stay strong rob


The friendship and bond they had together as a band only comes once in a lifetime to those who really want it and it was very unique as well. Not only did they come this far as a band, but as really close friends up to a point where they felt like family and more as brothers. The success and accomplishments they made are nothing without their bond that they’ve held strongly for the past 16 years. If only I could see their friendship move farther then it already has, but sadly that road has to end. I’m glad their moving forward to the future of their band, but I’m really going to miss seeing them have fun with the music they make and the awesome friendship they had just the six of them. Whatever path they decide here on out I hope they remain being the silly, funny, and all around goofballs while doing so. Mike, Brad, Phoenix, Joe, and Rob stay strong and be safe. Keep doing what you’re doing and be yourselves doing so. Chester wouldn’t want it any other way. Love you guys :)

2014 look back on the year Social Media (not in order)

Connor Franta Coming Out
O2l ending
Magcon ending
Connor Franta Being Depressed
Shawn Mendes EP
Troyler kiss
TRXYE album
Cameron Dallas movie Expelled
Jack and Jack Movie
Jack and Jack Tour
Shawn Mendes going on tour with Austin Mahone
O2l hitting 2M subs
Rob Williams Death
Joan River’s Death
Five Seconds of Summer
One Direction
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Wedding
# LEH Superwoman & Humble The Poet 7M views
Youtubers in general hitting over 1M subs and counting

These are some events that had happen during 2014. If I missed anything that you think should be in here feel free to add just don’t take the others out. Other than that make your 2015 a good year and stay strong:)