stay blushed

so sometimes I’m really super picky about my ships. Like, I need an entire movie worth of canonical evidence, brilliant acting, well-written dialogue and a romance that improves the characters, all of which take time and deliberate thought to discover.

Then there’s the times where two characters exist in the same scene and I instantly NOW KISS AND BE TOGETHER FOREVER

Like when I’m watching Castlevania, and Alucard is all…(okay, first of all, how dare he, this is the 1400s and he’s shirtless and wearing skinny jeans and two belts like i understand u wanted him attractive but did you have to go so over the top this is all unnecessary) anyway, there’s approximately two lines of dialogue and some Subtext Only Shippers Would Notice:

Alucard: *to Sypha, offhandedly* do you know the legend?

Sypha: *INSTANTLY blushes* Y-yes.

And that’s it. That’s all I need. My muse went wild and now, despite the utter lack of any supporting evidence, I have a headcanon where *vaguely worded ‘son of night and morning’ or something will meet a hunter and a magician, and will become one with the magician, and their love will last for eternity* and like Sypha didn’t really believe it at first, but then she watched him fight and test Trevor (SHIRTLESS, U UTTER DRAMA QUEEN) and she’s all ‘huh. well then. maybe that’s not too terrible a fate’ while Alucard spends a good portion of their Road Trip Starring Monsters From Literal Hell angsting over how he’s repeating his father’s history, and he won’t make the same mistakes, and he won’t corrupt someone so innocent (meanwhile, offscreen: *Sypha singlehandedly destroys an entire pack of Hellish Foes*) and Trevor is just. so done. by the time they make it to Dracula’s castle he is genuinely ready to trick them into getting married and be done with it. He actually considers asking Dracula about it.

Like, I’m not going to write it, but I’ll enjoy thinking about writing it.

Happy Birthday @inazuma-eleven-translations :D 

lets pretend that i am not late okay ? xDD i wanted to make you something and sorry it is small and rushed but i really hope you like it and I want to thank you for all your translations works you did/will do for us !!! You are a precious treasure to this fandom and I really appreciate everything you do !! Thank you A lot !! and have a good day/night/ life

I am still so greatful for Yuuichi’s interviews no one actually cares enough about his character and finding posts with him was kind of HARD but your translations for me even when i didn’t request, is literally one of the best things ever happened to me! Thank you so much you are so kind and sweet to all of us! ;w;