stay with me

Petition to make a set of Yuuri!!! On Ice music boxes, like those old-fashioned ones with a spinning ballerina. Except that it’s yoi characters in their costumes, spinning to the corresponding song to the costume. Just imagine that for a second guys. Imagine Yuuri and Viktor spinning together in their beautiful matching outfits, to a music box arrangement of Stay Close To Me. Just imagine it.

CHANYEOL & Punch ‘Stay With Me’ MV Hits 50 Million Views on YouTube! Is the Most Watched OST MV of All-Time!

EXO’s Chanyeol & Punch’s ‘Stay With Me’ Music Video hits 50 Million views on YouTube!

‘Stay With Me’ becomes the Most Watched Korean OST Music Video of all-time! Followed by Chen & Punch’s ‘Everytime’ respectively at 46 Million.

Congratulations Chanyeol & Punch!

Watch the ‘Stay With Me’ MV Here: