stay safe on the internet

this is gonna be a bitter politics blog for at least the rest of the day. i’m still feeling paralyzed and trying to make sense of it all. 

never in my worst nightmares have i expected this outcome. i’m living in my european bubble. i was reassured by the media and the people around me that this would never happen. everyone made fun of him. i didn’t meet a single person that saw him as a serious contender. no one saw him as the threat he clearly was/is. 

i am scared of the global ramifications this outcome could potentially have but i recognize that i am personally not going to be affected anywhere near as much as my friends in the states.

please stay safe and take care of yourself. get off the internet and surround yourself with people and things you love if you can’t bear it right now. it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. you will make it through this. thrive out of spite. thrive and fight and make things right in 2020.

I’m seeing something potentially dangerous happening on my dash and I want to give out a friendly reminder:




Also be selective of the friends you give out your phone or other private info to.

I know we all like to think nothing is gonna happen to us and we have it all figured out but please listen (especially if you are a teenager) your phone gives away your location very accurately and anyone can have access to all sorts of information about you through your number. You may endanger yourself and your family in the process.

Don’t do it, it’s not worth it! Give your email, skype account, allow people to message you, kik, I don’t care, just don’t publish your phone number, especially not reblogging from an account that has thousands of followers

If the phandom never listens to me, just listen this once. Seeing that post going around is legit making me anxious and I know the intention is good but like…. yikes don’t do that

Turn off geotags on the iPhone

Geotagging is how your location information is embedded into the metadata (or exif data) of your photos. You can download an app that removes all exif data (which you should probably do anyway because exif data includes more than just location), but you can also turn it off on your iPhone.

Go to settings > privacy > location services > camera > and then select “never”

Be safe. Stay secure. Educate yourself on Internet security.

I use the app “Metapho” it lets you easily remove exif data

I’ve been contacted by a NUMBER of concerned folks in the tumblr goth community about some creeper behavior. I did a little digging to verify what is going on, and … yeah. THIS IS NOT OKAY:

Can you please tell people to look out for and report tumblr user ‘marchiesuff’. He is a MUCH older man, who reblogged a minor’s (her blog clearly stated she was 16) selfies onto his porn blog and left a VERY creepy comment, and when called out lied and tried to pull the victim card (went so far as to say her blog said she was 18, and later 17, therefore ‘ripe for f****’ and that she shouldn’t take such pictures of herself, even though the pictures were very innocent, were not sexual at all, and her blog clearly stated she is 16.)

Further down his blog he had other young girl’s selfies with equally creepy comments, and becomes very aggressive when called out. The main reason I came to you is that most, if not all, of the selfies he reblogged were from goth or alternative ladies. 

People have already alerted Staff, but he’s an admitted sexual offender and predator and I just want everyone to be safe. 

Sorry to bug you, but I feel like gothy girls/femme presenting persons on tumblr should be warned, and everyone listens to the Eldergoths!

LET ME MAKE SOMETHING VERY CLEAR: reblogging people’s selfies to porn blogs without their clear and direct consent is reprehensible. Reblogging the selfies of MINORS without their consent, and then trying to justify your behavior by saying that they “didn’t look underage” IS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR.


Hi lovelies

It was about the time - that I sit down and talk a little about Internet Friends and how to stay SAFE! I show you example’s of Pen Pal/Internet Request’s you should NEVER accept - which ones are totally fine to accept! And also what you need to if you get spam!

You should definitely check it out & share it with your friends because it’s an important subject!

With that being said!

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday!

xoxo Giulia

P.s. It’s my country’s national day - SWISS NATIONAL DAY! YAAY!

Honestly, the way we teach our children about the internet makes it seem so scary to them.

We make them think everybody else who uses it is out to get you when it’s much, much less than they big it up to be. They teach it as if you can never form a friendship online and you must walk on eggshells to be “safe”. I have made friendships on here that have helped me with my depression, they’ve helped me come out of my shell a little bit more and the internet has helped me so much at motivating me to keep creating art and meeting all these lovely artists and seeing their inspiring works.

We need to teach kids that you should stay safe but you can find amazing friendships online and that the internet can be a great place to go to and that it just takes some common sense and a little knowledge to stay safe. I was terrified of the internet before I really tried using it and I honestly don’t know where I’d be today without reaching out to people on here. Please, if anything, I just want people to know that the internet can be a good thing and there are other people on that side of the screen who are nice and lovely and could be the person’s best friend if they were just educated properly about it. 

URGENT Internet Safety for the Supernatural Fandom

Ok so at the moment there are a lot of rumours going around and nobody knows what is true and what isn’t. 

Number 1 safety thing on the internet: Be careful what you believe!

  • don’t trust anything without hard proof
  • be rational - if something sounds crazy it probably is (e.g. the whole Jensen murder plot - this is clearly false)
  • be vigilant - always be alert online (anything could be false but you’ve got to be aware that some could be true too)
  • stay calm - remember that no matter how vulnerable you feel you are behind a screen - this means you have the chance to contact someone before anyone online can physically get to you
  • keep your personal details close to you heart - there are horrible people out there who will use anything they can find against you

Things we know are true so far: 

  • There is at least one group of people out there sending hate to fandom blogs
  • people have been affected by this hate in different ways; many have slipped back into episodes or gone suicidal and there are 3 confirmed deaths (although these could be hacks as we have experienced hackers saying they are dead, as shown in the cases of Anthea and another blog) 
  • Everybody receiving hate needs your love at this hard time
  • Anything suggested to happen on the 1/1/15 is as of yet unconfirmed.

I am appealing to you to read and reblog this because this is so important.

Many innocent fans out there are panicking because of rumours so I just want you to stay calm and safe at the same time.

Yes, perhaps to be secure you should stay off omegle and turn off your anonymous ask, but don’t freak out

The whole fandom and more have your back.

We are a family and we will weather this storm together.

Follow my blog and I will keep you up to date with anything we know (as in 100% sure) is true. If it isn’t on my blog and you are unsure about something make me aware and I will look into it. Until then stay rational, stay calm and stay true to yourself. 

You are all brilliant smart people and I know you can get through this.


serious issue: BULLYING!

There are a lot of websites in the internet. Stay safe and don’t ignore it.

Keep smiling. - Your Prussia

Treat Everyone with Respect!
Nobody should be mean to others.Stop and think before you say or do something that could hurt someone.
If you feel like being mean to someone, find something else to do. Play a game, watch TV, or talk to a friend.
Talk to an adult you trust. They can help you find ways to be nicer to others.
Keep in mind that everyone is different. Not better or worse. Just different.
 If you think you have bullied someone in the past, apologize. Everyone feels better.

Please Read

So, 4chan is setting an attack for July 20, 2015 at around 2:00 pm. Please set your accounts as private and stay safe. If you see gore or porn, or any triggering stuff on your dash unfollow that person immediately. 4chan is known to have caused many panic attacks, self harmings, and even rumors of suicides. The attack will be set under many hashtags such as #feminism, #lgbt, and many fandom hashtags such as #AttackonTitan, #Supernatural, etc. Try not to hashtag anything if you are able. Try not to do anything to piss them off. It’s like an internet war so stay safe and hidden. Good luck.
If you need any comfort please dm @/bacon.waffles on instagram, thank you.