oh my fucking god, Buzzfeed has this video titled “if boobs problems were balls problems” and in the comments section the guys are literally talking about how Buzzfeed “are so pro feminist”, “are taking sides”, “can’t stay neutral”, about discrimination and I quote: “Also its not even a feminist video it’s a sexist one, showing only women problems like they are the only ones with problems” 

also: “Trust me having balls is much more annoying than having tits” NO, I don’t trust you because unless you have or have had both tits and balls you can’t say one is worse than the other, whiny little bitchbaby

women are assumed to be “weak”, but fuck that, the male ego is so fucking weak and fragile

and I just want to scream at the guys comparing period pain to being kicked in the balls. we LITERALLY HAVE TO endure this pain for up to a week each month for decades of our lives, we can’t prevent it. it literally takes nothing but to NOT BE A FUCKING JERK to avoid being kicked in the balls

i don’t like when people say “stay positive” or “stay safe” because you know if you have to say that theyre probably going through a hard time…i just say stay neutral because its not good or bad and idk it just makes more sense to me..

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Do you have any advice for upcoming high school students?

Definitely, Dear all people making this transition,
Here’s a few things I’ve learned from high school :
1. Your friends right now, will change throughout high school. You’re going to stray away and loose some people you thought were forever friends. You’re also going to meet some awesome people and maybe get close to some unexpected people. And that is okay.
2. If you’re a girl, I can guarantee there will always be drama, I tend to avoid that and stay neutral
3. It is very important to maintain good grades, but don’t kill yourself for failing a test. It is okay to take some time for yourself and relax, whether alone or with friends
4. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend is not the end of the world, you’re still so young
5. Finally, do NOT be afraid to take risks. I can’t tell you how many times I regret not doing something simply because I was afraid I wouldn’t know anyone or the possibility of failure.
You’re going to fail a lot in your life, but that doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you human.
You’re also going to have quite a few success, don’t let other people take the happiness you get from your successes by undermining yours
Most importantly, please stay true to yourself. It’s okay to be curious, but don’t let anyone shove you out of your comfort zone for anything. I believe in you 💖

He said we needed to talk.
Trying not to panic.
Could be good or bad.
Taking deep breaths.
I don’t need an anxiety attack before we talk because then I might cry at him and I don’t think he knows I feel as strongly as I do.
And I’m not cute when I cry.

Tough Enough: Episode 1 Summary
  • Alex:picked a fight with Tanner. Probably won't fight him for real though.
  • Amanda:stays neutral af
  • Daria:smart enough to just observe
  • Dianna:whines
  • Gabi:calls Dianna out on her shit. sounds like Adriana Lima
  • Giorgia:has opinions
  • Hank:gets called out on sexist bullshit. probably got eliminated because of sexist bullshit
  • Josh:reminds people of Brock O'Hurn and Roman Reigns
  • Mada:reminds everyone of Jersey Shore.
  • Patrick:calls Tanner out on bullshit. Will probably be the realest dude on the whole show.
  • Sara Lee:proves how much of a cutie she is.
  • Tanner:becomes the guy we love to hate. Like Seth Rollins, but all blonde.
  • ZZ:becomes the cinnamon roll of the group

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What are the sides on Civil War? Like, what's Tony's side and what's Steve's side?

basically tony is pro superhero registration and steve is against it

i’ve read some info that in the movie steve’s team will consist of natasha, sam and clint, while tony’s team will be union with vision, rhodey and scott lang.

wanda and t’challa will stay neutral. 

Friendly reminder that my blog is a neutral safehouse blog and if you feel like you need a safe space to discuss your Orphan Black thoughts I’m here to listen. No judgement no hate whatsoever. We can talk about Orphan Black Clone Club, crack theories or whatever is it on your mind that’s bothering you I’m here.

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Wait I'm confused, if SM are promoting Tao's goods for Love Me Right, does that mean there is no acknowledged official departure yet? In other words, is he still an official EXO member? (Just currently on hiatus)

The only official statement from sm regarding Tao’s status as a member in the band is that he has not withdrawn, which was followed by another statement when his studio was opened to say that they’re continuing talks.

Tao is currently still an official member.