He is leaning on his shoulder. Yandere-kun’s tempted to pull a face, forcing himself to stay neutral, but- one second they were talking and the next, Miro-kun was pressing his cheek into the starched fabric of his uniform.

What is this?! he thinks to himself. Of all of the crazy things-

“Sorry,” he hears mumbled to him. He stops. Miro-kun seems … exhausted, now that he looks. Not that there’s a particular attachment to the notice - it was simply an observation, that was all - but he did seem quite tired. He wonders how he didn’t see sooner, the pallor of his face and the rings deeply settled beneath his eyes, but … the upperclassman seemed totally spent.

“M’ … brother got sick, real badly. And my sister panicked and hurt herself before I could do anything. Never got any sleep. Parents were gone all night too,” Miro-kun sighs, and seems to - yes, he is absolutely curling closer against his body. “It’s hard,” he mutters. “I’m trying so damn hard to keep all of us together, but it feels like I’m alone. Even with Senpai and Satoshi, I just …” his fingers find the folds of his uniform and curl in. “Can we just … stay like this?” he asks, quietly, as if he’s ready to sleep. “D'mean to bother you, but you’re … warm. And I need this.”

Need. How peculiar; after all of that showing off, all of his seeming confidence, he really was … soft. Yandere-kun doesn’t have a better word for it than that; he seemed to soften at all edges and corners like this. He’d had no idea that he’d been under such stress at home (again, an observation), and considering his poor posture, the way his eyes fluttered close and how desperate he seemed to be for any sort of contact …

Attachment, he thinks. It’s followed by I could kill him now and save myself the trouble, but he can’t help but feel like it’d be a waste. Miro-kun had agreed to stay away from Senpai, and he wasn’t a threat; Yandere-kun could see that now. But at the same time, there’s … something about seeing him like this, so open and so … relaxed that gets to him. It’s strange, that he can’t think of this as weakness, when with everybody else he’d never waste the chance, but …

He sighs. The two of them will surely be late to class, and they’re so easy to see, out here in the courtyard. And Miro-kun was a fool, leaving himself like this, but … Yandere-kun sighs.

He doesn’t grab for a weapon, and he doesn’t think of anything cruel.

He just wraps an arm around Miro-kun’s shoulder, and rests his cheek on his head with resignation and a little bit of … submission.

(The actual picture is so baaaaaaaaaaaaad but I tried so hard for all of you. ;-; The story continues?)


this is so fucking cute what the fuvkgignakjsksjs i would literally pay you to write me and miro kun HGNNG


This is a less famous photo of the amazing Audrey Hepburn, taken in the year of her sixtieth birthday (1989). I thought it would be nice to pair this with some lesser known facts about her!

Audrey Hepburn Helped The Resistance During World War II, But Her Parents Were Nazi Sympathisers

Audrey Hepburn’s activism during World War II was always a part of her official biography. The British-born actress moved to Holland during the war because her Dutch mother believed they would be safe in a country that had pledged to stay neutral. The Nazis invaded anyway. Hepburn, like millions of others, nearly starved when the Nazis cut off food supplies. Her envied slender figure was the result of being malnourished during adolescence. 

Audrey Hepburn Had A Passionate Affair With William Holden During the Filming of Sabrina 

Hepburn had cemented her position as America’s Sweetheart by the time she began filming Sabrina. Little did the public know that her relationship with her costar William Holden was anything but innocent. Their strong on-screen chemistry blossomed into an off-screen affair. Holden was a notorious womanizer. His wife, Ardis, tolerated his indiscretions because she believed they were meaningless flings. Holden even used to introduce his wives and his mistresses to each other. However, Ardis immediately realized that the educated, glamorous Hepburn was a threat to her marriage. Holden was indeed prepared to leave his wife for Hepburn. There was only one problem: Hepburn desperately wanted to have children. 

Audrey Hepburn Sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to JFK the Year After Marilyn Monroe Did 

If the two actresses ever went out for cocktails together, they might have discovered that they had a common ex: President John F. Kennedy. When JFK was still an unmarried senator, he dated Hepburn. Their relationship was neither scandalous nor serious. Monroe became Kennedy’s mistress during his presidency and famously sang a sultry version of “Happy Birthday” to him at his birthday party. The next year, Hepburn was the movie star tasked with singing to the president on his birthday. Nobody remembers that far more appropriate performance. 

Audrey Hepburn was an EGOT 

The term EGOT is used to describe those rare individuals who have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony Award. Hepburn is one of the 14 people who have managed this feat. 

A Tulip Breed Was Named After Audrey Hepburn 

Hepburn had to eat tulip bulbs to survive during World War II. In 1990, her life came full circle when a new hybrid breed of tulip was named after her. According to the Netherlands Flower Information Society, the white flower was named for Hepburn, “as a tribute to the actress’s career and her longtime work on behalf of UNICEF.” Hepburn attended the dedication ceremony, which took place at her family’s ancestral home in Holland. In Dutch, she expressed her gratitude for the honor. She gave the first official Audrey Hepburn Tulip to her elderly aunt Jacqueline.

The text is directly copied from:

I found the photo on: 



Dating Harry Osborn Would Involve

Originally posted by tothedevil

  • You probably would have either met by working for him, working at Oscorp in the science department, or through Peter - either way, Harry would have noticed you as soon as he walked into the room
  • Harry would have flirted with you through cheesy pick up lines and awkward laughs - the sort which causes your heart to race. 
  • He would constantly be thinking that he wasn’t good enough for you - that you’d think he was conceited, a snob, all number of things
  • He would smash many glass and china objects thinking about you and how you weren’t with him
  • When he finally asked you to dinner and you said yes he would have been so happy but would have tried to keep his cool and stay neutral
  • The restaurant would be fancy and you’d both be uncomfortable. You’d end up leaving together to just go for a walk around the city and mess around - swinging around lampposts, laughing in the darkened streets
  • Harry would be happy to be free from all his “babysitters” and would completely let himself go with you and relax. This would cause him to gain confidence and he’d kiss you, cupping your face in his hands under the light of the streetlamps
  • You’d decide to keep your relationship a secret to avoid the media and lawyers. However, due to you sneaking into Harry’s office everyday to lie on his desk while he worked and talk to him, Felicia would quickly get the idea
  • Once the cat was out of the bag, Harry would have no trouble with showing you off but he’d be very protective
  • Wearing Harry’s shirts in the mornings
  • His arms wrapping around your waist from behind as he presses a kiss behind your ear with a whispered “I love you.”
  • The two of you might go on a double date with Peter and Gwen, of course, you’d only probably get time for one before well-


anonymous asked:

What's pgb? What'd karlie do

PGB is an idiot, amongst other things, who is lodged so firmly up Taylor’s brand’s asshole that I’m beginning to suspect hypoxia is responsible for half her nonsense.

As for Karlie, she got surprised with a Kimye/Swift drama question, tried to stay neutral (badly worded but words aren’t her thing), and failed - largely because her team was found in a badly misspelled craigslist ad. She has since gone OFF on twitter, having none of any nonsense that suggest she and Taylor aren’t actually married and is making me proud of her again.

Gymnasts like Hambuchen, Mariano, quite a few of the American and Chinese gymnasts come to mind.

The women never do this. They always walk/stand up straight and properly and respectfully salute the judges when being introduced and before and after routines. It’s very obvious they were properly educated by their coaches on how to act during competition, even while not performing. They don’t make huge noise that disrupts the people around them.

I find it ridiculous that the men are never called out for their behavior while the women receive constant criticism for keeping a neutral expression, staying a bit reserved, or shaking a competitors hand instead of giving them a bear hug. It’s also baffling to me that a lot of people say that they prefer the men’s behavior to the women’s, because I find the women much more respectful to the judges and the competion, much less disruptive, and respectful of other competitors’ boundaries.

In my opinion, male gymnasts acting like they’re on roid rage should be even more unacceptable than a female gymnast crying to herself.

(And for he record, I don’t like it when female gymnasts sulk and cry either, but the disproportionate focus and criticism they receive is just ridiculous.)

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things you said when we were on top of the world +mchanzo

The red, striped walls of the canyons were spread out below them, a testament to the power of nature, and a reminder of the vast history that belonged to these lands. Jesse’d been here dozens of times; he grew up in the area, and Deadlock had done more than a few trips through the grand canyon. 

Hanzo, though… He’d never been. It was obvious by the way his mouth kept having to be tugged downwards to stay neutral, how despite his austere expression, his eyes were still widened fractionally. 

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Honestly, the whole reason I try to stay neutral on a lot of debates and follow blogs that I may not necessary agree with is because

Following only the people who validate your opinions is dangerous. No matter what your ideology is. It’s an echochamber. You become susceptible to cultlike ideas because they are coming from people you agree with so hey, they must be true, right? Everyone on the planet is susceptible to groupthink, it isn’t just limited to radicalism and workplace situations. In fact, radicalism doesn’t happen overnight - it starts with lukewarm opinions that you nod along with and think “yeah, that’s probably true,” then you slowly build up to beliefs that become more militant and extreme over time.

Groupthink can happen to anyone and I’ve seen it in a lot of circles. Being completely closed off to even hearing a viewpoint that you disagree with, and restricting others from hearing it or ostricizing those who may be open to hearing it, is the trademark of a cult. So I refuse to fully commit to any ideology, I’ll decide for myself what my beliefs are.

thestubborntortoise  asked:

Hi PQ!! I really love your metas! I was wondering why the storm lords followed Renly in his quest for the throne. It couldn't be because he was charming, it makes no political sense. Was it because the Highgarden alliance? Because, with no direct heirs, Stannis was Robert's heir, not Renly.

Because Robert named Renly Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, while granting Dragonstone and its vassals to Stannis. As Cressen notes, the storm lords were sworn personally to Renly. This doesn’t mean, however, that they were 100% behind his campaign for the throne; multiple houses met with Davos, some stayed neutral in the conflict, and Lord Swann sent sons to fight for both Renly and Joffrey.

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How do you handle regulars that are rude as hell?

I have two approaches.

First one is that I stay as neutral as possible, because some people just want a free meal and will get any chance they can to complain including the first indication that they got under your skin. (You’re visibly agitated, you talk back, purposely slow) They will use it against you and against your manager. Don’t let them get to you like that because fuck those people. Just get what they need so they can get the fuck out.

However, When they are above and beyond rude, I have a different strategy. Works every time. Gather around, kiddos because i’m about to make your shifts slightly better.

I say, “Do you want a new server? I feel as if though you’re upset with me and I have no idea why. Did I do something to make you mad? If so, I’m so sorry and I can get you a new server if you hate me.”

Play the victim. Play it because your tip depends on it. Guilt money is the best money. And then they’ll probably say some shit like,

“oh no! Why would you say that?”

And this is where you call them the fuck out.

“Because you’re being very rude to me and I don’t know if it’s because I messed up or not. I’m really sorry if I did.” Keep playing the victim. Put the blame on yourself even though you know and THEY know it isn’t your fault. Chances are the people around you are hearing what’s going on and can now back you up if a manager gets involved. Hopefully your other tables feel bad for you and give you extra money. Guilt money.

Now that rude table has all judging eyes on them. People act different when they know they are being watched and use that to your advantage. Now they are better people and will probably leave a decent tip.

Hopefully my advice helps. Anybody has any tips to handle rude tables?

I’m gonna write a few words about Quinn. With both my personal reactions, and those of my character. Who is similar to myself personality wise, I have no shame (and I decided to do that after the game surprised me with an option I had shouted at the screen and thought I couldn’t make - the tremel hand), but the difference being her choices were also affected by the background of a Sith growing up as such. I tried to lowkey rp by myself :P And stayed neutral for quite a long time… eventually letting the COMPANIONS change her attitudes, gradually. So even if she’s not the darkest most kill-joy sith, she’s still sith. And I’ve let her grow, so the Outlander she is today is not the same warrior that walked into the sith Academy. 

Under cut cause spoilers - eventually Malavai Quinn positive, but I’m not gonna lie I had negative feelings towards him too. And that’s even better in my books.

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New Mod Application!

Hey everyone! Us folks running the positivity blog are looking for some new mods to join us and help us keep things going! If you’re curious about how this blog works, want to help run positivity weeks, and/or have an investment in bringing the FMA community together, we want to hear from you!

Things we’d like to see from a co-moderator:

1) Previous experience with moderating either a blog or an event - any kind of online group organization, on or off Tumblr, will do! Even if you don’t have experience, if you’re willing to listen, learn and ask questions, contact us anyway.

2) Free time to put towards the blog - for regular check-ins, filling the queue, answering asks and helping moderate events

3) The ability to stay neutral in highly-charged situations, despite personal biases and attitudes

4) An enthusiasm for the FMA fandom, for all its quirks and flaws!

Send us an application through our submit feature (nothing will be posted!) and tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience with the FMA fandom, and how you fit these four criteria. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 

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I've been reading through many of your posts about the Hope/Pinoe/Alex thing, and I've tried to stay neutral about it, because while I am not a fan of Hope's legal troubles, her comment was in the heat of the moment. Where are Foudy and the rest of team USA to throw Pinoe or even Ellis under the bus? We all know that Pinoe and Jill knew full well that Pinoe was not healthy enough to play at the olympics. And it cost us. Why tf are they focusing on Solo when one player was selfish as all hell?

Hope was and will forever be the scapegoat for this team. That’s apparent now more than ever. Why drag everyone down when you can leave one player hung out to dry with no support whatsoever. Hope’s legal issues have nothing to do with what happened. I don’t understand why people think it’s relevant to bring that into play on a completely separate issue. Regardless, the team shouldn’t (publicly anyway if they had any decency left) drag anyone under the bus at any time bc it doesn’t exactly scream professionalism either. Jill, pinoe, hope, no one. The media has made a shitstorm out of hope’s comments and now the team, and pinoe, are saving face, throwing her under, and walking away like it makes no difference. Hope has long been held accountable for every step she takes in this life tbqh. It’s time for others to be as well. So go ask them to be accountable. Ask the questions the media wants to ignore.

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Is it okay if I ask you what happened exactly in the last chapter of Bleach? It seems pretty hectic in the fandom!

ohhhh boy yeah see I’ll try and stay neutral here but

-ships happened that…nobody was really expecting

-ship wars worse than Naruto

-mischaracterization through the roof: Chad became a boxer even though he swore he would only ever use his fists to protect his precious people but now he’s using it for televised entertainment, Ishida became a doctor even though he swore he would never follow in his father’s footsteps and become one, Aizen for some reason is preaching weird contradictory moral…things which is against his character completely

-the lack of closure on a lot of fronts; the people who died during the invasion received no closure, the Ywach thing was messily cleaned up, no news on other major side characters and dimensions…

-it’s just a really messy ending all around



“Y-You…” Breathing hard Rey struggled with her choice of words. “You were horrible to me. You made me walk out of your life.”

Poe let out a dry laugh. “Well, you completely broke my heart.”

Part 1 - Cakes

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