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(1/?) tbh i like the idea of pining!scotty but really think pining!bones is great, too. bones who cherishes the trademark smile and wink the scotsman gives him every time after patching him up, and has to try his damnedest not to blush. bones who

(cont)  cherishes the lilting voice of the Scotsman whenever he strings together one of his outlandish tales and gets really passionate. Bones who cherishes the way the Scotsman can always make him laugh, even in the most trying of circumstances, with naught but a silly face or a ridiculous joke. Bones who cherishes the subtle comfort the Scotsman provides, whether it be a knowing glance or a gentle hug. Bones who cherishes Scotty, and is totally in love with him.

Imagine Bones making excuses to come to down to engineering just to watch Scotty work. He makes little snips about the lack of safety standards, and Scotty snips back about the lack of fun in the medical bay. 

They laugh the entire time, and their ears stay blushed pink.

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I blush "he stays in the day care and I go see him at lunch but he's being particularly Whiney today so when you wanted your lunch it would help him to take a walk..."-Abby

I nod my head, humming softly. “I see, I see– Well, he’s a cutie” I grin at you. “Did you eat your lunch yet?” I ask you. -Ash

What could've happened in Beta
  • Peridot :Amethyst! Stop!
  • Amethyst :Stop what?
  • Peridot :Don't fight her.
  • Amethyst :Why not!?
  • Peridot :I don't want you to get hurt!
  • Amethyst :Who cares!?
  • Peridot :I do. *grabs Amethyst's hand* Please stay.
  • Amethyst :*blushes and lets go* Peri, I've been trying to prove I'm just as good as her. But I'm not. I'm defective.
  • Peridot :Amethyst.. Please. Your better than her! She may be the ultimate quartz, but your the best quartz I know.
  • Amethyst :*blushes*
  • Peridot :And what's wrong with being defective? I'm defective! I'm an Era 2 Peridot! *starts to break down* At least we both are.
  • Amethyst :*hugs her* Thanks. I love you Peri.
  • Peridot :I love you too.

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Your writing is eloquent, heartfelt and moving. Demetra and Cullen are gloriously adorkable. Thank you. ♥

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I… I don’t know what I could say… you’re really too, too kind and… well, I’ll stay here until the blush won’t stop (gloriously adorkable will for sure appear on one shirt, one day, in one Modern AU fan fiction).


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jay i like can't sit still i just saw a gifset of taozi with a flower bucket hat on and he was asking people if they thought he was pretty!! so cute and i didn't know who else to go ramble to ahhh. thoughts? haha~ anyway, i hope you're doing well as usual! (good luck on surviving the exo mv, i might not djfkjdk) stay safe n healthy! *blush* lots of hugs for u~! -shy anon

he looked like the prettiest flowery pirate !🌸✨ that ep was pretty stressful tbh like now they’re officially father and son and he wanted to be told he was pretty.. he has a type 😱 this is sutao over again.. But yes he looked adorable 💕 I really hope we’re going to get more taozi dressing up in future, he’s constantly giving us nice little surprises~~ (it’s so soon!! I’m not ready at all ;;;; if you make it through come back and let me know if you liked it ~~) (o゚ェ゚人゚ェ゚o)

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"Because i like to stay with you. Your are sexy, cool, and funny when you are angry. (^-^ ) I.. like to stay with you *She blush more and look down. She hoppe you don't see her blush

Rotten stares at the anon for a long moment before suddenly it dawns on him.


His eyes have stars in them.

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What would iKON do if their gf ran up to them and kissed them and then ran away cutely?

iKON Reaction: If You (as their gf) Done A Quick Peck And Run Cutely

B.I: It will take him a couple seconds until he has a a smirk on his face.

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Jinhwan: Holds on to his lips and looks at his angel he’s blessed with.

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Bobby: Will try to catch you but then will slow down half way and then loses track of you.

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Yunhyeong: He would be looking forward to that more often.

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Junhoe: He would yell for you and then will plan something devious for you.

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Donghyuk: Extreme blushing.

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Chanwoo: Stays at a confused look.

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Thanks For The Request!


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howd you feel karkat n dave would react to their s/o lookin pretty?

((ahhhh i suck at thisssss))

Dave would most likely be super blush-y and kinda loose hold of his facade because he’s literally so shocked at how goregous you are but once regaining composure, he’d most likely get you back for making him blush and be so dorky by flirting, complimenting you, ect.

Karkat would also be like Dave but he’d stay all blush-y and be super nervous cuz your radiant looks are beyond human (and troll) comprehension. But his nervousness would tone down after a while and he’d just be so happy to be around you. (but kinda hide it since karkat’s karkat)

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Of course! Please stay like this.. *Blushes slightly and hides face from you* - nonsugafree anon☽

Okay -laughs softly and continues to hold you- -SUGA

Are you guys ready for this !!! 😍😱
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hey i've been following u for a while and i might i say i love all ur posts! u seem like a great person, so i hope ur job isn't getting u too down in the dumps. whatever it is, U CAN DO IT! love u mun <3 - from a follower who'll stay :)



“If they are foolish enough to blame you for what other outside circumstances caused, then that is their problem not yours. But it is not your fault. And again, it is not your job to care for your father yet. It is still his time to care for you, but he’s done everything but. He’s used you instead. And it’s not for you to earn his love, or anyone else’s. You deserve to be loved and to have it given to you freely, not as a reward,” Skylar countered, his voice gentle but firm.

Jessie blushed lightly. “Stay here for now, please,” she requested.

Ahhhh my ULTIMATE go-to blush!! Rimmel’s StayBlushed is this mousse-like formula that really blends into the skin, and a little goes a LOOONNGG way! Seriously, be careful with this because it’s REALLY easy to use too much product (you know how sewing needles have that ball on the end? Even that much, can be too much). 

That being said, I just apply this with my fingers and rub it in and my cheeks look happy and have a healthy glow until I take my makeup off at night!! This peach one is very close to my natural flush, so it really compliments my skin. It’s the perfect quick-fix for anyone who wears heavy foundation and needs to pump the life back into their cheeks!!!! HIGHLY recommend!