stay safe guys

Not a shitpost, but some advice for my younger followers:

Try to eat healthy. I’m not saying you should live in whole foods, but try to get in the habit of having fruit or veggies whenever you can. You might be fifteen and feel invincible chugging three cans of energy drinks, but trust me. In a few years your body is gonna be craving all the healthy shit you didn’t eat as a kid.

Don’t romanticize staying up late. It’s not healthy. You may score brownie points with your friends if you pull an all-nighter for no discernible reason, but your body will hate you. Believe me when I say everything catches back up to you by the time you’re in your late teens. If you fuck up your sleep patterns while you’re young, you’ve pretty much screwed yourself over for the next few years.

Trust your gut. If you think someone is creepy, keep your distance. Even if your friends insist they’re an okay person, keep your distance. Better safe than sorry. And most of the time, you’ll end up right.

There’s no point in teasing people for their appearance. There’s no point at all. We all have to get up at like 6am to learn about things we don’t care about, let people wear whatever the hell they want. Shut your mouth and move on.

If someone older than you tries to talk to you out of nowhere, stay on your goddamn guard. Even if they’re a person you greatly admire, even if you think they’re the coolest person ever- You are under no obligation to humor them. If they start asking invasive questions (about your age, your sexual habits, anything that raises Warning Bells) then you need to get the hell out of there. Stop responding, either gradually or all at once. Whatever works for you. You’re not being rude- you’re looking out for yourself.

Be kind to people younger than you. You were just like them not too long ago.

Safety Tips for Protesters

if you’re protesting and need to take medications with you, make sure they’re in clearly labeled containers- no mini jars or anything. because if you get arrested or searched, there is a high likelihood that they will think you are carrying illegal substances with you.

of course, don’t go to a march high or drunk, but be careful to make sure you’re not accused of being high or drunk or selling or whatever.

water will make pepper spray worse. use milk, or a combination of a liquid antacid and water. if you wear contacts, DO NOT WEAR CONTACTS TO A PROTEST. i don’t care if you don’t have glasses that fit your prescription- tear gas and pepper spray will both get absorbed into contact lenses.

if you’re tear gassed, here’s what to do when you get home: bag the day’s clothes in a plastic bag to decontaminate or dispose of later, and shower with cold water. the cold water won’t immediately open up your pores, but will get a lot of the residue off. be gentle to yourself in the shower. avoid showering with warm/hot water for at least 3-4 hours afterwards.

come with people you trust. do NOT get separated; and try not to panic if, by chance, you do. it may be a good idea to pick a rendezvous spot in case you get separated; one on-site, and one a bit farther off. if you are planning to separate, pick a time to meet to make sure you’re all okay.

a good idea in case of accidental separation is to wear a wrist cuff; wave your arm in the air and they’ll see you.

that said, wear a mask. the far right is very good at combing through pictures.

beware undercovers; beware collaborator ‘peace police’ even more. beware anyone inciting violence, because most of them are police.

write any necessary phone numbers you may need directly on your skin in sharpie. if you do sigils, draw some of those too. you can never be too careful.

make sure all mobile devices are charged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you plan on going to jail, plan it: bail, lawyer, time off from work, witnesses i.e.: a cadre. train for jail.

if you’re gonna be walking for a long period of time and there may not be a bathroom, wear a diaper or pad.

depending on the amount of time you’ll be there, it may be a good idea to bring snacks. this also depends on how much stuff you can take with you, but if you need to pack a mini-meal, do it. bring water in a reusable bottle. if you have blood sugar issues, a sports drink or juice may be a good idea, but you probably thought of that already.

be courteous to those around you. even though people are likely to be wound-up, remember to be kind to them. be friendly, etc., etc.

if there is a riot, the choice is yours as to what you do. there is no shame in hiding or leaving if you see people starting a fight. if you need to back away or leave completely, that’s okay. however, if you choose to stay, please be careful and refer to the first two parts of this post.

remember why you’re there.

Important!! August 21st Eclipse 🌙

Hey guys i know were all super super excited about the eclipse, but if youre going to be looking at it at all you’re going to need to wear eye protection.

This isnt just for long viewing, even taking short glances at the eclipse can damage your eyes and it adds up.

It may not appear so but the eclipse is every bit as bright as the regular sun showing and you can really damage your vision if you dont wear some form of protection.

Please spread this around!! Stay safe guys

Friendly reminder to all my minor tumblr users that you need to be very careful on this website because not everyone can be trustworthy and as friendly as you think. Take care of yourselves and distance yourself away from older people that make you feel uncomfortable.

A Short Message About Kindness

No, I’m not going to put it under the cut because you’re either going to read this or scroll past the entirety of it, feeling guiltier with every damn paragraph.

Now I was just sitting down to work on a fic when I decided to check tumblr. Little did I know, I’d be greeted with something that ticks me off beyond comprehension: anon hate. Now, this particular anonymous hate was sent into one of my favorite blogs and an absolute jewel to tumblr, @imagineham . I can say, with confidence, that Steph receives anonymous hate in her inbox at least once a week. That this happens to Steph is shameful, that this happens on tumblr at all is disgraceful. 

I see this kind of post all the time, ones like this one or this one or this entire blog or even this post from Steph herself (I couldn’t find a specific one I was looking for but if I can later, I’ll link it). But in all my time on tumblr (which, granted, has only been a few months), I have not seen a decrease in the number of hateful anons. If you have a problem with what the blogger is saying or putting out there, fucking take it up with them nicely.

I understand that when you have a shit day, it becomes really easy to see something that bothers you even slightly then type a response with less than nice words, hide behind anonymous with just the touch of a button and ruin someone else’s day. But if you’re having a bad day, stay off tumblr, for exactly this reason. Please.

There are people that get so many hateful asks that they’re “used to it”. What the actual fuck. It shouldn’t be rare for me to not have gotten any. In my somewhat limited time on tumblr, I’ve never once received a hateful ask or message. And I’m happy it hasn’t happened to me. But I’m really not happy that it’s unusual for a plain, boring little blogger like me to not have received any hate. Starting this blog, I expected to get hate! And that is so insane. Bloggers who are starting out shouldn’t expect to get hate. It should be rare. So let’s make it that way. 

If you’ve sent anonymous hate even once, get off this website or go apologize to the blogger you sent it to right now. I don’t care how long ago it was, or how petty it seemed, go and apologize right now. I’m serious. Back out of this post and A P O L O G I Z E. Not sure if what you sent can be considered hate? If you’re wondering, it probably was, or you should probably apologize anyway. If you sent something stupid, hurtful, disrespectful, etc. you need to apologize for it. The blogger might respond “I wasn’t offended!”, or maybe they’ll say “I really appreciate you apologizing for that, it hurt my feelings” or maybe they’ll even say “lol I don’t even remember that”. None of these outcomes are bad. Even if they’re still sour about what you said to them, well then you must’ve said something pretty awful and they need extra love from you. Even if they didn’t even answer your ask, just fucking apologize.

Um hell yeah can we bring back #bekindtowriters? Maybe #bekindtobloggers too? Honestly, this site just needs a little extra love and positivity to try and balance out all the hate in it. Really, the internet in general needs it, life needs a little extra love. So please, be a part of that. I don’t care if you’re the kind of cynical person who thinks mush should be saved for private affairs (believe it or not, I’m one of those people), please make a little effort to put a little bit more kindness in the world. Even if it’s just saying thank you to someone you don’t usually, or holding the door for the person behind you. Or if it’s something big, like volunteering or donating large sums of money to important causes. Or especially if it’s something like using that anonymous button to say something nice to a person. I understand that this paragraph of this post could have little effect on what happens on this planet, but maybe there are some of you that just need a reminder.