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Thinking: Attraction Pt 2

Identifying who likes you back.

Its so simple.
They’ll tell you, they’ll show you, they’ll make it so obvious that you can look at them and say
“You like me.”

When someone likes you… no.
Lets go deeper.

When YOU like someone,
what do you do?

You stare, you blush, you stay near them- want to be in line of sight, want them to look at you. Talk to you. Be friends with you. BE WITH YOU.

Is it not your goal to get close them? Even if you are shy, (being a shy person myself) you still do small things for that person.

Its there. And if you haven’t noticed before- you can sit down and think about it now.

If you have a crush right now- and you know for fact you are ready to pursue- are they showing the same behavior?

Believe it or not, like the first “Thinking: Attraction”, im sure your crush shows the characteristics of being fun, loving and/or confident, anything you admire…

But are they being nervous by you?
Do they get fidgety, blushing, nerve-wracking and/or giggly? Do they do things for your attention, get you to look at them?

Never have I seen a person who really liked someone be so deadpan “confident” that they wanted them.
Never have I seen someone not be so vulnerable and nervous to fear risk and heartbreak of what they have and what they want more of.

Its a lot.
Because its worth a lot.
The person you like, you feel they are worth a lot.

And you yourself, you are worth everything.

So, is it not worth the risk?

Makeup details below! 

Concealer: Maybelline superstay 24h - Shade 2
Foundation: L'Oréal Infallible 24h -015
Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte - 001 Transparent
Blush: Rimmel - 050 Live pink
Contour: Collection Highlight and Sculpt Contour Kit
Eyeshadows: Revolution - Redemption Palette iconic 1 + Miss Sporty white eyeshadow - 109 Star
Lip Liner: Mac - Spice
Lipstick: Mac - Taupe
Brows: Rimmel Pencil - 002 Hazel
Eyeliner: Maybelline Gel Liner - Black
Lashes: Red Cherry #43
Mascara: Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Building Mascara - Extra Black

A few people asked about my makeup and what products I use so here is a list of everything I used in this picture!

-Concealer: Maybelline Superstay 24h - Shade 2
-Foundation: L'Oréal Infallible 24h -015
-Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte - 001 Transparent
-Blush: Rimmel - 050 Live pink
-Contour: Collection Highlight and Sculpt Contour Kit
-Eyeshadows: Revolution - Redemption Palette iconic 1 + Miss Sporty white Eyeshadow - 109 Star
-Lip Liner: Mac - Spice
-Lipstick: Mac - Taupe
-Brows: Rimmel Pencil - 002 Hazel
-Eyeliner: Maybelline Gel Liner - Black
-Lashes: Red Cherry #43
-Mascara: Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Building Mascara - Extra Black

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Canada reacting to s/o straddling him.

It would take him by surprise when you first get your legs around him, and his face just wouldn’t be able to stay calm - the blush would just keep on coming. He’d let you do what you want, and take it as far as you want as you are on him, but it would take him a moment to get into it just because of sheer nerves, but then he’d be all up, feeling your body and your legs around him, and letting more loose as the seconds pass.

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"Tony? Do you still want to stay?" He blushed, deeply self conscious of his newly revealed prosthetic leg.

Tony snorted. “Of course I do, but you have to tell me the story behind that leg.” He said, gesturing to the leg with a smile. “It looks so cool,”

GOT7 reaction to seeing their girlfriend in a bikini for the first time.

BamBam: *heavy breath* ‘Ahhhah, yeah, cute. Yeah.’

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Jackson:  *gif* (Im sorry xD)

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JB: I think..we are not going anywhere…

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Mark: Damn girl…

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Jr.:  *blushing*

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Youngjae: *staying speechless*

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Yugyeom:  *gif*

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You’re getting a shower and he accidentally walks in (BLOCK B)

Zico: -he saw an opportunity he wanted to take after he heard you humming from in the shower after he walked in. So he cleared his throat and you opened the blind giving a confused look- “can we save some water? I feel dirty jagi maybe you could clean me” 

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Jaehyo: -you were about to get out but he was standing there and you began to blush staying behind the curtain waiting for him to leave. He gave you a towel which you grabbed quickly wrapping it around you and that’s when he finally left- “bye baby just saying I like whatever scent you use it smells lovely in here.”

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P.O: -he was a blushing mess when he realized the shower was running and even apologized but you wanted to him to get even more embarrassed ‘Jihoon if you wanted to join you could have asked baby’- “why are you doing this to me baby. It’s getting really warm in here now”

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B-Bomb: -he always convinced you to let him join for the duration of the shower. Even if he had somewhere to be he’d rather be late than miss a chance to shower with you- “so glad I didn’t know. You know baby you should let me help you for the rest of your shower. I’ll make sure you get clean”

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Taeil: -it’s casual now when he spent the night he never knocked. You’d done it before so seeing eachother naked became normal for the both of you- “sorry babe gotta make sure I look good today. I’ll leave then or maybe I’ll join who knows”

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U-Kwon: -he just forgot that you were showering because he was rushing to get ready. So when you opened the curtains you groaned and rolled your eyes when you saw him there- “oh I’m sorry I forgot you were in here baby. I’ll leave eventually”

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Kyung: -you let out a shout in shock when he came bursting in ‘Park Kyung get the heck out!’ but he was so casual about it- “oh jagi you act like I haven’t seen you naked. I just need to make sure my collars on right”

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Wolfstar Aesthetics

Dirty fingernails. Long hair covering your face. Tear marks after crying. Optimism. Doc Martins. Waking up at sunset. Flannels under leather jackets. “I’m definitely taller than you!” Too many rings on one hand. Punks with hearts of gold. Cold weather and storms. David Bowie’s “Fame”. Doubt. Black and white photos on Instagram. Too many shots of vodka. Kissing in the dark. Scary movies on Halloween. True love in the oddest people. Warm blankets and cold feet. Stolen glances and blushing too much. Wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Too many freckles. Fear. Old records that sound scratchy. The warm sun in fall weather. Blush wine. Staying up all night. Cardigans over sweaters. Old family heirlooms. Coffee too sweet. Nose kisses. “So what if I’m wearing make-up, I look great!” Shallow breathing and panting I love you. Sending birthday cards on time. Broken in penny loafers. The Smith’s “Asleep”. Using every emoji when you’re excited. The color peach. Brushing off compliments. Building up a brick wall.

Percabeth Adventures in Tartarus
  • Nico:PERCY!!! ANNABETH!!!
  • Nico:...
  • Nico:Yeah... They are fucked...
  • ~in tartarus~
  • Percy:It's dark...
  • Annabeth:Oh really seaweed brain?
  • Percy:How someone can stay here forever!? It's dark and boring!!
  • Annabeth:*roll eyes* Can you stop complain?
  • Percy:Sorry... I was just...
  • Annabeth:Complaing!
  • *silence*
  • Annabeth:... Sorry... I... Thank you...
  • Percy:Why?
  • Annabeth:You fall in tartarus with me...
  • Percy:I said... I won't let you go again... We'll stay together!
  • Annabeth:*blush* Percy... How can you be so cute in some times and so stupid in others times?
  • Percy:Annabeth, there's something called romance... I guess you don't know that...
  • Annabeth:See! Now you're stupid!!
  • Percy:*roll eyes* Fine fine... I'm your stupid, okay?
  • Annabeth:Now you're cute again... *kiss Percy*
  • Percy:*blush* I love you...
  • Annabeth:*smile*
  • ~with Nico~
  • Nico:How we'll get they? Gods help us!
  • ~back to tartarus~
  • Percy:Annabeth...
  • Annabeth:What?
  • Percy:It still dark...

Make Up of the Day 

{no edit, so you guys can see how the products really look} (:

Face: Benefit porefessional primer, Laura Mercier silk creme foundation in “cream ivory”, Clinique even better concealer, NARS powder foundation, MAC blush “stay pretty” & “peaches” mixed, ELF bronzer, Victoria’s Secret highlighter (discontinued)

Eyes: Urban Decay primer potion, Urban Decay shadow in “venus” (inner corners & brow bone), Urban Decay shadow in “sidecar” (all over the lid & in the first part of the crease), Urban Decay shadow in “crave” (blended throughout the outer v and partially through crease), Urban Decay shadow in “buck” (under the eye), ELF “natural” false lashes, Urban Decay eye pencil in “zero”, Maybelline the falsies mascara, Maybelline mastershape brow pencil, ELF liquid liner

Lips: Sephora nano lip pencil in “candid candy”, YSL rouge volupe lipstick in “#7 - pink lingerie”, Beauty Rush lipgloss in “strawberry skinny”