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Dating Dean Winchester would Include…

-meeting each other by accident when you, a retired hunter and cop, arrested him for trespassing

-him flirting with you the whole time and you pretending not to like it

-him getting super jealous all the time cause in his mind you’re way too good for him

-really he gets jealous of anyone that so much as looks at you

-he once threatened a guy for complimenting the band on your shirt

-helping each other during hunts

-*casually discussing dinner plans while decapitating a vamp*

-him telling you the cheesiest pick up lines even even after you started dating

-”hey baby, if I flip a coin, what are the chances of me getting head?”

-”Dean we are in the middle of sex.”

-Sam loving you because you make his brother so happy

-Sam having many mental scars from walking in on you two because Dean likes to do it around the bunker

-staying up late with Dean just talking or cuddling when he can’t sleep

-you always wanting to cuddle with him

-he acts like he doesn’t like it but secretly he probs loves it more than you do

-him not knowing what he did to deserve you

-tag team hustlers

-you distract the guy while dean takes the money

-him being completely and utterly in love with you

-like seriously he didn’t know he could feel that much until you came around

-you loving him back just as much

-you and Sam bonding over embarrassing stories of dean’s childhood.

-”He used to dress up as batman everyday.”

-”Shut up Sam!”

-having little fights about dumb things that neither of you really care about

-make up sex afterwards

-having huge fights which include screaming and throwing things, and one of you ends up storming out

-the other waiting up until they get back

-intense make up sex afterwards

-him being the best guy you’ve ever been with, in all aspects (wink wink)

-him cooking breakfast for you since he almost always wakes up first

-him laying in bed watching you because you’re just so beautiful

-he get turned on by like everything that you do

-bite your lip, turned on, bend over turned on, looking his direction, turned on

-you trying your best to help him with the mark of Cain

-your whole world falling down around you when you hear that he’s dead

-nearly sobbing the whole time when he comes back as a demon and tried to kill you and Sam

-Demon Dean coming on to you and trying to convince you to come with him but you refuse, knowing he’s not your Dean

-when it’s all over, he hates himself for hurting you but you reassure him it wasn’t his fault and you still love him

-make up sex afterwards

-just being the ultimate power couple

REQUEST: Hi, could you write a seb imagine in which he is 120% smitten with y/n and loves cuddling and kissing her and gets insecure about being away from her, maybe afraid she’ll leave him?


One word that always went through your mind when you thought about being in the position that you were in.

The contact of his warm skin on yours. The feelings that you got whenever he would tighten his grip on you or move closer to you during the night out of habit.

You woke up earlier than Sebastian did that morning. The sun had just rose and it was casting light into the bedroom. The weather was supposed to be beautiful.

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Cuddling Day

I wake up to someone leaving light kisses on my cheeks and nose. Groaning, I turn around and try to fall back into my peaceful little sleep.

“Babe..” I hear Justin’s groggy voice whine from behind me. 

I pretend to ignore him, hoping he’d leave me alone to sleep. Suddenly his hand moves down my waist, tickling me slightly. “Justin, I want to sleep. So, could you please?” I plead as I push his hand off. 

“No, I want my baby girl to wake up so we can have a cuddling day.” He whines once more. 

I turn back around, sitting up and face him with my eyebrow raised. “A cuddling day?” I laugh lightly. 

“Yes,” He smiles proudly and scoots closer to me, wrapping his arms around my waist. “It’s a day where we stay inside all day and just cuddling.” 

“So, basically just a lazy day?” I question trying not to laugh at how adorable he was being right now. 

He shrugs, “I’m going to start calling it a cuddling day now, lazy day is just to…classic.” 

I shake my head, giggling at him. “You are such a weirdo.” 

“Aye but, you love this weirdo very much.” 

“Yeah, sure I do.” I say sarcastically causing him to let out a fake gasp. “Just kidding, you know I love you to death.” 

“That’s what I thought,” He said leaning in to kiss me but, I stop him. 

“Sorry, I need to brush my teeth first and then I’ll kiss you.” I say about to get up. 

I don’t have time to react fast when I feel him basically tackle me on the bed, and attack my lips with his. He ends up deepening the kiss, with me still pinned down on the bed. I smile into the kiss as I feel one of his hands move away from my wrist and move down to my butt, squeezing it slightly. 

He finally pulls away and smiles down at me. “Hurry up and brush your teeth so, we can begin out cuddling day.” 

I get up and jump when I feel his hand smack butt. “Just for doing that, I might take my precious time to brush my teeth.” I tease. 

I hear him groan and fall back onto the bed, with a loud thud. 

I laugh and say, “I don’t know how I deal with you everyday..” 


Sorry this one was boring and very short, but I just felt like writing something. Hope some of you liked it though & keep sending in requests please!!! xx

Quand il essaye de te persuader de sauter le petit déjeuner pour rester sous la couette

When he tries to persuade you to stay in bed and cuddle instead of having breakfast