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1) Yes seeing bearded bucky today gave me the most beautiful heartattack, but imagine this: Steve is fighting but as it gets dicey, Bucky can't stay in the shadows to protect Steve anymore. He shows himself & they fight together. Their bond is tentative, but Bucky is so lost & clings to the idea that *maybe* he could be as important to this guy as Steve says he is. Their trust grows.

2) Steve does something for Bucky that makes him realize it’s not just “nice guy Captain America” but Steve, Steve who loves Bucky. Cue completely silent pan scene, far away, almost like we are peeking in on something so private we the audience aren’t supposed to be there. The camera slowly sweeps across the bathroom (still no music playing) as Steve takes a straight razor & shaves off Bucky’s beard for him.

3) It is SO VULNERABLE & SO TENDER (hell Bucky just got out of the shower so it’s literally steamy too). They don’t cut the hair because that’s so much at one time, but Bucky was getting scruffy and hot (plus Bucky helped Steve shave the first time so it’s only fair for Steve to return the favor)

Mulder: Hey, Scully. Do you believe in the afterlife?
Scully: I’d settle for a life in this one.
Mulder: Have you ever seen the Liberty Bell?
Scully: Yes.
Mulder: You know, I’ve been to Philadelphia a hundred times and I’ve never seen it.
Scully: You’re not missing much. It’s just a big bell with a big crack, and you have to wait in a long line.
Mulder: Yeah, but I’d really like to go.
Scully: Why now?
Mulder: I don’t know. How late do you think they stay open?

Shadows 1.05 / The X-Files

What really gets my goat about Prisoner of Azkaban

1. Instead of stunning Pettigrew or using petrificus totalus on him to guarantee he’ll make it to the castle, all five of them thought it was enough to bind him in restraints he could easily get out of by transforming?

2. Does the moon not affect Remus if he’s not in its light? Cause they were in the shack (you know, where he transformed as a student) for a long time and then OUTSIDE when it was night, and he didn’t have a problem until the moon shone through the parted clouds. So how does that work? Can he just stay in the shadows and not be touched by the moon and be safe, cause hey that’d be a nifty trick someone should tell the ministry.

3. Remus Lupin forgot to take the potion to ease the horribly painful transformations he’s been having his whole life (and let’s face it, he knew what day it was–you don’t just forget it’s the day you turn into an irrational wolf man)

4. DOES VERITASERUM NOT EXIST?! I mean my god dumbledore comes in about how no one will believe them cause they’re just kids blah, blah, blah, but they literally have a potion that’s used a year later that will tell you WITHOUT EXCEPTION if someone’s lying. Boom. Sirius Black’s innocent and everyone’s on a man hunt for Pettigrew. It’s literally that easy.

I know a lot of us really want a return to scary with the Darkness and Season 11 as a whole.

And I’ve seen a lot of opinions, including that the Darkness shouldn’t have it’s own corporeal form, and that it should basically be the opposite of the Leviathans.

But you know what I think would be scarier?

If it took the form of children.

Because, in my opinion, Lilith was one of the most chilling villains the show has seen. And the changeling children were one of the creepiest monsters. So many horror movies have used this trope, because it’s so effective; something about the contrast between an innocent appearance and an evil motivation.

So picture children (maybe with strange eyes, since that’s how a lot of monsters are revealed on this show) who are darker and more twisted than anyone we’ve seen before.

Who stay in the shadows for maybe the first part of the season, letting the boys imagine that the Darkness is some terrible beast, only to be revealed as children with chilling voices.

Picture the boys having to convince anyone who fights with them that these children are a real danger, that they can’t be trusted, and the Darkness using their harmless appearance to gain trust and turn people to their side.

Picture the struggle the boys will having with finding them in the first place, and how hard it will be to fight beings who can take on an archangel while looking like a first-grader.

Picture children in their Sunday best, holding hands as they unleash Darkness upon the Earth.

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I came for the humor, I stayed in the shadows, watching, plotting, waiting for the day when i will slink out into the open and team up with you to kick butt doing something. Possibly. if i can stop procrastinating.


“Devoting yourself to being a shadow is easy to say, but actually very hard to pull off. What you need is a conscience hard as steel to keep the instincts as a player at bay. The new model phantom sixth man Chihiro Mayuzumi might’ve had better specs…but there is one thing he can’t win. And that’s the career as a sixth man, and the will to fight for the team. In other words…the resolve to stay in the shadow” - Kise Ryouta

Jerza week

27th May - Cardinal

AU where Erza stayed at the Tower of Heaven when Jellal asked her

Because she knew, as her dark orbs met his now evil ones, that her most important mission would be to save him from absolute darkness.

And for that, she was more than ready to stay by his side and work in the shadows to free him.

“Are you at ease, love?”

Why wouldn’t she? She was treated like a goddess.

“You know, I don’t need all those complicated things…”

The look he gave her was of absolute worry and she soon regretted those words.

“My dear love, you know I only want you to be comfortable. Please, tell me without fear.”

Oh. There was the problem. She was scared. Even if the time she passed with him as his equal proved it to be an unfounded fear. He would never, under any circumstances, treat her with ill motives. The look in his eyes, the way he would touch her with the upmost respect and tenderness… and never did it change nor waver.  She was a treasure to protect and love no matter what. She was the queen of the Tower - his queen - and she ruled by his side as much as he did. For him and for all, she was the light, the goddess shining in a dark place.

So why was she scared? He would never hurt her. He would never treat her less than a divinity.

It was because of the way he treated those who awakened his anger.

He was a perfect lover.

He was also a terrifying king.

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The Reunion // open Bruce

// SET STRAIGHT AFTER AOU. I know I said I do rps where AOU never happened but I live in a  universe where a certain someone lives so Pietros can reply to this!

Bruce stayed in the shadows of the room, watching the other person carefully. His phone was in his hand and on silent. It’d been two months since he’d disappeared - presumed dead after his Hulk self drove a jet and crashed it.
 He’d been hiding from everyone - he hated himself for creating Ultron - he was a monster. Just like his own friends had called him

He didn’t know why he came here when everyone he ever trusted believed he was now a monster..but these guys were all he had. So.. he came home.. I guess. He knew now to those he even trusted would always see him as a monster

He put his phone up to his ear and stepped out of the shadows, calling a number

“Its been a while, hasn’t it?” he said softly

thebirdoverthebat asked:

Ahhh I see so would you say that Scarecrow was suppose to be the main villain at the Asylum but with Batman kinda ruining that the Joker ended up taking his place and even at Arkham City, you think he purposely stayed back and worked from the shadows and waited until the Joker died to come back and just completely surprise Batman?

I think Joker and Scarecrow were working towards a mutual goal in Arkham Asylum (destroying Batman and Gotham) but I imagine that Scarecrow probably envisioned himself taking out Batman. He’s a pretty egotistical guy (as are most of the Rogues Gallery) and I think he’d want that moment of glory all to himself. 

I’m not sure if Scarecrow waiting for so long to strike was by his own choice. From what we’ve seen of Arkham Knight so far, Croc really did a number on him–it likely took him quite a while to physically recover enough to where he could actually start putting his plans into motion. Inside his boat in Arkham City we saw that he was working with pretty meager supplies, so it seems that he was starting from the ground up in regards to recreating his toxin. Add in all the time he must have spent recruiting Arkham Knight and his fellow rogues, and it’s actually not too surprising that Crane didn’t openly seek revenge until years after the events in Arkham Asylum

Riiiiiight, so you guys will have to put up with me freaking out about Spider-Man in the MCU and all the dynamics that creates between the characters, and I’m actually super surprised I haven’t seen anyone else go into this because it’s so interesting.

So we know Peter has been swingin’ around New York for a while before he meets the Avengers for the first time. He’s mostly going after muggers and car thieves so that’s not really a surprise, but as soon as the media catches wind of him, the Avengers are gonna get curious (I mean, a powered person in their territory isn’t something they can leave alone, and SHIELD is going to want to Index him, and basically Peter won’t be able to stay in the shadows for long).

Even if he’s not tracked down and interrogated by either of the groups, Peter won’t be keeping his distance. Sure, he might try, but if an Avengers-worthy fight is going down in NYC, he’s going to step in, no matter how over his head he may be. This means interacting with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, who will pick up that Pete is pretty young, even if they don’t get how young (He’s about 15, but maybe tall for his age, maybe he tries to disguise his voice but how well do you really think he could pull that off?, and the biggest thing is that they wouldn’t expect a high schooler to be fighting crime, so most of them wont see it).

But what I’m really excited for if after Peter reveals his identity to them. (Assuming he does, which is likely. It’s possible the Avengers could try to learn it on their own, but without SHIELD making them, I think they would step back once they’re sure Spider-Man’s on their side.) Peter’s age would change everything between him and the team.

Let’s start with Tony and Bruce. Maybe they figure out Spider-Man is a smart cookie when he helps them during a fight or whatever. Maybe they want to introduce him into their Science Bros Club. But when they learn that Peter’s just a kid, that could change. Tony may decide he’s Pete’s new mentor (”Shut up, Spangles, this is a great idea.”) but Bruce, being the more sensible one, might recognize that what they do is dangerous, that he’s dangerous, no matter how in control of the Other Guy he is, and think that Peter would be safer if he stayed out of the labs. (And Peter would be crushed by this, because Stark and Banner are pretty much his idols and, wow, that would suck.)

I really have no idea how Thor would react, but I think he would be Peter’s strongest supporter. Given an Asgardian’s life span, all Midgardians would seem young to him, and ten, twenty years would seem like no difference at all. As long as Spider-Man was a fine warrior, Thor would love to fight alongside him.

I’m also not sure about Natasha. She started young too, so maybe she would give Peter a chance, or maybe she would want him to get out as quickly as possible because she knows what fighting does to a kid. But he’s not giving up, and she knows that, so she would try and make sure he doesn’t get himself killed. Maybe she’d give him a bit of training or a couple lessons in strategy. (Also, their fighting styles are pretty similar and I’d love to see them spar. I think Peter’s Spidey-Sense might help him last a little longer than most people and it’d be so fun to watch.)

Clint. Before learning about his family, I would have thought Clint would try to convince the others to give Pete a shot. But Clint’s a dad, and Peter’s only a few years older than Cooper, and it would kill him to see a kid on the battlefield when he knows that it could be his own son. Clint would be super overprotective whenever Spidey and the Avengers fought together, and he would put himself in harm’s way all the goddamned time even though Peter is capable of handling himself, thank you very much. (And if we don’t get to see Clint using his “dad voice” with Peter at least once, I am going to be very disappointed.)

Now, Steve has seen kids in battle before. In WWII, there were plenty of kids Peter’s age lying to get enlisted and I’m sure Steve’s seen them, hell, maybe he’s even led them. He’s seen kids fight, and he’s seen them die, and he would do everything he could to stop that from happening to Peter. At first he would try to convince him to hang up his suit and wait until he was older, but Steve would see that Peter is a lot like him, and wont stand to see others being hurt when he can do something to help. So Cap would offer help whenever it was needed, and he’d try to teach the kid a thing or two, and he’d just try to make sure he’s not sending the kid out to die.

I’m really excited to see how this plays out.