you 😁 I am very grateful and thankful everyday. Thank you all for staying by my side. And because I have you guys by my side, whenever I do something, I can do it confidently, bravely, wholeheartedly, and happily. All of you who stayed by my side no matter what happens, you let me know who are the ones who truly belong to me, and who understands me best. I will do my best, be thankful and grateful everyday, so that you can proudly say that “I like Jackson Wang”. Thank you, all of you who are mine. Happy 521, I love you. ❤️

Trans by: fywangjackson
translations may contain inaccuracies!
© Take out with full credits.


 A little update on the side, I have a new oc!! The white haired one, she’s Nollet and she’ll keep LLL company (in case you don’t remember, >>her<<).

 I made her in Tera (first time I’ve ever adopted a chara I created in a game) and I took the opportunity to rename and draw LLL again: now her name’s Adriana and she has a face!!!