No tv show writer is more evil than Plec.

Just as we Bonkai and Kai fans were finally processing the pain we felt over his death, Plec rips our hearts apart again.

I kind of wish Kai stayed dead. At least then I could pretend he got the peacefulness of oblivion.

Instead he was bought back to mock us Bonkai fans.

Look haha I physically tortured this guy whose murder count is less than my faves, by burning him alive for a few years, then I decided to have the love of his life stick him in one small room for all of eternity. Lol lol lol. Smiley face.

Look at how heroic I am for locking up a guy in one room for all eternity for the crimes of:

Dragging an axe along the floor
And calling his nieces by name

Look at how smart I was, to have them place Kai in a place with magic, so he could escape and commit the irredeemable crime of damaging a mattress.

She even has to make her characters a few tools short of the toolbox, to give Kai an opportunity to drag an axe along the floor and have a chat with his nieces.

Hey Ed let’s put this guy in a magical house! Hahaha that is like so smart.

I like feel totally proud of myself.

It’s okay though I’ve given Bonnie a happy ending:

most of her close friends die. (I dislike Bonnie’s friends and don’t see them as true friends, but still she had a bond with them for years, so umm yeah)

Her boyfriend is a guy who threatened her, tormented her, drugged her with drugs that drained her magic and caused her physical pain, and kept her isolated from other people except him.

I did it out of love for Bonnie and to protect her from that Kai guy.

I also had Damon the indirect murderer of her grams, her mom, and the rapist of one of her friends be her best friend.

This whole Bonnie loyalty thing confuses me when they don’t keep it consistent.

And just to prove how much Damon cares about Bonnie he sacrificed moving in between Elena’s thighs for this worthless black witch. You should show gratitude towards me for that.

And just to prove to you how much Luke cared about Bonnie I go around telling people it’s only cos of Luke.

Mmkay bitch. You mean the Luke who left her to supposedly die. Luke’s characteristics did jack all. You could have cured Kai’s sociopathy with a magical pill, and he still woulda risked his life for Bonnie. Like Luke is gonna risk his sister Liv’s life for Bonnie. But if make believe and daydreams floats the boat of you and the anti’s, well I pity you.

I was protecting her from a guy who gave her PTSD. I don’t understand why people don’t view me as a heroine.

Bonnie should have gotten PTSD ages ago. You’ve proven over the seasons that Bonnie getting PTSD isn’t based on her feelings or her character, it’s based on what conveniences you. YOU gave Bonnie PTSD, then you blame Kai for it. You could have just not given her PTSD, cos you’ve done it dozens of times before, despite how unrealistic it was.

Bonnie could never love someone who abused her.

Right so Enzo didn’t abuse her. Rolls eyes.

Do you ever just fucking cry

You know how in Yuri’s YOI routine, it consists of mostly piano and the violin comes in to represent when Viktor came into Yuri’s life?


In the new duet ver of Stay Close To Me, as Yuri skates alone it is pure piano.



but on a serious note most people don’t have the same intentions for you as you do for them and you’ll break your head tryna figure out why you’re not good enough when really it’s them who don’t deserve you in their life.

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