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Back by Popular Request – Katie McGrath Character Analysis
A lovely anon asked me to tack on these lovely ladies and as a humble servant that laughs too hard at her own jokes and may love Katie a bit too much, I must oblige. So please direct all hate mail here and for those that requested more, I truly hope you enjoy.

First Up - Zara Young
Canon Benefits – Well-read. Organized. Punctual. Stylish. Works at Jurassic World.
Canon Flaws – Slight control freak. A bit uptight. Engaged to some dude she doesn’t even trust enough to have a bachelor party. Works at Jurassic World.

*You may want to note I have some… thoughts on some of the sexist undertones that appeared in this movie but I will keep it to a minimum. Some of them are mildly related to Zara so they will come up very briefly.*

Arguments were that Zara deserved better. Aside from the fact that it was our dear Katie that performed her own stunts in what is easily the most epic death in Jurassic franchise history, I would have to agree. That looked like torture. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Okay, maybe some people. *cough*President Cheeto.*cough*
Other arguments said that her fate was deserved due to the fact that she was too concerned with her phone, coffee and actual work responsibilities to keep an eye on the kids that were forced upon her. Because that’s a woman’s REAL job, right? Here. Kids! Take care of them. What you failed? GET EATEN. No. Just no. How can some people even argue that and keep a straight face!? Brittane, this isn’t the place or the time.

I digress. Back to our girl. It is clear that Zara is not used to things being out of sorts. We can tell that by her overly anxious demeanor whenever something starts to go even a little wrong. We also see that she has grown quite desensitized to the world she is living in. I mean how #overit do you have to be to be blasé about a tiny horde of assorted baby dinosaurs?? Excuse me, adorable prehistoric creatures, I have to take this call. The point - she is living a routine that she doesn’t seem overly enthused about. Yet you cannot help but be curious about what is really going on for her. We know she is engaged to a dudebro named Alec and that they are probably due to be married in the very near future as there are talks about a bachelor party that she quite clearly doesn’t want her fiancé to have. Maybe she can drop him and those pterodactyls can drop her into my waiting arms? Okay, that was bad.

From this nerd’s point-of-view, working at Jurassic World is awesome and I would totally hit my potential gf up for VIP access. However, we’ve seen what happens at these parks and once again, soft little me would be terrified that something would happen to her. I can’t take it. I just can’t. Don’t make me.

Verdict - Hey Zara, you wanna know a fun concept about marrying a lady such as myself? Joint bachelorette party! Let’s do it! The catch would be that you have to quit working at Jurassic World before I launch myself into a perpetual anxiety attack. Where are you going? You don’t have to decide right away. You’re staying with Claire?? Is there something you aren’t telling me?! (sighs) Fine… I ship it.

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Who knew I could write so much about someone that had like… 3 collective minutes of screen time?! What has Katie done to me?? I’m sorry. This is long already. Oriane Congost and more after the cut. Stay with me if you dare.

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Because I need a photo.  Also as an excuse to evade processing yet more bad news that I absolutely don’t want to deal with right now-  Stay tuned for more!

In the mean time-  After a solid week of funemployment and doing very little except playing Witcher 3 and thinking-  As much as I enjoy the physical trade of bar tending, my most recent forced return to the serving life and the over all poor attitudes and morale in the food industry lead me to believe I will probably murder myself graphically if I have to deal with that for the rest of my life.

I’ve been thinking about possibly returning to school-  either taking on a trade or finding another relatively short degree that leads to a relatively painless career that makes a relatively decent amount of money.  Currently thinking about possibly getting into school for an X-Ray Technician degree, but the thoughts are in the formulative stages, for sure.

I can’t rightly say that it makes my soul burn, thinking about going to work to perform those duties;  But then again, I can’t really think of anything reasonable that would.  It’d be a two year degree, pay a fair sum, and would be mostly desk work.  Far from ideal but better than the nowhere that I’m currently going.

hi guys! mod o here with a quick announcement. there’s some good news and some bad news.

good news: mod applications are opening very soon! stay tuned for more information on that.

bad news: i’m going to be leaving this blog permanently at the end of july. i very recently turned 18, and i dont think im rlly comfortable like… Being in this sort of position if that makes sense? this isnt me asking ppl to validate me or w/e i already know wht im going to do and i dont think any1s gonna convince me otherwise.

im still gonna b stocking the queue + drafts w/ tons and tons of old banners, i just wont b part of the blog and answering questions and doing requests nd stuff!

anyways , thats all fr now !!!! stay tuned for updates !

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It comes with extremely heavy hearts to announce that The Dial’s welcome at our Murrieta location has come to an abrupt and instantaneous end. We kept this possibility in the back of our minds since Day One of this project and we’re finally at the crossroad we fought our hardest not to run into. The Dial at 41679 Date St may be dead, but The Dial Collective is NOT throwing in the towel anytime soon. This just another speed bump in our quest to create a second home and an outlet for as many individuals as humanly possibly. We have worked our asses off to get to where we are now and we see obstacles like this as an opportunity to create something even better and more welcoming than before.

It’s completely out of our power to remain at our current location, so that means all currently booked shows are in the process of being relocated. If you have a show booked at the space or have a location willing to host these events, please reach out to us and we’ll give you as much information as we can. Keep in mind that we received this bad news about 24 hours ago now, so everything is in a frenzy on our end right now.

Stay tuned for more information. Thank you.


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Pretty Damn Good

Shawn Mendes imagine for Monica , i hope you like it!

It was 4:45pm and i was stressing around in my apartment, searching for that one pair of shoes that I desperately wanted to wear tonight. I had already changed my outfit four times before I finally settled for a skirt and a crop top. But I couldn’t find the shoes! They must have disappeared or something because they were literally nowhere. Right as I was digging through my closet for the third time, I heard the doorbell ring.  Was it already five? I ran to the door and peeked through the peephole. He was here, he was actually here, outside my apartment. With only a door between us.

“Hey Monica” he said as I opened the door. “Wow, you look beautiful”

“Hey Shawn, and right back at you, handsome” I smiled at him and he blushed a little. To be honest, so did I.

“You ready to go?” he asked and I nodded.

“I was born ready” I joked and he laughed.

We small talked a little as we walked to the car and I asked him where we were headed. He didn’t answer me. He just smiled and said “you’ll see”. It’s so typical, why can’t people ever just tell you where you’re going? I tortured him a little longer with questions but he just laughed.

“It will ruin the surprise!” he exclaimed and I crossed my arms.

“It better be a good one then” I smiled.

A while later we came to a stop outside of a golf club. I gave Shawn a questioning look. Did he actually take me golfing on our first date? He winked and then went to get something out of the trunk of the car. A minute later he came back with a picnic basket.

“We’re having a picnic on the golf course?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Indeed” he smiled and we started walking.

We found a good spot without any people around and put the blanket down. I sat down and Shawn did the same. I reached for the basket and excitedly opened it up. Sandwiches, cookies and what seemed to be coffee. I frowned slightly but Shawn just chuckled and took the basket from me. He took out the food, the thermos of coffee and then another thermos. He brought that much coffee?

“I know you don’t like coffee so I brought you some tea” he said and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.

He remembered the fact I don’t like coffee, I told him that the first time we met. Which was over six months ago. He poured me a cup of tea and himself a cup of coffee and we just sat there for a while. Listening to the sound of the wind and watching it as well. It was very windy outside. Like unusually windy. My hair was constantly in my face no matter how many times I pushed it behind my ears and before we knew it the picnic basket was caught in a wind. Our plastic cups didn’t stay in the same place for long and we both stood up to stop our things from blowing away. As we did so, the blanket also flew up in the air, tackling us from behind. We fell to the ground and I could taste dirt in my mouth. Shawn quickly helped me up and looked quite embarrassed. I just laughed, this was so strange. It was never this windy here and then all of a sudden our entire picnic is up in the air.

After a while of struggling to get the things back we just gave up. He said he was sorry so many times that I lost track and I told him he shouldn’t worry about it. All that meant anything to me was being with him.

We went back to the car and tried to come up with something else to do, since this idea blew away. Literally. Shawn suggested seeing a movie at the cinema and I agreed, it was a long time since I went to see a movie so I was excited. We got there in about thirty minutes and decided to watch a comedy movie since they didn’t show a lot of other ones. At least not any good ones. We bought a soda each and shared a box of popcorn. The movie had almost started when we got to our seats and people were hushing us. We sat down and I don’t know how this happened, but somehow Shawn managed to spill out all of our popcorn over me.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, Monica!” he whispered and once again people were hushing us.

“It’s okay, Shawn” I assured him and he sighed.

I felt kind of sorry for him. He had been planning the picnic all week and then it just ended up in the air. And now he had just poured a whole box of popcorn over me at our backup plan. But honestly I didn’t bother, I was just happy I was here with him and no one else. And I really wish he felt the same way.

A while into the movie the lights started flickering and people started mumbling. Just a few seconds later the movie shut off and a worker at the cinema came inside the theatre. What was going on?

“I’m sorry people but it seems we have an issue in the control room. We’re going to have to evacuate the building for safety reasons so if everyone can please make their way to the exit that would be great. We are terribly sorry and we will repay you as soon as the problem has been solved” the man said and everyone started walking toward the doors.

I could hear Shawn sigh loudly from beside me and I turned around to him.

“Come on, the movie wasn’t that good anyway” I joked and he chuckled slightly.

“Much like my planning then” he said and I giggled.

“Your planning is great, Shawn. It’s not your fault their having an issue here” I told him and he smiled.

“I was kinda talking about the picnic” he chuckled.

“Well, let’s just say you blew me away” I smiled and we made our way outside.

We were just about to leave when I heard someone shout ‘fire!’ and I turned around to see smoke coming from the building. My hand immediately covered my mouth as I watched in shock. People were still coming out of the burning building and I could hear sirens in the distance. Shawn put his arms around me as he noticed my state of shock. We could have been inside there right now. If we would have been just two minutes slower we would be in there still. We could’ve died.

Three fire trucks rounded a corner and stopped outside the building. People scattered to make space for the firemen running toward the fire as people ran away from it. I turned around and buried my face in Shawn’s chest and he held me tightly. I was so scared even though we were outside, we were safe.

“Let’s go” Shawn whispered and we did.

We got in his car and drove off. Neither of us knew where we were going but after a couple of minutes spent in silence, Shawn stopped the car and we got out. We were in a park just a few blocks from my apartment. It was a quite big park considering the small apartments that were around here. But I liked it. We sat down on each swing and talked. We just talked, laughed and watched as the sun set and stars showed up in the sky. I loved stargazing. It was so peaceful and pretty, how these dots in the sky could create such beautiful patterns. I told Shawn this and he laughed at me.

“What?” I asked.

“I just love how you refer to stars as dots” he smiled.

“That’s because they look like dots!” I exclaimed and pointed at the sky.

“And that’s because they’re millions of miles away” Shawn said and I laughed.

“I am aware, thank you for the astronomy lesson” I joked and we both ended up laughing.

We sat there for hours. Just talking, laughing, stargazing. Everything was perfect and I think Shawn had even forgotten about everything that happened earlier. When the clock reached 1am I told him I had to leave and his smile wiped off. Mine did too, but I knew I had to get home. He offered to walk me home since my apartment was only a few blocks from here and I gladly accepted. Because that meant I got to spend a couple more minutes with him.

As we started walking I could feel a drop of water hit my head and I looked up at the sky. Shawn stopped and stared confused at me before he too got a drop on him. Soon the rain was pouring and we ran as fast as we could but gave up eventually, realizing we couldn’t run from it. My clothes were soaking wet and so was Shawn’s and we just broke out in laughter. A few minutes later we were standing outside my apartment, not wanting the night to end.

“This was a terrible first date, Monica. I apologize for not planning a perfect night for you” Shawn said and took my hand in his.

“Maybe it wasn’t my ideal first date, but it was nowhere near terrible” I assured him and he chuckled.

“Everything screwed up, how’s that not a disaster?” he laughed.

“You gave me taste of each of the elements in just one night, Shawn. That’s pretty impressive. I mean, the wind at the picnic, falling and literally tasting the earth, then the fire at the movie theatre and now the rain. You gave me wind, earth, fire and water in one night. I know that might not sound like a date, but I had fun. It was an adventure and I’m glad I got to share it with you” I said and he smiled.

“I’m glad too. It was a pretty damn good night after all” he said.

“Pretty damn good indeed” I smiled and he took a step closer to me. I put my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist, leaning closer until our lips met in the sweetest kiss. I could feel him smile through the kiss which made me smile too. A perfect ending to a little less perfect night.


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OH AND I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS PEOPLE, I’m writing part two of ‘Bad boys’ and it’ll be up soon! So stay tuned xx

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