Hazel from staybookish interviewed me on her blog for her Behind the Lens feature about two weeks ago. She runs such a wonderful blog where she posts about books (of course) and her other interests like photography and travel. If you like books and photography as much as us, check out the interview and feel free to reach out to both Hazel and me. We’re always up for meeting more like-minded friends :)

Note: filmsandreveries is no more!

YES. You heard that right. My blog, filmsandreveries, is NO MORE.

After quite a long time being on hiatus, I’ve been doing some thinking:

Realization #1: I still want to blog about books and about photography.

Realization #2: I want to separate my book posts and photography posts.

Realization #3: More people follow me for my book posts.

Realization #4: I want a a decluttered photo blog.

Solution: I changed/renamed filmsandreveries to staybookish. (This means that if you used to follow filmsandreveries, you’re now following staybookish.) I then created a new blog for my photography.

Here’s how things are going to be:

I’ll be posting all my bookish posts here! This includes links to my main book blog’s posts, my reviews, my book photos and some reblogs. The rest of my photography (portraiture, landscapes, etc) will be posted on my new photo blog! I’ll also be cleaning this account (freeing it of non-bookish posts) and reposting some old photos on the other blog!

Anyway, I hope y'all approve of this new scheme! :)

PS: Please support my new photo blog by following! 

xo, Hazel