I’ve been contacted by a NUMBER of concerned folks in the tumblr goth community about some creeper behavior. I did a little digging to verify what is going on, and … yeah. THIS IS NOT OKAY:

Can you please tell people to look out for and report tumblr user ‘marchiesuff’. He is a MUCH older man, who reblogged a minor’s (her blog clearly stated she was 16) selfies onto his porn blog and left a VERY creepy comment, and when called out lied and tried to pull the victim card (went so far as to say her blog said she was 18, and later 17, therefore ‘ripe for f****’ and that she shouldn’t take such pictures of herself, even though the pictures were very innocent, were not sexual at all, and her blog clearly stated she is 16.)

Further down his blog he had other young girl’s selfies with equally creepy comments, and becomes very aggressive when called out. The main reason I came to you is that most, if not all, of the selfies he reblogged were from goth or alternative ladies. 

People have already alerted Staff, but he’s an admitted sexual offender and predator and I just want everyone to be safe. 

Sorry to bug you, but I feel like gothy girls/femme presenting persons on tumblr should be warned, and everyone listens to the Eldergoths!

LET ME MAKE SOMETHING VERY CLEAR: reblogging people’s selfies to porn blogs without their clear and direct consent is reprehensible. Reblogging the selfies of MINORS without their consent, and then trying to justify your behavior by saying that they “didn’t look underage” IS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR.

things I wish people had told me: shitty family edition

-you are under no obligation to love your family ok. they treat you like crap??? they don’t deserve you
-HOWEVER getting into it with them can be incREDIBLY DANGEROUS okay stay safe most important thing
-you are amazing ok
-you don’t have to be anyone’s definition of perfect. even your own. no one is perfect but you are perfect and beautiful/handsome and YOU ARE WORTH IT
-whatever you weigh is OKAY
-as long as you’re healthy you’re wonderful
-I’m serious don’t let people compromise how you view yourself
-your interest and values are important do not let them be insulted
-people will and do love you
-you aren’t broken
-you have every right to your problems
-age is literally just a number it’s not something that can be used to diminish your problems
-you matter
-you are wonderful
-it DOES get better
-you ARE NOT your family

Pink Tax: A Cautionary Tale

It’s just another day. I walk past a drugstore and realize that I need some shaving cream, so I decide to take a look. I finally find the shaving products aisle. God, why are all these creams so expensive? They’re scented and all, but that’s not really worth it. Oh, there’s a store-brand one for men. It’s more than half the price of the women’s product. I guess I’ll buy it then, can’t be that bad.

Evening of the same day. I take a shower and start applying my new shaving cream. Suddenly, it starts to burn. Bad. Really bad. I scream for what seems like an hour. I pass out. I wake up again. I look at my leg. The word “PATRIARCHY” is carved into my flesh.

Never try to beat the pink tax. They will know. The patriarchy will find out and it will punish you. 

Stay safe, girls. Stay safe.

Happy Fourth of July to all of my followers!

Please remember to make smart decisions and be safe today and tonight. You may be making the right choices, but the people around you may not be! Be carful and if you need help, CALL SOMEONE. Have fun!