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Cuddling - NCT

Requested: Would you do cuddling with nct gifs and description please?


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Jaehyun would make cuddling exciting. He would always find an excuse to be rough with you, ruining the peaceful moment and dragging you into his embrace.

“I win!”

However, if he was tired he would instead silently spoon you, wrapping his arms around you and nuzzling into your hair, quickly falling asleep.


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Mark would always make cuddling cute. He would wrap his arm around your shoulder and give you an Eskimo kiss. Cuddling with Mark would be very heartfelt. You both would quietly talk and just enjoy being in each other’s arms. You guys would cuddle and talk for hours before falling asleep.

“Of course, my parents will love you when they meet you.”


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Ten would be a cute just like Mark. He would cuddle any chance he got, always just wanting to feel your warmth. He would love it when you rake your fingers through his hair, it would calm him and help lull him to sleep. Some days he would be talkative, talking for hours, others he would be silent, he would always fall asleep in the end though.

“I was watching a documentary on otters earlier, did you know they-[….]”


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Taeil is so sweet; he wouldn’t be any different while cuddling. You’d lean against his chest and his arms would naturally find their way around you. You two would chat nonchalantly while cuddling. He would be a great listener too, kissing your hand at the end to show he cares and to cheer you up.

“Don’t worry about it so much~”


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Doyoung would be peaceful; he wouldn’t be talkative nor completely silent. He would always cradle you in his arms, waiting for you to fall asleep, breathing softly against his chest. Cuddling him would always make you feel safe and calm. When you wake up he is always there, kissing your forehead.

“Just relax, you’re so tense.”


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Cuddling with Taeyong wouldn’t usually last hours like it might with some of the other members. You would snuggle against his chest, his fingers playing with your hair as he talked. Neither of you would fall asleep so easily as he continued talking at his normal rate and volume, explaining his schedule to you. Before long he would ask to get up so he could finish doing something (perfectionist Taeyong kills me). Only when he feels really worn out would he cuddle for hours on end.

“The day after that we have Music Bank, which you have to come to by the way. I need to get up to finish organizing the shampoo bottles.”

A/N: OTL I feel so lame with that Taeyong quote. Also to be honest, when people send in asks like this I don’t know if they want me to use “you” in it or just an objective analysis of how I think the boys would cuddle someone…

Also, I am going to be writing tons of Jaehyun smut tonight, so stay tuned.

Birthday Boy - Dylan O'Brien Imagine (SMUT)

Request: Can you do a Dylan X Reader? Like its Dylan’s birthday and had a tough day with filming the Scorch Trials and then reader helps him relax with a surprise lap dance. Maybe some smut after wards please? Thank you!!!
Thank you for your request and sorry for the wait! I hope you like it, it turned out to be a looong one (yaayyy) but not sure if you wanted it dirtier? Idk I´ll let you guys be the judge of that. 
Hopefully I have fulfilled your request. 

Anyways I hope you guys like it and please let me know what you think (I would love some feedback since i´m new at this) and sorry in advance if it sucks or if there are any spelling mistakes or any wrong words (I wrote it on my phone and you know auto-correct) lol.
Pairing: Dylan x Reader
Warning: SMUT!
Word count: 1639

I heard the sound of an engine and quickly ran towards the window to see if it was Dylan. I saw Dylan’s car pulling in on the driveway, he sees me from the car window and gives me a forced smile.
‘What’s wrong?’ I think to myself worried, giving him a warm smile and a little wave.
I heard the front door unlocking and rushed over to the door to greet Dylan. Before he even got the chance to step inside, I ran over to him and gave him the warmest, most loving hug, my hands were around his neck and my face was buried in his neck, my lips and nose touching his skin. I took a deep breath and smelled the scent of Dylan, he smelled so damn good, he always did.
Dylan’s hands were now wrapped around my waist and he held me tight and pulled me even closer, if that was even possible. His chin rested on my shoulder. It felt like he never wanted to let go.

“God I’ve missed you Y/n.” He whispered to my ear, his lips touching my ear. 

“I missed you too babe.” I whispered back as I looked up at him.

Dylan have been filming for his upcoming movie The Scorch Trials, which meant traveling and constantly shooting and no time to hang out with us back at home and that’s totally fine, I understand and wish the best for him but I just miss him so much.
We Skype, FaceTime and all but that isn’t the same as actually being with each other.
Today I’m seeing Dylan after 2 weeks! And today is his birthday too. He got the day off after shooting in the morning and I couldn’t be happier.

“Come on, I’ve got the whole day planned out birthday boy!” I said as I pulled back from the hug and placed a kiss on his cheek.

My hands slipped into Dylan’s hands as I lead him inside. He sighed and in a quick move took off his shoes and followed me. I turned around and noticed that he didn’t seem to be happy at all. 

“What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” I asked nervously as I looked into his perfect brown eyes.

“What? No, of course not sweetie. Nothing is wrong, everything is just fine.” He answered while trying to force out a smile.

“Dylan, I know you'r lying to me.. Babe talk to me.” My eyes were hopelessly trying to look for an answer in his eyes.

In silence he walked upstairs to the bedroom and sat down on the side of the bed as he patted on the space next to him, wanting me to sit next to him. I walked over to him and sat down where he wanted me to.

“Can’t we just stay in today? It’s been a long couple of weeks and- and I just feel like doing nothing honestly.” He looked at me with his cute puppy eyes.

“I know babe, my plans didn’t actually include going out since I thought you needed to rest and relax for a while.” I smiled at him and he rested his head on my shoulder.

“Have I told you how much I love you?” He asked.

“Yeah but you can always tell me again.” I giggled and he laughed a little.

“It’s been rough you know, the past couple of weeks. I’m exhausted Y/n. I feel like I don’t know how to relax anymore.” He sighed as he lifted his head from my shoulder and placed it between his hands.

“Then let me show you.” I said with a smile and he looked up at me confused.

I got up on the bed and sat behind Dylan. My hands moved to his shoulders as I started to rub them, massaging his shoulders they way he likes it. He started to smile. I stopped massaging and Dylan looked up at me wondering why I stopped.

“Don’t worry babe, I’m far from done yet.” I smirked, he let out a nervous cough.

As he sat down and observed me I got down from the bed and turned on a slow song on my phone and put it on the desk. I went back to my birthday boy and stood in front of him with his legs between mine. I leaned over and kissed him, first a few short soft ones then a long hard one. I got closer and closer for every touch and sat on his lap. He pulled me closer by grabbing me by my waist and the gap between our bodies disappeared. His crotch touched my private area and I started to grind back and forth to the music, I started slowly as we both slipped out a moan, then I got faster.

“Fuck.” He moaned. 

We never broke the kiss until Dylan decided to do something else. His hands were still wrapped around my waist, his lips started to trail down to my neck as he started to kiss me and sucking my skin. I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan, god I’ve missed his touch and the way he makes me feel. As I was going back and forth grinding against his dick I felt how hard he got and how wet I was.
I turned around and Dylan stopped and observed. He thought I was getting up but I wasn’t. I had my back against his chest and my ass against his crotch as I started to grind back and forth, up and down. Now he was harder than ever. 

“Shit! Oh.. You feel so good baby..” He whispered to my ear.

The song ended and I turned around to give him a little kiss on the lips then went to the desk to turn of the music player, teasing him a little bit. He looked at me while waiting for more.

“Well now that you feel better. Lets have some cake!” I said and gave him a huge smile.

“W-wait what? You'r done?” He asked disappointed. Like really disappointed.

“Mhm” I turned around and laughed to myself quietly so that Dylan doesn’t hear.

He got up and pulled me into him, my back against his chest and his hands grabbing my waist. I placed my hands on top of his and turned around. He leaned in and we started to make out.

“Please..” He begged, wanting more than kisses and lap dances.

“I was never done babe.” I started to kiss him harder and passionately.

His hands trailed down to my ass squeezed it, he pushed me against the wall and my hand went up to his neck pulling him closer and tugging his hair. 

“Jump.” He whispered, not breaking the kiss.

I did as I was told and wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands slipped under my shirt while pulling me in even more. I pulled his shirt making him take it off as I do the same with mine. 
His eyes scans my upper body, I was wearing his favourite thin black laced bra, a quiet ‘fuck’ slips out from his lips. 
In a rush he takes me over to the bed and puts me down and gets on top of me. He quickly opened the drawer next to the bed and grabbed a condom. I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down as he smirked and then pulled down his boxers and put the condom on. I leaned back on the bed and he leaned against me, I could feel the heat between us. He crashed his lips onto mine while his left hand trailed down my body slowly, I felt every touch, he stopped when his hands reached down to my panties and pulled them down. He broke the kiss and pressed it in slowly. The feeling of lust rushed over me.
As he began go faster he leaned in and his lips were touching my neck, I wrapped my hands around his neck tugging on his hair and saying his name between my soft moans, it made him go faster. He loves it, when I say his name and I love to say it.
He pushed and pulled faster and faster, the room got filled with moans from both of us. My hands trails down his body and I start to caress his chest, he lets out soft moans as I do it.

“Dylan I’m going to come.” I moaned.

“Come for me baby!” He moaned back.

Dylan pulled and pushed, I let out a loud orgasm as I came, I felt the warmth and how wet it got. Seconds after Dylan hits his point and lets out his orgasm as the condom gets filled and me feeling the warmth of it inside of me. He pulled out, removed the condom, threw it into the trash and laid next to me, he pulled me closer and I turned to face him, making our noses touch.

“That- that was amazing..” He breathed out.

“Happy birthday babe.” I whispered to him smiling with my eyes shut.

“Thank you baby, I love you. This was the best present ever.” He whispers back and caressed my cheek with his thumb making me open my eyes and smile.

“I love you too.” I leaned in and gave him a little kiss.

“What do you think about having dinner, some cake, maybe watch a movie and round 2?” I looked at him as his eyes widened when I mentioned round 2, making me giggle.

“Oh and don’t worry, I’ve arranged everything at home.” I announced with a smile.

“Sounds awesome to me! Hell yeah!” He kissed the top of my nose and then my lips and whispered how much he loves me. We decided to stay in bed and cuddle for a while.

stay the night

Isaac was on your doorstep with tears in his eyes and bruises on his face. 

“Isaac?” You asked taking his hand in your own, pulling him inside you shut your door and made sure to lock it, afraid of anyone who could hurt Isaac. 

“Are you okay?” You asked, lightly feeling his swollen and bruised cheekbone. 

“No.” Isaac whispered into your hand. 

“I’ll make you tea.” You said, taking his hand into the kitchen. The sounds of you opening the cabinet, grabbing a mug, and closing it echoed around the silent kitchen. You turned the burner on and put the kettle over the open fire. 

“Isaac,” You stared leaning against the counter looking at his bruised, battered and broken body. He looked small painted in black and blues, helpless covered in his own blood. Reduced to his injuries standing by himself in my kitchen. 

“Please don’t ask me.” He begged, his voice ruptured, in the valley between crying and whispering like he couldn’t muster the courage to wail, or the strength to pretend to be strong. 

“Why would he do that?” You cried. The tears slowly falling from your eyes. Isaac looked at worn hard wood floors, biting his already swollen and bloodied lip. His bottom lip trembled but he looked up his eyes mournful. 

“I shouldn’t have come. I shouldn’t have put you in this position, it’s unfair to you, and it’s dangerous because my dad is probably looking for me and will be here any minute-” Isaac rambled anxiously rubbing his hands together and swinging his left foot back and forth. 

“Isaac.” You interrupted him. “Please come.” You whispered walking up to him. “When you’re scared come to me please. I want to help you.” You were on the verge of tears, but one of you needed to stay strong. Isaac enveloped you in a tight hug. You pressed your face against his worn cotton tee shirt and you could smell the mix of his laundry detergent, blood, soap, and deodorant. 

You hugged him tighter and kept the tears a bay. Isaac let go of you when the tea kettle began to whistle. You poured him a cup and put some chamomile tea in it. 

You both walked up into your room while he drank his tea. 

“Will you stay with me?” You asked as he stared out your window across the street to his house, where the light was still on in his bedroom window. You looked around your bedroom and couldn’t help feel at home and safe. Had Isaac ever felt that way? 

“I don’t know.” Isaac whispered. 

“You can’t go home. He’ll hurt you.” You said, rubbing circles on his palm, standing as close as you could. 

“I can’t stay here forever.” Isaac said. 

“At least until my parents get home from their anniversary trip this Saturday.” You asked him. 

“I don’t want to burden you.” He mumbled. 

“You won’t be.” 

Isaac finished his tea, and you showed Isaac to the guest bedroom. 

Halfway through the night you heard gasping and strangled cries. You leaped out of your bed to find Isaac tangled in the sheets whimpering. You gently shook him. 

“Isaac, Isaac you’re going to be okay.” You whispered to him. His eyes shot open and he relaxed, you put your arms around his chest and you both fell asleep. 

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