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Little Sister Part 2

(Part 1)

You tugged his shirt over his head, wanting his skin on yours. He threw you onto the bed and crawled toward you, settling between your legs as he focused his blissful lips on your neck, sucking and nipping, much to your pleasure. You brought your hands to his broad shoulders and scratch his back lightly, causing him to shiver. He kissed his way down your stomach, edging towards your heat..

You woke with a start, your alarm blasting a loud 21 Pilots song as you lay staring at your ceiling feeling disoriented.

It was a dream, god dammit. You sit up slowly, and sigh deeply. You would’ve done anything for your dirty dream with Luke to continue. However, you had to get ready for school. At least it was Friday, you figure as you drag your ass around the house before leaving for another day of “learning.” 

As you drove home you remembered you needed milk, so you stop by a local convenience store. Your parents and Calum had gone on college tours, Calum looking to transfer from his current university to a new one. They were gone until next Tuesday, which meant you getting your own groceries. As you reach the refrigerator section you feel someone flick the bottom your school uniform’s skirt up. What the hell?

You turn around and see none other than Luke. You’re surprised by his presence to say the least.

“Uh, hi, hey” You stutter, still a little stunned you ran into him. You hadn’t seen him since this past weekend when the pancake accident occurred. He chuckles at your reaction to him.

“Hey Y/N, this is cute,” He compliments your uniform.

“Thanks.” You say, looking up at him timidly. You hadn’t thought that you would feel shy or awkward seeing him for the first time after last Sunday but you quickly realized you were wrong. He raises an eyebrow at your behavior.

“So there’s a party tonight at my university, you wanna come?” He asked and you try to contain your shock and excitement. Luke, your older brother’s cool friend was asking you to go to a party? 

“Yeah, sounds fun.” You reply casually, smiling up at him. He moved to tuck your hair behind your ear and looks down at you, your eyes meeting. It was the same look he had given you Sunday, one that instills instant confidence in you.

“Good,” He smiles, his hand drifting to your mouth, his thumb grazing your bottom lip as he grabbed your chin. Without thinking you move your tongue out to swipe it against his finger. You watch his face as you do this, and see his jaw clench as he stared at your mouth.

“Alright, well I better get home.” You state, wanting to leave before you did something embarrassing, which was inevitable. 

“Alright, I’ll text you later with the party details” He says, stepping away from you and you nod your head, smiling.

“See you later” You turn away and find the milk you were there for originally, buying it and driving home.

Luke had texted you the time and address of the party, and you started getting ready. You decided to wear your new lingerie under a cute dress that outlined your body perfectly, feeling super confident. 

As you drove to the party you realized that what you were doing was kind of crazy. You weren’t super popular at school, you had only gone to one party that was a flop so it didn’t really count. This was weird for you, and yet you dove into it head first because you knew you’d get to see Luke. You were whipped by a boy who wasn’t even yours.

Once you arrived you walked in to a classic party scene. People scattered throughout the house, with red solo cups in their hands as they stood in groups, talking. 

“How stereotypical” You mumble under your breath as you move through groups of random college students. You didn’t really know what to do, but figured standing in one spot wouldn’t do anything for you. You find the kitchen, random bottles of alcohol scattered across the counter. You scrunch your nose up, you didn’t really want to drink tonight. 

As much as you loved liquor’s effect on you there’s nothing cute about being sloppy around the guy you liked. You help yourself to some sunny d from the refrigerator, figuring you could tell people it was mixed with vodka or whatever. You venture from the kitchen into the living room and see a blonde head covered with a snapback that you distinctly recognized as Luke. 

He was talking with some random guys and you didn’t know if you dared to walk up to him and impose. Suddenly someone grabbed your hand and dragged you back into the kitchen. You turn around quickly, ready to throw your drink in the persons face.

“Hi I’m sorry to drag you like that but did I just see you pour sunny d into a cup?” The girl asked. You looked her over, she was pretty with blonde hair and green eyes but you didn’t really understand her intrigue over you and your drink.

“Uhhh, yeah, i guess you did.” You say, “You want some?” You lift your drink up to her face. She laughs.

“No, I just thought it was hilarious you chose sunny d to drink at a college party.” She grins at you. You laugh lightly. 

“Well if you want the truth there’s a guy here I don’t want to be sloppy drunk around, so I have to stay away from alcohol tonight.” You inform her, and her eyes widen.

“A boy?! Who, I swear I’m the best matchmaker on campus.” She assures you. You giggle and point to Luke and his group of friends.

“You picked the right group my friend, you see the one with the curly hair?? Beautiful smile? Incredibly good looking?” She questions and you nod your head, seeing the boy standing next to Luke. “That is my boyfriend, Ashton!” She states matter of factly. “So which one should I work my magic on for you?” You giggle at her enthusiasm.

“Luke Hemmings, my older brother’s best friend.” You tell her.

“Ohhh drama, older brothers best friend, huh? Wait,” She pauses, looking you up and down. “Are you Calum’s little sister?” She asks and you nod, surprised she knew about you. “I knew it, you two look alike, so how does Calum feel about the Luke situation?” She inquires and you sigh, proceeding to explain the events of last Sunday to her.

“Well damn, when I said drama I was kidding but you weren’t.” She says, “Oh look! Ashton is looking over here, let’s go say hi.” She says excitedly, grabbing your arm and bringing you with her toward the boys.

“Hey boys! This is..” She trails off realizing the two of you had completely forgotten to ask the others name. You let out a gentle laugh and she did too.

“Y/N.” You heard someone fill in the blank for you, that somebody being none other than Luke. You turn toward him and smile, introducing yourself to Ashton and Michael, and learn your new friends name is Jessie.

“Well, Y/N, how do you and Luke know each other?” Michael asked. 

“Luke is my brother’s best friend.” You inform him and his eyes widen.

“Excuse me?!” He says exaggeratedly, looking at Luke “I’ll have you know that Luke is MY best friend.” He declared as you raised your eyebrows at him.

“If you say so..” You muse before Luke speaks up

“Mikey, this is Cal’s sister.” Luke tells Michael, and his face is overcome with a shocked look.

“Oh my god, you’re the infamous little sister! You’re a lot hotter in person.” He exclaims, taking you by surprise. He knew about you? 

“Cal’s the fourth wheel in our friendship bus.” Ashton says and you nod your head at Ashton’s odd but seemingly accurate analogy. So your brother had friends other than Luke, huh.

“I feel like buses have more than four wheels.” You say, because busses are long vehicles, and they should have more than four wheels, even if they don’t.

“I’m the fifth, and you’re now officially the sixth.” Jessie, said. You smiled.

“Yeah I like you, even though Luke won’t let me see those secret pictures on his phone that Calum got mad at him about.” Michael states, and you blush.

“Luke!” You exclaim, “You haven’t deleted those yet?” You ask him. He shrugs, drinking his drink to avoid answering your question. The real question was how they ended up on his phone in the first place. You resolve that he must’ve sent them to himself while on your phone. 

“If he deleted them then what would he have to jerk off to?” Ashton chimes in and you gasp dramatically. You couldn’t believe that was true, so you treated it as a joke, laughing it off. You look at Luke to your right and see he’s chugging his drink, clearly avoiding his friends accusations. So could they be true?

The night continued, and you continued hanging out with Luke, Mikey, Ashton, and Jessie. At this point it was getting pretty late, and you were tired. You turned to Luke, who was absolutely shitfaced and laughed at the complacent, stupid smile on his face.

“Luke, did you drive here?” You ask him.

“Yesss,” He hiccups, “I did.” He says, beginning to play with your hair. You giggle at his drunkenness.

“Do you want a ride home?” You ask him.

“Yeah,” He pauses but seems as if he has more to say, so you wait patiently. “A ride to your pants.” He giggles at his own joke. You roll your eyes at his immature humor. While drunk Luke was cute, he was also childish. 

You say bye to everyone and practically carry Luke to your car, thankful to your past self for staying away from alcohol.

As you drive through the night Luke rests his hand on your thigh and you tense up.

“Luke..” You trail off and he shushes you.

“I just like you a-and I like touching you n’ I like to be with you, like around you, you know? Because you, you are awesome man. You’re the best under your outside and everything, Can I be with you tonight?” He asks sloppily. You weren’t sure what he meant.

“As in sleep over? Of course you can.” You say, knowing that your parents wouldn’t mind Luke sleeping over, not that they’d even know.

“Yay!!” He says, kissing your cheek messily as you finally arrive home, the trip to your house much shorter than to his.

You managed to get him inside and to Cal’s room, where you tried to get him settled in to sleep.

“Noo,” He whined, “I want to sleep with youu!!! We can cuuuudle, and I can feel your boobs, please” He begged, using his drunk puppy dog eyes on you. You sighed.

“Fine, you can sleep with me but it’s a no on the boob touching.” You state, because as much as you’d love for him to touch you like that, you didn’t want him doing anything drunk. It just wouldn’t feel right, and the idea of him not remembering something like that in the morning disillusioned you. 

He followed you into your room, and you change into your pajamas thinking he was asleep.

“You’re wearing it.” You hear him say and you turn around slowly, realizing he had woken up. You look down at your set of lace lingerie which adorned your body. It always came up with you two.

“Yes I am, but you don’t get anything because your drunk.” You state, grabbing the shirt he discarded from his body and slipping it over your upper body.

“But I can’t keep getting myself off on the pictures, I want the real thing, please???” He begs, still laying on your bed, as you crawled into bed.

“Absolutely not Luke, not tonight, okay?” You ask to make sure he understood.

“Okay, cuddling will be good enough tonight I guess.” He says content with being able to hold you. You smile.

“Goodnight Luke.” You say as he pulls your body into his and tangles his legs into yours, kissing the top of your head.

“Goodnight baby, love you” He says, drifting into sleep. 

He loves you?!