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Um because everyone with 2 brain cells knows that A&E would rather drill a hole in their knees than kill off Hook so of course nobody took them seriously when they teased he might stay dead. But they could kill off the EQ in some sort of battle between good and evil or some bullshit. It's not impossible at all.

Yes.  It is.  Anyone with ONE brain cell knows that.  Perhaps if you ask Santa nicely he’ll give you a few.

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So is Stefan just going to be laying dead while they eat their dinner or what? Gives me another reason to hate Damon for taking away time from the precious moments Stefan and Caroline have left together.

Yep Stefan gets 24 hours with Caroline and yet his dickhead brother has to take some of those precious hours away from him. Why couldn’t he stay dead.

but on a serious note most people don’t have the same intentions for you as you do for them and you’ll break your head tryna figure out why you’re not good enough when really it’s them who don’t deserve you in their life.


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What do these two answers have in common?  

The use of conditional clauses to tease something that any sane person knows isn’t happening.

How is it that the very same people who mocked CSers last year for freaking out that Hook was going to stay dead are now freaking out that they’re going to kill the Evil Queen?

[the first note of holding onto you plays] 

[rises from the dead] 




This idea of having to explain why it’s racial when we’re swimming in our own blood is silly.
—  Jesse Williams on Mike Brown (and honestly all the brown people whose blood has been spilt since).