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First marvel fic on this new blog! I hope you like it, the only other fandom I’ve written for is Riverdale on my blog @jvghead-jones-iii. Enjoy!

Summary: The reader sides with Steve during Civil War and her skills are tested when she’s thrown into the fight at the airport.


You flinched slightly as Bucky whispered into your ear.

Following his lead, you took off after him and Sam making sure to pace yourself as you sprinted through the airport. You ducked slightly when the windows shattered, throwing your hands up and stopping the glass in it’s path.

“Alright…ow! Couldn’t you have stopped the glass when I was already fully inside the building?”

You, Sam, and Bucky turned to the newcomer who was perched on a beam as he carefully picked out the shards of glass that were embedded in his suit.

His artifical eyes widened slightly before coming to a rest as he spoke again. “Wait, your power is telekinesis? That’s so cool!”

You nodded dumbly as both Sam and Bucky tugged at your arms, the glass dropping to the floor as you were forced to run away from the young hero.

“Hey wait! I didn’t get your name,” he called out after you.

You looked over your shoulder and smirked before answering. “Peter Parker.”

His eyes widened once more as he heard you say his name and he proceeded to swing himself after you, determined to know who you were.

“So…how the hell do you know wonder kid?” Sam muttered as you hid behind a pillar.

You shushed him but answered nonetheless. “You remember that secret mission Tony gave me after the whole Ultron fiasco?” Sam nodded. “Well he sent me to New York to keep tabs on spider-boy. Just in case we ever needed him.”

“Well it looks like Tony needed him after all,” Bucky hissed, a sarcastic smile on his face.

“Listen kid,” Bucky continued. “Get out of here. We’ll handle the spider.”

You started to shake your head, but Sam interrupted you. “No (Y/N). He’s right. Go find Wanda. You guys work well together. Stay safe ok?”

You nodded softly before creeping along the wall, already searching for an exit.

You didn’t get very far before you felt something hit your wrist, pinning it to the wall with a ‘thwip’.

You glanced down to see a white substance and immediately cried out for help. “Sam? Buck? Help?”

“Uh, we’re a little tied up at the moment (Y/N),” you heard Sam’s strained reply.

You looked for a way to get out of the webs but no matter how hard you pulled or strained, they stayed put.

“Strong isn’t it?”

You screamed and looked up at the sound, coming face to face (well face to mask) with Peter.

“Yeah, and kinda gross. Does this stuff come out of you?” you asked, your face twisting in disgust.

Peter’s smile faltered underneath his mask as he tried to converse with you. Stepping closer, he leaned against the wall in what he hoped was a casual fashion before speaking again. “So you know my name, I only think it’s fair if I know yours.”

You snorted but perked up as you heard a familiar noise. Redwing. You glanced out of the corner of your eye to see the small gadget flying in your direction. Glancing at Peter, you motioned for him to come closer, effectively putting him in Redwing’s path.

“Do you web up all the girls you meet?” you asked in a slightly flirtatious tone. You could feel the smirk grow under Peter’s mask.

“Only the beautiful ones,” he responded, enjoying the sight of the furious blush that tinted your cheeks as soon as the words left his mouth.

“It’s a shame that our little date couldn’t last longer,” you commented.

“What do you-”

Peter’s words we’re cut off as Redwing swooped in, throwing him out the window. “Hey! You set me up!”

You laughed out loud at his accusation as Bucky approached you, cutting off Peter’s webbing.

“Mr. Stark? They’re not stopping!” Peter cried out, mildly panicking as the two groups of superheroes charged at one another.

He immediately noticed you, running alongside Clint and Wanda and the intensity of his gaze made Tony look your way. When he saw you look at Clint for reassurance, his brows furrowed slightly.

Sighing and filled with worry, Tony grasped Peter’s arm and pulled him aside.

“Listen kid. You see that girl?” he pointed to you and Peter nodded, his cheeks flushing slightly under his mask. “She’s your age so do an old man a favor and keep her out of trouble yeah?”

Peter bobbed his head enthusiastically. “Sure can do Mr. Stark. I’ll make sure she stays safe.”

Tony sighed to himself as he watched Peter swing away. “Teenagers.”

You ran towards Natasha with Clint but stopped in your tracks as you heard a familiar ‘thwip’.

You twirled around and dropped straight to the floor as a white mass flew over your head and hit the wall behind you.

It was Peter.

“You know, it was pretty rude of you to set me up the way you did back there,” he teased.

A slight smirk spread across your face. “Aw but I set you up with Redwing. He’s not so bad.“

You heard a snort emanate from under the mask, making you giggle. Peter blushed at the sound and cleared his throat awkwardly. “So, uh, you come here often?”

You laughed out loud at his attempt to flirt before stepping closer to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he gulped audibly. “Y'know Pete, if only the circumstances were different. I might not have to do this.”

“Do what?” he asked, confused.

In a flash, you had him in a headlock. You kicked his legs out from under him and tightened your grip until he collapsed, clawing at your arms as he tried to get you to let go.

When he stopped moving, you let him go and got up, pausing to look down at him as he wheezed and tried to catch his breath.

You help your hand out and located some wire, bringing it to your outstretched hand and quickly tying his wrist to a pole.

“Ow,” Peter hissed as he tried to tear his hand away.

“Good luck getting that knot off. I was in scouts when I was younger,” you said as you walked away, throwing a wink in his direction.

No matter how hard he tried, Peter couldn’t help the blush that covered his face once more.

He was still sitting there minutes later when Tony was thrown his way.

“Mister Stark!” Peter greeted happily.

“Kid,” Tony grunted out, looking him over. “Ah she got you too?”

“What do you mean sir?”

“After you let her go, she came after all of us. Who do you think threw my over here,” Tony muttered as he stood up, blasting the wire that bound Peter’s wrist. “(Y/N)’s gotten much stronger with her abilities I’ll give her that.”

Peter looked after Tony as he flew away.

“(Y/N),” he sighed. “So that’s her name.”

With a grin on his face, Peter swung towards the battle, this time finding himself in an altercation with Captain America himself.

You whimpered in pain as you pushed Clint out of the way, taking the hit that the panther had thrown his way.

“Go help the others!” you cried. “I’ll take care of the king.”

Clint looked at you hesitantly, taking note of the way you were holding the king down with your powers before nodding and running off.

You let the king go and he stood up slowly, stretching and flexing his muscles in a way that resembled the very cat he was dressed as.

“King T'Challa,” you declared, dropping into a low bow.

The king seemed taken aback at your actions before he shook his head and crouched down into a fighting stance.

“I am terribly sorry for your loss,” you continued. “Your father was a great man and although I know you won’t believe me, Bucky played no role in his death.”

T'Challa paused for a moment, not knowing what to do. “Thank you for your condolences Miss (L/N), but I am afraid you are right. I don’t believe you.”

With those words, he lunged at you. You threw your arms up last minute, trying to block him.

It didn’t work and instead you felt his vibranium claws tear through your arm. You cried out loud, drawing the attention of Bucky, who looked at you in concern and darted over to help you fight the panther.

By the time he got there however, you had thrown T'Challa into one of the airplanes, muttering furious apologies as you attacked the King of Wakanda.

Unbeknownst to you, your cries had also drawn Peter’s attention and distracted him from his battle.

He groaned as Cap dropped the walkway on his shoulders and he struggled to hold it up.

Noticing his lack of focus, Steve chuckled breathlessly. “You like her don’t you kid?”

Peter stumbled over his tongue as he tried to deny Steve’s statement.

“Don’t try and hide it kid,” Steve laughed. “I was the same when I was your age.“

“It’s just, she’s really cool Mr. America,” Peter replied quietly.

“Well I hope something works out. I like you kid. Where are you from?”

“Queens,” Peter grunted as he struggled under the weight he was holding.

Cap chuckled once more before running off. “Brooklyn.”

You yelped in surprise as you were pulled aside and came face to face with Bucky and Steve.

“Listen (Y/N/N),” Steve began. “I don’t like this plan but we need you to come with us to locate the rest of the soldiers. When Scott gives us the signal, we sprint towards the hangar and whatever happens, do not stop until you reach it. Okay?”

You nodded as you struggled to catch your breath. “Got it Cap!”

“Also,” Bucky said. “Take some pity on the poor kid and give him your number or something. It’s sad really, the way you two flirt.”

You blushed heavily as you ran off, waiting for the signal, and ran into Natasha who only looked at you and wrapped you up in her arms.

“Thank goodness you’re still safe,” she mumbled. “Go hide somewhere safe. Please.”

You didn’t answer as she ran off, instead focusing your attention on the now humongous Scott Lang.

I guess that’s the signal , you thought to yourself as you sped towards the hangar.

Everything happened too quickly for you to process but all you know is that you were standing at the entrance to the hangar when Vision and Wanda faced off.

Multiple cries were heard and Natasha held Steve and Bucky back as they tried to run to you.

When Rhodey fell, out in the field, the entrance collapsed, and covered you in debris.

The last thing you heard was Bucky, Steve, and Peter screaming your name and the last thing you saw was a familiar Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man™ swinging towards you.

You opened your eyes slowly, groaning slightly at the aching pain you felt throughout your body.

“Where am I?’ you whispered groggily.

At the sound of your voice, Tony (who had been sitting by your bed) shot up straight. He took one look at you before he launched himself at you, gathering you in his arms much like Natasha had done and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“Thank god you’re alright,” he muttered over and over.

“Tony where am I?” you asked again. “Where are the others?”

Tony shifted his gaze towards the floor. “You’re in the Raft. You all are. But you’re in the medical wing. You and Rhodey were hurt pretty badly.”

You gasped. The Raft. You were in a maximum security prison.

“Listen kid,” Tony continued. “Cameras are off so take this.”

You tightened your grip over the things Tony had slipped into your palm. Your cell phone, some pills, and a slip of paper.

“You won’t stay here much longer kid,” Tony said. “I’m gonna go get Cap and Barnes and then we’ll get you all out of here okay?”

You nodded softly, leaning forwards to hug Tony again before he got up and walled towards the door.

“Oh and kid,” Tony paused. “Do me a favor and put that paper to good use. You’re still young. Have some fun!”

You chuckled as Tony sent a smile your way before leaving. Looking down, you unfolded the piece of paper, only to let out a laugh when you read the writing.

Hey (Y/N) (I finally got your name btw), I just wanted to say that even though we were on opposing teams, you’re pretty, and cool. I mean you’re pretty cool. I wanna get to know you if that’s alright with you so if you’re ever not busy saving the world, you can shoot me a text if you’d like?


-Peter P.

Peter jumped in anticipation as he felt his phone vibrate. He felt the smile spread across his face as he read the message, glad that Tony had delivered his note.

Hey Peter. I’m sorry about setting you up with Redwing but if you’re willing, I have someone else in mind that I think will suit you perfectly.


Peter wasted absolutely no time in replying.

First Marvel fic and I hope y'all enjoyed it! I hope it was good!

Come Back to Me

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Raphael x Reader

Come Back to Me

Prompt: I keep seeing stories about Raph’s girl being a fitness goddess and/or fighting crime with them all, but I never see any where they stay n the lair and have to be reassured by Splinter that the boys will be OK. Like, even if she were strong there’s no way she’d ever b as strong as MUTANTS WITH ARMOR SKIN who’ve trained their entire lives to fight. I wish there were more turts x reader where Splinter is involved

Note: This is a lot, but I’m gonna try.

Dating a giant turtle vigilante guy was almost never easy. And waiting for him to get home after his long mission nights…it was even harder. Currently, you were curled up on the couch, swaddled in the soft red blanket he had knitted for you. Even though he was gone, you could still feel his lips against your forehead, his large hands tugging the blanket tighter around your shoulders.

He had promised to be back in under an hour. It had been nearly three. Needless to say, you were worried sick.

“Do not worry, my child. I am sure my sons will be back soon.” Splinter reassured you. He passed you a mug of tea and took a seat on the couch next to you.

“Thank you, Master Splinter.” You nodded gratefully. You held the mug in both of your hands, black fingernails drumming steadily against the ceramic. “I’m just worried. That they’ll get hurt.” That he’ll get hurt.

“My sons…they have an advantage to most human enemies. Their size, their skill. They haven’t failed yet.” He put a comforting hand on your shoulder. “They will be fine.”

“I hope so.” You took a sip of the tea and inhaled a deep breath. Splinter offered a kind smile before getting up to go tend to his plants.


By the time the boys returned to the lair, you had fallen asleep on the couch with a book dangling from your fingertips and your glasses hanging off of your face. The boys tried to enter quietly, as they knew it was late and suspected you would be here waiting for them.

While his brothers walked off to their respective rooms to crash for the night, Raph lumbered over to where you had crashed and quietly knelt down in front of your sleeping form. Your breaths were long and even, and as his green eyes scanned over you, he found himself falling further in love with you than he already had.

How the shell had he gotten so lucky?

“Raph?” Your voice was no more than a whisper. Your eyes blinked a few times and you looked up at him sleepily.

“Hey.” He brushed some of the hair out of your face and kissed the crown of your head. “Didn’t mean to wake ya.”

“That’s all right. What time is it?” you glanced at the clock. It was nearly midnight. “Oh God, I gotta get home.”

“Do you wanna spend the night?” Raph asked softly. His large hands stopped you from getting up. You thought for a second before nodding.

“Will you grab me my phone?” Your tired finger pointed towards the coffee table. It was just…too far. He handed you the phone, which seemed tiny in his enormous hands, and you called your mother to tell her you would be spending the night at Raph’s place.

“You good?”

“Yep.” You rubbed your eyes and tucked your phone away and then reached up for Raphael with both arms. He smirked and lifted you up in his strong arms, holding you on his hip as though you weighed nothing. To him, you probably didn’t weigh anything. He was huge.

Raph carried you over to his and Mikey’s room and set you on the top bunk before climbing up there with you. It was soon after that you found yourself curled up on his strong chest. He started to drift off, his plastron rising and falling with each breath.

“Raph?” You whispered.


“I love you, okay?” Your voice was quiet. “I love you a lot and I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“I-I love ya too.” He replied. He gripped you a little tighter and pressed another kiss to the top of your head. “And I promise. I’ll try ta be safe.”

“I’ll hold you to that.”

granddustwizard  asked:

You seem so much more peppy and cheerful now. See how much good a few days of rest can do for the soul? Now next time we fans of yours start yelling at you to take a break, I don't want to hear any back-sass little missy.

Oke <:3 I will

I was actually thinking of changing the schedule next month, like instead of bringing adc updates everyday I could take the weekend off, and bring you the updates from monday to friday. Still a thought, it’s something that some people told me I could do.

Again, thank you so much for being concerned of my well being <3 I had a very rough year and I need to stay strong and positive, and appreciate the things I have rn. So thanks again~ you guys helped me a lot 

Happy Father’s Day | Finn Bálor

Title: Happy Father’s Day

Pairing: Finn Bálor/Reader

Summary: Both had eyes like the sea, waves of blue and green, and dark wisps of hair that always looked feathery soft.

Word Count: 529

Warnings: Fluffy cuteness

Tagging: @ortonaholic <3

A/N: I wrote this like 5 minutes ago because I love the idea of Finn as a dad. Happy Father’s Day to every one out there, and if you guys lost a father or your father isn’t in your life for whatever reason I’ll be your dad lol

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I’d Say So (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

WC: 2125

Warnings: Kinda angsty, BMC/DEH crossover

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb @ahhhhamilton

Summary: Y/N decides to get a SQUIP. Things don’t end well when her boyfriend, Jared, finds out.

A/N: This was requested!! Hope you guys enjoy!

“So this thing actually works? It isn’t gonna go haywire like Jeremy’s did?” I asked, glancing down nervously at the shoebox in front of me.

“Jeremy Heere was a rare instance. This is a newer software, so all the bugs have been fixed.” The stock boy said, pushing the shoebox closer towards me.

“Awesome, awesome. Here’s your money, then.” I said, passing him the required bills. He smiled at me as he took the money, and he looked more like a shark than anything remotely human.

“Enjoy your new life.” He said, passing me the pill. I took it and watched nervously as he walked away, my leg bouncing up and down.

I pulled out the bottle of Mountain Dew from my backpack, and uncapped it, shoving the cap in my pocket.

I took in a deep breath and popped the pill in my mouth, taking a large swig of Mountain Dew.

I swallowed and let out a sigh, remembering what Jeremy had said about it taking a while to kick in.

I walked quickly back to my car, thanking God that I only lived about a 5 minute drive from the mall. I got home and opened Instagram, noticing a new post from Jared.


Look at this nerd. She’s the worst, honestly. @Y/I/N

The photo was of me last Saturday, curled up on a couch, clutching a stuffed bear Jared gave me for Valentine’s Day and wearing one of Jared’s t-shirts.

I rolled my eyes, but a smile crept onto my face at his actions. I went to reply, but a wave of pain watched over my body.

“What the hell!” I screamed, collapsing to the ground. I rolled around, feeling my muscles seize up.

Calibration complete. Access procedure initiated.” A voice said and I looked around, wondering who was saying that. 

Discomfort level may increase.” The voice said and I suddenly let out a shriek of agony, feeling like I was being pulled apart from the inside.

Accessing: neural memory. Accessing: muscle memory. Access procedure: complete. Y/N Y/L/N… welcome to your Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor. Your SQUIP.” The voice rang through my head and I was suddenly free of pain.

“You… you sound like Lin-Manuel Miranda.” I said, and there was a brief silence. I wondered if the SQUIP was still active, but the voice spoke up again.

This is my default setting according to your memories. You can also set me for Kristin Chenoweth, Philippa Soo or Andrew Rannells.” Lin’s voice said, and I shook my head in disbelief.

“Lin’s fine. I, uh, God this is weird.” I said, still in shock and disbelief.

I exist only in your mind, Y/N. No one can see me, but they can, however, see you having an animated conversation with yourself. Instead, you can think at me. Telepathically, per se.” The SQUIP said, and I paused, cringing internally.

“Uh, ok.” I thought, still uncomfortable with Lin-Manuel Miranda in my head. Suddenly I heard a knock at the door, and my eyes widened.

Answer it, Y/N.” The voice said and I nodded, walking to the door. I swung it open, and smiled when I saw Michael and Jeremy standing there.

“Hey Y/N!” Michael said and I smiled, ushering them in. They dumped their backpacks down on the couch, and Jeremy brought me into a quick hug.

“How are you?” Jeremy asked, and I shrugged my shoulders. I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my back, and I straightened up immediately, cursing  internally.

You were slouching. For a drama student, I’d expect you to have better posture.” The SQUIP said and I immediately straightened up.

“I, uh, I’m fine. Really.” I said and Jeremy shot me a strange look.

“Can he tell I’ve got one? You know, a SQUIP?” I thought, and I imagined the SQUIP was laughing.

He can suspect, sure, but he will never be certain because of the fact that his unit is currently disabled.” Lin’s voice said and I nodded, not noticing th strange look Jeremy shot me.

“Y/N… are you sure you’re ok?” Jeremy asked, gently placing a hand on my arm. I flinched away slightly, and Jeremy’s eyes widened.

I hate to alarm you, but he has definitely noticed now.” My SQUIP said and I let out a shaky breath.

“How could you? I… ugh.” Jeremy said, running a hand through his hair.

“What’s wrong? Is… is something going on?” Michael asked, jogging up next to Jeremy.

“She got one, Michael. A SQUIP.” Jeremy whispered, and Michael’s face fell as he looked at me.

“Why?” Michael asked, looking at me with shock and disappointment etched into his features.

You should probably answer him. And tell him the truth. You may not have the same end game as Jeremy did, but they’ll assume that you do.” My SQUIP said and at this point I wanted to punch it.

“I, uh, I can assure you that I don’t want to be cool. That’s the last thing I want.” I said, but that didn’t ease the disappointment on my friend’s faces.

“You saw what that thing did to Jeremy. To the entire school. Why would you want that, Y/N?” Michael asked, sounding incredibly hurt.

“I… I wanted to be something better than what I already am. I know I have a good life and wonderful friends, but that doesn’t stop me from having social anxiety and a crappy self esteem.” I said and their faces softened slightly.

“You should’ve come to us instead of getting one of those cursed floppy discs implanted in your brain. You could’ve gone to Evan. Or Jared. God, what’s Jared gonna say about this?” Jeremy said, his eyes widening slightly.

I assure you, I am much better than a floppy disc.” The SQUIP said and I sighed, raking a hand through my hair.

“I’m calling Jared, Y/N. He has to know about this. He loves you more than anything else.” Michael said, and I winced at the thought of Jared reacting to the news Michael would be bearing.

“Maybe Michael and I should head off. We, uh, we can meet up another afternoon.” Jeremy said, looking at me with pity in his eyes.

“Calm down Jared! Yes, she’s home. Where do you think we are?” I heard Michael say, and I let out a sigh.

“Stay strong, Y/N. If it, uh, ever gets too much, I have an open door and a fridge full of Mountain Dew Red. Just remember that.” Jeremy said, tentatively placing a hand on my arm.

I would highly recommend not taking his offer. My objective is to help, I swear.” I nodded, smiling at Jeremy.

“Jared’s on his way over. He did not sound impressed.” Michael said, shoving his phone in his pocket.

“Ok, ok. You guys should go.” I said, giving the boys the largest smile I could muster. It was pretty depressing, but they appreciated the sentiment.

I waved halfheartedly at them as they left, and I let out a sigh as soon as they were gone.

You haven’t ruined your friendship, Y/N. They’re just disappointed. And slightly angry, but that’s not the point.” The SQUIP said, and I let out a groan.

“I don’t care that I haven’t ruined our friendship. They still hate me, and I can’t blame them.” I thought, pacing around the house and thanking god my parents weren’t home.

We’ll work on your self loathing later. Jared’s here.” I took in a deep breath, readying myself for the wrath of Jared.

“What the hell were you thinking, babe?” I saw Jared storm in, his face already red.

“I’m sorry, it’s just.” Jared interrupted me by capturing my lips in a kiss, and my eyes widened slightly.

Well, that was unexpected.”

I closed my eyes, attempting to block out the SQUIP. It worked, and I tangled my fingers in Jared’s hair, tugging on it gently.

He let out a low moan, and his grip on my waist tightened slightly. Jared pulled away, his breathing laboured and his cheeks flushed.

“I love you. You know that right?” Jared said, his hair sticking up at odd angles.

“Of course.” I muttered, resting my forehead against Jared’s.

“Then why the hell would you do this?” Jared said, pulling his face away from mine.

I let out a sigh, running a hand through my hair. “Jared, you know how much of a mess I am. I’m socially anxious, and…” I said, not wanting to tell Jared my other reason for getting the SQUIP.

“And? And what?” Jared said, looking at me with a determination he reserved only for incredibly intense games of Monopoly.

“And I often get worried that you don’t really love me.” I whispered, lowering my gaze to the floor.

Just in case you’re wondering, Jared isn’t pleased with that. At all.”

“Is.. do you honestly think that?” Jared asked, his voice soft. I took in a deep breath and nodded, bravely lifting my head.

I felt tears welling in my eyes, but I noticed that they had started to form in Jared’s eyes as well.

“Oh, Y/N.” Jared whispered, pulling me close to his chest. I sniffled, feeling a few tears run down my face.

“Shh, shh.” Jared muttered into my hair, rubbing my back soothingly. My tears found their way onto Jared’s shirt, and I noticed that my SQUIP was silent.

“Hey, hey, look at me.” Jared said and I lifted my head, noticing that his eyes were starting to go a little red.

“Never, ever, doubt that I love you. Sure, there will be times where you feel unloveable. Like the world is just out to get you. But those times are minute in comparison to the good times.” Jared said, gently wiping away one of my tears with his thumb.

Mathematically, and according to your memory base, 85% of the memories you have could be classed as ‘good’.

“I love absolutely everything about you. Your smile, your eyes and the way they light up when I tell you some dumb joke. How your hair always smells like strawberries and vanilla. Like, how?” Jared said, and I chuckled weakly.

“It’s my shampoo.” I muttered, a half smile resting on my face. Jared smiled widely at me and kissed my forehead, his lips lingering for a few seconds.

“I love the way your hand fits so perfectly in mine, and don’t get me started on your body. That could spark a very different kind of conversation.” Jared said, looking me up and down, biting his lip.

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, and my smile widened slightly. “What I’m trying to say is, I love you Y/N Y/L/N, and I always will. SQUIP or no SQUIP.” Jared said, placing his lips on mine.

You should tell him that he’ll probably love you more with my assistance.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck, fiddling with the hair on the nape of his neck. His arms snaked around my waist, and pulled me tightly against his chest.

I kissed Jared with fervour, focusing on nothing except him. I pulled away reluctantly, my lungs burning slightly.

“I love you. I love you. I love you.” Jared said, punctuating his words by kissing both my cheeks and my forehead. I sniffled, smiling wider and brighter than before.

“You’re my favourite human being. You know that, right?” I said, looking up at Jared with love in my eyes.

Jared chuckled, tucking a wisp of hair behind my ear. “Of course I know that. And the same goes for you, Y/N. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He said, taking one of my hands in his free one.

“Crash and burn, probably. You’re not very good at fending for yourself, babe.” I said, gigging slightly as I watched Jared pout.

“You’re so mean. I meant, it’s true, but still!” Jared said, squeezing my hand gently. I rolled my eyes, pecking his dusty pink cheek.

“Oh, babe! I almost forgot.” Jared said suddenly, and I looked at him curiously, arching an eyebrow.

“What is it?” I asked, and Jared smiled widely at me, pulling his phone out from his pocket.

“I saw the funniest meme the other day. You’re gonna love it!” Jared exclaimed, unlocking his phone and scrolling through it.

I laughed loudly, shaking my head at the enthusiasm Jared had for memes. “Sometimes I wonder why I’m still dating you, Jared.” I said, laughing slightly.

“Because I’m a wonderful human being who love you with every fibre of his being?” Jared said, giving me wide puppy dog eyes.

“I’d say so, babe. I’d say so.”

i wrote these in the insta story already but i am very emotional rn so i’m sorry i’m just gonna write it here too and probably delete this later. I just want to share.

More than a month ago I went through a horrible divorce, a failed suicide attempted which resulted in organ failure and my half body being paralyzed. I moved out of the city i was living in, and quit all the art/job i was doing, which include my clothing stores.

Today, I am now one of the best selling author, because I followed through with my book publication till the end. Tomorrow, I am reopening me and my bestfriend/photographer’s physical store @nirvanastreetwear , at a bigger and better location. All clothing designed by me. I also just got the news that I have finally found a place to stay, so no longer being a that homeless friend who keep sleeping on my friend’s couches. I am getting back on my feet.

I won’t comment on the mental matters because obviously I am still pretty fucking sad, but it is such a relief to know that I still can get better. I asked you guys here online, if you will still love me if I stopped making art and you said yes. I asked my friends to please lend me a hand in this difficult time, and they said yes. I have accepted that I am not strong all the time and that’s ok, and the greatest lesson for me this time around is that it is ok asking for help. I still feel like a burden to most people around, but I can see them being happy about the fact that i am getting better, and it is such an amazing feeling, just living in positive vibes

To those who out there who are struggling too - don’t feel weird out writing down your feelings. Don’t throw all those sad doodles away. Don’t feel like a fake if you are smiling for photos but you are dead inside. I tell you, you are being success, and you are doing success, you are just not used to it yet. Confront your emotions and use it for great things, share it with the world, living sincerely and you will be amazed by where it can bring you, about how good you can be

Don’t give up ok? I won’t too

Searching: Part 3

Summary: On each and everyone’s wrist, there is the name of both your soulmate and enemy. You discover that your wrists both say the same thing; a boy named Peter.

If you guys haven’t already read parts one and two, definitely check those out first!

Searching: Part 2

Searching: Part 1


You left camp that same day. You started hiking through the forest, to the place where this all began. 

The tree. The tree where you hid from the Lost Boys on the day you last arrived. The tree where you had first met Peter. Back then, you truly believed you could love Peter. But now, it seemed like he was truly your enemy, and that your soulmate was someone else. The Peter Pan that you knew was harsh and cruel, and you didn’t think he could be the one.

You arrived at your destination and climbed to the farthest branches. You could see the whole island from here. The sea, the lagoon, even the camp. Though Peter made this place a living hell for you, you couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. This was your home. 

You pulled out your canteen and took a swig of water. This heat seemed to make all your emotions ten times worse, like a rock on your shoulder that you couldn’t get rid of. 

In middle school, you weren’t the most popular girl in school. People bullied you and called you names. But they were nothing you couldn’t handle, because you knew that if you stayed strong, it would all be ok in the end. And in high school, everything finally seemed to change. At your old school, before you moved, you had a boyfriend. His name was Nick, and he treated you like you were the only girl in the world. He stood up for you when no one else would, and you trusted him with every fiber of your being. After dating for almost six months, he started to act strange. He hung out with people who were more “popular” and treated people differently, including you. One day, when you guys were hanging out after school, he told you that made you should lose a couple pounds. You thought he was joking, but this continued for days. until one day when he was with all of his new friends.


“Hey (Y/N), come here,” he said, grabbing your waist and pulling you closer. You blushed and happily got swept up in his conversation.

“See guys, look, told you that you don’t need to be skinny to look pretty.” You had never heard him talk like this before. 

“What the heck is going on with you?” But you didn’t need an answer, because you could smell the alcohol on his breath.

“Babe, I was just telling the guys here that fat girls are just as pretty as skinny ones!” He laughed at his revelation, but you didn’t think was funny. Tears welled in your eyes, and you tried to run away, but Nick’s grasp was too strong. “And considering you are, you know, not the skinniest , I thought I would use you as an example.”


Just thinking about what had happened made you upset, and as reached up to push your hair into a ponytail, you felt tears fall in little droplets on your face. Not only were you upset that Peter had called you fat, but that he wasn’t the first person to tell you. 

Maybe they were right. As you sat in your tree, you could see someone standing at the roots, peering up. It was Peter, holding a flower and a sad expression upon his face.

“(Y/N)? Please, I know you are up there, and I just need to talk to you.” You couldn’t believe your ears or your eyes. How DARE he just show u with a flower, wanting to talk after what he said! You continued to ignore him, remaining quiet. You hoped he would give up eventually and go back to camp, leaving you alone with your thoughts. But, he continued to wait and then he sat down. “I know you probably think I’m the biggest jerk and I’m sorry. But I’m not leaving till you talk to me.”

You jumped down from the tree, ready to punch Peter till your hands and his face turned black and blue. But it was no use. He grabbed your wrists, just like on your first day at the island, restraining you.

“WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I WANT TO TALK TO YOU!” You screamed, tears pouring down your face. “How do you think it made me feel when you said that? HUH? I knew you were a jerk, but I didn’t think you would stoop so low.”

“I’m sorry. I was upset and in the heat of the moment, I said things I know I shouldn’t have. You are not fat. You are-” You cut him off before he could finish.

“I don’t care how angry you were! I thought you were different, maybe I could have fallen for you. But you are JUST LIKE HIM!” You slid down the trunk of the tree and curled in a ball. Peter still had your wrists in his hand, and he slowly sat down with you.

“Like who, love?” 

“My ex boyfriend. I thought he was the perfect guy, until he called me fat. He didn’t even think it was a big deal” You paused, letting the tears come streaming down. “In fact, he thought it was funny. Calling you fat in front of all his popular friends. I felt so upset and angry and stupid and now you’ve done the exact same thing and I-” You were interrupted by Peter. He pulled your face from in between your knees and made you look at him. The golden flecks in his eyes seemed to stand out when he was upset. He pulled your face closer, until you were close enough for him to kiss. The kiss was sweet and gentle, and you felt yourself melt into his arms. As he pulled away, you felt yourself smile, all the pain washing away.

“(Y/N), I have known since the day I rescued you from that tree that I loved you. Even before I looked at your wrists and saw my name. You are so beautiful and what I said today was stupid. I promise to never hurt you again. You are my soulmate, and I never want someone else to hurt you again, most of all, me.” He pulled up his sleeves to reveal his wrists, still pale with color of his flesh. he waved his hand over his wrists and in an instance, two names appeared. THe right one had your name on it. You smiled.

“But how come your name is on my wrists twice?”

I don’t know why, but I promise that I love you, right here, right now.” He grabbed your wrists, pulling you up to your feet. You waved his arms above your heads, and you felt your feet lift off the ground.

“Now, let’s go home.”

I hope you guys enjoyed part three! I have so many more ideas for this series, so make sure you guys let me know how much you like the series xoxo

I would just like to make the decendants fandom aware that these photo’s exist.

Ok, so a few weeks ago I went to this bookfair, and look what I found…

It’s almost like a Disney decendants yearbook.And as soon I saw it I was anxiously rooting through it to find anything I could conserning my ship. (aka, Jaylos.) and this is what I found.

Chad, is a homophope. 

Now we can only assume that according to the weather and the end of the Isle of the Lost, our favorite Villian kids appeared in Aurodon half way through the school year meaning that this yearbook was published in their reality after mal stood up to her mom and Aurdrey decided to get along woth mal. 

However, Audrey comments, obviously tye into her feelings in the begining instead of at the end, which brings forth the quetion…what?

Like, was this just a sloopy mistake that nobody bothored to think about or was Audrey lying about her feelings concerning Mal and her friends?




Next on the list.

Chad is still a jerk face.

Jane on the other hand, is startingt o come out of her shell (at least in writting) and posseses a whole lot of sass. Go Jane!




Along with pics from the movie and strange comments, the book also includes biographies of the students, although in this cass, the Villian’s Kid’s Bios look more like something they pulled out from their records when they were originally deciding if they should bring the villian kids over

I mean, Carlos still sounds like he’s scared of dogs, (which wasn’t the case at the end of the movie, so we have to assume this was written BEFORE the contents of the movie. His Bio also outlins how much he spends with Jay to share personal informationwith as well as how abusive and terrible living with Crullea is.

Speakign of Crullea, may I piont out that in 101 Dalmations 2, It was canoon that Cruellea was mentally insane she was seeing a phyciotrist that cut her off from buying furs forcing Cruella to find another outlook of spots-Painting which laster lead to her kidnapping the puppies all over again. 

But serriously. The Isle of the lost,is the land of the leftovers, most kids over there go to bed hungrey and have never tasted sugar. Do you honestly belive that Aurodon would care about the mental stability of Cruella di Vil? NO. This means, that Carlos grew up with a mentally insane person OFF their medication, who grew more violent everyday. That’s harsh.

Jay’s Bio for the most part reflects Carlos’s in the fact it appears he wrote very soon after he arrived at aurodon noting that he’s “drooling from all the fine swag to lift”

However, his list of stuff he’s stolen says otherwise. As I’m sure many of you know in the second descendents book Return to the Isle of the lost, the gang had to go back to the isle to search for their parents’s magical items of evil. Carlos’s mother’s object was her Emerald ring that represented her pride, wealthy and power and shamed others. 

Now, look back at Jay’s list…yep. he couldn’t have stolen the ring on the Isle becasue they wree hidden in the underground tunnels which means, he had to steal it from Carlos after the second book before they all decided to hand over their objects to the museam/council for safe keeping.

So, what was this? another mistake? an added piece of paper Jay inserted after the yearbok was publishe? Does anyone own their own year book or does everyone in the school just share one?




Moving on! Unforchunetly, as wonderfull as Jaylos is, I’m afraid I’m going to be breaking all you’re jaylos shipping hearts when I say this…Jaylos, is NOT going to be canon. EVER. Not in Descendants 2, not in another book, NEVER. and here’s why…

“Carlos is like a little brother to me.” -Jay

You read that right. Jay, is hitting us hard with the ‘I see you as a younger sibling’ cannon ball. Prepare to abandoned ship. 

HOwever! WE all know that carlos might have a small crush on jay as according to The first Book Isle of the lost when Carlos said thought “Jay laughed again ,which made Carlos feel good, though he couldn’t explain why, not even to himself.” So congrats if you stayed on board, you are hearby saillig bnthe S.S. unrequited love ship.

Ok,Ok,Ok, sirriouly thou. Here’s what I don’t get. you guys see the las tpicture where arlos writes how he wsa scared of dogs and then Jane asks “Who’s afraid of dogs?” Like…???? WHAT THE HEACK JANE?!? HE LITTLEALY WORTE  HIS NAME???? HOW ARE YOU CONFUSED???

 idk, but that’s that. we also have another page with thier bromance grcing the pages. (take THAT chad.)

YEA, They’re familly! Which also more serrious because they grew up without strong relationships with their familly. And right now, I’m going to exclude the girls. Jay’s dad wouldn’t even LOOK at him, really. he wouldn’t, nothing Jay ever stole was EVER good enough. And Cruella? Sometimes, I doubt she even knew her own son’s name to be honest. But I guess she showed a little amout of compassion by forcing him to have “henchman” They didn’t have ANY realtionship with their parents. they barley spoke to their parents at all. For them to claim to be familly, is supper important.

Now, wait a minuite. It looks like Audrey has made another appearence in the book, but this time, her attitude toward the two boys is deffenetly different. It’s way more freindly and sounds more like her personality from the end of the movie/ the wicked world serries.




Well, that’s the end of that. Thanks for reading this long post! 

Hurricane Harvey

I just wanted to wish our fellow followers in Texas to be safe and to make it through the night. Hurricane Harvey is slowly making its way through Texas right now and leaving a path of destruction in its wake, just know that there people thinking about you and wishing you well in this time of stress. Stay strong guys, it’ll be ok.💙🌈💙🌈💙

@ all trans ppl around the world

it sounds corny but, you’re so fucking brave. Trans people who live places where it’s dangerous,or where they could be killed for being trans; you have so much courage and honestly I don’t know how you do it.. you deserve only good things in life and I hope you can stay as strong as you are and watch things get better for you. I love you all so much.

Tree girl

Bellamy + “Let me help you”

Y/N is extremely independent and hates to admit when she needs help, so when she has a nightmare, she’s reluctant to even let her boyfriend Bellamy comfort her, and help her with her insecurities.

Originally posted by bellamyblake-imagine

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Solo Reacting to Orphan Black #508 “Guillotines Decide”

My Galaxy of Women

The Setup: I (Miri) am doing solo reactions to the fifth and final season of Orphan Black, because joy and adrenaline love company as much as misery does. I was right last week–these last few episodes are full steam ahead, top quality Orphan Black. No one is safe, but at least everyone (living) is finally together again or will be soon. Many spoilers and gifs below the cut!

Photos from the Orphan Black twitter account

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I’m about to cry realizing this boy makes me smile so much and idk why I’ve been breaking down plotting my way out of the chaos I’m in and just seeing his face makes me feel a little better . i hope you guys aren’t going through too much and i care so much about you i know it sounds stupid but i hope everyone gets through their problems and love them selves a little more; i want you guys smiling at how strong and beautiful you became ok? ok i appreciate the support it means SO MUCH to me.

Confession - G Dragon (Big Bang)

You sat at the small cafe with one of your friends Jeffery, you both had an ice cream cone in your hands licking at it. Jeffery was a friend from work, he was very fun to be around and you enjoyed his company that was it. You had work half day that day so Jeffery asked if you wanted to grab some ice cream and you said yes. It wasn’t a date, just two friends hanging out. You didn’t like him like that and you knew he didn’t like you like that either.

 As you were almost done with your ice cream your phone began to ring. You looked down and saw that it was Jiyong your best friend. You smiled and excused yourself, going just out of the shop before answering. “Hey” you said happily into the phone.

“Hey Y/N is your work done yet? Are you on your way?” he asked.

“Yes it’s done but I’m at the cafe a little way form work with Jeffery when I’m done I’ll come by.” you said. He didn’t respond, the phone was just silent until you said. “Jiyong?” 

At that moment Jeffery appeared “Hey are you done with your ice cream already?” he asked and laughed. You chuckled and nodded before realizing that the phone was now dead. He had hung up on you. You frowned but though it was best to deal with whatever he was going through in person. 

You finished with Jeffery and then made your way to Jiyong’s in your car. You parked in his yard and went to the door. You took out the key he had given you and opened the door entering his house casually. “Jiyong!” you called but there was no answer. You frowned and went into the living room seeing him sat on the couch staring at the television. “Jiyong!” you said again and he looked at you with a frown.

“So you decided to come after all.” he stated in a tone that you did not like at all.

You folded your arms “Yes didn’t I tell you I would come see you today.” you said and he shrugged. 

“Yea but you seemed to be having so much fun with Jeffery.” he stated and you narrowed your eyes at him.

“Yes I was having fun with him, he’s my friend and we went for ice cream is that a problem?” you asked.

“Nope, you just told me you would be coming to see me today since it was my off day and you know how rare I have those but you preferred to spend time with him so whatever go back and spend time with him ok.” he said and you rolled your eyes at him.

“Ok maybe I will.” you said defiantly and he glared at you. You spun around and began walking back to the door but strong arms stopped you and spun you around. You were now staring into the eyes of your very angry best friend. “What is really your problem?!” you asked clearly frustrated by the way he was acting.

He held your arms tightly forcing you to stay facing him “Don’t you know  I’m the only guy you’re allowed to hang out with!” he screamed clearly angry. You eyes widened in shock and confusion. You didn’t get time to say anything because as soon as the words left his mouth he crashed his lips to yours, kissing you. You stayed still in shock for a few seconds before you started to kiss him back because honestly you had always wanted this.

He moved his hands from your arms and wrapped them around you waist pulling you into him whilst you wrapped your arms around his neck deepening the kiss. Jiyong’s lips were a lot softer than you expected, they felt so good against yours, moving in perfect sync. The butterflies were fluttering in your stomach, it was the best kiss of your life.

He pulled away slightly but you wrapped your fingers in his jersey and pulled him back in, continuing the kiss. His lips were so addictive that you didn’t want them off of yours at all. You licked his bottom lip gently, asking for entrance and he obliged opening his mouth slightly allowing you to stick your tongue in. You moaned into the kiss when his tongue began massaging yours slowly, it felt so good.

Suddenly, he placed his hands below your bum and lifted you up, You instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist. He carried you both to the couch where he sat down, leaving you straddling him. You sucked gently on his lower lip and he moaned into the kiss and it was the sexiest thing you had ever heard. His hands now were planted on your bum and he squeezed gently making you moan.

Finally you had to separate to breathe. You pulled away panting and looking at him as he panted also. “I love you Y/N” he said all of a sudden and you blushed “I want you to be mines, I don’t want you going on dates with anyone else.” he said sincerely.

“I love you to Jiyong, and I wasn’t on a date with Jeffery he’s just a friend.” you said making a smile spread on his face.

“Oh” was all he responded with and you rolled your eyes at him.

“So you got jealous for nothing.” you stated.

He chuckled “Well I am happy I did because it gave me the guts to finally confess to you.” You smiled and leaned in joining your lips again.You were happy he was finally yours.

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You know what I love about our Supernatural family?

It is like a safe house and I can be myself here, I am included. Personally, that’s not something I get a lot because I am different. I’m not like everyone else, I’m not “cool,” but it’s okay because here, in this family, I don’t have to be. The Supernatural family is sometimes all that keeps me going. 

I’ve noticed that a lot of our family members struggle with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, BPD, etc. and they speak about their struggles and tell us how this fandom and this show and these actors/actresses have changed their lives. People feel comfortable enough to openly tell their battle stories here. They talk about their struggles with suicidal thoughts and how, not only the amazing actors on this show, but we as a family, have inspired them to keep fighting.

Guys, we have literally saved people’s lives by just loving them and supporting them through this fandom family. Most of us have never even met each other, yet we’re all more than willing to love and support each other regardless of sexual orientation, skin color, religion, or gender. That is such a great thing that I want to take the time to acknowledge and appreciate, especially because, once upon a time, it saved me.

In this family I feel accepted, included, and important no matter what and I think that is such an important thing to have. I am honestly so proud to say that I am part of the Supernatural family, thank you all so much. I love all of you guys!

anonymous asked:

your dating shownu was so good it was so accurate you characterised him so well!!! 😭😭😭😭 could you please do a marrying shownu?? Like from the proposal to the honeymoon??? 💕💕💕💕 I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WRITING AND YOUR BLOG THANK U

[disclaimer: none of this true, solely based upon what i think of shownu. Please respect that as Shownu himself will most likely be an entirely different person with the one he loves] 

Marrying shownu/ Son Hyungwoo: 

Overall I think Shownu is a romantic simplistic, so basically everything is simple but because it’s shownu, then it’s lowkey romantic. 


  • something simple, not flashy or in your face 
  • Shownu is quite a impressionable on his own without the need to be loud or anything like that, so the proposal will be embedded into memory
  • he has the cute shy smile, imagine that throughout the entire ‘date’ 
  • he’d get a little bit nervous where his hands would sweat a bit and shownu is known to sweat quite a bit. 
  • It’d be like every other date, he’s sweet and you have his undivided attention 
  • though sometimes he can bit a creepy without even meaning too, and you just laugh since he doesn’t realise 
  • most people when it comes to proposals expect something to be extravagant and perfect, but I don’t think it’s Shownu’s style. 
  • I think he seems to be the type of person who choose the first place you met as the spot to propose, or maybe the first place where the two of you truly connected as a couple- it’s simple, but it’s really meaningful. 
  • as an example, your first night together as a couple. You both might just leave the flat randomly and go to a street vendor for some food/ snacks and just eat together. Then afterwards talk, laugh and smile with each other. To Shownu, that could be something he holds dearly to him because it’s something that is considered to be mundane but it’s one of the best times that he’s ever had. 
  • I’d like to think that he would just pull the ring out from his pocket, like he’d been carrying it around for months just waiting for the right time to propose to you. Or he could do it the old fashioned way and get down on one knee. 
  • when you say yes, he seems to be the type that would just beam from ear to ear with a glorious smile and just hug you tightly knowing that he’s going to be able to wake up in your arms for the rest of his life. 

As an engaged couple: 

  • the stress of wedding planning is definitely there, especially since he is an idol so he absent a lot of the time… you don’t complain because you’ve never seen him so happy like this. 
  • nothing really has changed from the relationship, other than knowing that you get to be in this harmony for the rest of your life. 
  • also knowing that there’s going to be fights, arguments, disappointments and all the negative stuff is going to be there and that’s ok because Shownu never leaves during a fight, he stays and you both work through it together. He’s strong, but he’s also in tune with his emotions. 
  • he moves in with you… wouldn’t seem right to move in with him and the guys 

Wedding day:

  • of course the wedding is simple, its small and quiet since he’s an idol and doesn’t want the paparazzi etc to ruin the big day. 
  • before the ceremony, he’ll complain that he’s hungry or that he wants to see you 
  • i genuinely think he would be the type to knock on your dressing room door and ask if you want to sneak out and go grab some ramen. 
  • the day itself is packed with everything that a normal wedding would. 
  • he’d hold you so tenderly and close on the first dance, while the boys serenade you 
  • he’ll smile so cutely in the wedding photos, some peering down at you and it’ll look so romantic because he’s so in love with you 
  • he owns the dance floor when its time for everyone to dance
  • he’ll sit back in the chair and just watch everything going on, like a slow motion video of just watching laugh, smile and seeing you with rosy cheeks and warm happy glow around you. 
  • Shownu would just be overwhelmed with so many emotions
  • he nods of at some points 
  • when you get cold, he’ll open his suit jacket so you can wrap your arms around his waist. 
  • the vows, i think won’t be too long because even though he is a leader and used to all of the public eye on him, this is an intimate moment for him and all he can see is you- so he doesn’t want to mess up and just wants everything to be perfect for you. 

The honeymoon: 

  • naps on the plane because it’s going to be a long honeymoon for the two of you 
  • he’ll try all of the food that there is too offer, street food, restaurant food etc 
  • tourist attractions,
  • lounging in the hotel room all day just wrapped in each others arms and ordering room service 
  • sight seeing, hiking etc 
  • newlywed sex 
  • showering together 
  • want to spend literally every moment together 
  • he’d walk out the bathroom with a blank expression on his face

“What’s wrong?” you’d raise your head in concern, Shownu would peer at you with blank eyes. 

“don’t go in there, it smells…” he pointed to the bathroom and you’d shudder. 

  • i feel like after a long day of hiking and you’re tired, then i think he would carry you on his back all the way back and just let you sleep. 
  • i think shownu would just sit and stare at you, the type to admire you and just be happy that you’re his. 
  • he’d feed you, not the kinky way, more the way of just doing it because you’re lazy 

itisithekawaiifrenchfry  asked:

Ok so if you want some angst, everybody talks about Jeremy beating himself up over something bad happening to someone but imagine the opposite. Gavin or Ryan being so defeated because it was their job to keep and eye on Jeremy. Make sure the new kid didn't get hurt. Make sure his sunshine personality and ability to assume the best in people doesn't get him got. And now he's tied up in a warehouse missing teeth and burns all over his body but he's staying strong even though the guys are breaking.

u know how to hit hard haha. oh man especially like in context of gav and/or ryan growing close to jeremy, maybe even liking him and now he’s getting hurt even though they promised once he’s on the crew he’d have them to look out for him? man talk about a slap to the face. seeing how hurt jeremy becomes because they fucked up? its not a pretty sight too. poor guys. the guilt is nearly soul crushing

wildwood-dancer  asked:

tw: Child death. I have a sad headcanon idea (because I am a jerk) but what if the princess miscarried or her first child was a stillborn? She blames herself. How would the suitor react? (You can also have a happy ending like the next child is healthy and happy etc)

Byron- would be very aloof and distant. He doesn’t really understand this kind of stuff or how to deal with it. He’s kind of there, but not, and he throws himself into work (kind of suggests MC to do the same).

Nico - is shattered to pieces. He just cries all the time and is a complete mess. He’s attached to MC and just wants to hold her all the time, he’s not great at getting things done now and he’s very depressed. Finally MC, Albert, and Byron get him some help.

Albert - he holds everything in and just goes on day by day, but he finds that he has a breakdown right in the middle of work one day and he goes and talks with MC about it. He would probably suggest counseling for both of them.

Louis - heartbroken, even MC saying they’ll try again and being the tough one doesn’t help very much. He’s always moody and cranky, and takes it out on Sid especially. He doesn’t know if he can do this anymore.

Robert - he’s disturbed and upset, like he doesn’t know what happened and is there anything he could do differently. So he gets MC and they get every book and doctor they can to try for next time.

Leo - he tries to be positive about it, but he doesn’t want to move on, he’s very unsure about things- what’s the right thing to do on this situation? He just wants to be there for MC and keep her close.

Alyn- he’s sort of weird for a while, it takes him a while to come back around. He’s support of MC though and he’s ready to do whatever he can to make things work out and try again if MC wants.

Giles - he’s hurt, but is strong for MC. He does his best to comfort her and be the man she needs, but he’s really hurting and scared inside. He just wants her to be happy and OK again, that would make him happy.

Rayvis- he’s kinda of done, he doesn’t like the thought of trying again because it might happen again and that’s just a lot of borrowed trouble he thinks, he’s not sure if that’s something he wants.

Sid - it’s hard to stay away from the bottle. But he’s gotta be the big tough guy, he’s pretty reasonable though, it’s just something that’s not either his nor MC’s fault and he needs her to know that. And he wants to do whatever MC wants (try again or not).


@jadesocoby has such an important message to spread for women.


jadesocoby I was a little shocked when I hit 202 this morning, until I saw this picture on the left come up from a year ago from when I hit 190. So as of right now, I’m the absolute leanest, strongest & happiest I’ve ever been in my life at any body weight.

My transformation and this current photo have spiked quite the controversy all over the Internet in the past 48 hours.
I’ve been accused of using fake photos as “befores,” PEDs, surgeries, and I’ve been called every nasty name you can imagine. But I’ve also been told I’ve given people hope. And what I’ve found is the good outweighs the bad here. For every shitty comment I get, there’s 20 good ones.
I’m also well aware of the YouTube video made of me. I have no idea who he is, but it brought quite a bit of attention to the journey I’ve been on for 3 years now. & that’s a big reason why I’m on the gram sharing what I do - to give hope and share what can be done.
Back on track - My point is that women can be strong. People can just work hard, diet right and get results. And side bar: who TF cares if somebody had surgery or takes PEDs? We’re all on our own paths with different goals. Respect it and leave it alone.
I worked for this body and I built it this way on purpose. If it’s too “manly” or “disgusting” for you, then simply don’t look and unfollow me.
I’m a powerlifter, not a bikini competitor, a nutritionist or a trainer. I’ve accepted to get as strong as possible, your body is going to look a little different than societal norms. And you have to be ok with it. I also do not offer online training or nutritional advice yet. Maybe someday, but right now I have a career in law enforcement, I have a sport I absolutely love and I’m just trying to find my way in due time.
My goal is to show women it’s ok to be strong, to have muscle and to touch a weight without turning into Shrek. I had a guy tell me yesterday on my page that I’d have been better off staying fat because I look like a man. (Sorry I’m more jacked and tan than you bro). A year or two ago, that would have crushed me. Yesterday I just shook my head, chuckled and blocked him. I want more women to gain confidence in themselves regardless of what their goals may be. We all gon make it bruh…we just have to help each other along the way.