10 Signs You’re Doing Well In Life🌺
  1. you have a roof over your head
  2. you ate today
  3. you have a good heart
  4. you wish good for others
  5. you have clean water
  6. someone cares for you
  7. you strive to be better
  8. you have clean clothes
  9. you have a dream
  10. you’re breathing

Be thankful for the little things, for they are most important! 🌺

You’re alive. You’re here. You’ve made it through another day and though there are 365 of them every year and you’ve lived through thousands before, you made it through this one. The world is a better place because you are here, living through another today.

You’ve worked so hard to get to where you are now. Don’t give up.

Why Yuzuru’s fans are annoyed at anime posts about Yuzuru as well as other figure skating related tags. 

 1) This time is during competing season, we use these tags to share information, interviews and news about Yuzuru’s condition and the competitions he is going to attend. We have no desire to see tons of anime posts. 

 2) Again, Yuzuru is NOT any anime character. If you care to read about Yuzuru’s personality and his career, you will understand that there is nothing familiar with the anime at all. I have written a post a while ago about this matter:

Despite his looks, Yuzuru is aggressive, very confident with great competitive nerves and never gives up. Yuzuru has survived huge pressure that his whole nation put on him, the crazy criticism and expectation that whole figure skating world keep throwing at him. Yuzuru is very tough. He is not your “cute kitten-like character” who startles at everything, lacks self-confidence or stays in slump for a long time, sorry he is NOT. 

 3) All the skaters some anime fans mention as “I ship them with Yuzuru” like Plushenko, Javier Fernandez, Yulia Lipnitkaya, Shoma Uno…“ they have their own relationships in real life. For the record Plushenko has had 2 wives and 4 kids. Javier has had girlfriends and his own family to worry about. Yulia has a boyfriend, and she is a sweet girl in real life she does not shout at people rudely. Recently she is having a lot of difficulties and it is so painful to watch, I don’t even want to see anything connected her to anime at all. So it would be more respectful and sensible for anime fans to stay away from skaters if they have no interest in their skating at all.

4) If you think it is cool for anime characters to stumble against the incidents that happened to Yuzuru such as his asthma, his stomach surgery, his injuries or the crazy collision at Cup of China 2014 or worse, the 2011 Tohoku earthquake that killed around 16,000 people and so on, then either you are ignorant or you are an ass. Many tragedies and hardships happened to Yuzuru and they’re real. They did not just affect Yuzuru badly, they made his fans cry and they affected many people. They are not fictional materials. It is ok if they never understand how important Yuzuru is to his fans. Just stay away from the tag is not that hard, isn’t it? 

5) Posts like “Oh look Yuzuru’s program fit Eros music so much!” irritate me. Unlike video editing, the real life choreography is designed to sync in with the music skaters choose in a very complex process. Yuzuru’s very sensitive to music, he even pays attention to how his knee moves to fit the rhythm of each music notes. You have no idea how difficult it is for skaters to get a good competitive programs. It is very expensive to get programs from top choreographers, sometimes it might cost up to 10,000 USD. And even after that, skaters still have to invest a lot of time with their coaches and specialists to polish the programs. 

In short, Yuzuru’s performances do not fit the anime’s music at all, period. Of course, no one stops fans from making fanvids of Yuzuru, it is fan-made productions after all. I just want to say, it is not easy as when you sit before the video editing program.

Life can be brutal.  Extremely brutal.  It can tear you down wall from wall without even giving you notice.  It can make you feel like giving up before you can even think twice.  
But none of that matters. Do you know why? Because you are braver than the storm, stronger than lightning, and swifter than the fire.  
You are invincible.
And those boys, they don’t think you’re ugly. They don’t think you’re to loud. They think you’re beautiful. They love that you know your opinion matters. They don’t think that you’re a mess they should avoid. They are scared of your confidence. They are scared that you will ruin them, with your beautiful smile and care free laugh. They notice you, they dream of you. Those boys just don’t know what they’re missing.
—  (Wise words from my grandma)
12 Ways To Live A Happier Life☀️
  1. stop doing things you don’t want to 
  2. communicate clearly
  3. stop people pleasing
  4. say what you really mean
  5. trust your instincts
  6. never talk yourself down
  7. follow your inspirations
  8. don’t be afraid to say no
  9. don’t be afraid to say yes
  10. be kind to yourself
  11. exercise to boost energy
  12. do yoga
How dare they threaten our lord and saviour Maccachin like this


Stay afraid but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.
—  Carrie Fisher (via OptimisticallyAstray)

New Captive Prince Tags

Laurent: small yellow kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day

Damen: overly muscled murder puppy king

Nikandros: mom friend not so secretly wondering if it’s time for new friends

Jord: hufflepuff friend continues to try to defend slytherin bff

Charls: dad at teen girl concert just happy to be included

Vannes: lesbian friend getting shit down and staying in her lane

Jokaste: local super villain just trying to get superhero to ask them out

Erasmus: tiny fluffy woodland creature

Lazar: local frat bro surprised that line actually worked

Nicaise: soap opera character on desert island until plot calls for their return

Pallas: sudden burst of confidence not sure the hell it came from either

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