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aiight folks here’s my thoughts on the “what the fuck do we call this ship” discourse

gravebone: colin farrell + ezra miller

grindbone: johnny depp + ezra miller

yes i’m making it about appearance bc yes i am that shallow, but ALSO bc i love the potential of some original!graves/credence as well as the dark nasty of grindlegraves/credence, but i fucking hate johnny depp and don’t want to think about him lmfao ((personally, if u wanna think about him live ur life!))


NEW VIDEO: “Messy Boys Try Pot” ft. Troye Sivan

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  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: where is dan? i know hes busy but that doesnt explain why all of his social media accounts arent being updated? he says hes always on the internet, but if he isnt on twitter or tumblr, what is he on? is he reading fanfiction? what does dan howell do on the internet? why is it that in every picture dans on his phone but hes rarely on his social media accounts these days? is he on a secret account or is he reading fanfic? tell us the trUTH

kpop world update:

  • Minghao might be planning to pull a bambam
  • Jungkook bought another white tee and every fangirl was in tears
  • exo bout to drop sum lit af
  • Taehyung still obsessed with touching peoples butts
  • someone taught yoongi how to dance like drake
  • Sehun still upset that no one told him happy birthday until 11 minutes after
  • Monstax has some nice backs
  • Hyungwon still a meme
  • Jr. still a savage
  • Yugyeom learned a new word (bitch)