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what do you think would stop gun violence?

It’s just violence.

And truly, there is no “stopping” violence & the sort. No matter how many laws are made, speeches spoken, protests, “awareness walks” & people debating on social media. There’s nothing stopping evil people from doing evil things.

Best we can do is stay vigilant & learn how to defend ourselves from evil people.

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IM SO SCARED FOR MY BABY!!!  He is nothing but sarcasm and is such a shit trash baby i love him so much!

don’t even think of him and Scott breaking apart the wonder twins friendship and Papa Stilinski getting hurt.  (We all SAW THAT SCREAMING STILES GIF) 

Don’t think about Stiles still not sleeping because he has nightmares every night.  Still heres the nogitsune in his head.  He already can’t stand to look at himself in the mirror, because he doesn’t see himself.  He sees the Nogitsune.  His eyes red and puffy. from lack of sleep.  Things are growing worse with his father and Scott.  Growing further and further apart.  His anxiety levels skyrocket, agitating Malia and Scott fearing they can’t help him.  His goes through his adderall pills alarmingly fast because he has to stay awake, he has to stay vigilant!  

UGH  Just take my feels and throw them in a blender.

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😊 Hawke and Anders?

Something They’re Proud Of
Hawke: Bethany. Always Bethany. Everything is Bethany. Bethany is everything.
Anders: Staying at Vigil’s Keep to help despite the fact that freedom was in reach for quite possibly the first time in his life. (It wasn’t, but at the time he was certain it was)

Yo, so on a psychological basis, taking a whole bunch of police in riot gear, and putting them in a situation where emotions are already heightened, increases the polarity between the two groups. Any action that the police take, will most likely be reciprocated by the protesters. And quite frankly, when there is an aggressor ( as in men with guns in your face) you either will run or fight (fight or flight). You can’t keep going into emotionally charged situations with guns and riot gear and not expect riots. Wearing riot gear primes people to riot. Wearing RIOT gear primes people to RIOT. Wearing RIOT GEAR primes people to RIOT.

i dont consider santorum dropping out of the race any kind of victory at all.

mitt romney is palatable. even though they may not like him, many americans can stand him… and that’s really all a white guy needs to beat my president in post-racial  america.

Stay vigilant!

This actually happened to me last week luckily enough I told him to get the fuck off my property. He did and was picked up by the police minutes after. If you don’t think this could happen in your neighborhood you’re dead wrong. I’m just lucky enough to know that somebody comes to my house unannounced that they are always treated as a threat until proven otherwise. That something to take into affecting all of your lives.


Tré be keeping shit real

Attention black ladies...

Whenever someone criticizes you for “having an attitude”, get even MORE of one.

As a black woman who almost never stands up for herself, my lack of an “attitude” has only gotten me screwed over, and used.

If anyone tells you that you need to “chill” or “relax”, it’s a bullshit ploy to get you to let your guard down.. so they can have their way with you. Don’t have to be taken physically, but also figuratively.

Seriously though. Fuck these dudes you tell you what to do and how to be. You’re beautiful.