Every time I realize that Cory is actually dead I break down crying. It’s like for a moment, I forget all this tragedy and think that he is actually somewhere else breathing. But he isn’t and every time I realize that……It’s like I’ve been punched in the face with a cruel reality. I think about Lea and I just can’t hold it together anymore. I can’t even bare the thought of someone I love dying, just imagine waking up to see that the love of you life is actually dead. Maybe they even talked the night before and said “I’ll call you tomorrow” or just “I’ll see you in a while. I love you” but he didn’t make it. There was no tomorrow. Do you see how scary that is? We live thinking that we are immortal, that we are going to wake up every single day and that we are going to bed every single night. But who knows? I’m writing this today but maybe I just don’t make it tomorrow. Be grateful, be good, enjoy every single thing you do, don’t live with regrets, and love like there is no tomorrow. Because maybe, there isn’t.

RIP Cory Monteith. You were such a wonderful man. I love you.



O episódio mais difícil de assistir de todos os milhares que já vi.  

Chorei 44 minutos seguidos, de soluçar, de parar o vídeo para me controlar, de desistir de limpar o rosto, de doer o coração. 

Rachel parecia estar falando por Lea. A cena foi tão real que a única vontade é entrar na tela e abraçar ela. Não consigo nem imaginar o quão doloroso foi gravar essas cenas. 

RIP Cory.   :(