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A quick doodle of Petyr Baelish on my new Cintiq.


Chapter 41.2 Dubious Translation Part I:

In Which The Most Significant Pages Are The Ones Without Any Dialogue…

Chang Ge: You…what kind of nonsense are you saying! Why would I want you to rescue me! What a bother! You’re still not going?!

Sun: Answer me quickly, even just one word would do.

Chang Ge: …fine. Aren’t you going?

Sun: Alright, I’m going.

Ok, I’m going to spill all my shipper feelings here since in Part II we focus on the plot. What can I say? After 41 chapters, it’s finally confirmed that Sun and Chang Ge do see each other in that light. Before, any subtext can still be viewed in the bromance angle (not that that wasn’t awesome too). But here there’s no ambiguity. Chang Ge blushed and smiled (YMMV the first clear indication that she’s interested), while Sun is clearly gone. GONE. His happy face when Chang Ge agreed! His shy expression as he breathes in Chang Ge’s lingering scent! I don’t throw around the “C” word lightly (hint: it has five letters) but yeah, now we know that the relationship is heading that way. 

Part II is next, and both Sun and Chang Ge decides on where to go from here. At least now we have hope that they will be reunited in the future eh? Stay tuned!

  • Aoi: watched the Filth in the Beauty MV after such a long time and I had to cry over how damn young I was.
  • Aoi: oooh, I certainly love the Guren MV, too.
  • Aoi: 'LEECH' or 'Ibitsu' are killing me. how should I say, the coolness of the band is just killing me*. sorry about the self-praise...
  • Aoi: so, with that being said, we have great expectations for our latest MV, the GazettE’s new single UNDYING coming out on 4/27 (WED). the excitement of the LIVE TOUR 15-16 [DOGMATIC] FINAL Shikkoku is still lingering and the DVD will be released this winter so wait eagerly and stay tuned!
  • Aoi: eh? the HP says 2016 WINTER RELEASEー? well, you know, winter is just a rough time specificationー. so, some time around winter it’ll come out all of sudden so check it out!
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  • *this was kinda hard to translate. 悩ましい can mean seductive/sexy/alluring, fascinating, but also troubling/worrying/distressful or anxious/uneasy. so I went with "it's killing me" where the meaning is not exactly clear either.