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Dating Youngjae Would Include

Can I request a Dating Youngjae Would Include, pleasseeee? (:

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  • Prepare yourself 
  • Because handling Youngjae is way harder than you may expect. in a good way, of course.
  • From the way he asked you on your first date, to the date you’re at now, he’s still sweet as ever and treats you in the way that every person dreams in a potential partner. 
  • Skin ship
  • And if there is a part of your body that you don’t like then expect Youngjae to be shocked and will do everything in his power to make you change your mind. 
  • “I don’t really like my hair like this.” 
  • “{y/n}, how many times do I have to tell you that your hair is beautiful?” 
  • He’ll be all for doing couple things with you 
  • Wearing matching styles clothes and shoes
  • Holding hand in public and secret kisses every now and again
  • Looking at you as though the whole entire world has been placed before him. 
  • He’d give you nicknames that are unique to him and make your heart flutter against your rib cage
  • When he’s away from tour, he’ll be the loneliest because he’s without you
  • It’ll seem like he sends you a lot of pictures and messages in the day, but it’s because he just wants to see your face even though it is through the pixels of his phone screen. 
  • Calling you at night before you go to bed 
  • “I’m tucking you in on the phone” 
  • But when he comes back it’s all smiles and cuddles. 
  • Not that he doesn’t love that anyway
  • Hugs all of the time
  • There is never an inappropriate time for a hug in Youngjae’s eyes. 
  • Him being affectionate and the other members teasing him for it
  • But nothing will compare if the other members find love marks or scratches on your bodies
  • Hell will break loose  
  • Youngjae lves his members, but sometimes he likes to spend some time with you alone. Do you know what that means? Road trips.
  • Traveling in a car in various different countries
  • Lots of selcas 
  • Falling in love with new cultures and places
  • All at the same time of falling more and more in love with each other
  • You taking a photo of a landmark and suddenly a pari of arms wrap around you from behind and soft kisses are placed on the crook of your neck
  • So much PDA it’s too cute for anyone to be grossed out. 
  • Him loving to travel but also loves staying at home too
  • Nothing can beat a night in where he can lean his head in your lap and allow you to run your fingers through his hair

At Nighttime

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  • Youngjae loves spending evening with you especially because there are just so many possibilities 
  • If the two of you want, you can spend time with the other members of the group, you can stay in or go out
  • You can stay alone in the comfort of one of your room’s and be reassured with each others company 
  • One of the things that he enjoys doing the most is playing video games with you, because it allows the two of you to be free of stress and any anxieties
  • He also likes to watch movies with you in bed
  • Sometimes he will work late into the night at the studio
  • And it won’t be until you turn up at 3AM that he looks at the time and realises how stupid the time is
  • He’ll apologise and feel bad for making you stay up waiting for him for so long 
  • Intimacy is something else that Youngjae loves with you
  • He loves to see you vulnerable, and for him the same
  • You’re both trusting each other, and there’s something about that which makes him feel warm inside
  • He will be the master of loving, passionate intercourse
  • Leaving breathy kisses on your neck
  • trailing his lips down your body like he owns it
  • The way you moan his name will really make it feel that way too
  • But that’s one of the sounds that he loves the most
  • Then he will love to fall asleep in your arms, or you in his
  • He will press kisses on your face, run his fingers through your hair or sing softly until you fall asleep

I really don’t understand how everyone sees Zach as some biology god and just gets good grades and it comes naturally. Like no Zach really loves biology and is good at it but he stays up until 3am going over notes and lessons. He sometimes falls asleep in other classes because he stayed up too late the night before, but when he walks into bio he automatically isn’t sleepy anymore. He writes little flashcards that he reads right before tests. He stays after school sometimes to ask his teacher about things he didn’t understand during class. He has a good grade in the class but he works really hard for it because my boy is just so determined to exceed in biology.

KiriBaku Fic Recs

So I decide to do this fic recs since these days I have been rolling in my bed reading fanfictions every night. I don’t read AU fics since I still want to have that feeling of sticking to the original plot, to make it sounds more real haha XD so here are those that I recommend in my opinion.

·        2am Knows All Secrets:

This is the Best of the BEST! I stayed up until 3AM to read this in one go since I couldn’t stop this flow. It’s so beautiful I can even feel how real it was. Recommend reading while you are fully in bed cause you will definitely gonna roll crazily. I did have to stop reading for few seconds like 5-6 times just only to squeeze out and smile like a crazy school girl in love. Thank you for making this fic it bring tears of joy to my eyes.

·        downhill:

This one is nice, the whole class are mentioned here in a cute way especially Todoroki XD surprisingly, and Kaminari is always so funny to handle. Kirishima is like a hen mom of this dorm.

·        Steady Rain:

Gentle one for rainy day.

·        Doodles In Notebooks:

Bakugou draws beautifully and love beautifully also. This fic give a good emotions drive, my heart did squeeze hurtfully sometime X( but in the end everything ends up well, love it.

·        Love, Buried in the Ice:

Paired up Kirishima and Bakugou in a practical assignment. Bakugou is manly cute as hell.

·        how they got detention for a week:

This is hella funny I laugh my ass off whenever Kaminari says something. Good material when you want to get into happy mood cause it’s not too long also.

·        a heart swelled to bursting:

This one make me feel hurt just reading it, but other than that, a warm feeling emerge also.

Sorry I don’t know how to express my emotion very well to write more review about those but believe me they are all very good for Non-AU KiriBaku tag. I wish there would be more KiriBaku fics to throw myself into. Hope that the upcoming KiriBaku week can magically bring out more amazing writers. Thank you for all the hard work creating these fics guys I will leave thousand kudos <3

how does exo study?


• using a mini whiteboard he drew a study timetable that he follows everyday. He allocates equal time for each subject and has breaks in between 

• brews a fresh hot cup of coffee before sitting to study

• prefers writing his notes in notebooks rather than typing. His notes are very neat, short but informative and organised

• likes using study cards too, he creates several revision questions for each subject on cards and keeps them organised in their own envelope

• during his breaks, he goes for a brisk walk or jog to clear his mind. He also makes power snacks and another fresh cup of coffee before sitting back down to study

• he doesn’t really like cramming late or pulling all nighters…he tried it once and fell asleep which then gave him a cold


• printed out a timtetable he made on Excel and placed it on his study room wall

• likes typing his notes rather than hand writing them

• records himself saying his notes on his phone and he listens to them during the day anytime he gets the chance eg. on the train, on his walk to the supermarket, bus back home etc…

• listens to classical music as he studies

• snacks on fruit as he studies

• decided that he will only study up to dinner time, after that is his relaxing time. He is also one that rarely crams or stays up late.


• he doesn’t really have a timetable, he just studies when he has time between attending school, working and composing. 

• brews a hot cup of tea before he studies. Also brings heaps of snacks to his study desk to munch on

• hand writes all his notes, however it’s all over the place because he’ll forget to add this and that and sometimes he accidentally rewrites the sentence again by mistake so he uses heaps of whiteout 

• accidentally spills his tea on his notebook from time to time

• spends quite some time re reading his notes and textbook because he doesn’t get what he’s supposed to be studying

• can stay up until 3am studying, sometimes forgets to have breaks to shower and eat so that’s why the other members have to barge in and drag him to do so


• starts studying when he remembers he has exams coming up

• types his notes and prints them out to highlight the important parts

• listens to trap remixes of his favourite songs

• gets bored really easily, always finds a reason to justify himself when he does something that’s not studying eg. “I need to go to the shops to buy more undies because it’s a basic human need”

• can only sit for an hour tops before he gets up again to do something to avoid studying

• ends up cramming 


• doesn’t study until the feeling of panic sets in

• procrastinates by doing chores and eating

• he studies by reading and copying the paragraphs from his textbook to his notebook without actually reading and soaking in the information

• also gets bored really easily and gets distracted easily. He’ll go deep diving on youtube once he gets to that stage. For example he’ll end up going a 3 hour binge from watching music videos to watching how to grow pumpkins at home from seeds

• likes studying with friends and groups but he gets nothing done because he’ll just talk and joke around

• ends up pulling all nighters and crams up to the start of the exam


• starts studying 1 month before exams starts

• he draws mind maps and diagrams to aid him in memorizing his notes

• likes studying in groups so he can ask questions and get them to test him

• he sticks a page of quick notes around the house so he can revise anytime he has a chance eg. one is placed on the back of the toilet door so he can read it as he does his business whilst some others is on the fridge and bedroom walls

• plays games during his breaks to unwind

• even when he’s about to go to sleep he’ll read his textbook like a storybook


• has a reasonable study timetable printed and stuck on his wall

• highlights his textbook and proceeds to summarize the information into dot points in his notebook

• has cute little illustrations with speech bubbles with quick facts in his notes

• uses cute post it notes, he has a wall covered with sticky notes

• he stops studying to prepare and eat meals so that he’s full and fully concentrating when he sits to study again

• he stops studying at 9pm each time so he has time to unwind and sleep before getting up to study in the morning feeling refreshed


• his puppies keep him company when he’s studying. One sits on his lap, one sits on his desk and the other sleeps by his feet

• he places jelly gummies in various places on his textbook page so that once he reads up to that part he can eat it as a treat

• he takes many micro naps in between studying (which then turns out to be 1 hour naps)

• eats fried chicken as a snack while studying

• his notebook pages have drops of grease on them

• he sleeps more than he studies


• he studies when people remind him that he actually has exams coming up since he forgets

• he “studies” by just highlighting chunks of his textbooks and written notes 

• gets bored and so he’ll enter the rooms of his friends and bother them when they’re studying instead

• he’ll have spurts of when he actually studies hard but once it fades it’s hard to get it back

• has moments where he’ll give up, starts thinking of alternative jobs he’ll do if he fails and feels impending doom coming

• tries to pull all nighters but falls asleep once it’s 11pm

Citizens of the united states of america, you don’t understand the struggle of being european and not being able to watch new episodes when y'all do. We basically have two options over here: 1. stay up til the middle of the night (legit 3am), searching the entire god damn fucking dark web for a working live link, a mission guaranteed to fail, OR 2. wait until thE NEXT FUCKING DAY AFTER SCHOOL WHEN IT’S UPLOADED IN 240P ON SOME PORN-ADVERTISING SHITPAGE, MEANING I CAN’T GO ON TUMBLR FOR A FULL DAY WITHOUT GETTING THE ENTIRE THING SPOILED AND ALL POSSIBLE EMISON SHOWED UP IN MY FACE WITH NO SPACE TO CATCH MY BREATH (lowkey don’t mind that but that’s not the point here) POINT BEING: Our life, is a struggle. Stay strong, my fellow europeans

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Hey!! love you stuff 💞 could you do a face timing or on the phone w shawn bullets?

  • Closing your eyes and listening to his voice when you’re on the phone
  • Imagining he’s there next to you and not on the other side of the world
  • Sometimes you don’t even talk
  • Knowing he’s on the other end of the line brings you so much comfort
  • Telling each other about your days
  • And keeping each other updated on even the little things going on
  • He tells you about cool restaurants and the cities he’s in
  • And you tell him funny stories of things that happened at work
  • Falling asleep on the phone with each other
  • Because you can’t fall asleep next to each other
  • So thats the next best thing
  • When you can’t sleep, you call Shawn
  • Depending on where he is, sometimes its morning for him
  • Sometimes he’s busy and can’t answer
  • But when he’s not busy, he stays on the line until you fall asleep
  • “I miss you.”
  • Waking up to good morning texts
  • Followed by call me when you wake up, love 
  • Occasionally watching movies together while you FaceTime
  • Shawn FaceTiming you from the studio
  • Shawn making time to talk to you even when he’s busy with work
  • Because you’re important to him
  • And he always wants to talk to you
  • He always calls you after he gets offstage
  • As long as it isn’t too late where you are
  • You try to stay up to wait for his call
  • But sometimes the time difference means he gets offstage at 3am for you
  • Hearing him yawn through the phone
  • Because he worked all day
  • And its past midnight where he is
  • Not to mention that he’s fighting jetlag
  • “Shawn, I think you should go to bed. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”
  • He’s already stifling a second yawn, you can hear it, but he responds
  • “Five more minutes. I’m not done hearing you talk.”
  • Having to reject his calls when you’re in class or at work
  • But everything in you just wants to answer the phone
  • Because you miss him so much
  • Shawn’s name filling your recent call list
  • After not talking to him for a few days,
  • He’d always say, “God, I missed your voice.”
  • “You look beautiful, baby.”
  • He tells you every time you FaceTime him
  • Every. Single. Time.
  • Because he can’t get enough of you.
  • And not seeing you every day practically kills him
  • Just like not seeing him kills you
  • When his face first fills your screen, your heart always does a thing
  • Always, no matter how many times you FaceTime him
  • No matter how long you’ve called him yours
  • He still does that thing to you heart
  • And you wouldn’t have it any other way
Perfect Love — [Dan and Phil One Shot]

Prompt: “dan being late for work or something, racing into the train station, running into phil, falling onto the ground with him, falling in love with the guy below him, and then he tries to run into him every day, getting to know him more and more, as he drops his stuff every day. one day he’s not there, but his business card is, and he decides to visit him.”

Pairing: Dan Howell and Phil Lester.

Word Count: 2,169.

Warnings: Minor angst, swearing.

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Symptoms of reading good fanfic

~ Bloodshot eyes from staying up until 3am (it was just getting good around midnight!)

~ Uncontrollable smiling in public while thinking of your OTP (these dorks. I love them)

~ Giggling (sometimes cackling) at the most inopportune times. (Bus, class, church, bathroom…)

~ A desire to hide somewhere at work or school just to keep reading. (Oh, hi… I was just looking for some staples… For the last hour)

~ Forgetting that this isn’t how it actually happened in cannon… (What do you mean he’s dead? He’s not dead! *hysterical laughter*)

~ Loud sighing once finished with a fic. Followed by immediately looking for another fic.

fic: four times alex danvers almost kissed a girl (and the one time she did)

rated R, ~3,000 words, alex danvers; alex/maggie.   read on

i -

Vicky was terrible at Chemistry.

Once, before a test, they’d stayed up until 3am so she could memorize the whole periodic table and even then she got a B-. Alex thought she’d never really get it, but she kept helping her because that’s what friends were for. In turn, Vicky would help her with English and the whole 18th century literature. Jane Austen, Jonathan Swift and the likes, they all sounded the same to Alex and she had no idea why they were so important in the first place.

Chemistry, the elements, they were the basics of life, they showed her how and why everything work the way they do, they were a sure fire way of understanding the world around them. The words of Ann Murry weren’t helping her to figure out anything, in fact, they were making everything harder and more complicated.

But they had a system and it worked. By the time they were freshmen they had perfected the system and it was actually fun to study. Vicky had a really interesting way of breaking down the books they were studying by themes and the stories always sounded richer coming from her. The way she talked, Alex couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but it never failed to captivate her.

When sophomore year rolled around, Alex started to get restless. She didn’t know why, but she could just feel something was different and it was driving her mad not knowing exactly what it was. That was the year she had a huge falling out with Kara and they spent almost a week not talking to each other; the year she dated Matt Stevens for two weeks and when he tried to feel her up under her shirt she punched him in the groin and he told the whole school she was a frigid bitch. That was so not an easy year for her.

The only thing that made it worth was Vicky and her friendship. They became closer than ever and they had constant sleepovers, which lead to them basically sharing each others beds on a regular basis.

That night they were studying for a chem test, so it was a given it would be a long night. At some point they feel asleep, dead tired from all the actual studying, and when Alex woke up she felt at peace. Vicky had her arm around her, a hand resting low on her abdomen, and that was the first (and only) time Alex realized how soft her friend’s hand was. Vicky was so close she could smell her shampoo and, unconsciously, she buried herself deeper into her friend’s arms for the total of five second before she heard a yawn.

“Morning, Al.”

When she turned around to reply her good morning Vicky was so close she could feel her breath on her face and for a split second Alex thought they would kiss. As soon as that crossed her mind she jumped out of bed and said something about having to take a shower so they weren’t late to class and their test.

(Later that week she went on a date with Vicky’s ex boyfriend and she told herself she was in love with him, that it was real; but, every time he kissed her, all she felt was guilt.)

ii -

Stanford was amazing and her lab partner was awesome!

In her second year at college Alex was finally feeling at ease and enjoying the experience, she wasn’t the new girl anymore, she knew how to go from her dorm to the library and from there to the cafeteria in record time, she didn’t feel the need to prove herself to anyone, she was at home. Finally.

So, when she met Allyson, it felt natural and normal and it had been a long time since Alex had made a friend so effortlessly.

Soon enough they started to hang outside of the lab department, going to the movies and stopping to grab lunch together whenever was possible. At first she thought it was weird that Allyson never talked about guys. One night, they were at the library working on their presentation for the next day and when they took a break the conversation migrated to past experiences with boys but it was mainly Alex talking about all the terrible dates she’d had, and how all the boys she in high school only wanted to sleep with her, nothing more. She spent a good hour talking about herself and, even if Allyson seemed genuinely interested, she never disclosed much about her own experiences.

Later that night, alone in her dorm, Alex told Kara on the phone how nice it was to finally find someone who was as bad as her on the dating game. She could almost her her sister’s pout when she said she didn’t have the dating game down at all either so she could talk to her anytime. “But you’re an alien, sis, so you get a free pass.”

One night, they were at this pub and she could tell she was a little drunk, but then again, so was Allyson, and it was the end of midterms and they deserved to celebrate. A guy was hitting on Allyson pretty hard on the dance floor, trying to grab her waist so Alex acted on pure instinct. She swooped in between the two, turned to Ally and shouted close, really close, to her ear, “Just follow my lead, okay?” her friend nodded and she looked back to the guy, “She’s with me! Get lost!” Allyson got the hint and put her arms on Alex waist, swaying their hips together with the music. The guy looked shocked and almost ran away from the dance floor.

“Ha!! That was awesome!” Allyson shouted as she threw her arms around Alex’s neck and held her close, “We’re sooooo doing that now every time an annoying guy comes our way!” and then she pressed her whole body to Alex’s, she could smell Allyson’s perfume mixed with the scent of tequila they were drinking before and when they parted she could see the most beautiful smile on her friend’s face and they were, again, so close. If she moved about five inches their lips would touch. It would be no effort at all, she thought.

But just as quickly as she was on Alex she was off her and dancing towards the bar to get them another round of beers.

(When she’s asleep that night she dreams of kissing Allyson and when she wakes up with her sheets drenched in sweat her friend asks if she’s okay so she comes up with a story about a recurring nightmare she’s had since she was a kid, but she can’t look her in the eye for a week after that.)

iii -

Brooke is the first openly gay woman she meets.

Quantico is fucking hard and there’s barely time to make friends, and she keeps telling herself she’s not there to make friends, but Brooke is her roommate and she likes to talk so they end up getting to know each other pretty good. Alex tells her about her ex boyfriend and how he cheated on her, Brooke tells her about her last girlfriend and how she’s still in love with her but the FBI has been her dream since forever so this is the time to prioritize and hope to God that after all this training her girl still wants her.

Alex doesn’t say it, but she’s jealous after that first night. She doesn’t have someone waiting for her, at the very least she has Kara, she’s the one for whom she’s doing this whole thing in the first place, but that’s very different for the kind of waiting she wants. And that’s why she doesn’t like those romcoms Kara keeps insisting they should watch on sisters night. She doesn’t want to be reminded of what she never had.

One night, after a particularly gruesome training session, Brooke brings out the booze and that’s the first time Alex drinks whiskey. It burns in her throat but the after taste is worth it and she decides she likes it. They’ve had a few glasses when Brooke tells her she got an email from her girl saying she’s dating this guy now, how she thinks she’s in love with him and how she didn’t want to hurt Brooke so she thought it was better to come clean with her now rather than later, when she’s out of training.

The look on her roommate’s face is devastating, she’s close to tears and Alex doesn’t know what she should do so takes a page out of Kara’s book and hugs her, “Oh man, I’m so sorry, Brooke… For what it’s worth, the loss is all on her.” when her friend just keeps crying she continues, “Guys aren’t even all that great, believe me.”

That’s what it takes to make her laugh and Alex feels her chest expand with pride, see, she can be a good friend, she can maintain a healthy friendship with another human being that’s not her sister (and even then that’s debatable since her sister is, in fact, not a human being).

“It’s a crime that you’re straight, Alex.” It’s supposed to come out as a joke but the air gets thick in the room as soon as the words are out and Brooke gets up from the place where Alex was holding her with this horrified expression on her face that Alex isn’t even sure what’s it supposed to be about. “Oh my God, Alex, please, it was a joke. I was joking, I swear! I drink and stupid comes out, I’m so sorry.”

Alex always liked to think she had a pretty good poker face, she knows for a fact that she works well under pressure and, see, she’s been getting trained on how to lie on the spot for a living so she puts all the things she learned to good use. She laughs and waves a hand towards Brooke, beckoning her back to the bed where they’re seated, “I’d be the worst lesbian ever. I suck so much at being straight, can you imagine what I would be like? Just terrible.”

“Oh God, Alex-”

She pulls Brooke to her side when she doesn’t come willingly, “We’re fine, relax…”

She lays her head on Alex’s shoulder and hugs her arm close. They stay that way for a little while, just being together. “You’re an amazing friend, Alex. Seriously. Sorry about that.”

Alex kisses her head and say everything’s fine and she will be fine eventually and she’ll make some lucky girl out there very happy someday. Brooke lifts her head and looks into Alex’s eyes, they’re shining with unshed tears and for a second Brooke’s eyes flicker down to Alex’s lips.

As soon as they lowered they came back up and she’s lifting herself from the bed and going to her vanity on the other side of the room claiming she still has some things to do for tomorrow and Alex gets up and goes to the shower.

As she showers she tells herself she was being a good friend. Consoling her broken heart, that’s what friends do. Friends. Her comments about Alex was a joke and they were friends. They hugged and talked as friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

(She goes home that weekend and she tells a squealing Kara about this really cute guy that she wasn’t sure, but she thinks he was hitting on her and when she describes him to her sister she could tell he looked a lot like a male version of Brooke in her head.)

iiii -

Life sucked.

It was the anniversary of her father’s death, her mother had a convention she couldn’t get out off in New York and Kara was on a plane to Paris to meet Cat for God knows what reason and she was alone.

The worst day of the year and her family was scattered around the world and in that moment she’s never felt so lost. Adrift. Floating.

She left the house otherwise she’d end up crying again and she was tired of crying today. So she went to the bar with the good, expansive booze, a good place for her to wallow on her sadness without disturbing anyone. Yeah. Awesome idea.

Alex orders shots. Three to be exact. Tequila. The devil’s drink. That’s how pathetic she’s feeling tonight, she’ll be doing shots of tequila alone. God, her life is a mess.

The bartender, a woman that looks like she’s her age and, wow, she’s really pretty you know, for a woman. Is she already drunk? The bartender looked at her funny, probably because she practically inhaled the shots she was given. She asks for another shot, but the woman doesn’t look like she’s all that willing to help her drown her sorrows.

“How about something lighter? A beer?”

Alex snorts, “Please, I came here because of the good booze. C’mon, at least one more and then a beer.” The woman stares at her like she’s unwavering in her aid to make her not so drunk but today is not the day for games. She’s not in the mood for this, “I’m paying and I’m okay. Please, just serve me another shot.”

The bartender shakes her head but serves her nonetheless, “I’ll only give you another shot after this one if you either eat something or give it a rest for about half an hour.”

Alex nods but she sees the woman left a beer next to her and that’s good enough for now.

She stays the whole night. It’s almost 02:30 when the woman tells her they’re closing. She spent the whole night watching over Alex, seeing if she was okay. She listened when Alex told her about her dad. Alex almost could see the pity in her eyes, but she wasn’t really in any state to complain about pity looks. She was the drunk at the bar that refuses to leave even when they’re closing. Really, she was so pathetic. She just wanted to forget this day ever happened.

“Let’s go, Alex… I got a cab waiting for you outside.” The bartender, Lyla was her name, went around the counter to help her up and out to the cab, she got an arm around Alex’s waist and suddenly all she could see was Lyla’s face. Fuck, she was really pretty. Her hair looked soft. Could hair be soft? It sure looked like it.

(She was so drunk, that’s what she told herself when she was inside the cab thinking about how Lyla’s hair really was soft when it brushed against her shoulder and how her hand was firm on her waist and how good it was to have someone to help you carry the weight.)

iiiii -

She hated airports, but today she was making an exception.

She didn’t bring flowers. That was so cliché. She didn’t want to be a cliché, even if sometimes they were fun and sweet, today was not a day for that. She also couldn’t stand still she was so nervous. She shouldn’t be nervous, there was no reason for nervous. She just wanted her here already.

Maggie’s cousin got married three days ago in Nebraska and, apparently, the Sawyer family had all sorts of celebrations when it came to tying the knot, because Maggie was there for a week. She got a leave from work, she really liked this cousin, she said she couldn’t miss her wedding.

She invited Alex to come along, but she knew things with Maggie’s family was not easy, the stress of a wedding was enough to make people go crazy and she didn’t want to meet them (the good part of them, the part that mattered and had helped her girlfriend when she needed the most) with the possibility of things going sour. She wanted them to like her. She wanted to make a good impression. She wanted them to call Maggie after they’d left to tell her how amazing her girlfriend was and how they approved of the whole thing.

So Maggie went alone to Nebraska to stay there a whole full week while Alex stayed in National City. It was actually kind of good because she was in debt with Kara and some sisters nights were in order to make Supergirl not want to kill Maggie for taking all of her sister’s time. Of course Kara was happy for her, but they needed their own time without other parties involved. She knew that. She missed spending the night at her sister’s place after binge-watching whatever was new on Netflix, too.

But now her girlfriend was coming back and the board told her the plane was not delayed so she should be seeing the dimpled smile she loved so much any minute now.


People should not look good after coming out of a plane. It wasn’t normal. But shit, her girlfriend looked beautiful. Her smile light up Alex’s heart in ways it had never been lit and she couldn’t believe how much she’s missed her.

Maggie was trying to make her suitcase go in the direction she wanted it to go so she missed when Alex almost kicked it away while trying to get to her. “You’re back!”

She was about to reply but Alex’s hand were already on her face bringing her lips down on Maggie’s and she tasted sweet, and fruity, like she was having a cocktail while waiting on her. It was supposed to be a chaste kiss, a welcome home, but Maggie parted her lips and Alex waited no time to dive into the kiss with all she had, tongue and lips and teeth.

They heard a throat clearing around them but Alex would be damned if she’d let anyone ruin this sweet, sweet moment; but she did tone it down, let it cool while she was still kissing the hell out of her girlfriend because she wanted to, because she could.

“Wow, and I was gonna ask if you’d missed me.” Maggie joked as they held each other in the middle of the arrival’s lounge, nothing more important than this.

“I love you.” It wasn’t the first time they’d said it, but it was special. It always was with them.

“I love you too, babe.” And when she looked in Alex’s eyes she could see it, she was home.

ethamyplier hc collection 💖

• Mark and Ethan who go shopping for flowers together and pick out the brightest yellow bouquet for Amy

• Amy and Mark are pretty good cooks but Ethan is very bad at it, so he takes a cooking lesson. The cooking lesson only teaches him how to make spaghetti but he picks up very quickly and practices it when Amy and Mark aren’t home.

Then, one night, he announces he’s gonna cook dinner for Mark and Ames, who are very nervous but not saying anything because last time Ethan tried to cook, he accidentally microwaved a fork. But Ethan takes like an hour to make the spaghetti and makes his own sauce and everything and then brings it out to Mark and Amy, who have been sitting patiently the whole time. They’re trying not to wince as they take a bite, but then they actually start chewing and it’s good. Like, really good.

So that’s how Ethan becomes amazing at cooking spaghetti and nothing else and whenever he makes it it’s a very special occasion.

• Ethan and Mark play-wrestling. Amy acts as the referee and counts down when one of them has pinned the other

• Ethan and Amy always overpowering Mark in decisions. Like whether it’s what music to play in the car or where they’re gonna go that day, Ethan and Amy always agree and Mark says they’re bullying him

• Matching promise rings? As given out by Mark, who usually isn’t the sappy one at all but on their two year anniversary he hands Amy and Ethan small boxes and explains he wants them to know he’s in it completely and Ames and Eth obviously both tear up because they’re extremely soft hearted! Mark waits until they have theirs on to show his and Amy takes a picture to put on her instagram of their hands next to each other with the dazzling rings adorning their fingers ✨

• Baking!! Together!! Amy making cookies shaped into aliens, Amy holding out the spatula so Ethan can lick the batter, Amy wiping flour-covered hands on Mark’s shirt by accident. Mark rolling the rolling pin on dough and Ethan and Amy are acting like this isn’t just an excuse to watch that boy’s muscly forearms.

Also Ethan getting all bubbly and excited when the timer goes off and not wanting to let the cookies cool! Plus Ethan having trouble with his apron so Amy laughs at him and wraps her arms around his waist, tying it for him in the back. Also Mark triple-checking the ingredients for peanuts/peanut oil and taking a bite out of the first cupcake “to make sure it’s cooked all the way” (nobody believes you, Mark).

• Mark complaining about giving up closet space when Ethan moves in, Amy is rolling her eyes because she has twice as much clothing as that boy but she still made it work

• Mark and Ethan with “If Lost, Return to Amy” shirts. Amy has a shirt that says “I’m Amy”.

• Ethan who stays up until 3am editing (canon) and Mark insists that he’s fine and Ethan does that every night don’t worry about it but Amy drags him to bed and assures him Mark is fine with it, besides Ethan needs to sleep. Mark is not very fine with it but if he says that Amy will smack him so he keeps quiet.

• Chica being mildly upset because she used to be able to curl up with Amy and Mark but now Ethan takes up the space she did so she has to sleep on her dog bed

• Literally just any of them carrying each other!
-Mark sweeping Amy off her feet and spinning her around

-Ethan giving Amy piggy back rides

-Mark trying to carry both Amy and Ethan up the stairs at the same time because Ethan was like “I’m too tired, you need to carry me.” And then Amy said “me too” so Mark makes it about halfway up before unceremoniously dropping them both and they all burst into laughter

-Amy can’t quite pick Ethan up but with Mark’s help she can and that’s how they transport sleepy Eth to beds, cars, and anywhere else he was supposed to go before falling asleep

-Mark picking up Ethan against his will and Ethan is laughing and half heartedly telling Mark to put him down, Amy is exploding with love and snapchats it, captioning “the princess has been swept off her feet”

• Tickle fights where one person always ends up being mercilessly attacked by the other two and there is no escape

• Ethan and Mark get seperated from Amy because they’re on different flights to a convention! And Amy’s flight gets delayed so she’ll be a day late, Mark and Ethan FaceTime her from the hotel room and Ethan is pouting with his arms wrapped around Mark because he misses her so much.

• Ethan and Amy are blanket hogs so Mark always ends up with no blanket or he has to yank it back

• Amy now has double the amount of boyfriend hoodies to steal

- Bonus for Ethan and Amy being partners in crime and now Mark is missing like half his wardrobe

• Eskimo kisses all the time and always

@crankyplier heard you liked Ethamyplier

I worked at a popular wing restaurant in a college town and it was surrounded by bars and we stayed open until 3am so when all the bars closed at 2am, we get a ton of business. So I’m working my first “bar close” and have no idea what to expect.

1am rolls around and a couple guys wander in and they come up and order some wings to go and even though i can tell they’ve been drinking, they don’t seem obnoxious. One of them calls me pretty in a polite way, and i just say thank you and tell them they cam have a seat while they wait for their food.

Then, his buddy, who seemed to have gotten 10xs more drunk in a matter of minutes since the moment they walked in, blurts “she’s hot yo.” The guy who said i was pretty just nodded and shoved his friend to the table.

He keeps barking “compliments” at me through our opening to the kitchen (you can see right in from the dining area) and his friend keeps telling him to hush. Then he starts to get lewd with his comments, my managers notices and tells them to quite down or he’ll kick them out (which we can’t do yet because they paid for food and haven’t received it). The more sober of the 2 apologizes while the other rolls his eyes.

My manager leaves to deal with an issue at our bar, and the comments continue. I’m back in the kitchen just trying to ignore him, but i have to go up front. Drunk guy sees me moving and gets up himself and beelines to the kitchen, hands kind of reaching towards me, and for some reason my only reaction is to punch him straight in the gut, mini uppercut, not horribly hard though. He loses his breath, more out of surprise, and he looks at me wide eyed and then all i can do is shrug and give him this look that says “what did you expect, pal?”

Sober guy is behind him and yanks him back to the table. I turn around to see my manager and instantly think “shit, I’m definitely fired,” but i was greeted with a high five and a “don’t ever let anyone fuck with you. Proud of you.”

Sober guy tipped me nicely and apologized over and over for his friend. Felt good knowing i have such a good reaction to being approached forcefully like that.

five years ago i was living with my parents and was up until 3am giffing spn and scrolling through tumblr and reading fanfic and working on uni stuff

now im 23 with my own home, a 2-yr-old daughter and another daughter on the way and a fiance and i still stay up until 3am playing video games/reading fanfic (so that hasn’t changed much)



Productive day 2/100 ٩꒰ ´ᆺ`꒱۶

Forgot to post about my day last night, but here it was…

◼ Finally got approved and signed up for my research assistant course. 2 sessions long! I have no idea what to expect. But I literally was cutting it so close I nearly couldn’t sign up! So I’m glad I got it.
◼ Paid for tuition, and got financial aid working again (ugh, I really hate how complicated and messy they make that stuff!)
◼ Ran a couple of errands with Trev, got some Starbucks. :)
◼ Did a lot of organizing and scheduling life stuff.
◼ Was able to finally login to my Forensic Anthropology class! They usually give us access a day in advance at least, but this time they really pushed it til the last minute. Which sucks bc that means getting organized AFTER classes start. :P
◼ Went to Trader Joe’s and bought enough groceries for me to last the weekend alone! Trev is going out of town. :(
◼ Helped Trev pack for his trip.
- Did probably way more blog related stuff than I should have… But it’s obviously important to me, so I consider that productive. :)
- Stayed up until after 3am helping Trev! :( But that’s okay… He was having to work so late (from home, luckily), so I wanted to help.

I’ll try to post more daily stuff like this if I can. :)
here (with you) from now on - Chapter 1: know in your heart it will be worth it - Dear Evan Hansen - Pasek & Paul/Levenson

hey guys, i started a new kleinsen fic so u can give it a read if u want :O

here’s the summary

Jared Kleinman has always been one of the kids with very few friends. He likes to think he has a lot of them - he’s gone to enough parties and been to enough get togethers to say so - but he really doesn’t have anyone he’d trust with his biggest problems and stay up until 3am talking to about his deepest secrets.

Well, there’s Evan.

or, jared kleinman is gay™.