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“Sherlock! I didn’t expect to see you here.” Molly bustled over as soon as she noticed the tall consulting detective leaving his Belstaff on a hook near the door. Everyone else was dancing near the lights and stage. 

“And yet here I am,” Sherlock said, coming to a stop in front of her, a step-down. He scanned the people briefly. Parties weren’t his thing, but Mrs Hudson had mentioned it’d be a good place to talk to Molly after her two-week trip. And Sherlock was running out of body parts to experiment on. He didn’t have to stay long. 

Molly blushed and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “It’s good to see you. Holidays are nice and all, but I… I missed you.” 

“To be expected, you left all of your friends here in London. All two or three of them.” 

Molly gave him a look. “I have more than three friends, thank you very much, but you’re right. You were here in London” 

“I know,” Sherlock said. I missed you too. “I…noticed your absence.” He shifted towards her, slowly like he didn’t know what to do.

“Why are you leaning forward?” Molly asked, all too quickly, very unsure about why he was so close. 

“Well I was going to kiss you, on the lips this time, but your question spoiled the mood.” 

Molly’s eyes grew wide and a smile lit up her face. Instead of stammering as she might have, she just slipped her hand behind his neck and kissed him first. 

This is shitty

@hxxtile the promised fluff to make up for my angsty sins 

Lucy yelped, tackling Theo playfully as she began to tickle her, grinning when the other girl began to laugh. “Luc-” She gasped for air as she laughed. “I yield, I yield!” Theo cried dramatically as Lucy finally rolled off of her.

“That was cheating.” Theo complained and Lucy chuckled, curling around her, her arms wrapping around her waist.
“Nah, it was winning.” She corrected and Theo giggled, rotating, pressing her forehead against Lucy’s, the taller girl blushing.

They stayed in the position for a while, just breathing each other’s air and smiling at each other, talking about everything and anything. Theo finally rolled off the bed, Lucy doing the same and they went downstairs, making jokes that nobody but the two girls understood.

“Popcorn, candy, and soda?” Theo asked and Lucy flashed her a grin.

“Ya know I got you covered, baby girl.” She teased, tossing a bag of candy to Theo as she put the popcorn in the microwave, starting the timer before opening her own bag of candy, popping a sour gummy in her mouth.

“Don’t eat it before the movie.” Theo chided and Lucy stuck her tongue out playfully, Theo doing the same.  For a moment they just stared at each other, a spark in their eyes before the timer went off and Lucy jumped, hurrying over to the microwave and taking out the popcorn, cursing in French when it burned her hand, hurriedly pouring it into a large bowl.

“You alright?” Theo questioned, taking her hand and kissing it playfully. “There, now it’s all better.” She joked and Lucy swallowed, trying not to make it obvious that she was flustered.

“Y-yeah.” She stammered, walking over to the couch, sitting down, Theo doing the same, the popcorn in the middle of them, the soda and candy on the table. They began to scroll through movies on netflix, talking softly, Theo grinning suddenly.

“Heathers?” She offered and Lucy nodded, selecting it.

They began to watch in silence, Lucy reaching for the popcorn, smiling when her hand brushed Theo’s the smile turning into a grin when Theo took her hand in hers, moving the popcorn onto the table and Theo curled into Lucy, Lucy wrapping an arm around her.  They remained like that until the movie ended.  By then it was almost twelve so they went upstairs, as usual falling asleep on the same bed, snuggled up to each other.

By the time they woke up it was almost time for Theo to leave so they began to clean, throwing pillows at each other, it quickly turning into a pillow fight, up until the doorbell rang. Theo and Lucy ran downstairs, Lucy carrying Theo’s bag. She handed it to Theo, who took it, hesitated then leaned forward, brushing her lips against Lucy’s cheek before leaving.

Lucy held onto her cheek, running to the kitchen. “THEO KISSED MY CHEEK!” She yelled and Thomas cheered while James raised an eyebrow. “And how does that make you feel?”


“That’s not an emot-”

“I feel gay, dad, let me be.”

Kissing Under the Mistletoe Headcanons

Requested by: No-one

Fandom: Overwatch

Characters: Mcree, Tracer, Hanzo, and Genji.

Mcree -

-Honestly his was the most simple and unexpected

-you were looking at you phone and leaning against the door frame when he walked over and just causally kissed you then walked out

-He made it seem like it was nothing but he was totally planning it the whole time.

Hanzo -

-Oh my god just kill him already

-He was basically the same shade as the berry of the mistletoe its self.

-You had to kiss him because he was nearly paralyzed 

-You left him there shocked and dead inside. He did actually care though

-He stayed there blushing with his mouth hanging open until his brother found him and couldn’t stop laughing and asking who it was.

Tracer -

-You were just walking into the other room of the base and then looked up and saw a cheeky grin

-”Oh you know what this means!”

-Oh my god she was so happy!

-She made it seem like it was a weird coincidence but she totally saw you and blinked over.

Genji -

-It was so awkward 

-You stared at each other, then up, then at each other, then up. 

-TBH you didn’t know you should take off his visor or kiss the visor 

-He didn’t know either

-You just gave him a little kiss on the cheek and ran out of the room while he left the room the other way awkwardly bumping into his brother. 

~ Sorry if this sucks! This is my first one ever. aaaa! ~

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hi rebecca! what are your favorite products that you discovered recently (makeup and skincare)?

Current Beauty Favorites

  • Drunk Elephant Baby Facial: I’m really loving how my skin looks and feels since introducing this into my routine. 
  • Glossier Cloud Paint: I’ve never been a fan of cream blush but I can get behind this one. It actually sets to a soft matte finish. I just hate creamy blushes that stay wet and smudge-y on the skin.
  • Smashbox Golden Hour: I hope they make these palette permanent. I’m really like the texture and blend ability. 
  • Tarte Shape Tape: This stuff is pigmented, a little goes a long way. I’ve been using the fair to lighten my foundation.
  • Laura Mercier Baked Bronzer 02: It’s not as pigmented as I thought it would be (I see a lot of tan people using this shade) but it looks really natural on the skin.
  • Glossier Boy Brow: Clear really does give a soap brow effect without all the hassle.
  • Bite The Lip Pencil: Hands down the best lip liners!!! I really want to go to Sephora to swatch and see what other shades to get.
  • Ulta Juice Infused Lip Oil: My lips are so hydrated and soft since I’ve added this in my routine. They are a bit fragrant but for the price I can live with it.
  • PUR Get A Grip: I featured this in a IG story (@rebeccablackerby). I’ve been on the hunt for something to use to keep shimmers from transferring AND being easy to use. 

DE & Glossier have affiliate links (discounts linked). 
BTW Sephora has 8% cash back through eBates & Ulta has 3%!!!!

Exo reaction - Christmas shopping


“It’s hard to remember what eleven guys want for christmas.. Y/n please help?”

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“What store did your friend wish something from? it okay if i stay here?” He would blush since he knew that the store you were going to is a store with womens underwear.

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“If i’m going to help you shop? Nah, you are doing a good job there Y/N!” He tried to hide the fact that he already bought you a present, but failed big.

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“Stop for ice cream!” 

You: But we have not been to any store yet..?

Him: I know, but i need ice cream before and after, just in case.

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“I think that you should stay here and keep this stuffed animal company. I spot something i want to get you”

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“Can’t we just buy the mall and be done with it? No.. Fine, i will try to remember what the boys want” 

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“Well mr bear you are going to come home with me, But you are only for the times that i can’t be with Y/n. Don’t you dare replace me”

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“No i swear! He told me he wanted this jacket” All he really wanted was to try it for himself.

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“Lets see..” He picked up the guitar before trying it. He would laugh and smile proudly. “I find my first present all by myself!”

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“Ah, Right. It’s probably boring to give all the boys the same gifts.. Shopping, that can be fun”

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“Did someone say christmas shopping? I’m in!”

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“No! I did not buy this lipstick for you… It’s for me..”

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“Never thought I’d end up between your legs.”

Beth breathed a laugh.“Daryl.”

He snorted, feeling a surge of confidence he’d never knew was in him. Maybe it was just her.

“S'true.” He added, a smirk tugging at his lips.

“But I think I’m turned the wrong way for what you’re thinking.”

Daryl blushed and stayed quiet, fearing that anything else coming out of his mouth, would end up being sexual. He shouldn’t be acting like that, not around her. That was dangerous territory. But he couldn’t help it, he felt different around her. And to make matters even worse, she liked to encourage it.

“….heavier than ya look.”

“Really, Daryl.” She snickered.“Thanks a lot.”

He smirked.“Welcome.”


You ask me quietly to stay.

I answer with a soft okay.

Your warm hands are on my hips,

My parted mouth upon your lips.

I smile brightly as I feel warmth.

Outside there is a thunderstorm.

You whisper to me sweet words,

Some of which I have never heard.

You ask me softly if I am okay.

I tell you that I enjoy the rain.

You kiss my bare neck gently,

I listen to my heartbeat intently.

I am nervous and you know this.

But you calm me with a soft kiss.

We become one with our fierce love.

Your eyes meet mine and I blush.

You smile at me and I smile back.

For the first time, I don’t feel trapped.

I feel free with joy and love in my veins.

I feel absolutely no kind of pain.

The storm ends and sunlight slowly peaks out.

The sun shines on our flesh; I feel no doubt.

I look up at you and you look down at me.

You’re the most beautiful person, I’ll ever see.

You kiss me ardently upon my lips,

As you hold tightly onto my hips.

You whisper to me, asking if I’ll stay.

I smile at you and whisper always.


im so proud of yoosung i love him so much he’s so beautiful even with his little patch

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It's Star-trekking-across-theuniverse. Oh my god, congrats on that massive milestone!!!! Ship me please?! Star Trek or Avengers. Tallish, red hair, green eyes, stereotypical temperament. I've been told I'm funny. Clever sometimes, dirty mouth all the time, chronic insomniac, subsequently addicted to coffee.

I ship you with Leonard McCoy!

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Leonard McCoy was a southern gentleman and you were the kind of women he dreamed about being with him in his youth. You were beautiful and that red hair of yours, it gave the man’s heart little convulsions. But it was far more that your looks that made the man adore you to the moon and back. The things that would come fluttering out of your mouth also shocked him and brought a huge grin onto his handsome face. Whether you were saying something witty and when you said downright dirty things, it made the older man blush. You stayed up a lot and he always kept you company, he knew the right way to make you coffee and when to bring you a fresh cup. Leonard’s favorite time of the day was when the ship was quiet, while everyone slipped into a soft slumber, the two of you would be in the Medbay together, sharing a cup of coffee and working quietly on your respective reports. He’d look up from his PADD and smile to himself as you focused on your work. 


HQ Kareshi (Bed Time): Hinata Shouyou

Hinata: Well, it’s time I head home. Thanks! This time I’m certain I’ll pass the test!

Hinata: Woah outside is amazingly windy… And rain too!?


Hinata: …Thunder too. Did you hear? You’re scared…? You want me to stay…?

Hinata: Ya, I get that you’re worried about it but… But your parents aren’t here today right?

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Anonymous said:Can we have Atsu, Aku, Chuu, Kuni and Dazai reacting to their s/o wanting to have the boys pet their head or play with their hair quite often/always because it feels nice?(IswearI'mlikeacatwheneverIaskpeopletodothat)

yes you can my dude B) I’m the same tbh

  • Atsushi wouldn’t really know what to do when playing with his s/o’s hair at first. He’d brush it and run his fingers through all the while a nervous blush stays on his face. Once he knows he’s doing well by either his s/o verbally telling him or the way their body automatically leans into his touch, he ends up really enjoying it. Eventually he’d ask Naomi and Kyouka for tips on how to actually do simple hairstyles for the times when his s/o is too tired or he wants to practice.
  • Akutagawa’s actually one to pet his s/o’s head without them telling him to most of the time. Eventually once he gets close enough to them, it just becomes a regular routine thing when they settle down beside him while he’s reading or looking over paperwork and he’ll stroke their hair for a bit without realizing it.
  • Though he pretends to be annoyed, he doesn’t mind doing it at all and he’s also pretty good at doing hair in general. If they’re taller then him, they’d either have to lay down or sit on the floor for him to reach well enough to do it properly. Chuuya’s also a fan of kissing his s/o’s shoulders and neck while he does it to see if he can get them flustered or in the mood. 
  • As long as they don’t ask when he’s super busy with something, Kunikida will take time to shove it in his schedule or he’ll try doing it while looking over a case file.  He’s happy to do it for his s/o and will brush their hair out for them before bed or after they shower and if they return the favor, he’s a bit quiet during it but it’s good stress relief after long days.
  • Dazai happily obliges any time they want his attention, cooing about how soft their hair is and how nice it feels. He sometimes puts small braids or clips in their hair without them knowing only for them to find out later and punching him for it is the appropriate response. When he’s bored he’ll twirl strands of their hair and give one a small tug to get their attention.
BTS reaction: a Victoria’s Secret model being a fan

Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me this long to get it done xx

A/N: So I’m making this reaction like they’re watching TV with the other members on a night off and just happen to stumble across the interview, and that the model says that their bias is the members, just to be able to make the reactions a bit more different, as I think they would react similarly to a model simply being a fan of their group.

Jin: He would stare, his mouth slightly open when you said that he was your favorite. It was flattering enough that you liked BTS, and he hadn’t expected to be you bias. Then he’d suddenly remembered that the other members are around, and close his mouth immediately. But it’s too late. He’d be blushing and stay quiet while the guys teased him, trying to hear if you said something more about them or him.

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Suga: Since the members are around, he’ll try to play it off, going like “pssh, of course I’m her favorite. I’m a genius!”. But on the inside he’d be all giddy from it. You’re so beautiful, and your a fan of his! And more importantly, of Bangtan in general. 

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J-Hope: He’s not even going to try to hide his excitement over being you bias. He’ll let out a sound that’s between a squeal and an actual scream, and then he’d get a bit cocky.

“Did you hear that! I’m her bias!”

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Rap Monster: Another one who’d try to cover it up. But I think he’d be worse at it than Yoongi. He’d try to tell them how that was only to be expected as he’s the tall and handsome leader, but the dimples would betray him, and just make the members start teasing him.

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Jimin: All smiles. He’d start smiling before he could stop himself. You were so beautiful, and he was your bias! When Jungkook started to tease him, he’d be pretty blushy. But he’ll still be smiling, though.

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V: He’ll be like Hobi, but maybe a bit less vocal. He’ll just sit back with a box smile and manage to ignore the members completely, all his focus on your interview. Afterwards, he might google you. Not to be creepy, just out of curiosity. And he’s going to bring it up whenever he can.

“Fine, Kookie. You might be better than me at rapping and dancing, but I’m the bias of a model, so who’s the real winner here?”

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Jungkook: His shy side would come out at first. You were way too beautiful to be biased by him. He would have expected you bias to be either Tae or Jin. But nope. And that caught him a bit off guard and he’d smile and blush slightly. But afterwards, he’d always deny that it had happened, and always say that he would have been surprised if your bias was one of the other members.

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