stay stay tay


My favorite Taylor Swift lyrics: You’re Not Sorry / Treacherous / This Love / Untouchable / Last Kiss / Innocent / All You Had To Do Was Stay / Breathe / All Too Well / State of Grace / This Love / New Romantics / I Almost Do / Better Than Revenge / Dear John / Hey Stephen / Clean / Enchanted

“Five Times Emil and Lalli Try to Kiss and One Time they Actually Succeed.”


This was supposed to be a quick project to put my favorite Emilalli fic into comic form, then I decided to practice a new lining style with it. I got 11 pages in and… long story short, they were all stolen out of my car. 

So! In a burst of determination, I’m excited to say I re-lined all the pages and was able to finally finish this! I’m very proud of how it came out, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

Credit goes to the original fic-writer HERE~ A few things were taken out or switched around to make the process move faster, so read the original work for more! 

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Umm… I just managed to get 6 tickets to opening at Staples! They are nosebleeds but WHO CARES?! SO THANKFUL & SO INSANELY HAPPY! We get to take our FEARLESS little to see her Auntie taylorswift!
So, to celebrate, feel free to enjoy our girl displaying her STRONG SASS to ‘Blank Space’.
I swear the sass is so ON POINT, I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud.
Auntie Tay Tay would be proud.

i just feel so sorry for Taylor. The media and the public is always giving her pressure and wait for her to really mess up. Can they just let Taylor rest for a while?? Always bringing shit up and make fake articles, rude and slut-shaming comments, sexist jokes about her… She is a human too and has feelings, All the dramas have covered her real talent as a singer and songwriter. She has been so brave in this era to stand up for herself after remaining silent for the past years but all the people do is to hate on her with stupid reasons. I felt heartbroken for her. The most important thing is, even though Taylor has anxiety about her fame or going through a tough time in her life, she still goes on tour, social medias and make other people’s day. As she knows millions of fans out there need her. She puts a lot of efforts into her career and life, always trying her best. That’s why i love her so much. I want to hug her tightly when she feels that the world is sick of her. No, we are never going to be sick of her. :) However at the same time it makes me so worried about her. My heart is struggling because i will miss her music sooo much but on the other side I think this is good for her. Taking a break from this unfair and judgemental world. Have some quality time with her friends (well we are included too!) and family. Maybe go on a vacation to explore the world. To find herself, to find happiness and love. And us, the swiftie family will always be on her side to give her infinite support. So Taylor, don’t be scared and just do what you want to do that makes you feel comfortable. I love you so much.