stay tuned ehe

A quick doodle of Petyr Baelish on my new Cintiq.

  • Aoi: watched the Filth in the Beauty MV after such a long time and I had to cry over how damn young I was.
  • Aoi: oooh, I certainly love the Guren MV, too.
  • Aoi: 'LEECH' or 'Ibitsu' are killing me. how should I say, the coolness of the band is just killing me*. sorry about the self-praise...
  • Aoi: so, with that being said, we have great expectations for our latest MV, the GazettE’s new single UNDYING coming out on 4/27 (WED). the excitement of the LIVE TOUR 15-16 [DOGMATIC] FINAL Shikkoku is still lingering and the DVD will be released this winter so wait eagerly and stay tuned!
  • Aoi: eh? the HP says 2016 WINTER RELEASEー? well, you know, winter is just a rough time specificationー. so, some time around winter it’ll come out all of sudden so check it out!
  • Aoi: well then, good night ー=͟͟͞͞ (¦3[▓▓]
  • *this was kinda hard to translate. 悩ましい can mean seductive/sexy/alluring, fascinating, but also troubling/worrying/distressful or anxious/uneasy. so I went with "it's killing me" where the meaning is not exactly clear either.