It really pisses me off when

someone says, “Wow, you’re obsessed with Twenty One Pilots.”

Because you know what, they’re the reason why I’m still alive. They’re the reason I am becoming less and less suicidal.

I don’t talk about Tyler all the time because I think he’s, “Beautiful,” or “Perfect.” And I don’t always talk about Josh because I think he’s, “Incredible,” or “Muscular.”

Even though Josh and Tyler are clearly all these things, I talk about them all the time because they’re my rays of sunshine.

Josh’s smile makes me smile and Tyler’s laugh makes me laugh. And their words give me so much hope and they make me stronger.

I am becoming more and more confident in myself, because of them. I am becoming more and more happy, because of them.

They’re music is so beautiful and it eases my mind and my soul. I literally get butterflies when I hear Tyler sing and I get goosebumps when I hear Josh play the drums.

Josh and Tyler are such a huge part of my life and I probably wouldn’t be here if they didn’t convince me and convince and convince me again to not overdose.

I love them so much. I love them for them and I love everything about them, and their words and their music.

They mean everything to me. So don’t tell me I’m obsessed.

They are the last thing I’m holding onto and if I lost them, or let go of them, I’d be dead.

I am not obsessed. I am dedicated. And I believe in their words more than anything. Their words make me believe in myself. And that’s really important to me.

Plot twist:

Something happens on PLL, and it’s not a deception. When someone dies they stay dead. When an answer a given it is not later contradicted. It does not later turn out to have been a character in a mask. What you see is ACTUALLY what has happened.

But after 7 and a half seasons of having our heads severely fucked with, we don’t believe it. We die, old and grey and pretty sure that we STILL don’t know the real story of Pretty Little Liars.

Also, I have always loved Ezria BUT...

It’s over, right? They made sure it’s not a thing anymore because Nicole is alive and Ezra is not going to stay with Aria after he basically just let go of that heartbreak only to have her not be dead???

Yea, I see you with your “but he asked Aria to marry him!”, but I raise you, he was STILL a fucking sad sack of shit over Nicole when Aria first show up back in town. I’m just so done with this pointless nonsense.

Nicole was dead in my book. She should’ve stayed dead or it should’ve never happened in the first place. Throwing around the Ezria proposal, making it seem like that was really going to happen, and then having it all fall apart? It’s stupid. I refuse to believe that Ezra comes back to town after all of this and he’s like “Oh yea, totally still getting married. Have you met my side bang Nicole?”

Broke every couple on the show up just to make them come back together in the worst ways and then maybe not at all after all of this?


Hiro finds Tadashi as a captive months after the events of the movie
  • Hiro:Tadashi!
  • Tadashi:Hiro
  • but instead of freeing his older brother, Hiro opted to light a match and threw it towards a flammable machine.
  • Tadashi:Hiro! What are you doing!
  • Hiro:Sorry Tadashi, but you returning would undermine and undo my character development.
  • Tadashi:What are you talking about?! Free me!
  • Hiro:Sorry big bro. It would also derail the themes of the our story.
  • Hiro:Its better if you would stay dead for good.

anonymous asked:

I hate Gruvia but with what happened to the recent chapter I think they deserve better than that, especially Juvia. Sure she was annoying as fuck but her love was genuine so it was no surprise she sacrificed herself for Gray. But if she comes back to life and Gray suddenly loves her back? IDK man, seems wrong to me since Gray will only love her out of guilt. So I hope Juvia stays dead.

but on a serious note most people don’t have the same intentions for you as you do for them and you’ll break your head tryna figure out why you’re not good enough when really it’s them who don’t deserve you in their life.

[the first note of holding onto you plays] 

[rises from the dead] 




This idea of having to explain why it’s racial when we’re swimming in our own blood is silly.
—  Jesse Williams on Mike Brown (and honestly all the brown people whose blood has been spilt since).