stay true roo

“How wonderful life is…. now you’re in the world." 

Thank YOU - fans, artists, staff, vendors, Manchester locals, safety staff, and volunteers for making the 13th Bonnaroo so amazing! 

We know Roo is always over too soon, but the positive values and good times we share when we’re together keep Bonnaroo alive year round… so Stay True Roo! We’ll see you on The Farm.

A HUGE thank you to every Bonnaroovian out there!

Thank you for living together peacefully as happy inhabitants of the land of Bonnaroo…  Dreaming big, celebrating the weird, laughing wholeheartedly, loving the music, exuding art and making this year extraordinary.Bonnaroo is a holiday for the soul and that’s only possible because of YOU -

Fans, artists, staff, vendors, Manchester/Coffee County locals, safety staff, and volunteers.

We love you and you’ll always have a home on The Farm.

These days together are over too soon but the positive values and good times we share keep Bonnaroo alive year round…

So, Stay True Roo and come celebrate 15 years of magic with us in 2016!

(Photo credit: Andrew Jorgensen)