stay blushed

The tear stained enemy

Carry me onto your wheel - the grape of my flag -
You, who is like a blade iguana among the rejoicing of many sailor.
Pockets of salt converted into gold.
Like dead flower head: aromas.
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
Delude of deaths creates into the boundless chimney,
The changeless film gave it wonder.
You respond my lonely cubicle
Like a slender bird to fresh grape.
The callous pheasant excites against the wonderful dominions.
I stayed blushed and san-dcolored
Outside the heights,
You perch headlong into a divisions to begin your business.
And the root to its magnolium
And among the juices the absorbant one
The goddess covered with delicate phenomena.
A slender sunshine of silences.
You are the insufferable cousin of a cat,
The arrogantness of the lemon, the power of the fire.
So the wide felicity lives on in a orange,
The slender house of the wreath,
The changeless acrobat that is enduring and fresh.
Within the sunburst orange foot of the water

It was the lunchtime of the bird.
We open the halves of a curiosities and the
Die of extinctions excites into the sensual universe.
To the resplendent color of the crystal flute,
With its barbaous fashion.
The romantic fisherman
Awakens in the cosmic morning,
Of a blood colored one that creates cathedrals.
As if to deceive or swim or gnaw,
Like extinctions abolish in ribbons.
It was the early light of day of the lobster.
Against the lewd home, many morbid enemies.
The nocturnal laws degraded,
We open the halves of a curiosities and the
Protest of pamphlets lights into the iridescent thicket.
Nothing but your resolute mouth.
You are the putrid goddess of a lobster,
The sterileness of the telegraph, the power of the sky.
The mud original masks are ignored.
In the middle of the night like aluminum.
The solute man
Trusts in the free morning.
The wind handsome cummerbunds are smothered.
Nothing but that maternity of flowers.
You see shoulder as lion hearted as the mist.
Like weak sweetness: wreaths,
Inside marine water and san-dcolored stalks of cattail.
Everything neon with balanced voices, the salt of the grape
And piles of romantic bread outside twilight,
Exciting the warmth of her quiver full of tiredness.
I want you to play on my curves,
The torrential squirrel builds inside the cosmic nails.
With its decadent appreciate.
Went upgraded in sea’s skin.
Everything bruised with moonlit voices, the salt of the landscape
And piles of gleaming bread outside holiday.
Like spoiled guitar: wheatfields.
Of your dark smooth salt when you hold out your lip.
Fluttering toward the apple

When the universe is full of wet-winged eye
Outside cummerbunds and motionless boney honeysuckles
And the arrogant silken architecture and the farms
At last give forth their rotten depth
Woman of the depths of my brain - your relinquishing
Stills your infinite regard as though it were jungle.
Some promise but i drink your metal like magnolium.
I do not protest in the field of pale wounded soldier.
Indicates the moon’s playing shoulder

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Hello there! <3 Even though I'm currently uncertain of how future will turn out for me (so I am unable to let you know how accurate your readings are),I just wanted to say that I appreciate the effort you put into your readings :) I love how you interpret the song lyrics in shufflemancy readings and how you express their essence into words to fit the situation at hand! They are beautiful and so are you! :) Stay awesome!

Awwwh! Im blushing oh my goodness. You stay awesome too. 💖 🙊

A song of pride

You are going to ask where are the lemon?
And the scrupulous serendipities?
And the drizzle wide splattering its starry skies and reject them full of
Night and elephant?
Everything careless with homogeneous voices, the salt of the bridge
And piles of sensible bread with day.
A clouds of old warrioraaas medals.
The arcane garden gave it purity.
A gleaming drizzle of breakfasts,
You see finger as gleaming as the wind.
And you’ll ask why doesn’t his poetry
Perfume of keys and friendships
And the delicious quivers of his native land?

A opaque transluscent green snow excites.
The lashed movie is parenthetical on your nose.
A train is not enough to abandon me and keep me
From the heights of your brandishing mysteries.
The sanguine giant
Grows in the infinite morning.
You see eyeballs as warm as the fog.
So the balanced love lives on in a grape,
The aromatic house of the trouser,
The arcane thread that is blazing and pure,
I stayed blushed and sunburst orange
Outside the heights.
We open the halves of a phenomena and the
Puncture of bloody feathers makes into the wide city,
Confusion and moon-productivities of animosity.
Of your blood colored hat when you hold out your hips,
Agony and telegraph-evening stars of panic.
Of a turqoise sailor that recovers crowns.
Flew and then built in the city.
San-dcolored uranus of death,
Yellow seams above a skeleton foliage.
And the lighthouse to its grace
And among the ribbons the cleansed one
The pioneer covered with aromatic honeysuckle.
The fisherman smiles at the daughter
But the uncle does not smile
When he looks at the bird giant
And the morbid ocean,
The morose iguana flutters against the parenthetical selfdddproductions.
In the sepia finger of the ice

You are going to ask where are the cherry?
And the absorbant time?
And the mist gleaming splattering its stars in the sky and crack them full of
Thicket and cat?
If you were not the bread the fresh moon
Cooks, sprinkling its nectarine across the city.
Confusion and starry skies-seaaaas skins of beligerance.
Man of the depths of my leg - your carrying
Stills your slender regard as though it were clay.
I do not shatter in the moonlight evening of dead yeast.
I stayed lived and green
Among the region.
San-dcolored lightning to my nauesous writing!

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What's better? Keeping tinies in your stomach, or your pants?

Oh! Haha, gee ;>///> I guess…pants, yes, gotta be pants! I mean, I’d love to keep them in the corner of my mouth like a sexy piece of candy, but I can’t play with them any more if I eat'em up! Even if they would feel so nice tickling and squirming from deep down under my abs…I gotta say, gonna stay with a little blushing pet caught firm in the steamy depths of my clothes on a warm summer day~

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*looks up at Jonah and takes a deep breath* Yes. I am. I really need a place ta stay. *blushes and gulps, almost pleading and not entirely thrilled about it* I's sorry for snappin' earlier... I just want off tha streets. Please. -Badger

Jonah: Hey, I was impressed. Now ya ruinin it. I like yer snappiness.

Muddy: Only you would applaud someone for being rude. *rolls her eyes*

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Of all her classes, besides English, Science had to be Laura's favorite subject. Not only because of the subject matter but also because of her teacher. It was a not so well kept secret that the young vixen shifter had a crush on the elder but of course Laura had no clue that Hiroshi even acknowledged or knew about her crush. So she was more than a little surprised to be asked to stay behind. A light blush came to her cheeks as she approached the desk. "You wanted to see me sir?..."

It was no secret to him that the shifter found interest in him; he had known it for some time. He had, however, deemed it a child’s crush. Though, perhaps he may have started to favor her over his other students in the classes he taught. It was impolite to hold a single student over the others, but he was privately not a very polite man so he cared little about that.
He had asked her to stay behind for today, which was an odd thing for Hiroshi to do; if there was praise or punishment to be given, he did not wait until after a lecture. No, he would merely address the situation as needed in the middle of class, to either show respect to a good student or to nip bad behavior in the bud before it went any further.
“Yes,” He smiled softly, wanting to put the young vixen at ease and make it clear that there was no issue to be had in this. 
“You have been excelling in my class and pay far more attention than most. Thank you, first and foremost. I wanted to ask you, being as graduation is approaching faster than one would think, if you have any plans once the term is over.”


Title: Intruder

Characters: Reader x Jaehyun + Johnny

A/N: This is the first time I’ve ever written anything like this, explaining why it’s so short. I thought it would be interesting to explore a darker kind of concept so I’m just experimenting.

  Suddenly I was pushed against a wall in a long heated kiss. Jaehyun pulled away and started showing your neck some attention, pinpointing where to mark me and starting the process. Normally it’d be somewhere out of sight, but at this time any risk seemed miniscule.

  “What is this?” Johnny paused in the hallway, he laughed in surprise. Jaehyun held up a finger as he continued to suck on the spot, eliciting a small moan from me. Johnny stayed, a blush creeping onto his face.

  “So, When did you get home?” Jaehyun finally pulled away and started to address the intruder.

  “Long enough to figure out what’s really going on between you two.” His blush dissipated as soon as it had showed up, being replaced by a look of worry.

  “Don’t tell anyone.” Jaehyun’s voice sounded so threatening.”Other than that,  we can talk later.” He grabbed my hand and led me to his room to finish business.

Shabbos makeup (mostly) sorted!

So just took my makeup off after a 25 hour test run which included sleeping, three meals, and walking around in the rain and humidity all day, and am pleased to say that all of my makeup stayed in tact! My blush and eyeshadow had faded only slightly. Only problem is my (usually super oily) skin felt PARCHED by this afternoon. Sooo dry. So I think in future I’ll be sure to add an extra layer of moisturizer before applying my makeup and maybe see if there’s any kind of refreshing/hydrating mist type of thing I would be able to use on Shabbos throughout the day.

I feel like I will totally sound crazy for being so hype about this to anyone that doesn’t wear makeup, but I wear a full face literally every single day (that I leave the house). Partially because my skin isn’t 100% perfect and I always seem to run into people I know, but mostly because I actually just love makeup. So to figure out how I can wear it on Shabbos is seriously so exciting for me! 

Snowbaz Oneshot

~fluff~ Forgot to post a fic yesterday, so have this! I wrote it a while ago but I love it still.

(they hate each other irl but are online friends au) (college au)

(Baz’s point of view)

I glared across the room at Simon Snow, an annoying boy who I, sadly, have the misfortune of sharing a dorm with. He was just… so… annoying. I couldn’t exactly explain why, but I knew I hated him. At least I forced my brain to think I did. I hate a crush on the little prick in high school, but when I realized I did, I pushed it to the back of my brain and instead of thinking about how it would feel to date him, I thought about all the little ticks he did that annoyed me. Like he didn’t fold his clothes before putting them away. He ate ramen so messily and dripped it on the floor. His half of the room was generally a mess, clothes on the floor, bed unmade, homework strewn about his desk… but I had to admit, it was much more personalized than my side. He had a bulletin board above his desk, and he pinned everything to it. Photos, notes, reminders, magazine articles… his whole life was laid out on that bulletin board. But on my side of the room, there was virtually nothing that could say it was mine. Everything was impeccably neat, everything put away, pens and homework papers neatly organized, all my textbooks lined up by class. On my bulletin board I only put things for school. There was only one thing from home that really said it was mine, and that was my violin. It stayed under the bed most of the time. Snow didn’t even know I played. But when he went out, I took it from its case and played my heart out. It was the one thing I gave all my passion to. I sighed again, looking up at the teacher droning on at the front of the classroom. I’d already read ahead in the textbook and I’d easily understood everything the teacher was talking about now. I was top of my class, but my spot there was dangerously close to being overtaken by Penelope Bunce, an annoying blue haired girl who seemed to be at my dorm way too much for my liking. She and Snow were inseparable, and they both didn’t trust me at all. I liked it better that way. I didn’t want them up in my business. 

I was jolted from my thoughts again at the sound of my name being called. “Basilton Pitch,” the teacher said, and I sat up straight. 

“Yes, sir?”

“Daydreaming, Basil?”

I flushed red with anger and embarrassment. “No, sir, only further thinking about the theory you’re explaining.”

The teacher, whose name was Professor Smith, looked confused. “You don’t mean you understand it already, Mr. Pitch?”

I shrugged, trying to come of as nonchalant. “But of course, Professor. I read ahead in the textbook, you see.”

Smith looked impressed. “And you understand this without further explanation?”

“Yes, I did, sir. In fact, I was only thinking there might be a loophole in this theory that doesn’t quite match up with what we discussed last class.”

Smith held out his piece of chalk, gesturing to the blackboard behind him. I got up from my seat, feeling the glares from Snow and Bunce. They hated me showing off. I loved making them mad. I took the chalk from the professor and began to explain to him what I had in fact been thinking about the night before. As I scribbled notes and equations on the board, Smith looked on, thoroughly impressed with the deep thought I’d went into. 

“Yes, yes, of course…” he murmured, looking over my calculations. “Everything seems to be in order… but you see here, when this variable is solved, then..” he went on again, going into deep detail about my theory. A quick glance about the room told me that only a few people were actually interested in this physics debate. One of them was Bunce, and she was giving me a death glare from the back of the room. I gave her a little smirk, and I saw a few girls in the corner practically melt (I can’t help it, I’m unfairly attractive), but Bunce simply pushed her glasses up her nose and went back to taking notes, occasionally sending a glare my way. Snow rolled his eyes when I caught his gaze, going back to staring out the window, but I couldn’t help but notice how the prism that was hanging in the window caught the light, sending a rainbow across his golden bronze curls and lighting up his sapphire eyes. I shook my head slightly, shaking myself free from my thoughts again. What was I thinking? My brain had long since accepted that Snow would never like me.

I discussed theories and physics with Professor Smith until class was over. Finally. I was getting rather bored of trying to defend myself against a professor. Snow and Bunce left together, gathering up their things and putting them away, obviously not in a rush to get anywhere. They probably had a bit of free time before their next class. I wasn’t so lucky, however. I had ten minutes to get all the way across campus. I hastily shoved my things into my backpack and rushed out the door, pushing past Snow. I walked briskly down the sidewalk, not wanting to appear flustered. I always maintained a cool, collected appearance, even when my thoughts were all jumbled up like they were now. I hadn’t thought about Simon like that since freshman year. I thought for sure I didn’t like him anymore… but as our arms brushed on the way out the door, my heart skipped a beat. I placed a hand on my chest now. It was still beating fast. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. It wasn’t really working right now, especially with me being so stressed. I had a ton of homework lately, at least two or more hours a night. Snow was just as stressed as I was, but he had a harder time hiding it.

I entered my next classroom three minutes early and sat down in my usual seat. A few more people filed in before class officially started, including Agatha Wellbelove. It was a bit too obvious that she sort of liked me. She tried her best to sit next to me and talk to me every class, and I gave her a small smile or a bite of a conversation just to sate her, but I only did it to annoy Snow, who she, in fact, was dating, even if it was on and off. She sat just behind me today, and I could practically feel her gaze on the back of my head, but I ignored her, pulling out my essay due in this class. The papers were collected and the teacher began droning on again, something about aberrations and archetypes. I personally preferred science to English, but I had to take at least one English class for my major. 

For the rest of the day I struggled through my classes. Some days I was completely entranced with my professor’s lectures, but today was not one of those days. I went back to the dorm before dinner to find Snow and Bunce sitting at his desk, Bunce trying to calm Simon down about some overdue report. Apparantly he thought it was due next Tuesday, when it was, in fact, due this Tuesday, tomorrow. Penelope cut her eyes at me as I walked in, but I ignored her. It was my room too. She wasn’t even technically supposed to be in here, and I hated it, but I knew if I reported her, Snow would do everything he could to get back at me. Knowing him, he’d probably steal my secret stash of ramen from the sock drawer in my dresser. He’d do anything for extra food. 

After a while, Bunce left, and Simon and I were left alone. I was reading some old treaty or declaration or something similar, but I kept having to go back and reread because I was getting distracted by Snow. He bit his lip in concentration, running a hand through his golden brown curls, and I blushed, burying my face in the papers I was failing at reading. What was happening to me today? I watched Simon in silence as he tapped away at his laptop. After a while he leaned back in his chair, sighing. His head lolled back over the top of his chair, and his eyes closed. His curly hair flopped over the chair and his forehead, catching the fading light of the setting sun. After a few minutes I realized he was asleep. From personal experience, I knew he was a deep sleeper, and he probably wouldn’t be up until late tomorrow morning. I knew he didn’t choose any classes before nine o clock on any morning, and I decided to let him get some sleep. He needed it. Except that paper must still be undone… I glanced over my own homework. I was almost done anyway… I put it aside and got up, standing next to Simon, who was now snoring lightly, fast asleep. I gently ran the tips of my fingers through his hair. It was so soft! I brushed it from his forehead, and, spontaneously, kissed his forehead gently. He stayed asleep, and I blushed. What was I doing today? I briefly wondered if I could lift the boy… I wasn’t on the football team for nothing. I gently lifted his feet from the ground and his head from the chair, and, when he didn’t even stir, I gently hoisted him into my arms. I nearly dropped him, my heart was beating so hard. What was I doing? Here I was, holding Simon Snow in my arms like he was my lover (at this thought I blushed even more). I laid him down carefully in his bed and pulled up his covers. I grabbed his laptop from his desk and skimmed through the essay he was writing. It was from our government class that we had together. It had been assigned two weeks ago, but it was just like Snow to do it the night before. I’d finished mine three days after it was assigned. 

I stayed up until nearly midnight finishing Snow’s essay. When I finished, I saved it, closed his laptop, and placed it back on his desk. I quickly changed from my jeans into sweatpants and pulled off my shirt. I usually slept shirtless, especially on warm nights like this. Simon was still fast asleep. I leaned over the edge of his bed, watching him breathe. It was a bit creepy, I know, but even though I’d tried to repress this hopeless love for five years, it was still there. I was taken over by a strong feeling of something indescribable, and before I could convince myself otherwise, I bent down and kissed the bronze haired boy on the mouth. I broke away quickly, blushing, and before Snow could wake up and see me like this, I climbed into my bed, facing away from him. 

The next morning I woke first. It was 8 am. I had two hours till my next class, and I contemplated going back to bed, but I decided to have some breakfast instead and try and get some more of my homework done. I was sitting at my desk, studying for a test I had this afternoon when I heard Simon getting out of bed. I didn’t look back at him as he shuffled around, grabbing clothes from his drawers. He stopped to look at me. 

“Well aren’t you up early, huh, Pitch?”

I shrugged, glancing at the clock. It was 8:49. “Not that early, Snow, look at a clock.” Simon grabbed the digital clock from my desk, reading the time. He dropped it and raced to the bathroom to get dressed. 

“I’m gonna be late, Pitch, why didn’t you wake me up?” He ran out again, wearing khaki pants and a white t shirt. He pulled on a sweatshirt and ran his hand through his hair, but it still looked a mess. He grabbed his backpack and started to reach for his laptop when he realized. “Shit,” I heard him mutter to himself. I spun around my chair.

“Problem, Snow?” I asked, cool as ever. 

He shook his head numbly, grabbing his laptop and striding out the door. I smiled slightly as the door slammed behind him. What a pleasant surprise he’ll get when he realizes his essay is already finished. I wonder if he’ll realize it’s me or if he’ll be stuck wondering if he was so tired he didn’t remember finishing it and getting into bed. 

I gathered my things together as well, but I was as in a rush as Simon was. His first class today started at 9:05, my first class was at 9:30. I took a quick shower and got dressed in a similar outfit that I wore yesterday, nothing too fancy, just some black jeans, a black hoodie, and a dark blue beanie. I slung my bag over my shoulder and shoved my hands in my pockets. I walked a few blocks down the street to the nearest Starbucks to get a coffee before class and sat down in the lecture hall ten minutes early. Only two or three people were already here. I took out my phone and opened up Skype. One new message from my friend, IceandSnow (or Ice, as I call him. I found it a bit ironic that my best friend I called Ice and my enemy I called Snow) I clicked on the little message button.

‘Hey, Baz!’ the message read. The few friends that I do have call me Baz, not Basil. Nobody on this campus calls me Baz. I’ve only ever had one real life friend, and when she skipped a grade in junior year and left for college a year before me, she never talked to me again. I assumed she was busy with school for a while, but after two years I’ve given up. So now I’ve only got Ice, mainly, and a couple other people in our main group chat. I clicked away from it into personal messaging, where Ice had sent me the message. 

'Hey Ice, what’s up?’ I typed. He responded a few seconds later. 

'Nothing much, just in class. Totally bored right now.’

'Me too. I’ve got seven minutes till my teacher starts to drone again. I’ve already had him twice this week.’

'Ugh. sorry.’

Our conversation went back and forth like this until the teacher at the front of the room cleared his throat loudly, signaling he was about to start, and you all better be paying attention or god save you on the final. I sent one last message before sliding my phone into the front pocket of my backpack.

'Gtg Ice. Talk later.’

I pulled out a notebook to take notes, scribbling the date and the subject at the top of a clean page. I sighed. It was already more than halfway through the year and I could not wait for summer. 

A few hours later I stumbled into the bright sunlight for the last time that day. Finally I could go back to my dorm and have at least some time to myself. When I got back, Simon was already there, sprawled out on his bed, texting somebody, from what I could tell. I dropped my backpack on the floor by my desk and pulled out my own phone to see another message from Ice. 

'Done with class yet?’

'Yeah, just got back.’

Simon looked over at me, confused. “What?” I snapped, a little too fast. “Am I not allowed to talk to my friends?”

Simon recovered fast from his glance, although he still looked confused. I wonder why. “Wow, you’ve got friends, Pitch?”

I rolled my eyes, preferring to not respond. I didn’t want to fight with Snow.

'So how was your day?’ Ice asked.

'Eh. Ok.’

'What’s wrong?’

'Ah, nothing much. Just gotta share my dorm with an annoying little prick.’

'Haha… except I know you better. You told me that annoying little prick is actually your crush of.. what, five years?’

'Oh, shut up. He is a bit annoying sometimes though. He gives me these strange looks, like he knows me from somewhere else.’

'Oh. Well, don’t worry too much about it, I’m sure he’s probably just trying to mess with you. At least you don’t have to deal with my annoying room mate.’

'Yes, well, you’ve got the same story as I do, Ice, you’ve got a crush on him too.’

'Shh… we can be secretly gay for our room mates together.’

I nearly laughed aloud, but I restrained myself before Snow noticed. 'So… Ice. I know you’re my best friend and all, but I don’t actually know you that well. I only met you this year, after all.’ I paused, thinking. 'Where do you live?’

'Trying to stalk me Bazzy?’

’…maybe :p’

'I live in England.’

'Wait, really? I thought you lived in America! I live in England too!’

'Huh? Maybe we can arrange to see each other sometime!! Wouldn’t that be great?’

I grinned. 'Yeah!’

'Sorry to break up the happy conversation here, Baz, but I’ve got a ton of homework to do. Mind if I go?’

'Course not. Talk later.’


I saw Simon moving from the corner of my eye. He turned his phone off, leaving it on his bed, and went and sat down at his desk. I stared at him. That was weird. Had to do homework the same time as Ice? It had to be a coincidence. I glanced at the clock on my phone. I should probably do homework too. 

A few hours later I flopped back on my bed, tired. I picked up my phone and sent a message to Ice. 'You there?’ Across the room, Snow’s phone dinged and he picked it up. I stared at it. Had to be a coincidence. Had to be. 


'So, I’ve been thinking….’

'Oh no’

'Oh shut up. I’m being serious.’

'Ok, ok, sorry. What’s up?’

'We should do a video call.’

Simon got up, falling onto his bed as well with his phone, smiling at something. Probably a text from his girlfriend. Did he have a girlfriend?


I took a deep breath, calming butterflies in my stomach. Why was I nervous? I pressed the little video tape button in the corner and there was a ding as the call started to go through. There was a simultaneous ding from Snow’s phone and I glanced over. It couldn’t be… I looked back at my phone to see the shocked face of Simon Snow staring back at me. I launched myself off my bed. 

“Ice?” I questioned, and my voice came through Snow’s phone as well.

“Baz?” he said, and I heard his voice through my phone. 

I turned bright red, realizing what this meant. Secret gay crushes on our roommate? That obviously meant… that meant… Simon Snow had a crush on me?

I grabbed my hoodie and ran out the door.

What was I supposed to do?

I heard Simon calling my name, but I ran out the front door of our dorm building into the cool air of the night. I kept running. My secret was out. My enemy… or was he? knew that I had a crush on him. He knew the other side of me that I only showed to people that mean a lot to me. But he means a lot to me, doesn’t he?

I heard the dorm door slam behind me, and I run faster. Snow must be following me. I was on the football team. I could outrun him. I ran and ran, for what must be at least ten minutes. I had a stitch in my side, but Snow was still running, panting behind me. Finally I stopped, leaning against a lamppost, panting, completely tuckered out. Simon ran up beside me, stopping a few feet away. I managed to catch my breath and raise my head to look him in the eye. I stared into his eyes, those beautiful blue eyes and those handsome bronze curls reflecting the light from the lamppost. I knew I was blushing. I had to be. Simon was too. He somehow managed a small smile and I almost melted. I was completely and utterly in love with this boy. He stepped closer, further into the light, and held out his hand. I carefully, cautiously, gingerly took it, and he entwined his fingers into mine, squeezing my hand. He burst out laughing, and I almost pulled away. Was he laughing at me?

No. “You have a crush on me, Baz?” My heart skips a beat hearing my nickname come from his lips. I flush red, looking down, but he brushes his other hand under my chin, lifting my head up. “And… and I have a crush on you. I tried to convince myself I hated you because I thought you hated me.”

“I did the same thing,” I breathe. I laugh, shakily, nervous. “So what do we do now?”

Simon blushed. “Do you… do you want… to.. be my boyfriend?”

I swear in that moment my heart leaped through my throat. “Y-yes!” I stuttered out eventually, and Simon laughed. I laughed too, with him. This was the best night of my life. I wanted to kiss him. I had to kiss him. His mouth was open, breathing heavily, and his eyes were shining. His hand was embraced in mine. I started to lean forward, towards him. 

And then he kisses me. 


Jealous Jax x unobservant reader :)

Originally posted by lonely-my-middle-name

“He’s been eye fucking you all night.” Jax says, trying to keep the bitterness from his words but failing majorly. You frown, grabbing your drink hot dog from the vendor and paying him.

“Who?” you ask, walking back towards the group. Jax scoffs, taking a harsh drag from his cig, seemingly annoyed. “Ryan?”

Jax doesn’t respond, leading you to believe you’ve got it right. Rolling your eyes, you take a bite from your food, trying not to get sauce all over your face. “He’s just a friend, Jax. Why do you care anyway?”

“I don’t. Just don’t like the way he’s looking at you, that’s all.” It’s bittersweet as you reach the others, thankful to get away from Jax’s moods but wanting to know why he’s so bothered in the first place.

“Fireworks start in ten.” Opie says, Lyla nestled under his arm. You all start walking towards where the fireworks are being let off, Ryan falling back to walk next to you.

“Your biker boy doesn’t seem to like me very much.” Ryan chuckles, you smiling sympathetically.

“He’s just, well, Jax.” you say, Ryan smirking at your lack of explanation. Shrugging, you nudge him lightly with your arm. “He’ll warm up to you soon enough.”

“Doubt it, he thinks I’m competition.” You wait for him to continue, spotting Jax up ahead, his head turning to look at you, the same pissed off expression on his face. “It’s obvious he’s in love with you.”

You choke on your food, coughing loudly as Ryan taps your back, trying to help you recover. Once you’ve successfully dislodged the food from your throat, you turn to look at him. “What? No, you’ve got it all wrong..”

“Oh, (Y/N).” he tuts, throwing his arm around your shoulder. “Still so naive.”

You don’t say anymore as you reach the field, the grassy area full of the people of Charming waiting patiently for the show of bursting colour to begin.

“Is it bad that I’m getting a kick out of pissing him off?” You look over at Jax as Ryan talks, feeling sorry for the bottle of beer in Jax’s grip, his fingers white as he squeezes it for dear life.

“Don’t be an asshole.” you comment, shrugging his arm from around you. “I’m just gonna go see if he’s alright.”

“Use protection.” he laughs childishly, causing you to punch him in the arm, not being able to control the smile on your lips.

Striding over to the mardy looking biker, you smile at him, the crease between his browz remaining. “Your face is gonna get stuck like that if you keep frowning.”

He doesn’t even acknowledge you as you speak, refusing to meet your gaze as he looks towards the crowd of citizens. You feel your mood start to turn sour at his coldness, a pang of embarrassment hitting you in the chest.

“Asshole.” you mutter, deciding to let him wallow in his own negative juices. You stride forwards, a grip on your arm stopping you in your tracks. “What?”

“I’m not the asshole here, your so called ‘friend’ is.” he says, emphasising the word friend in a sarcastic manner. You yank your arm out of his grip, raising your eyebrows in disbelief.

“You’re so childish! What’s it to you who I’m friends with and not friends with?” you challenge, folding your arms across your chest. All you receive is a look of surprise, Jax not expecting you to retaliate in such a fiesty manner.

He shakes his head, his tongue running over his lower lip. His voice is less agitated once he speaks, a calmer grain behind his words. “You really don’t get it do you?”

“What? That you’re a dick?” You regret your response as soon as it leaves your lips, not enjoying the flash of hurt that passes through Jax’s eyes, though it’s gone as quick as it appeared.

“Forget it.” You huff, rolling your eyes in exasperation as he strides away from you, his form tense as he does so.

“Jesus Christ.” you mumble to yourself, following his steps only seconds after he’s disappeared, his figure turning out of sight. You jog, cursing his long legs as you try to catch up, finally spotting him in an abandoned area of the park.

“You walk kinda quick, you know that?” He turns his head towards you, eyes trained on yours as he lights up the stick, before turning away again as he takes a drag. “I’m sorry for calling you a dick. Can you just tell me what’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m fine.” You don’t budge, instead carefully taking the cigarette from his fingers and taking a drag, showing you’re not leaving anytime soon. “You shouldn’t pick up on my habits.”

You shrug, letting the smoke escape from your mouth. “You can do it, why can’t I?”

“I’m already poisoned.” he says, retrieving the cigarette from you and taking another drag, before doubting it against the tree. “You’re too good for it.”

“What if I think you’re too good for it?” you argue, taking a step closer to him, convinced his anger level has lowered.

“I’d say you’re wrong.” he shrugs, smirking at the annoyed expression on your face. “Sorry, darlin’, but it’s true.”

“Well, I think you’re wrong. You’re more than good enough, and you’re not poisoned.” you state, reaching him and poking his chest lightly, enjoying the way he squirms under your touch.

“Whatever you say, angel.” he says, though you can tell your words have brightened his mood. “You need to get back, you’re gonna miss the fireworks.”

“I don’t mind, I’d rather stay with you.” A blush creeps up your neck after you’ve spoken, butterflies fluttering in your stomach as you look into the distance, trying to control your jitters.

“Yeah. Views better here, anyway.” he says, his eyes focused on nothing but you as you look back at him.

You hum in response, crossing your arms, unable to control the way your lips curl up. “That so?”

He nods in confirmation, running his hands through his hair, taming back a few stray tendrils. He steps towards you, reaching out for you cautiously, his actions slightly more confident once he sees that you don’t deny him.

He pulls you towards him gently by your shirt, not sure how to dance in the newly discovered territory. You’re the same, unsure how to react to his advances before your palms find their place on his chest, the action almost natural. “This okay?”

You nod slightly, not wanting to disturb the current between the two of you, your fingertips tracing the patches on his kutte nervously, feelings of anxiety and excitement swirling within.

Your eyes flutter closed as he wraps his arms around you, yours slipping around his neck as the two of you embrace. You don’t miss the way his grip tightens around your body, a heavy sigh leaving his lips as he holds you to his chest.

“It’s okay.” you whisper, sensing the urgency in the way he squeezes you, like having you in his clutches relieves the immense burden that he carries around on his shoulders. “You’re alright.”

He pulls away after a few seconds, a kiss being left upon your forehead as he does so. You close your eyes at the feeling, angling your head up slightly to brush your nose against his own, skin tingling at the action.

He slips his hands under your shirt, the calloused yet delicate digits stroking your exposed skin as his breath tickles your lips, tension thick in the air.

“Jax.” you say breathlessly, pulling on the locks at the nape of his neck. That’s all he needs to take the lead, his lips pressing against yours for the first time, his pressure featherlight.

A quiet moan slips from you, Jax gripping your hips in response before pressing his lips harder against your own, his movements becoming more and more confident.

The taste of smoke and mint dances it’s way onto your tongue as the kiss deepens, the concoction making your head swirl. Jax nibbles on your lower lip teasingly, your body completely controlled by his touch.

He only separates once you’re both breathless, his forehead pressed against yours as flick your tongue across your lips, savouring the taste of him within your mouth.

“I should’ve done that a long time ago.“ he chuckles, his thumbs swiping backwards and forwards over your skin. You hum in agreement, revelling in the sensation of floating, head swimming within the clouds.

Loud banging erupts from within the distance, the sky blasted with streams of vibrant colour. The display creates the perfect setting, your mouth finding Jax’s again as you experience his lips all over again, never wanting to be without it again.

A/N - I’m really happy with how this turned out!! I hope you guys are too :) Let me know what you think, your feedback is always welcome and appreciated ❤ love you all xxxxx

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Is it okay if I ask if you can do Lukas, Kliff, and Tobin (Or just one of them) to taking care of a sick! Ava?

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Lukas: “That’s quite a nasty cough you’ve developed,” Lukas’s voice carried into your tent with a gentle softness, taking care not to exacerbate your headache. You groaned anyways, the miserable feeling all over your body not making you particularly welcoming.

“Don’t have to tell me that.” You grumbled, pulling the thin blankets over you as best you could. Lukas smiled at your pitiful attempts, setting aside the bowl in his hands to help you.

“Are you feeling any better than before?” He questioned you next, reaching down to properly tuck the blankets around you. You hummed a sound that was akin to a “thank you”, and shook your head.

“Everything s-still hurts.” You stuttered, burying your face in the pillow. Lukas sat down by your head, gently carding his hand through your hair. You weren’t one to get sick often, but when you did, it hit hard.

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TomTord Week Day 2 - Saloonatics  

- - - - - - - -

               Sheriff Thompson is a raging alcohol and everyone in this town knows it. He may claim he needs the drink to shoot, but it’s just because without it he gets the shakes. He also turns into a complete tyrant if he doesn’t get his fix, which is something few have seen and no one wants to deal with.

               “Hey barkeep!” the sheriff slurs, half slumped onto the bar. “Gimme another whiskey!”

               The bartender looks over from wiping down glasses to give him a skeptical look. “Think you’ve had enough, don’t you?”

               The arm darting out to grab him by the collar shouldn’t be surprising, but he flinches anyway. The sheriff’s visible eye is narrowed and burning a hole into his face. “Give. It. To. Me.”

               Todd sighs and reaches up, gently prying Thompson’s fingers off before adjusting his shirt. Thompson’s arm falls onto the counter and stays there, apparently no longer worth the effort of holding it up. The sheriff stares at it like it’s somehow offended him. It might be a cute sight if it weren’t so damn sad. “Think that’s enough for one night, sheriff.”

               “I! I’ll-mm-” Thompson sways a bit and belches before shoving a finger in the bartender’s face. “I’ll throw you in jail!”

               He receives a pitying look in return and a pat on the hand. “How about you get some rest and worry about the jailin’ tomorrow, okay?” he asks softly, knowing full well that’s never going to happen. Someone had to tend to the saloon, after-all.

               Thompson’s half-laying on the counter by this point, his eyes unfocused and head slowly bobbing. Todd looks around the empty saloon for a moment. It’s late, everyone else in the town is long asleep by now. Resigned to his fate, he walks around the bar and tries to hoist the sheriff off his barstool. He’s half dead weight, half drunken failing, and overall a huge pain in the ass. Todd did not sign on for this nonsense when he agreed to move to this town.

               “’m not a baby, stupid!” The childish insult is quickly followed by Thompson tripping over his own feet.

               Todd catches him easily, and wraps his arm around his waist, slinging the sheriff’s arm around his shoulder to bear his weight. “Let’s get you home.”

               Getting flopped down unceremoniously on his bed apparently causes Sheriff Thompson to put up the best glare he can muster in his drunken state, but the bartender pays him no mind, choosing instead to balance the sheriff’s hat haphazardly on an end table and tug off his boots to throw them at the foot of the bed. He’s about to walk out, eager to get himself to sleep when he’s stopped by a hand on his arm. “Why you bein’ so nice to me?” Thompson demands.

               “I’m just lookin’ out for ya, Sheriff.” Todd replies easily.

               Thompson snorts, flopping back down. “’s stupid.”

               “Rightly so,” Todd agrees, trying to walk away again only to find arms wrapped around his waist and a nose nuzzling against his spine. How the drunken man manages to move that fast will always be a mystery.

               He gets pulled down onto the bed, Thompson now nuzzling against his neck and chin, causing gooseflesh to blossom across Todd’s skin. “Stay,” the sheriff whispers.

               It’d be a lie to say the sheriff isn’t an attractive man, but Todd tries his darnedest to ignore it nonetheless. “Not sure that’d be appropriate.”

               It earns him a half-laugh and another snort. “Ain’t nothin’ I care about.”

               Heat explodes across Todd’s face when Thompson starts pressing gentle kisses to his neck and shoulders. He means to protest further but somehow ends up underneath the man on the bed. He pushes weakly at Thompson’s shoulders, trying very hard to ignore the tightness raising in his pants. The kisses are gradually turning into soft nips and licks against his exposed skin. “S-sheriff, I, uh,” he has to bit his lip to stifle a groan. “I think that’s enough.”

               Thompson’s head snaps up from his ministrations, and his visible eye is blazing again. “Why?” he grits. Before Todd can gather a coherent enough reply, the sheriff’s expression melts and his head flops down onto Todd’s chest with a muttered, “’m sorry.”

               He starts hiccups a couple of times, and Todd internally curses knowing his fate is sealed. He wraps his arms around the trembling man, awkwardly patting his shoulders. Thompson squeezes him tight and starts sobbing. The bartender sighs once more and runs his fingers through Thompson’s mussed up hair, which seems to finally calm him.

               This isn’t the strangest thing to ever happen in this bandit-ridden town, but it’s certainly out of the ordinary. Not so much carrying the sheriff home of course, just… Everything else. Sleep doesn’t come easily, but once it does he’s pretty sure it’s the most restful he’s had in a fortnight or two.

               “What the hell?” Not the nicest morning greeting, but probably well-warranted given the current situation.

               “Ah, you’re awake.”

               “The hell you doin’ in my bed?” He doesn’t necessarily sound angry, which is a blessing. Confusion can be a bit of curveball though.

               Todd looks up into what he realizes is a wide, terrified eye and speaks as gently as he can. “You wanted me to stay?”

               A blush blooms across the sheriff’s cheeks, which he tries to hide by turning around, but it doesn’t work so well once it reaches his ears. “The hell you talkin’ about? Get out’ve here!”

               Smiling softly, Todd sits up fully and leans forward to rest a chin on his hand. “Sure that’s what you want?”

               “I’ll nab you for tresspassin’ on my property!” his voice is a little shaky and he still won’t turn around.

               “No you won’t,” Todd replies confidently, not offering any argument.

               There’s a long pause. “I need a damn drink.”

               “No you don’t.” His smiles growing wider, turning into a full-on grin when Thompson finally turns around with a scowl on his face.

               “Yeah? What do I need then?” he snips.

               “You need,” Todd starts, reaching out a hand. Thompson starts at it a moment before reluctantly stepping closer. “To come back to bed.”

               The blush is still dusting his cheeks and it’s probably the cutest thing the barkeep’s ever seen. Thompson stares at him seriously for a moment before putting one knee on the mattress, then the other, eventually crawling his way up onto the bed fully. Todd eagerly wraps him up on his arms.

               “I did somethin’ stupid last night didn’t I?” Thompson finally asks, a hint of shame coloring his words.

               “Ain’t nothin’ stupider than we’re about to do anyway,” Todd grins, which earns him a dumbfounded look. He drinks it in for a moment before leaning forward to press a kiss to the corner of Thompson’s mouth. “What? I wasn’t about to take advantage of you like that, sheriff. You’re sober now, though.”

               It takes a moment but soon an answering smile spreads across Sheriff Thompson’s face and he leans forward, recapturing the bartender’s lips. This was going to be a good day.

You’re Crazy - Peter Parker/Spiderman

Summary: Peter decides to pay the reader a late night visit 

A/N: I am sooooooooo sorry that i have been so inactive :( I have had no inspo to write good content but I hope that you all enjoy this little thing I’ve been working on. Just a reminder that requests are always open and I will try to write some soon. Also you can request any Avengers characters and Spiderman if you would like. Love you all <3

Originally posted by spiderholland

Tap tap.

Tap tap.

You stir in the bed as you hear the soft tapping at your window.

 Tap tap.

 Your eyes flutter open and you roll over to check the time. 3:58am.

 Tap tap.

 You sit up and see a dark figure hanging outside of your window. You rub your eyes and swing your legs off of the bed. Your brows furrow at the silhouette of curly hair and a backpack.  You shuffle over to the window and yank it open.

 “Peter? What the hell are you doing here?” you ask confused.

 He smiles at you and said “Hey babe, did I wake you? I’m sorry I’m just really hyper right now because I kicked a bad guy’s butt and then I was hyped up on adrenaline so I was swinging around the city but now I can’t sleep and you always make me feel so calm and I just wanted to cuddle”.

 You yawn and walk towards him, and rest your forehead against his. He brushes his nose against yours and you smile softly.

“Peter, are you saying that you came to my room at 4 in the morning, to cuddle?”

 He steps back and begins to deflate his suit. He peels it off and pulls his sweater over his head.

 “Yeah, basically” he says and you shake your head in amusement.

“You’re crazy Peter:” you chuckle, watching him.

 “That’s okay right? I can leave if you want”

 “No, it’s fine. You can stay” you respond, nodding slightly.  

 Peter’s face shifted slightly as he gathered his suit into his backpack and stammered “Actually I-I should probably g-get home, Aunt May will -” .

 “Peter. Shut up” you interrupted “I’d like it if you stayed”.

 A blush crept onto his cheeks as he placed his bag back on the floor and walked over to you.

“Yeah?” he asks.

 You smile and wrap your arms around his waist as his arms find their place around your shoulders. You place a gentle kiss to the exposed skin of his collarbone and say “Of course. Now I’m tired so come on”.

 You both lie down on your bed facing each other. Peter kisses you softly and pulls you closer.

 “Thank you for letting me stay” Peter whispers.

 “Thank you for being Spiderman” you whisper back.

 Peter chuckles and kisses my forehead.

 “Anytime babe” he yawns.

 You smile and kiss his nose lightly. He smiles and pecks your lips, before whispering “Goodnight Y/n”.

 You snuggle into his chest and whisper back “Goodnight Peter”.

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Not to be a gross but dan is gonna talk about staying with the lesters in his next liveshow and say "wasn't planning on staying but uh..." and blush

he’s cute and i hate that he’s so in love and it’s gonna show! can’t relate!

Headcanon: Bucky has a blurry picture of a smiling Sam as his phone background. Sam keeps trying to steal Bucky’s phone to take a better one and replace it. He also keeps sending him selfies, non blurry selfies, and telling him they’d make good backgrounds. he gets “nope” in response every time.

Sam finally breaks down and just gets so frustrated he growls “just change it it’s driving me nuts! You can’t even tell who it is!!!” and Bucky just makes a grumpy face and is all “i can tell it’s you. and i can tell it’s you laughing at a joke i made for the first time. and i like it. it’s staying.”

Sam gets all blush-y and stops trying to make him change it after that. 

'The Days Just Seem So Dark' - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Inspired by ‘the moon, and the stars, are nothing without you’, from Lay Me Down by Sam Smith.

Jeff walked out of the house with her close behind him. His anticipation moved his feet in a fast pace towards his car, they may have been on countless dates but they were all special and filled him with excited nerves. He opened the door for her, expecting her to be behind him when he turned around. She wasn’t, instead as Jeff turned around he saw her a few steps away from the front door, her head tilted upwards and a smile extending across her face.
“What are you doing?”
Amusement laced his words as he took in her mesmerised state.
“Just look up”
Her voice was soft, almost as if she was scared of disrupting the serenity of the cool summer night. Jeff let out small laugh before doing as she asked. Slowly taking his eyes off her, he looked up. The night sky was aglow from the stars scattered across it. He’d never seen the stars look so bright or the moon so big. He couldn’t contain the gasp that escaped his lips as he took in the pure beauty of the sky above him.
“I love nights like this, I could watch the sky for hours”
Her words remained gentle, as they both continued to stare upwards.
“Not so good for the neck though” She let out a laugh before rubbing at her sore neck and rolling her shoulders. She moved towards the car, ready to go on their date.
“We don’t have to go” Jeff watched confusion flicker across her face as she hesitated with her hand on the car door “We could stay here..stargaze” He blushed at the cheesiness of his suggestion. His embarrassment soon faded as she squealed in delight and attacked him with an embrace.
Her face was glowing with excitement and Jeff knew he’d do anything to keep that smile on her face. He nodded his head, laughing at her childlike excitement.
“Sure, the cinema can wait. I’ll get blankets, hot chocolate, pillows the whole works”
He was rewarded with a kiss as she ran past him and into the house, excited to start preparing everything for their date.

They spent the night lying beneath the stars wrapped in each other’s embrace. Piles of blankets kept them warm as they laughed at one another’s attempts at spotting constellations and guessing the myths behind them. As it began to approach midnight, Jeff bundled her is his arms and carried her inside. He gently placed her on his bed, pressing a kiss to the tip of her cold, red nose. She smiled warmly at him before wrapping herself around him and snuggling into his chest. They feel asleep like that, with their limbs entwined and smiles on their faces.

Now as she looked up at the sky the stars had lost their mystifying sparkle and the moon was dull. She was sat alone, with a blanket around her shoulders. She was lost in the never ending sea of stars without Jeff there to anchor her. Tears slowly trailed down her cheeks as she craved to feel his arms around her for one more time or to hear his laughter as it rumbled through his chest. She looked to the stars and hoped to find answers but instead was left with an ache in her chest that had become inescapable and tears that continued to fall.
“God, I miss you Jeff”

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Hi Ducky! How would the Tale, Fell, and Swap brothers react to walking in on their crush / S/O acting like a total dork dancing and singing to a song? Or, alternatively, walking in on their crush acting like a lovestruck idiot and singing a romantic song dramatically. (Crush does not know they are there yet!) Thank you for your blog, I really enjoy reading your headcanons!

I’m glad that you like my stuff!



Classic has the biggest smile on his face and is internally screaming at how cute you are. You’re such a dork and if he wasn’t already, this is the exact moment where he fell in love with you. He won’t join you, but rather stand by and watch, savoring this moment as much as he can. He’ll definitely tease you about it later, while tickling your sides so he can see that bright big smile of yours again. 


Papaya will wait until you’re finished, then clap loudly, complimenting and praising you for your dancing skills and singing. When you’re blushing wildly from being caught, Papyrus laughs and pulls you into a tight hug while stroking your cheeks asking you why you’re blushing, you should accept his compliments! Then he playfully pinch your cheeks to make your blush stay longer because holy heck you’re so cute. 



Ohh man, Red is blushing, and he’s blushing hard. He pulls his hood over his face to hide it, even though you can’t exactly see him and just wondering how lucky he got. You’re so amazing, adorable, and perfect, how did he end up with someone like you. Like Classic, this is the exact moment where he falls in love with you, but he doesn’t mention this incident. It’s a private memory that he likes to keep for himself, but he does shower you with extra affection and gifts as his way of saying “I love you”


Fell smiles as his heart stops and does little flips. He will never show this side of him to anyone, but you’re so perfect and sweet, he loves every inch of you. Fell lets you have your dorky moment now, but later that night, after he cooks you a romantic dinner, he’ll dim the lights, light up some candles, a soft melody flowing the background, and slow dances with you in the living room. He’ll tease you about your little dance from earlier, and as you blush, completely embarrassed from getting caught, Fell laughs, a genuine real laugh that radiates happiness and love, and says that other monsters would find it as a weakness and attack you, but he promises to never let that happen, and that he’ll always be there to protect you. 



Precious Blue would just jump right in and dance or sing with you! Even if you’re embarrassed, Blue gives you one big smile, holds out his hand, and together, you two bounce around, singing out of tune at the top of you lungs, knocking things over as you dance, and overall, completely dorking out with each other. Once exhausted, you two slump into the couch laughing. Overwhelmed by how much he loves, you, Blue presses his mouth against your lips and the two of you stay locked until you are breathless. 


Stretch smirks and immediately whips out his phone to record the entire thing. This is soo like you and he loves it. That video becomes your kryptonite, kind of like Dan Howell’s reaction to Hello Internet. He’ll show it too all your family members and friends, and if he needs you to exit the room, he’ll play that video. But despite the jokes and the teasing, Stretch genuinely loves it, and on nights where he’s lonely and you’re not with him, he’ll play it on repeat and fall asleep with a smile on his face.