stay safe on the internet

Look, I’m all for not exposing children to NSFW content but unless you take an active role in supervising your damn goblins don’t be complain about them finding it. 

Like seriously, if you can’t be assed to put on parent blocks, controls, etc. to make sure your child stays safe on the internet, then don’t complain about NSFW content existing. 

If they’re old enough to roam the internet without supervision, without blocks, etc. then they should be old enough to learn how to avoid nsfw material. 

Supervise your fucking kids because you had them, not me and I’m not taking care of some snot-goblin that I didn’t have. (a new blogging platform like tumblr) is up and going through beta. The features look good but the login page has no SSL certificate and is not secure. Your username, password and session cookie are sent in plaintext to their servers.

If you’re on a public connection, you’re telling everyone on it this:

[image of a network capture showing a fake name and password I used]

As you can imagine, anyone with access to these has access to all your posts.

I’ve sent them messages about this and had no response, so now I’m putting this out there. Stay safe.

I beg yall not to meet some fukin stranger from twitter cause they claim to be part of The ARG like pls have some common sense, has your mava not told you anything about how dangerous this is? You might have online friends but pedophiles and mean troll fucks also use the internet like???? im begging, pls stay safe

some safety tips

this is a preventative measure to keep everyone safe on here!
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a lot of people are very naive on the internet, and don’t realize just how easy it is to gather someone’s personal information easily. it’s important to follow some rules to keep yourself safe.

- don’t cross post selfies. it’s ridiculously easy to reverse search an image to find your other social media. for example, if you post a cute selfie on tumblr and facebook, someone here could backtrack it to find your facebook (and location, school…)

- privatize your facebook. then only friends can see what you post, and strangers can’t pry too deeply if they do find it.

- use the block button liberally. if someone is making you uncomfortable, block their ass. you don’t owe them anything.

- don’t use your real name. your name can be EASILY used to find even your address through certain sites that stockpile information, especially if someone already knows your state or region. pick out a cool sounding alias or nickname instead. if you have a common name like Emily or Megan, using your first name isn’t a super dangerous bet.

- don’t give away your location. be smart. giving out your country or even state usually isn’t very risky, but anything more specific can be used to narrow you down based on other info you provide.

- be careful linking to other sites. i know it’s fun to get items from your amazon wishlist, new twitter followers, or donations to a paypal or cashapp account, but be mindful of what information is on those sites. your amazon might have your town or even full name available to the public, and the same goes for paypal and other websites. 

this is obviously an incomplete list, just one to get you thinking about what info you’re putting out there without thinking. stay safe – that’s on you.

PERSONAL VS PRIVATE - and why it’s important to not share too much information.

Ok, I think with what I’ve been reading over the span of this year, it’s important to bring up this matter. I hope it can help reach and educate the kids on here on the subject. 

What’s Personal info, what’s Private info, and why should you never ever share Private info on the internet? 

Personal information is more along the lines of your interests and opinions. What makes you happy? Your favorite animals. Your favorite songs. That TV show or anime you love, the games that make you feel good. All of that is Personal Information. This is information you can share without much risk. It lets people find a common interest, and you can make good friends this way. It’s stuff you blog about.

So what’s Private information? Think facts about you. Your age, your sex and gender, your physical health, your mental health. Your location. Your family. This is none of ANYONE’s business. Now, notice I bolded mental health and location. Why? All private information is risky to share because there are people on the internet who will use this, along with your personal information, to get at you. But your mental health and your whereabouts can and will be the biggest determining factor in decisions a predator makes. If you openly share you have a weaker mentality, it’s gonna be seen as an exploitable weakness by the people looking to exploit.

So, why the heck do so many people share this information?

Easy. Tumblr has made it so that you expect this information to be shared. Which is a huge NO. Ok? Don’t share private information publicly like this. Please. It is no one’s business but your own. Mr.SJW Anon can suck it, it’s not their business.

 Tumblr is a blogging/social media website, and one with slackened security factors and practically no administration, meaning this website is shitty and risky to post private information on. 

Especially if you’re a minor.

It shouldn’t have to be this way, it’s unfair. No one should have to live in fear of dangerous people, especially not children. But predators exist, and it might happen to you. Especially if you have an illness that makes it harder to read the already hidden red flags. If you share that you have an illness, and you share how it makes you behave, you’re putting yourself at a higher risk. 

Especially if you’re a minor.

So what about vent posts? Those are fine, as long as you keep them vague enough. It’s ehhhhh, still not 100% ok but better to share private information if you keep it vague. It’s better if you vent towards a friend group. Set up a skype group or a discord server with your pals and make a channel for venting. That way, your friends can give you needed support, or you can let it out in a safer environment. 

How much info is too much info?

“Hello I’m Jooj, I’m an 18 year old artist from somewhere in the depths of the USA. ” This is a good snippit of info. I’m not telling you much about myself, I’m just telling you basic, vague details. If you want, add your timezone. but be vague about specifics. That’s info you can share with established friends if you wish.

“Hello I’m Jooj, I’m 18 and I suffer from Depression and Anxiety so I might be shy. I live in Clearwater Florida with my parents and I’m currently trying to get out of the house and move to Canada. I work at Burlington and it’s fun. Here’s a pic of me ^w^” 

That’s excessive. That’s too much. Always keep in mind EVERYONE can see that information. 

I’d also like to bring attention to the fact that a lot of people get shit for reblogging things that are for a certain community, such as a person reblogging a post about anxiety. You check the person’s page and they have no information on whether or not they have anxiety. You send them angry mail because how dare they!!!

But that’s not your business. Person might have anxiety, they’re just smart in the sense of personal safety and refuse to share that fact. Why? It’s no one’s business but theirs. And if they don’t have anxiety, maybe they’re educating themselves or their followers. Stay out of it. Mind your business. Same goes for other mental illnesses.

Play it safe, don’t share too much, Anonymity is your friend.  You might think it’s ok to share private info because, hey, no one’s gonna abuse you! No way! But, sadly, it happens. It’s better to set the example and play it safe. There’s a reason Anonymity is stressed, and it’s to keep you safe.

Please feel free to add to this.

Tumblr is one of the worst places to be sharing a ton of info about yourself, know the difference between personal and private information, stay anonymous, and please stay safe.

anonymous asked:

I just want to warn people that there is this virus going around and its super scary! Please don't press any suspicious links or open any emails that seems weird! I am super anxious and hope and pray i dont get it and i hope that none of you get it either!! It seems only big companies are effected right now but you can never be too safe! Stay safe on the Internet everyone!! 💛🖥️

Thanks for warning us!! This goes for really any situation, honestly. Never open any weird looking emails or click any links please!! Stay safe!


Straight White Man: Trannys are fucking disgusting and if I ever got one as a hooker I’d light it on fire!!!

Internet: *crickets*

Radfems: Sex based oppression exists, women are allowed to talk about it, and feminism is about female liberation.


PSA- for ANYONE who has a WWE Network account

Recently mine and my boyfriend’s account got hacked. The kid who did this was from India and he changed our whole account in a matter of an hour to watch No Mercy.

We thankfully got our account back, thanks to the live chat support.

But you see it didn’t stop there. Tonight the same kid tried to do it again. We had changed our password. He LITERALLY emailed my boyfriend and ASKED for his password. The fuck yo?

So I got on our account tonight and see all these divas bra and panty matches on our watchlist. We sure as hell didn’t add these. But the people who hacked it did.

THEN I looked up, “(my boyfriend’s email) WWE account,” on Google. The sickening result I got back was his and MANY other’s emails and passwords were strung on the internet for people to find and use! I looked at when this was posted and it was posted in the beginning of August! So random fucks have been using our account without permission for over 2 months!

So I am URGING EVERYONE who HAS a WWE Network account to go to Google (or whatever search engine you use) and type in- “(your email) WWE account.”

And THEN if you see your account info on these websites please of course change your password and or email. These fucking low lifes obviously can’t get up off of their asses and get a job of their own to pay monthly for a subscription. What a sad world.

Also another thing you should just check is Google your email address in general, you might find that your email is being used else where without your permission or knowledge.

I’m seeing something potentially dangerous happening on my dash and I want to give out a friendly reminder:




Also be selective of the friends you give out your phone or other private info to.

I know we all like to think nothing is gonna happen to us and we have it all figured out but please listen (especially if you are a teenager) your phone gives away your location very accurately and anyone can have access to all sorts of information about you through your number. You may endanger yourself and your family in the process.

Don’t do it, it’s not worth it! Give your email, skype account, allow people to message you, kik, I don’t care, just don’t publish your phone number, especially not reblogging from an account that has thousands of followers

If the phandom never listens to me, just listen this once. Seeing that post going around is legit making me anxious and I know the intention is good but like…. yikes don’t do that

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please pray for london tonight - another attack, this time on london bridge. very little confirmed, but please please, everyone stay safe <3

oh my god i just now got on the internet and found out. this is such horrifying news!! i’m keeping everyone in my thoughts and anyone near the area please stay safe <3 i love y’all <3

When people hear the term ‘Internet friends’ they always have this negative feel about it. Like every single person you meet online is some awful person who wants you to trust them so that they can find and hurt you. I mean yeah there are those people. There are those type of people in real life as well but internet friends can be so much more. They’re people you can rant to without feeling embarrassed or afraid they’ll tell someone. They’re people who have gone through similar experiences and can understand your point of view on things. Of course no friendship is perfect you get into arguments or disagreements about things just like in and irl friendship. But internet friends are people who can be across the world from each other and still find a connection that can start a friendship. There will always be the bad apples just like in everything else but Internet friends are special. Cherish them like you do your friends irl.

hey remember that you aren’t expected to share any fucking personal information to anyone on this hellsite. please don’t feel pressured to reveal things like your mental illnesses and traumas and things like that, you don’t have to share anything you don’t want to and those who pressure you to do so are engaging in cyber bullying or predatory behavior. stay safe on the internet.

Turn off geotags on the iPhone

Geotagging is how your location information is embedded into the metadata (or exif data) of your photos. You can download an app that removes all exif data (which you should probably do anyway because exif data includes more than just location), but you can also turn it off on your iPhone.

Go to settings > privacy > location services > camera > and then select “never”

Be safe. Stay secure. Educate yourself on Internet security.

I use the app “Metapho” it lets you easily remove exif data

Hey so I see some discussion going on about what’s happening on youtube and… I just want to say this is one of the reasons it’s important to teach kids how to look out for themselves on the internet or not let them use it until they reach that age. 

The web can be a fantastic place, for me it’s always been a good experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s free of horrible people who will take advantage of vulnerable kids or trusting people. I’m not going to reblog the videos I’ve seen simply because I found them very distressing and if I can’t watch it all the way through I can’t reblog it in good consciousness. 

I’m not saying monitor everything your kid does and punish them if something happens, but please, keep an eye out for minors on the internet and make sure they stay safe.