stay up for 24 hours

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Please never let the headcanons die- they are my favorite thing oh my gosh <333

thanks dude!! here’s some more

  • “keith you were alone for an hour how could you possibly get into this much trouble in an hour” “…it didn’t take me the whole hour”
  • coran started growing The Mustache on a dare from alfor
  • everyone always thinks keith is glaring at them but really he just spaced out while looking in their general direction
  • pidge and lance are creatures driven entirely by spite
    • “pidge maybe you should go to bed” pidge: *stays up for the next 24 hours*
    • “lance could you stop flirting with anything that moves” lance: *spends an hour flirting with a rock instead*
  • “poor lance. he thinks he’s totally alone and that we all gave up on him. what kind of effect does that have on a man’s psychology? I wonder what he’s thinking right now” lance, in galra captivity: “how come aquaman can control whales? they’re mammals! makes no sense”
  • that one game grumps thing but with hunk
    • *anything goes wrong* “hunk, okay, don’t panic, we can handle this” “…i appreciate it, but look what we’re dealing with man” “hunk-” “you gotta draw a line somewhere!” “hunk-” “you gotta draw a fucking line in the sand dude!! you gotta make a statemen-”
  • whenever anyone looks at shiro for advice or leadership he’s internally just like wait no don’t do that
  • pidge: “have you ever killed anyone” allura: “…we’re getting off topic”

Summer Bucketlist (2016)

- Make a summerplaylist filled with new jams.
- Change my hair.
- Midnight Swimming.
- Build a fort of pillows, lights and blankets in my room (with someone).
- Have a movienight (with someone).
- Have a Disney movienight (with someone).
- Have a Keira Knightley Marathon.
- Get a summerjob (and finally save up money!!!).
- Roadtrip, no matter if you do it with a bike, bus, train or car.
- Stay up for 24 hours.
- Have a paint fight.
- Sit on a roof and watch the view carefully.
- Sleep under the stars.
- Watch clouds all day, maybe with a friend, and do nothing else.
- Be outside more than on social media.
- Actually hang out with people.
- Write letters and put them in stranger’s mailboxes.
- Play the piano more often.
- Make new friends.
- Have a water balloon fight.
- Have many picnics.
- Take a artsy photoshoot by going off to different locations.
- Compliment a complete stranger.
- Hold up a sign saying “free hugs”.
- Put a sticky note onto someone’s car saying something.
- Go somewhere new.
- Be a hippie for a day.
- Have a huge sleepover.
- Get to know someone.
- Watch a sunrise and sunset.
- Read for a day.
- Photobooth pictures.
- Surprise someone.
- Do something you normally wouldn’t do.
- Learn something new (a language or place or whatsoever).
- Go camping in my backyard.
- Make “paparazzi” pictures with @udabesthing (which we’ve been planning for years now, lol).
- Finish another book.
- Get my first book on
- Try to vlog big events or cool happenings throughout summerbreak.
- Go for many, many walks with Esther.
- Make a summer scrapbook/journal.

So I’ve been hanging out in the humans are space orcs tag, and a thing occurred to me about human sleep cycles.

I read somewhere that babies sleep schedules seem so inscrutable because they are actually on a 25 hour cycle, not a 24 and they just have to adjust. And on top of that, you get people who purposely alter their sleep cycle to match their school/work schedule and wake up early, stay up late, then crash for nearly 24 hours on the weekend. And kids will stay up all day and all night and all the next day, and just recover from it like it’s no big deal.

So what if other species have fixed sleep schedules based on planetary rotations that they can’t really adjust much without risking their health, but when humans arrive we are just “jet lagged” for a bit and then copy the native sleep schedule (within a certain peramiter).

So when a crew is put together out of multiple different species, the captain and the logistics team are trying to put together customized eating/sleeping schedules for each crew member based on their needs. They are all proud of themselves for managing even the more difficult cycles (the kraldorrasht follow the cat-nap pattern and do not have a wake/sleep cycle comparable to a day on their planet, you see). Then the human comes up insisting that there is a problem with the schedule. “What is the matter engineer Smith, your planet of origin does have a 24 hour cycle does it not?”
“Well Earth does, but I was born on Gartion 6 and that’s a 43 hour cycle. My hours are different from standard”

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hi :) on the topic of fic recs, I was wondering what your alltime favorite stony fics are?

What’s up, nonnie! Here we go!

I’ve recced this fic so many times, it’s my #1 ultimate favorite Stony fic ever, also if you/re a big Tony fan this one has all the feels. It’s called Blue Lips, Blue Veins by Romanoff and it gets to me every time. I’m obsessed, I stayed up nearly 24 hours reading this because I couldn’t put it down. It’s also reeeally long lol.

Here are some more all-time favorites, if you want to check them out:

Newborn by Illere (Explicit) - 114K+
Resurrection Verse (Explicit) - 300K+ - widely thought to have jumpstarted the stony fandom after it was published back in 07 after Civil War - Series
Rebirth Verse by panda_shi (Explicit) - 250K+ - Not a happy ending, post-cacw
Transmission by laireshi (Teen & Up) - 25K+ - Comic fix-it
As Sharp As Any Thorn by RurouniHime (Explicit) - 45K+
In Which Tony Stark Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury) by scifigrl47 (Mature) - 300K+ - Series
Tales of the Bots by scifigrl47
(Mature) - 480K+ - Series
As Easy As… by Scavange4Dreams (Explicit) - 135K+ - Series
Insomniac Dreaming by Scavange4Dreams (Explicit) - 100K+ - Series
Deep in the Heart of Me by Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) (Explicit) - 250K+
But Loving Him is Red by theapplepielifestyle (Unrated) - 25K+
Say When Verse by ann2who (Explicit) - 300K+ MCU retelling with Stony relationship - Series
Awakenings Universe by Agent_Orange_III & Brooke_Lynn (Explicit) - 350K+ Lots of Steve feels - Series
Catch Me Through the Looking Glass by Ylixia (Explicit) - 29K+
You’re Not Stubborn (Just Impossible) by Wordsplat (Explicit) - 95K+ - ABO High School AU

Sorry these are all like monster, novel length fics, but you asked for my all time favorites and I prefer the longer fics. If anyone wants to add to this feel free!


Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: “Could You Write Something Where The Reader Pretty Much Grows Up With The Winchesters And Her Mom Dies And So They Basically Adopt Her And The Reader Develops Feelings For Dean But Doesn’t Think He Feels The Same Way About Her? Thank You!”

Warnings: Mild swearing, death, mentions of sex. 

Word Count: 2009

Notes: Since you didn’t really specify any ending I just winged it, hope you enjoy anon! -Dani (You’re welcome for proofreading this, Dani! -Lottie) (Also Y/M/N means “your mom’s name”)

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  • weird friend
  • no foresight
  • works out more than you but will also split a tub of raw cookie dough
  • answers texts immediately or never
  • thrift shops
  • shows he cares once a year but thinks of you every Friday


  • mom friend
  • shockingly bad at picking birthday presents
  • B+ listener
  • online at 4 am and will stay up an hour to chat if you’re sad
  • ok with hanging out 24+ hours straight
  • hasn’t hugged you yet


  • food friend
  • pays for things
  • will tell you about his dream last night and actually want to know bout yours
  • remembers anniversaries
  • will call you at midnight to apologize for something
  • won’t ride the roller coaster with you and will judge you for asking


  • fun friend
  • always ready to hear about your drama 
  • smells good
  • never gets you gifts on holidays but sends you something off your Amazon wishlist randomly
  • will sneak out with you after dark
  • affectionately in your personal space


  • nerd friend
  • will help you cheat before they help you study
  • sends you links to everything
  • up at 4 am but asleep at noon
  • hangs out twice a month
  • will make and cancel a lot of cool plans

Today marks the day that the Creatures officially end.

I can’t even begin to say in my own words how much a big part of my life that this group was. for the past 6 years, i was so inspired and so in love with what was a group of friends having fun, playing video games, and making a living off of it.

I remember being there for the charity stream for whenever the group decided to move to colorado and move into the very first Creature House. I remember being one of the first to subscribe to the creature hub. I used to tune in every tuesday to watch James and Aleks play games and act like a bunch of dumbasses. I was there for the balsamic vinegar stream and i remember it like it was yesterday.

Every October was special to me not just for Halloween, but for tuning in to watch the 24 Hour Livestreams, trying to stay up to watch the entire things, and ending up passing out.

I was there since Gassy was kicked out. And it was such a big shock to me at the time, but i had eventually gotten over it. Then as the years went on, it seemed something was off. Once Sly left the group I feel it went towards a downward spiral where it seemed like every year someone was leaving the group. And now it’s come to this.

So to Dan, Jordan, Seamus, Sly, Dex, Kevin, Gassy, James, and Aleks, thank you for being such a big part of my life, and I will never forget it.

and now the era of the Cow begins

Ooooookay so last night happened. Please don’t let me stay up 24+ hours again. Please.

But, I’m actually kinda pleased with what came out of it. Biracial!Lance, like even if this isn’t canon and can never be canon, I really love this idea of Lance being biracial.

Mainly because that would explain a lot about his character, never really knowing exactly which side of his family he belonged too, never really being fully… himself. And the treatment of his peers wouldn’t help, considering that biracial people aren’t always treated nicely. But like;

-biracial Lance that grew up speaking both of his parents native languages because both of his parents taught him it

-biracial Lance that has dark skin, while some of his siblings have lighter skin, always wondered when he was younger why they got weird looks when he held his sisters hand and walked down the street

-biracial Lance that wants to prove himself, that wants to prove he is enough and good enough, and that he has a place in this universe

-biracial Lance who’s parents are Cuban and [enter ethnicity besides white] because everyone seems to think of biracial as white and another ethnicity.

-biracial Lance, guys.

Untimely Ripped

Until I was rushed into emergency surgery, there was nothing really unusual about my pregnancy. I was perfectly healthy for nine months. I went to doula-guided community yoga classes where we processed our pregnancies in group talks and learned about safe, empowering natural alternatives to the Patriarchal Medical Establishment. I sailed into and out of appointments with my OB/GYN (who I went to because I was pretty sure I’d want that epidural in the end, no matter how patriarchal it was). I didn’t have a single complication or complaint to report. And then I actually went into labor, and everything went wrong at once.

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relationships in grad school

my fellow grad students and i get asked this every year by incoming students, so i thought i’d summarize our answer in a post for anyone interested!

Q: How do you maintain a healthy relationship with your significant other while in grad school?

A: It basically boils down to 2 things:

  1. Your partner must be understanding of your situation. Communicate that there may be days/weeks/months where you will be extremely busy, and sometimes plans may need to be unexpectedly postponed or cancelled. You won’t be able to make dinner tonight because you need to be in lab later, or some new pieces of data are really shaking up an abstract due in less than 24 hours and you have to stay up all night. Your partner needs to understand that your busyness, and the hectic schedule, does not in any way translate to you valuing them less. Grad school in any form is time consuming, but it is so important to you. They will also need to understand that sometimes you may be short on patience, not because of them, but because it’s hard to shake away the frustrations of grad school work from your other life activities. And above all, tell them that you’re going to need their support through these challenging times. You are important to each other, maybe now more so than ever. 
  2. Even with your busy schedule, you must actively make time to be with your partner. Just because they understand you may not make it home for dinner some days does not give you the excuse to put them on the back burner. Relationships are built upon spending quality time together, so make your partner a priority whenever possible. For example, my fiancé and I schedule weekly Date Nights (which is just dinner and spending a No-Work evening together) that I try my utmost hardest to make a priority by scheduling all my work around it. And even when I was at my busiest studying for my qualifying exams, I still kept those Date Nights because man, I needed that break! And I think you will too. Take the time to recharge with your partner, and give them a chance to be with you too. 

Every relationship is different of course, but I think these two points should apply to most.

Other gradblrs–feel free to chime in! What works/doesn’t work for you?


Graves: As your boss and as your friend, I highly suggest you don’t try to stay up for the next 24 hours. 
Tina: I can definitely do it. I’ve already been up for 24 hours. 

(Parks and Recreation; season 2, episode 21: Telethon) 

My Girl

Requested by @nunchiwrites <3

Sorry this took forever! :( I had a lot of different ideas on this so I consulted my friend and she chose this one. And then I got writer’s block like nobody’s business. That’s why it took so long.

Also, thank you to @laineylovegirl for helping me write this and actually writing most of it, TBH! <3 You’re amazing!

Genre: X Reader, Vampire AU

Member(s): Chanyeol <3

POV: First person

Warning(s): alcohol, swearing, ummmm…Vampires, Werewolves, fighting, blah blah blah

Summary: You go out with a friend and somehow end up in a predicament. Lucky for you, someone and his friends just so happen to be there. Also lucky for you, someone is a sweetheart and not an asshole.

Originally posted by starricks-moustache

^Vampire Yeollie in action😂

“Sora,” I whined, pouting like a child. “Do I have to go in there?”

She made a face, nodding her head.

“C’mon, Y/N, we already discussed this.” She chided, squeezing my arm. “Remember, this morning?”

I scowled, remembering the conversation she referred to.

“Y/N, you never do anything fun. You should come out with me tonight.” She said, arms crossed as she looked me up and down.  “You’ve stayed up for one full night, what’s the harm in staying up another?”

“Please, no…” I groaned, rubbing at the bags under my eyes. They certainly weren’t Gucci bags. Nope, those were the eye-bags of someone who had stayed up 24 hours studying and was living solely off of coffee and granola bars. How she thought I needed to party and not sleep, I wasn’t sure.

“What were you planning on doing tonight then, hmm? Why not have a good time?”

“Sleeping sounds like a good time to me.”

She scoffed, shaking her head.

“I’m dragging you out with me tonight, whether you’re awake or not.” She retorted, walking out of the kitchen.

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July 20: How to Survive Tokyo Orientation

This time last year, I was getting ready for my big move to Japan. I was anxious, nervous, scared, and stressing the hell out over packing, goodbyes, omiyage, and figuring out what to wear. I survived Tokyo Orientation (just barely), and now I want to pass on my advice to the Incoming JETs! Sempais (senpais? I never know which one to use), feel free to add your advice!

  1. Sync your internal clock to Japan time, and do this maybe a day or two before your trip, or even on the flight over. I was one of the lucky ones and departed from Hawaii, so my flight was only seven hours BUT I had a 19 hour time difference to deal with. Before my flight I literally stayed up for 24 hours and re-synced my internal clock to Japan time. It may not have been the most convenient thing to do, but it did help minimize my JET lag (tehe). Tokyo Orientation is go go go go go and if you’re jetlagged, you’re going to be miserable. 
  2. Wear comfortable, loose clothes on the flight. Guys, think tshirts and basketball shorts. Girls, maxi dresses, long skirts, loose tops. DO NOT WEAR LEGGINGS. I made the mistake of wearing leggings and by the time I got to Japan my legs were swollen from the compression and altitude difference. Plus it’s going to be super hot and humid so anything tight is gonna make you feel even hotter.  
  3. Grab a cart for your luggage. It’s a long walk from the baggage claim to the buses. Don’t be like me and think you can do it all yourself. I didn’t grab a luggage cart and I was so sweaty and gross by the time I got to the buses. Don’t be like me haha.
  4. Keep your business clothes in your carry on, just in case if your luggage gets lost. Last year, an airline misplaced all of the Florida JETs’ suitcases and CLAIR had them sit in a special section during orientation because they were wearing casual clothes. Awkward haha.
  5. I know you’ll be tempted to go out on your first night in Tokyo, but the best thing to do is just chill at the hotel and sleep or prepare for the first day of orientation and iron your clothes. Even if you feel wide awake, try and rest. The first day of T.O. is grueling. It’s full of workshops, lectures, and seminars. The senior ALTs in charge are going to give you so much information, by the end of the day it’s going to be bleeding out your ears. 
  6. But if you do choose to go out, go out with friends. Use the buddy system. Chances are your phones will be in airplane mode and won’t be able to access GPS. So if you’re going to get lost, it’s better to get lost with friends haha. I ended up hanging out with Hawaii JETs who have been there before and know their way around. It’s going to be said at TO but I’m going to tell you first. STAY AWAY FROM KABUKICHO. Kabukicho is the red-light district in Shinjuku. My aunt told me most of the bars in Kabukicho are ran by Chinese mafia. End up in one of their bars and you’ll leave with no money. They’ll say one price to sucker you in, then at the end of the night you’ll be stuck with a 100,000 yen tab. So be careful!
  7. Don’t trust your roommates. Keep all your money with you at all times or divide it out into different bags so it’s not all in one place. I know it’s weird carrying 200,000 yen around but better safe than sorry. 
  8. Make friends! Network! Talk to ALTs who sit next to you, who knows they might be your best friends or offer a couch at their place if/when you visit!
  9. Drink lots of water. It’s going to be hot. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, drink water so you’ll stay hydrated.
  10. And lastly, enjoy. Your journey of being an ALT for the JET Programme is just beginning. Even though T.O. is three days, it’s going to go by like a complete blur and then you’re going to be whisked away to your city/town. Don’t be stressed!

I hope this helps Incoming JETs. Below are two of my posts from last year’s T.O. if you want to read them!


August 3: Tokyo Orientation Part One
August 4; Tokyo Orientation Part Two