stay strong larry shippers

A letter to the lovely larries that stayed,

There are going to be people who don’t agree. That’s okay. It’s what you feel. It’s what you believe. There are going to be “ex larries” and “antis.” There are in many Fandoms. The important thing is, is that you stayed. Don’t let them bother you. Don’t let them upset you. We are strong. We are a family. Even if Larry is not real, what we created was beautiful. The friendships between each other, the art, and the bond we created with each other is amazing, among multiple other things. I hate seeing so many of you getting hate and not being able to do anything about it. But we have to stick together. Remember guys, we keep each other strong. We’ve got this. We’re a tiny army. As one direction says, nobody can drag us down right? Stay strong lovelies. I’m always here for any of you.
Okay? xxx

I just wanna say,for all my Larry shipper followers : stay strong.

If you’re feeling down bc of “anti larry shippers” or if you’re sufering virtual bullying bc of larry or even if you’re feeling like giving up bc larry won’t come out,PLEASE TALK TO ME.

We need to stay together.

Really.No,for real.I’m not kidding.I’m being serious.This went too far,people are killing themselves.

I’m here for you.


Yes, if you click the link the tweet is gone, you get a page like the one pictured.
But remember that big thing that can’t be deleted other than the tattoos?

Louis and Harry BOTH co-wrote TDKAU and you cant “delete"that, or legal reasons…

yes I’m aware the tweet is very important, I cried when I found out it was deleted…. But, just think, if we need a tweet to make our ship real,so we can prove it then we are being hypocritical as the elounor shippers that always pull this out

Stay strong shippers

It’s never over.

anonymous asked:

its already started, colombian fans are singing outside where the band are staying singing: Strong & Happily, hahahah. so many larry shippers in south america its not even funny, no one cares what they say. instagram(.)com/p/nJmncFHhqZ/ instagram(.)com/p/nJmZa1Hhp_/

Lol ohhhh boy. And so it begins X X

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I swear this band lucky they got a Harry Styles that I love. Cause if not then would've lost me like 7 stunts ago. Like how do Larries and Ziam shippers stay strong. Everybody and they damn daddy is against us. When Larry come out I'm taking a nap.

I think if you stay focused on the big picture, then it’s a lot easier to not be affected by the stunts. At this point we have year’s worth of “proofs” of both Larry and Ziam. Year’s worth. Blogs full of it. Example after example. And the examples are still coming. Not everything can be explained away by oh they’re just British, or it’s fan service, or it’s a slowed down gif, or it’s a coincidence, or crazy fans making things up. 

So for me, I know one stunt doesn’t undo the past 6 years. One stunt doesn’t explain away this blog full of examples. One stunt doesn’t erase Harry and Louis’ complementary tattoos. One stunt doesn’t erase an album full of songs Zayn wrote that seem to fit his journey with Liam (being in love AND aggressively closeted sounds a lot like paradise/war zone). One stunt doesn’t erase all the other stunts that have been expertly dissected and debunked by this observant fandom. I’m beyond being jerked around although it does annoy the shit outta me. Big picture, always.