stay safe guys

very important please read

As you all may know there is alot of viruses going around on tumblr lately and i want all of you to be safe so please please read this and maybe reblog to show your followers how to stay safe!

Many virus blogs are going around lately. If you go on their pages there is an extremely high chance your computer will be hacked. When you do click on the page it will redirect you a page claiming to be the fbi and even other police agencies. They will say that your computer has been detained for some very specific reasons like viewing child pornography, pirating copyright material, and spreading viruses. There may be other reasons but those are the only ones ive heard so far. The site will also say the only way to get your computer back is to pay a sum of money somewhere between $100-$500 WHATEVER YOU DO, DONT PAY THAT MONEY. The payment will not free your browser. This virus has been known to do some very serious things such as turning on your webcam and accessing personal files inside of your computer.

if you do find your computer has been infected go on one of these sites on a different device. They will help rid your computer of the virus:

how to spot a virus blog If you come across a blog with one of these icons it is a virus blog or somebody pretending to be a virus blog. The best thing to do if you come across one of these icons just automatically block the person and dont go on their blog.

Most of the virus blogs have ridiculous keysmash urls. If any blog like that follows you just block them, its better to be safe than sorry. 


here are some extremely easy ways to protect yourself from this virus:

  • update your virus software or buy virus software to protect your computer and run virus scans
  • avoid visiting anybody’s blog period. its just a precaution but even people who arent virus blogs have had thier blog infected with the virus.
  • avoid visiting peoples pages who have reblogged and liked your posts
  • dont answer anonymous messages, fanmail and do not click on links sent in fanmails. if you want to you can disable your ask until this virus has died down. 
  • blog from your phone in the tumblr app! 

It is also a good idea that while this is going on to avoid online shopping or websites where personal information such as your credit card details/address/important passwords is needed if possible just in case the virus is using key logging.


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not confirmed but possible virus blogs:

  • queenofgin
  • adriiaannnnaa

- For more information on the FBI Virus + other Viruses and how to be safe from them, go Here

- Also look at This for information on a recent Virus blog going around.

Here is information on a earlier FBI Virus that is probably still going around.

- There’s also a new Virus going around that includes anonymous messages, look Here for more details and how to avoid it. There’s also This one as well.

I got alot of my information from other posts i’ve seen while on my humor blog (where the virus is much prominent) but since alot of rosy blogs and blogs of other types dont have humor/fandom blogs i felt the need to share it with all of you. Also if you’re pretending to be a virus blog I really hope you drown because you don’t mess around with stuff it’s not funny and you’re going to hell. PLEASE STAY SAFE AND AVOID GETTING HACKED AND GETTING A VIRUS ILY STAY SAFE <3 

jasperconradv asked:

IMPORTANT NEWS. Someone has re uploaded the leak videoed. Heres the link to his channel (/channel/UCziLSaBiSDQ6Bf13MoI5jAw) WARNING THE CHANNEL MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS. PAUSE THE VID. And comment politely for him to take it down. Be wary of the comment section and the vid (I did not watch them)

I don’t have a Youtube account and don’t visit the site often (I guess it’s a Youtube channel?), but GUYS, PLEASE AVOID THIS LEAK OR TRY TO GET IT DELETED IF YOU HAVE YT. Explain this is disrespectful to the creators and other fans who don’t want to see spoilers!

To all of my Ukrainian followers:

I hope you are safe, and I hope the conflict between your country and Russia does not escalate. I’ve just recently heard today that Putin has sent troops into the Crimea region, and I pray that this doesn’t become an all out war. 

These are dangerous times, but I want you to know that we’ve got your backs. 

Send love to those being attacked lately, and remember that if you are sensitive to anonymous hate please turn off your ask box or just anon. Many have said this will be on January 1st and 2nd and it’s all horrible really. 

Those in the fandoms being attacked, remember to stay strong. 

Family don’t end in blood.

Great tips for staying cool/hydrated in hot weather, courtesy of an ex-marching band geek and person who has lived in a non-air conditioned dorm for three years

  • drink plenty of water
  • seriously if your urine isn’t clear just keep guzzling down fluids
  • avoid carbonated and sugary drinks
  • eat ‘cool’ things, like fruit (watermelon esp. – tw birds with one stone)
  • if you start to feel irritable or have a headache or pains in your lower back, get out of the sun and drink more water or something with electrolytes, like gatorade
  • putting a cool towel or something cold on your wrists will cool down your whole body
  • wear sunscreen and regularly reapply it every hour or so
  • put your hair up if it’s long, wear a hat and/or sunglasses
  • if your house doesn’t have air conditioning, put box fans in the windows, open all the doors, and if you have oscillating fans, put them by the doors. you’ll get a cross breeze and it’ll cool your room down considerably
  • if you don’t have fans or air conditioning, go someplace public, like a coffee shop or a library
  • if you’re outside, try and sit in the shade as often as you can

if you get an ask from either of these people that says to check out their blog and click the link, DO NOT do it! i luckily clicked them on mobile so i think im safe.. they’re apparently virus blogs and i deleted their messages and i forgot to screenshot them

Got more news about what 4chan are planning on Tumblr. Spread this like fucking wildfire and turn off anon. Repost and reblog no matter what fandom you’re in, lives are possibly on the line. Stay safe, everyone. xx

I want everyone to know that my blog is a completely safe zone for whoever you are. If you need someone to talk to for support, I am here. Don’t hesitate to send me a message, I promise to help you. No one should be victimized for being who they are, and I will do anything to help. Stay safe everyone and just keep doing you. I love you all.

i don’t know much about this little stalker squad going around but i do know that they will ruin it for everyone else. when, and if, the guys or their management find out, they will get more security. hence, ruining meeting them for everyone.

also, here’s some info bits on what charges are for stalking in the state of California.

96 countries took part in the Boston Marathon today, this was an attack on the world, not just America. Pray for Boston tonight and whilst praying for them also spare a thought for Syria,Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine and all the countries that are bombarded frequently. We live in a dark world let’s make it better with the light of our prayers.
—  Amir Khan

guys quick warning - if you’re triggered by images of s*lf h@rm (sorry i don’t want this to get blacklisted i need people to see it) then blacklist ‘staff’ right now because the tumblr staff have posted a potentially triggering picture with no warnings tagged