stay yourself always

There is a lot of fear and uncertainty in the world tonight. When I feel scared, I try to take a step back, close my eyes, and feel my place in the universe instead.

The problems and challenges we face are indeed intimidating and significant, especially when some people fear for their very lives. But there is a future worth heading toward. The universe is so immensely vast. It will endure. And so will we.

“I believe in humanity.”

Non cambiare mai.
Conserva l'ingenuità, le insicurezze, la timidezza e la fiducia nei sogni. Sono le parti migliori di te. Non smettere di rincorrere la felicità, nemmeno quando tutto ti sembrerà inutile, nemmeno quando saranno mesi, anni che non la trovi da nessuna parte. Credi nell'amore, anche se ti avranno deluso, calpestato, usato, tradito. Ama la pioggia, le nuvole e il sole sempre allo stesso modo e non smettere di commuoverti. Imbarazzati, arrossisci, continua a cantare a squarciagola le canzoni che ami, continua a sottolineare le frasi più significative nei tuoi libri. Mi piace pensare che se ti rincontrerò quando ormai i capelli bianchi avranno sostituito tutto il colore, tu sarai ancora così: dolce, vera, sensibile, immersa in ogni cosa che fai e dici. Mi piace pensare che il mondo non ti rovinerà, che il dolore non ti rovinerà. Mi piace pensarti un po’ più saggia, ma sempre sconsiderata. Non cambiare mai, nemmeno quando ti diranno che è assurdo essere come te, che ti troverai male, che ti divoreranno.
Non ascoltarli. Fai la differenza.
Resta così come sei.
Resta come sei: tutto cuore.
—  S. Casciani
Social Media Insecurities Are On The Rise

Please remember who you are and that your true self worth is not in ‘how many’ social media likes, comments, friends and followers you have, lose or don’t have.
Keep shining your light and being true to you; with zero cares (nicer word than I wanted to use) given as to how many likes and followers you are attracting.
The more you let go of all that and just be YOU in all your realness and glory, the higher you’ll vibrate and the right people will be lead to you and will resonate with you and your message and/or brand.
Social media has began to cause many people to feel a sense of insecurity over all of this and I just want to remind you to take it easy and know that regardless of whether you have10k followers, 200 likes a post or 20….YOU ARE JUST AS DIVINE.
If you have a message or gift to share with world, SHARE IT….don’t let numbers distract you…..please, please, please. Share it anyway.
Your consistency, dedication, care-free approach and light hearted mind-set will attract your tribe (a.k.a. the right people) to you and weed out all the others.
I’d rather have 100 authentic friends/followers on social media, who truly resonate with my page and allow me to be 'ME’, than 100,000 followers who don’t. May we all keep things in perspective here and honor our worth, honor our voice, honor our light and appreciate the people who do show love and resonate with us. Wishing you much peace and authenticity daily. You are beautiful. Stay in the gratitude and high vibrational zones! Muah!
Sending love to you always. Enjoy your day!  
-Lalah Delia | Vibrate Higher Dail

Dear Sanha,

Please always stay yourself no matter what age you are. Never feel like you have to act a certain way ever. Just always be yourself okay?? That’s who we love and we know you’re gonna get older despite our begging and pleading with all the gods out there to forbid it, but know that we’ll always be supporting you no matter what, okay?

We love you so much.

Happy Birthday, our smol yet tol son.


anonymous asked:

I'll miss you! you've been such an inspiration! you're so smart and kind, stay true to yourself always! good luck with everything, i hope it makes you happy.

Thank you dearest 💕

Omg I am like a kid- I LOVE coloring stuff, and especially my biology diagrams^•^ Also, I just wanted to say that this community has an incredibly positive vibes and I am so happy to be a part of it! I wish you to always stay yourself, to never loose enthusiasm. Every single one of you is giving away a part of your soul to other people and that is truly wonderful! I’m glad to know that there’s people who want to and do inspire and support others! I wish a nice day to all my lovely people out there!


[15/10/19 TAO’S WEIBO] he shared the audio of the Vox Up intro song

I’m thankful to those who believe in me and the Hailangs who love me the most~ 6AM tomorrow, a new beginning, a new starting point. Let’s do it~ this intro was made before the concert… in the middle of the song are the words i want to say, a lot of people probably hasn’t listened to it yet, hope you all like it~ goodnight everyone ❤️ Please forgive me for not having editing pictures skill………….