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i’m not the first person to say this, but if someone sends u THIS message

then u should really know that. like. its very blatantly jmariofan7′s very very very specific kink. like they’ve spammed this copy-paste message to soooooo many aa fanartist’s on both tumblr and even court records at this point and no matter how many people fill it they keep….requesting……

anyway uhh stay safe out there people on the internet are weird. 

Your mental illness is not a choice.

Your mental illness is not a choice.

your mental illness is not a choice


The only thing relating to your mental illness that is a choice is the choice to not find coping mechanics or get help for it or to not stop yourself from having manipulative behavior if that is a result of a mental illness.

Getting help and reaching out for help is hard, yes. It can take time or your not sure who to turn to.

But there are people out there to listen, there are posts about who to contact and coping methods and things to make you feel better for a little bit or ways to start tackling it.

But no matter what any person tells you:

It was not your decision to have a mental illness.

Obligatory Hurricane Safety Post

I feel like I always end up making one of these posts every time the U.S. is threatened by a hurricane, but its important information. Plus, as a meteorologist who specializes in tropical weather, I feel it’s my job to promote hurricane safety. 

Harvey is now officially a Hurricane, and is continuing to rapidly develop in the Gulf. It is currently headed for the Texas coast, and is projected to be a Category 3 Hurricane by the time it makes landfall. This classifies it as a Major Hurricane. 

If you are in the path or potential path of this storm, here are some things you should know:

  • Please keep yourself updated by keeping an eye on the National Hurricane Center, your local National Weather Service, or other weather information provider. If you are under a watch, warning, or advisory, make sure you know what that means and how it is recommended that you respond. 
  • Make sure you have a weather radio, or some other way to still receive weather updates if you lose power. 
  • The National Hurricane Center has recently added Storm Surge watches and warnings to its list of products. If you live near the coast, please keep an eye out for these. Storm Surge is the #1 cause of death due to hurricanes.
  • If you are under an evacuation order, remember that these are not made simply to inconvenience you. These decisions are made by emergency managers trying to save as many lives as possible. Your safety comes first! No amount of inconvenience is worth risking your life over. Please evacuate if you are instructed to and you are able. 
  • The “hurricane cone” is the shaded cone you always see when looking at the projected path of a storm. This cone represents the area of highest probability of storm path. It does not represent the area that will be affected by the storm. If you are outside the cone, you may still experience dangerous conditions! Instead, look to the National Weather Service for information on what conditions are expected in your area. 

And above all else, BE SAFE! This is not just me speaking as a meteorologist, but also fellow tumblr fandom blogger, be prepared and listen to what your local weathermen and emergency managers tell you. 

Good luck to everyone in Harvey’s path, and stay safe. 

With Love, 

Your Internet Meteorologist

not to be a Mom™ but it worries me when i see young teens on here just listing a ton of information about themselves on their public blogs…i would recommend either like…not doing that, or make it so your blog is only view-able by your followers…there are very dangerous people on the internet, i know it seems trendy to joke about parents etc being overbearing about how their kids use the internet but its 100% within good reason, as i said, there are dangerous and nasty people out there looking for younger folks to take advantage of…just be careful about who you give your personal information to. in the end its completely the predators’ fault for taking advantage in the first place, but it never hurts to take some precautions in your internet endeavors. stay safe

what do you fall for? (hamilsquad x reader)

Words: 2032

Warnings: cursing, robbery

A/N: @theanonymousanon came up with this amazing idea for this series, and she pulled me @midnightokieriete along for the ride! So without further adieu, here’s our story!

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//the beginning//

The whole world was going to be destroyed. Well, maybe you were exaggerating a bit. It wasn’t exactly the end of the world, but it was pretty close. You looked for your wallet everywhere, and here you were, in this alley way, wondering how your feet took you this far.

You just moved here a few weeks ago. Dragging your bags through the airport and boarding the plane wasn’t that hard of a choice. Back home, things weren’t ideal. Your family was too conservative and were stuck in their own ideas. And you wanted a different life. Being in a small town wasn’t something you imagined for yourself.

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If you’re a minor in agere, please keep in mind that just because YOUR regression is safe, doesn’t mean others can’t use your content for k!nk. What I mean by this is, something that is completely innocent to you might overlap with someone else’s fetishes. You might really want to show off that cute onesie, or show your followers your pigtails because they make you feel small, but please reconsider! It is dangerous for minors to be posting images of themselves online, especially minors in regression communities.

Wether we like it or not, there are people out there who don’t care that you’re a non-sexual age regressor. There are people who are going to see images like girls using pacis or onesies and think it’s no different than the other k!nk images they reblog. And once it’s out there, it’s nearly impossible to get an image off the internet completely!

If you’re a minor, please be careful about:

- posting images of yourself (even ones without your face)

- posting personal information (real name, your location, your school, etc)

- contacting nsfw blogs about unfollowing. It is better to report them, block them, and send their url to a block list.

I know it’s not fair, but the internet can be a dangerous place. Stay safe!

Look, I’m all for not exposing children to NSFW content but unless you take an active role in supervising your damn goblins don’t be complain about them finding it. 

Like seriously, if you can’t be assed to put on parent blocks, controls, etc. to make sure your child stays safe on the internet, then don’t complain about NSFW content existing. 

If they’re old enough to roam the internet without supervision, without blocks, etc. then they should be old enough to learn how to avoid nsfw material. 

Supervise your fucking kids because you had them, not me and I’m not taking care of some snot-goblin that I didn’t have. 

I’m unable to post tonight because someone in my family found out about my blog, and cut off my internet access for a few hours. They ended up unplugging/ breaking the whole router too.

Edit: I’m back guys, and the internet is here to stay :) 

I’m safe too. Unfortunately, I’m not believed when I speak out about things like this. Also, thank you so much for all the sweet messages. You’re all so lovely and kind.

Hey everyone, I’ve been sort of tumbling down the rabbit hole of internet privacy/security lately and came across this picture. I’m sure it’s not exhaustive, but I think these are probably the big-name websites people use. I also thought it was important to make a short post about photo metadata and why it’s so important to remove it from pictures you post online.

If you’re unfamiliar with what metadata is, right-click into a photo you have saved and look in the “details” tab. There, you can find: the camera used to take the picture, whether the flash was on, and, most importantly, the exact GPS coordinates of where that photo was taken.

So why does this matter? For most of us, it probably doesn’t. However, what if someone wants to find out where you live? It’s important to be aware that this information is recorded and accessible to those who put in minimal effort to access it.

Fortunately, you can also remove the metadata yourself before posting it, just to be safe (or, to be completely safe in the case of flickr and tumblr). There’s a little button in that “details” tab called “Remove Properties and Personal Information” which does just that.

Please stay safe on the internet.

Thank you.

Note: This PSA was brought to you on a Windows computer. I’m unsure of the exact way this works on iOS machines.

PERSONAL VS PRIVATE - and why it’s important to not share too much information.

Ok, I think with what I’ve been reading over the span of this year, it’s important to bring up this matter. I hope it can help reach and educate the kids on here on the subject. 

What’s Personal info, what’s Private info, and why should you never ever share Private info on the internet? 

Personal information is more along the lines of your interests and opinions. What makes you happy? Your favorite animals. Your favorite songs. That TV show or anime you love, the games that make you feel good. All of that is Personal Information. This is information you can share without much risk. It lets people find a common interest, and you can make good friends this way. It’s stuff you blog about.

So what’s Private information? Think facts about you. Your age, your sex and gender, your physical health, your mental health. Your location. Your family. This is none of ANYONE’s business. Now, notice I bolded mental health and location. Why? All private information is risky to share because there are people on the internet who will use this, along with your personal information, to get at you. But your mental health and your whereabouts can and will be the biggest determining factor in decisions a predator makes. If you openly share you have a weaker mentality, it’s gonna be seen as an exploitable weakness by the people looking to exploit.

So, why the heck do so many people share this information?

Easy. Tumblr has made it so that you expect this information to be shared. Which is a huge NO. Ok? Don’t share private information publicly like this. Please. It is no one’s business but your own. Mr.SJW Anon can suck it, it’s not their business.

 Tumblr is a blogging/social media website, and one with slackened security factors and practically no administration, meaning this website is shitty and risky to post private information on. 

Especially if you’re a minor.

It shouldn’t have to be this way, it’s unfair. No one should have to live in fear of dangerous people, especially not children. But predators exist, and it might happen to you. Especially if you have an illness that makes it harder to read the already hidden red flags. If you share that you have an illness, and you share how it makes you behave, you’re putting yourself at a higher risk. 

Especially if you’re a minor.

So what about vent posts? Those are fine, as long as you keep them vague enough. It’s ehhhhh, still not 100% ok but better to share private information if you keep it vague. It’s better if you vent towards a friend group. Set up a skype group or a discord server with your pals and make a channel for venting. That way, your friends can give you needed support, or you can let it out in a safer environment. 

How much info is too much info?

“Hello I’m Jooj, I’m an 18 year old artist from somewhere in the depths of the USA. ” This is a good snippit of info. I’m not telling you much about myself, I’m just telling you basic, vague details. If you want, add your timezone. but be vague about specifics. That’s info you can share with established friends if you wish.

“Hello I’m Jooj, I’m 18 and I suffer from Depression and Anxiety so I might be shy. I live in Clearwater Florida with my parents and I’m currently trying to get out of the house and move to Canada. I work at Burlington and it’s fun. Here’s a pic of me ^w^” 

That’s excessive. That’s too much. Always keep in mind EVERYONE can see that information. 

I’d also like to bring attention to the fact that a lot of people get shit for reblogging things that are for a certain community, such as a person reblogging a post about anxiety. You check the person’s page and they have no information on whether or not they have anxiety. You send them angry mail because how dare they!!!

But that’s not your business. Person might have anxiety, they’re just smart in the sense of personal safety and refuse to share that fact. Why? It’s no one’s business but theirs. And if they don’t have anxiety, maybe they’re educating themselves or their followers. Stay out of it. Mind your business. Same goes for other mental illnesses.

Play it safe, don’t share too much, Anonymity is your friend.  You might think it’s ok to share private info because, hey, no one’s gonna abuse you! No way! But, sadly, it happens. It’s better to set the example and play it safe. There’s a reason Anonymity is stressed, and it’s to keep you safe.

Please feel free to add to this.

Tumblr is one of the worst places to be sharing a ton of info about yourself, know the difference between personal and private information, stay anonymous, and please stay safe.

I beg yall not to meet some fukin stranger from twitter cause they claim to be part of The ARG like pls have some common sense, has your mava not told you anything about how dangerous this is? You might have online friends but pedophiles and mean troll fucks also use the internet like???? im begging, pls stay safe

Hey everyone. I’ve been seeing A LOT of posts spreading misinformation about hurricane preparedness. Please be VERY CAREFUL when sharing posts that do not have a source leading to an authority (such as meteorologists, fire stations, police station, FEMA) since there are many people who don’t actually know what they’re talking about and are spreading dangerous misinformation that could hurt people and their valuables. BuzzFeed has compiled a list of common misconceptions that have been proven false at, so please double check there or by googling if you’re unsure or if something is unsourced. Just because someone made some hack work for them does not mean it will work for you unless it comes from an authority on the subject.

Please be smart and stay safe by not following or reblogged dubious advice you see on the internet.