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"Shush, just concentrate on staying awake, okay? Don't sleep." (Because I'm awful)

Everything hurt. Why did everything hurt so much? What was going on? Jessica whined slightly as she tried to move, but the pain was too great. “Tired…” she mumbled, trying not to let her eyes close. “What… What’s h- happening?”

greekxfamily ((I hate you ;]))

Mental Strength and Clarity Tincture

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This is a magical curio only and not a medicinal item and is for external use only.

This Tincture is handcrafted to be of use in focusing of the mind and in developing the powers of the mind. Use this tincture when meditating to maintain focus and to gain clarity from the messages given to you from the spirits or your personal higher self. use it while studying to retain knowledge and information better to obtain better grades or even just more confidence in your understanding of the material you are studying.

This tincture is an infusion of Peppermint, Spearmint, Marigold, Mugwort. Each of these herbs has an association with the mind, mental powers, and or psychic abilities. These herbs working together form a base that works for developing the ability of the mind to focus and concentrate. It also works to develop visualization skills, meditation skills, and trance skills. The herbs in this tincture are powerful aids in developing ones mental abilities.

Mugwort is the base herb for this tincture. This herb has been used by many witches for many years as an aid in developing psychic abilities. The herb is strongly associated with psychic work and trance activities. This herb is known to aid in astral projection and psychic sight. It is for the psychic abilities aspect of this herb that it was chosen to be the base for this tincture.

Marigold is an herb that has a long history for healing. It is not just associated with healing though. Marigold actually is a very potent psychic herb. This herbs psychic associations are in prophetic dreams and astral travel. Both of these are key skills in working with developing the powers of the mind.

Both spearmint and peppermint have associations with mental focus and clarity as well as mental powers. The ability to focus and concentrate is key to being able to develop skills in meditation, astral travel, and even prophetic or lucid dreams. Spearmint is stronger with mental focus while Peppermint works more with mental powers. The two combine form the final base of the tincture allowing this to be used for psychic development as well as for simply focus aids when extra concentration may be needed for school work or employment work as well as basically any task that takes intense concentration.

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this trend where larries not only block people but encourage others to block those same people makes me ashamed of being in this fandom.

Cue the people saying I’m behaving like Larries, but yeah: That’s just another manipulation technique. Encouraging others to block people they find inconvenient or uncomfortable for some reason (and I don’t buy the whole “they hijack our posts” because, for this particular individual, I’d never even heard of their URL) is just a way to make sure any ideas contrary to their own stay out of their field of vision and that people don’t start reading up on our thoughts on things and understanding that stuff isn’t exactly as they pretend it is. Vilifying us and accusing us of things we haven’t done (I know that I, at least, haven’t done anything to that person in particular) is a way of convincing others that we are bad news and that they are supposed to block us as well. That way, our ideas stay concentrated on this side of the fandom and their minions aren’t out there questioning the crap they spit.

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"Shush, just concentrate on staying awake, okay? Don't sleep."~Lunar-Sea-Pup

Dying rp Starters

With a light motion of the hand, the redhead would rub her blind eyes, unable to concentrate enough to echo locate whoever or whatever was talking to her.

“What… What’s ha- happening…” Her voice echoed in her head, far, far away, like if she was caught in a dream. Her arms and legs felt numb and heavy.


the one where dean goes invisible, part 1/?

It’s probably one of the stupidest things he’s ever done, but Dean doesn’t tell Charlie or Kevin or Cas and especially not Sam about The Thing at first. His genius reasoning is that if he tells them, they’ll make some sort of Hollow Man rule where he walks around in a cloud of glitter so everyone knows where he is and he never gets to fuck with anybody.

Dean and Sam aren’t supposed to be pranking each other, but this is just too good of an opportunity. Sam will understand – after Dean manages to make him completely fucking bonkers.

Because at first, Dean can control it. He’s there when around the others, but if he concentrates, he can be… not there.

Except after a couple of days, it’s the other way around, and it’s requiring a lot of concentration to stay visible. And then, the group of them all having dinner, Dean carrying a plate of grilled chicken to the table, he disappears, and instead of a man carrying a plate, it’s just a plate of food floating in mid-air, bobbling gently with Dean’s loping gait.

Charlie squeaks, and everyone else is looking at Dean – or, that is, looking at where Dean should be, and Dean glances down to see nothing, and he promptly drops the chicken all over the floor.

Castiel, always late as a human, always making Dean wonder if present Cas is becoming that other 2015 Cas, wanders in from the other door, looking at the chicken on the floor. “Where’d Dean go?”

“I–I’m right here,” Dean says, trying to keep his voice from breaking. No matter how hard he concentrates, he can’t make his hands come back into his vision. He can feel them wringing together, and it’s almost nausea-inducing, the dissonence between what he feels and what he sees. “I think that witch last week…”

“Holy shit,” Charlie says.

“You’re invisible?” Kevin says at the same time Sam says, “Are you kidding?!”

“No, Sam, I’m not fucking kidding.

“Because if you found some way –”

“An invisibility cloak? Nope.” Dean kneels and starts picking up the chicken and for the first time, the objects in his hands vanish, too.

“This is so fucked up,” Kevin says, voice full of wonder.

“Is anyone going to help me or are you assholes just going to stand around staring? Jesus.” 

Cas, who has been silent since Dean’s reveal, bends next to him – tentatively – and grabs the last of the food. “I’m sorry,” he says, “I don’t want to bump into –”

“Don’t worry about it,” Dean says, and stomps back to the kitchen, childishly pleased that they can hear him go. Trashing the ruined food, he yells, “Fuck dinner! Just order yourselves a pizza or something.”

Dean is such a lucky, lucky boy that a ridiculous angel-turned-human knocks on his bedroom door not much later. “Come in!” Dean yells from his bed. He’s been re-reading the same page in a Goodwill paperback for ages, trying not to wonder if he’s going to be this way forever.

The door opens. Castiel stands in the doorway – his face is so fucking handsome, Dean thinks viciously, and it’s probably for the better that Cas can’t see the expression Dean is making.

“So you can’t see me, either,” Dean says. “Not even with your angel mojo?”

“No,” Cas says. He sits at the end of the bed, looking around Dean’s room, eyes restless from place to place.

“Huh. You think any other monsters can see me?”

Cas looks towards his voice and then quickly away. Dean can’t tell if it’s because there’s nothing to look at or for some other reason, but Cas says, “Depends on the curse, I guess. Do you remember what she said?”

“Some shit on the fly,” Dean says. Even invisible, he still looks away from Cas, unable to face him and lie at the same time. “Some dead language. I didn’t catch anything. But if no one can see me, this could be useful.”

“I should get to the library,” Cas says. “The others are already there. We just wondered if you had any leads.”

Out of all of them, it was Castiel that came to see him. Dean presses his mouth in a firm line. “Yeah,” he says, “I’ve been reading, too…”

Castiel smiles grimly. “We’ll fix this, Dean.” 

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Oh, I am an ENTP and I am frustrated because I can't stay concentrated, it's so hard to not go somewhere away with my mind and to listen and watch something just because I must do that.

Yeah, I get you. I’m supposed to be writing a paper right now….but there are so many other fun things to do….idk. To be fair, I’ve gotta get my multitasking on….so I’m prepared for the school year.