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My favorite Taylor Swift lyrics: You’re Not Sorry / Treacherous / This Love / Untouchable / Last Kiss / Innocent / All You Had To Do Was Stay / Breathe / All Too Well / State of Grace / This Love / New Romantics / I Almost Do / Better Than Revenge / Dear John / Hey Stephen / Clean / Enchanted

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Okay, but like where is that gif of Dan in a military outfit from?

HHEHE!! ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL! @tays-role-plays?!?! So its from Chicago Fire!! Dan was in the latest episode that aired on Thursday called A Breaking Point (season 6, episode 4)!  He played a Sergeant named Will Tucker!! HE WAS SO GOOD IN IT! Typically heroic !! I will definitely be making more giftsets of him!!

I also got STUPIDLY excited because one of my modern verses for Aggie is where he’s a soldier in the military so this gave me the PERFECT shots to use for him!!!! 

TOTALLLYY worth watching the ep just to see Dan!!! <33

I honestly realized how extroverted I’ve become recently.

When I was on the rides at the fair, I openly talked to the people on the ride with me, and laughed and screamed with them. And had conversations when we got off.

I’m really proud of myself for coming out of my shell. I would have never dreamed I could be so open 2 or 3 years ago. I think confidence is key. I only had confidence in my book smarts as a kid, and not in my personality and looks. But now I have oozing confidence, and I love it.

I’m unfortunately still depressed as hell….but I hope to get past it one day. I know my spirit can overcome it.

“Five Times Emil and Lalli Try to Kiss and One Time they Actually Succeed.”


This was supposed to be a quick project to put my favorite Emilalli fic into comic form, then I decided to practice a new lining style with it. I got 11 pages in and… long story short, they were all stolen out of my car. 

So! In a burst of determination, I’m excited to say I re-lined all the pages and was able to finally finish this! I’m very proud of how it came out, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

Credit goes to the original fic-writer HERE~ A few things were taken out or switched around to make the process move faster, so read the original work for more! 

Read the rest under the cut!

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I get so happy when I see you come online. I have a question. At Crixus memorial, everyone was shouting Crixus name but Nasir and Agron and I always wanted to know why. I know Agron had problems with him, but they actually gave each other respect, and didn't hate each other in WOD. And Nasir never really had any problems with him at all and probably got along with him more than Agron. Any thoughts?

UMMM PRETTY SURE I SQUEEEDDD when I saw you send me this!!!! AFJAD:JFJAKFDJK!!!! I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU GET HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!! The feeling is TOTALLLYY MUTUAL!!!!!! I absolutely LOOOOVE seeing you on my dash AND in my inbox!!!!! GET READY FOR ANOTHER DEEJAMBLE!!! [Deej + Ramble = DEEJAMBLE!!!] 

OK SO FIRSTLY, THANK YOUUU for asking this question!!! I actually have a LOT of thoughts and headcanons when it comes to Agron and Crixus’ dynamic!! I am going to start at the beginning though! Because I do believe that Agron’s dislike for Crixus went far deeper than mere fact that he was a Gaul!

One of Agron’s first impressions of Crixus at the ludus, involved Crixus knocking food out of the new recruits hands. That in itself would have raised a red flag for Aggie. BUT, there was something else that had more of an impact. And that was, Crixus sparring with Duro. Now, Crixus was at a point in his life where he had to basically start at the bottom. He had everything to prove to the others AND to Batiatus because the title of Champion was no longer his. That bitter resentment also came out in the way he fought, going EXTRA hard at Duro and overly aggressive. Agron obviously noticed this, which was why he punched Crixus. He knew that the Gaul was being over the top with his brother and he couldn’t stand it. THAT is where Agron’s dislike for Crixus began and how it grew. I know that there are some background shots where Crixus is trying to offer tips to Duro, but I don’t think Crixus genuinely cared about him. And I think Agron was already too fargone in his dislike for Crixus that his anger and the tensions between them continued to grow. 

So when they were looking for Naevia when out of the ludus, I think Agron thought it best to focus elsewhere. That, coupled with the fact that he could not be the one to take the life of the man who sold Duro and him into slavery, just added to Agron’s resentment – since the guy had to stay alive long enough for Crixus to question him. I know Aggie didn’t do the morally right thing when it came to lying about Naevia, but I don’t think it was just his resentment at Crixus that fueled his actions. I think he really thought he was doing it for the greater good. 

NEXT, we have Nasir. So when they first apprehend him for attempting to kill Spartacus, Agron and Crixus are both in agreement about what should happen to Nasir, but Crixus strikes Nasir. Agron didn’t overly react to it, HOWEVER, after he had a chat with Nasir and you could tell he was warming up to the Syrian, Crixus grabbed him accusingly when Nasir had the Roman soldier stay due to suspicion. So I think Agron did not like the way that Crixus treated Nasir, albeit, still early in the relationship between Nasir and Agron, I think it just did not sit well with Agron, continuing the pattern of Crixus being aggressive towards the ones that Agron cares about. And then of course, later on Crixus tells Agron to stop defending Nasir etc etc so that obviously sparks anger within Agron, for Crixus knows how to provoke him and vice versa. 

NOW, comes my major next big headcanon, and that is, Agron approaching Crixus with apology. That scene where Spartacus is giving his speech and Agron starts to walk towards Crixus. He looks at Nasir, at which Nasir looks at Agron, locks eyes, and Agron has this sort of smile on his face. I have always headcanoned that its Nasir who had previously had a chat with Agron to convince him to try and make amends with Crixus. Agron attempted to do so for Nasir’s sake, knowing that he and Naevia were close. Obviously, it all backfired. I think in some ways, Agron and Crixus are similar and that’s why they clash so much. Which is also why when they realized how similar they could be (in the match against Gannicus and Oenomaus, they bonded and came to a mutual understanding)

So in War of the Damned, they both had this continued … understanding. Why? Because they both had the same priority. They were on common ground, happy with their lovers, and focused on battle. Its why there were SO MANY moments where they’re like “Agron is right” or “Crixus is not wrong” etc etc. It wasn’t until Crixus’ direct defiance of Spartacus by killing the Romans that Agron and him had such a strong difference of standings. But that’s something about Agron: he is arguably the MOST loyal one to Spartacus. Agron hardly needed convincing to join Spartacus’ cause at the ludus, and is unwavering in his loyalty to the man. But, that is a whole other situation because I sort of feel bad for Agron in that his loyalty is not appreciated enough – will save that analysis for another day or unless asked about it ;)!!  

NOOW when the time came to part ways, Agron went because of all the Nagron head canons I rambled on about before. It wasn’t out of loyalty to Crixus or disloyalty to Spatacus. When Crixus died, Agron was definitely saddened. I think he did consider Crixus a brother in arms, fighting for the same cause and it was a heavy blow. Now, it brings me to your initial question about the memorial. 

I think, the fact that the didn’t say anything was more powerful than joining in the chant. I think they were overwhelmed. Agron was traumatized I would say, suffering aspects of PTSD where he was tortured, disabled, and so many other things. I think he was just processing everything. And Nasir was just standing strong by his side. I TOTALLYYY agree with EVERYTHING you said @tays-role-plays !! Nasir absolutely got along with Crixus better than Agron did. I honestly think the reason was simple fact of the two of them just processing everything and trying to come to terms with what had happened. Losing someone so strong and being reunited, they were taking it all in and … maybe I’m not interpreting it correctly, but I definitely don’t think it was lacking respect that had them silent. As you said, they did get along – for the most part. I just feel that for them, silence is stronger than words. 


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tays-role-plays  asked:

I read your Nagron Commentary #5 and I loved it of course. I just hope no one has ever said that Agron forces Nasir into anything, because that is so not true. Nasir always had free will when he was with Agron. And Nasir was getting so strong and coming into his own, he wouldn't let Agron take his dominus place. I just feel real protective of Agron because sometimes people will turn him into a villain that preys on Nasir.

YESSSS EXACTLY @tays-role-plays!!! I agree with EVERY single thing you said!! Sadly, I have seen people refer to Agron as abusive towards Nasir and so on, when in actuality, NOTHING could be further from the truth! I think just because Agron is an emotional individual, they equate that with his possessiveness being abusive and controlling. As I have said before, there is SO much evidence to present the exact OPPOSITE of that! Agron was willing to let Nasir go so that he could live and be happy, he never forced himself onto Nasir, he always waits for Nasir’s queues, and he constantly expresses his love and affection for him both verbally and non verbally, etc etc. I could totally give detailed accounts of these throughout the seasons buuuuut I shall save that for another day ;)!! Or unless specifically asked of course!! 

As you also so perfectly said, Nasir was getting strong and coming into his own! Because he had the ABILITY to express his strength. I believe – just like Aggie – that Nasir was always strong but he was hindered by his position. Stunted, and contained so that he could not express his strength as he was forced into submission as a slave. What Agron did for Nasir, was that he empowered him! And as Agron empowered Nasir, Nasir helped calm the storm in Agron. Compare the opening scenes of Vengeance and War of the Damned. In Vengeance, Agron is bashing a guy’s head in and he looks maniacal (as this is part of the aftermath of his brother’s death) to the point where Donar tells him that the guy is dead in a sarcastic manner but you could still see the concern on Donar’s face. Then, look at War of the Damned where they’re on the field of battle and in the immediate aftermath, Agron so calmly rests his forehead against Nasir’s and you can see his over all calm demeanor in general! Both Nasir and Agron are SO good for each other and they balance one another, as well as makes the other a stronger, better person. 

I could really go on and on about Nagron but I should probably stop the ramble there!! I just REALLLYYY hate when people don’t see the genuine affection that Agron has for Nasir. People stereotype both of them, and I really don’t like that. Individually, they are amazing characters: together, they are PHENOMENAL! They compliment, balance, and complete each other in ways that is truly beautiful!! 

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE ASK!!! AFJF:DAJK!! you know how much I ADORE talking about the show with youu!!! <3 NEVER HESITATE to send more my way!! And that of course goes for ALLL my followers!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Note: THIS was the gifset being referred to in the ask. 

I so vividly remember listening to Red for the first time - I was in my room waiting for it to download and I remember listening to the whole thing, eyes closed and just savoring every minute. I remember crying to All Too Well and dancing around to 22 and Starlight. Living for the lyrical metaphor that is The Lucky One. Being so impressed by how I Almost Do and Sad Beautiful Tragic completely captured the heartbreaking feeling that is loss. Giggling during Stay Stay Stay and loving that Tay had collabed with Ed for Everything Has Changed and just wow??? That was five years ago??? Every song is an individual masterpiece, honestly just thank you for making such a beautiful album Tay