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rinna-diabolik  asked:

Could you do some Pokemon AU headcanons for Yui? :0

PKMN Trainer Yui would like to battle!

✩ Started late on her journey, instead of 10 she starts at 17 due to unknown circumstances.

✩ It wasn’t until she received a mysterious package from someone that contained all she would need, including a carefully picked Pokemon, that she decided to finally set off on her journey.

✩ That doesn’t stop her though, nor does it stop her Popplio that took to her instantly.

✩ Lost to Subaru twice before finally managing to defeat him, it was too close though.

✩ In order of when she got them her team goes; Popplio, Espurr, Minccino, Minior, Arceus.

✩ Actually she doesn’t have a pokeball for Arceus, God tends to just follow her around and give her the best advice.

✩ This set back pissed most off the leaders and league but they don’t know if there are rules against it so Arceus stays.

✩ Is so ready to take on the pokemon league, she has came a long way. She wants to be the very best, like no one ever was~

✩ Is a literally living embodiment of; “Though she be little, she is fierce.” Seriously her Primarina is beast… don’t test Water Pledge.

crystep34  asked:

Very handsome, 10/10 would recommend, thank you for sharing your gorgeous face and arts!!! And also....You have to be ID'd to buy energy drinks???

SINGLE AND READY TO stay home at all times due to crippling social anxiety

eh, it’s not really a law but some stores are picky

Sam wants you to: Get proper sleep!

Hey, uh I know you probably don’t wanna hear this from me, and I get it, sometimes it’s hard to do, but maybe you wanna go to sleep a little earlier tonight?

Look – I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights…and days but it’s important to get your eight hours. We all can’t live on energy drinks and coffee, you know? So how about this, just whine down thirty minutes earlier than you did last night. Ok, try fifteen minutes instead. 

If you didn’t sleep…or couldn’t sleep, I’m sorry your body wouldn’t let you. Do you wanna try today? We can lay down together, and if neither of us can sleep?

I’m sure we can find a way to tire each other out. Let’s just try to get our sleep schedules better, ok? I know it’s hard but trust me, take baby steps toward it, and in no time, you’re gonna be sleeping better. 

You might be saying “It’s not that easy” now, but later you’ll be thanking me. 

Come to me, come, come to me
Look at what you’ve done to me
You put a gun to me
Then you brought the sun to me
Shine like blood diamonds
Learning to have patience only cause you are timeless
The universe energy doesn’t lie
And this chemistry is infinity at a million times
I wrote a million rhymes describing your star power
And after 24 bars, you get 24 hours
I been through some shit man
But I be on my shit man
I decided
That what you give
Is what you’re given
So I been tryna do it right
I been doin’ like
Whatever gets me through the night
What a life
I’m steady always on the go
You steady always on the go
We steady losing all control
—  Stay Ready (What a Life) Jhene Aiko, Kendrick Lamar

PEOPLE HAVE FAITH!!!! I honestly understand why this week’s episode had to be a bit of a downer. Next week is the final episode and they have to do everything in their power to surprise us, (episode 10 solidified Victor and Yuuri’s romantic relationship but their professional relationship has always been a bit vague. Episode 9′s ending showed us that they want to remain together, now HOW is the question.) I do think that Victor either wants to skate again or begin coaching other skaters, and I also think Yuuri can see that. If you love someone unconditionally it’s normal to want to sacrifice your own desires for theirs. Either way I think the follow up from this episode to the next will be beautiful because Victor and Yuuri will finally reach a common ground and they will move one from there TOGETHER (whether Yuuri wins gold or not!!!). 

Also I will upload a better quality version of this page eventually on my new art blog! - Shiika (art by me)