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When we miss someone,
We think about all the good things they have done and said and all the good times we have had with them.
We must not crumble and go back because
There’s a reason we have to miss them and not be with them.
It’s very helpful to in such a moment of weakness think about all the bad things they have said and done and why we don’t talk anymore.
It sounds silly but it really does help.

“We are linked, we are not ranked, and this is a day that will change us forever because we are together, each of us individually and collectively will never be the same again. When we elect a possible president, we too often go home. We’ve elected an impossible president. We’re never going home. We’re staying together, and we’re taking over.” ♀
~Excerpt from Gloria Steinem’s keynote speech at the Women’s March on Washington

You are an ocean; 
those who can only watch the surface
will never see your beauty,
hidden in the depths of the soul.
—  22 January, 2017 / excerpt from a letter I will never send

anonymous asked:

Red ive noticed that a few people on here have suicidal urges, selfharm, drugs, other things wrong. Including yours truly, since we all love you very much some of us would like some consolation from you. I allong with sone other would appericate it! * smooches forehead *

Self harm tw

“I–.” Red takes a second to collect his thoughts and tugs on his jacket sleeve, revealing the cracks and scars on his right ulna. “I know what that’s like. The best I can tell ya to do is to stay determined that things will get better. That’s not something I really believed in until I met the kid, but I’m tellin’ ya it’s true. Think about those who care about you and how they would react if they were told they couldn’t see you anymore. Think about how your loved ones would react if they saw you hurting yourself. If you don’t feel like you can live for yourself right now, live for those around you, because they think you mean somethin’ and that counts. My brother caught me once and I thought he’d be furious but he was practically bawling his eye sockets out. It was then that I realized what I was doing and what is was doing to him. The transition was rough, but I haven’t cut ever since. So, please, no matter what the issue is, you always have the option to reach out to your loved ones. Please don’t let them learn about it the hard way.”

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How's your day? And does paint matt like kids paint or is that not good enough, is he a paint snob?

Yea he’s a bit picky on paint quality, as kid’s paint and craft paint tends to make clumps in his body, and it’s pretty painful when they harden inside of him and exit through his ‘skin’. He prefers mostly industrial paint, ‘fancy’ and 'expensive’ paints, milk paint, and white gesso!!!





Attention! I beg you not to use this method of telling people you are a safe place! White supremicists have now adopted it
as their own method! This could be dangerous to women, people of color, transgender people, and people who are of non-christian faith. You could be further subject to hate crimes.

I beg you to stay safe wherever you are and whoever you are.

Do not allow yourself to be lead anywhere by these people. You could be assaulted, raped, or even killed!

And Please Spread the word! People with good intentions need to know NOT to do this!


Use this tag to help your friends, family, and other at-risk people stay safe!

(This was made using photos from other posters credit for those go to them!)
reasons to stay alive

1. recovery
2. the first rain of autumn
3. stepping on crunchy leaves
4. meeting new friends
5. seeing old friends
6. sunsets
7. shooting stars
8. catching snowflakes on your tongue
9. fresh baked pie
10. digging your feet in sand
11. listening to the birds
12. singing along to your favourite songs
13. watching your breath on cold mornings
14. bonfires
15. hugs
16. compliments from strangers
17. smiles
18. graduations
19. taking funny photos with your friends
20. laughing
21. fuzzy socks
22. full moons
23. being so happy you’re crying
24. doing what you love
25. overcoming your fears
26. art
27. concerts
28. new albums of your favourite band
29. reading
30. you are so beautiful
31. sitting on rooftops
32. you are so precious
33. making other people laugh
34. beaches
35. halloween
36 the world wouldn’t be the same without you
37. bubble baths
38. your scars will heal
39. lying on the grass while watching the clouds
40. Christmas
41. first sip of hot chocolate
42. cozy sweaters
43. sunrises
45. baby animals

Many voices feel silenced today

(If you ridicule me and/or this comic, you’re only proving my point)


Watch President Obama’s speech on Trump’s election victory: full video and transcript

“President Obama spoke about Donald Trump’s election victory at the White House on Wednesday. Here is a transcript of his remarks.” - Vox