stay out of the water guys

here are some public places to cry in when your life is in shambles: 

library – great because no one will find you in the cubicles and no one ever looks at people sitting at the desks just stare at your laptop and cry, it’s fine 

the train – it’s ok because the train is moving and everyone knows people can’t ask why you’re crying while the train is still moving because it’s against the law and transit people will fine you

laundromat – totally acceptable because washing machines use water and your tears are like water and no one will ask why you’re crying because that would be like questioning water and why would they do that if they’re washing their clothes with water; cry your heart out 

bookstore – aisles are long as hell and only 4.5 people work at any bookstore at any given time even the big ones that sell blankets. if you see someone approach just pick up a book and pretend to read it while your tears vandalize the pages 

movie theatre – do i even need to explain 

stay teary you guys 



Today we had two cuttlefish births and they are thE CUTEST LITTLE ALIENS EVER! This one is trying to figure out how to stay level in the water and it’s so adorable. They are about the size of my pinky nail (and I have small hands) which means it’s very hard to get a good, well focused picture/video of them.

Currently, I am feeding them 3 day old Nauplii brine shrimp and baby mysis shrimp. These little guys are breaking my heart with cuteness 💕🐙

Doing It Again

Carl + You

Warnings:Smut, cursing

Carl’s POV:

She was doing it again, y/n was always talking to them, the guys. I can’t help but get jealous, the guys knew we were in a relationship for months but their horny asses won’t stay away from her. I stared out the window spying on her talking awkwardly with them. I see her turn around to face the window where I was standing and Mikey was pointing his finger towards me. Her brows raised as she started running to the house.

“Carl? You can come out if you want” She said, walking through the doorway. I ignored her and poured out some water into a glass.

“Carl? Hey!?” She lightly raised her voice, coming closer to me. I dropped the glass and let it smash to the floor while pushing her against the cupboard. Her eyes stared at me in shock.

“I told you not to fucking talk to them y/n, I want you so badly but I can’t fucking stand when their around you” I groaned into her ear and pulled away from her.

“Car-” she started until my dad came downstairs.

“Is everything alright? I heard a something smash” He asked.

“Yeah, fine” I blandly replied while dad headed to leave for watch. When I looked back over to the cupboard y/n was gone. I cleaned up the glass and ran up the stairs to my room.

As soon as I walked in I saw y/n sitting on the bed in her bra and underwear, staring at me with her beautiful eyes and.

“I’m sorry daddy” She crawled towards me until she was at the edge of the bed. I felt my pants get tighter while I moved towards her. I stood in front of her and dropped my pants to the ground and threw my t-shirt across the room.

“I’m sorry isn’t good enough” I smirk standing in my briefs, looking down at her. She began rubbing my leg with her foot. 

“Okay, well maybe this will be good enough” She grinned dropping to her knees. She slowly slid my briefs down, letting my cock spring free. I held onto her hair pushing it closer to my boner as the tip entered her mouth. She sucked in and out making me moan multiple times.

“Fuck y/n” I whimper lifting her to her feet. I look at her still body still in her bra and underwear. We stared into each others eyes while I undressed her. I stepped closer so she could feel my erection growing against her wet pussy. I started kissing her neck and lay her down on my bed before grinding against her skin.

I stroked her cheek with the back of my hand “My precious” I said digging my face into her neck pushing myself into her.

“Fuck, Carl!” She moaned sticking her nails into my back while I thrusted into her. The sound of our skin slapping against each other echoed the room. 

“Carl, I’m so close, shit” She gasps while I thrust into her harder and faster. I hold onto her hair again banging into her making her moan my name over and over again

“Me too” I moan before releasing it, following by her releasing. I roll over to my back catching my breath. 

“Do you forgive me daddy” She pouts while getting on me to straddle me.

“Yeah baby, but don’t fucking talk to them ever again, you’re mine” I say gripping onto her waist.

Partners in Crime

Summary: Not your typical flower shop AU.
Members: Chanyeol x Reader (Babydoll)
Type: Action, Fluff, Angst
Length: 1,705 words

I referenced a T.V. Show in this post haha but I hope you guys enjoy this :) It was fun to write, should i make it a series?

- Admin Mocha

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 [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11]

It all started out as a regular Sunday.

  You were working at the flower shop across from your university, trimming all different kinds of plants and watering them so that they stayed hydrated. Your friend was supposed to work with you, however due to the fact she had been feeling under the weather, she left you to work by yourself. She initially came into the shop and began to put her apron on, but one look at her bright red nose and her exhausted eyes caused you to send her home at once. The store had been quiet for the first half of the day, every now and then a couple walking by would stop in or a old woman would wander in and buy something. Sundays were usually quiet so the absence of your co-worker honestly didn’t affect much, other than the fact it left you bored and a bit lonely. However, You were instantly entertained when he entered the shop around the beginning of the afternoon.

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Dating Isaac Would Include:

- Both of you being sassy as hell to each other
- Stealing and hiding his scarfs, and then he tries to be mad about it but he can’t stay mad at you for long
- Tickle fights, water fights, food fights that always result in make out sessions
- Isaac not caring if people call him whipped
- Planning your future together (discussing where you guys should live, how many kids etc)
- “Y/N you hid my scarf again didn’t you?”….“I have no idea what your talking about”
- Him telling you out his childhood/past
- Stealing his lacrosse jersey
- “Isaac Lahey I’ll never make you feel alone ever, you’ve always got me”
- Him calling you babe or love
- Always holding hands
- Spending cold nights wrapped up in blankets, cuddling
- “I can look after myself Isaac”….“I know love, but if anything happened to you I wouldn’t ever forgive myself”
- You being Isaac’s anchor
- Piggy back rides
- Always ending the day with I love you

The First Time You Met Mini Imagine

Late to class once again. It wasn’t technically even your fault this time around, things had been hectic and time just happened to get away from you. So here you were rushing past the school doors, to your locker to grab the books that you needed.

Not caring where you threw your bag or if you locker became a bigger mess than it was, you reached for the chemistry book that was conveniently hiding towards the back. Pulling it out of course a handful of books fell to the floor from the sudden movement.

“You have got to be kidding me!” you exhaled.

Picking up the several books that were closest to you, throwing them back in you realized that one was missing. “Is this what your looking for?” a deep voice asked.

Glancing at the boy he looked familiar, but you couldn’t place what his name was. “Thanks, I suppose you saw the whole thing” laughing awkwardly.

He kindly smiled handing the book back as he did so, “We all have those days. So what class are you late for?”.

Showing him your chemistry book, he nodded in understanding. “Looks like we’re both late to the same class”.

“I thought you looked familiar, I’m Y/N Y/L/N” you extended your hand which he took and said, “I’m Isaac Lahey”.

“Nice to meet you Isaac Lahey” letting go of his hand, you closed the locker.

“Would it be okay if I walked you to class?”

Staring at him, there was something in his eyes that were gentle. You walked together until the two of you reached the classroom. “Your not coming in?” asking him as he didn’t show any interest of actually attending the class.

“I sorta have somewhere else to be, but save me a seat for next class?” he winked and set off down the hall.

Taking a minute to make sure your cheeks weren’t visible red, you opened the door and got the third degree from the teacher, and several looks from other students. Taking the empty table at the back you opened the book to the current chapter.

Not being able to focus on the teachers dull explanations about the topic, your eyes flashed to the door which the small glass window gave you a view of the hallway. Isaac was all that was on your mind, he was intriguing and not to mention handsome. Just then a tall figure wearing a leather jacket came into view, Isaac stopped at the door and the two of you couldn’t stop staring at each other.

Blushing down you smiled, not realizing the door opened someone took the seat next to you. “Thanks for saving me a seat love” he whispered, while not caring if the teacher was unimpressed with all the interruptions.

“I thought you had somewhere else to be?”

He smirked and said, “I changed my mind I rather sit through boring chemistry with you, if I’m being honest”.

You didn’t know if he was flirting or just being polite, but whatever it was you weren’t going to complain. And little did you know just how much Isaac Lahey would end up meaning to you.


I love you: 10k imagine

We didn’t have time to waste, or time to stop but we had to. We were all tired, hungry and some of us injured. I was leaning against 10k in the truck bed. We had to find some place to stay, a place to get our energy back. 

10k was holding pressure to my thigh, but I could feel myself getting weaker by the minute. There were a few guys, they saw Murphy with us. They attacked us trying to get him. I got stabbed, but I would rather get stabbed anyday rather than bitten by a Z.

“(y/n) don’t close your eyes.” 10k said as he softly smacked your cheek trying to keep you with him.

“I’m tried T.” I whispered as my eyes slowly started to roll into the back of my head. Out of nowhere I felt cold water being splashed against my hot skin.

“Stay awake.” He said as he placed the bottle to my lips. I took a few chugs of the water but I still felt tired.

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How To Be Safe in ERS 2016-17

1. Check your venue restrictions before you get there. What cameras are you allowed to bring in? Usually you can’t bring in outside food and drink, but check to make sure. Look at purse restrictions (I actually had to put up five bottles of water which ended me to pass out, I had one bottle of water the entire day which leads to my next point), to make sure that you can bring them to the venue. 

2. Drink a lot of water throughout the day. Do not chug water. Dehydration starts as soon as you sweat, if you chug there is a chance that your stomach can’t handle it. Sip it, but water is not good enough. My doctor reccomended after I passed out last year that if you are standing in the heat you have to replenish electrolytes as well since sweat decreases your salt in your blood. Get a Gatorade or Powerade as well to sip if possible. If not get something salty at the venue such as fries, just make sure that you get extra water with it. There is a balance. 

3. Even if you are not hungry, eat. Eat a big breakfast if you get there early and get food throughout the day. If you are in a seating venue or an ampitheatere, eat a dinner beforehand to make sure you have enough energy while you are there. I find it pretty draining, but it’s an amazing night. 

4. Bend your knees while standing, people will drop in the military (the formation requires for you to stand straight, but locked knees are a terrible thing) due to this, your blood doesn’t flow well if they aren’t and could lead to the blood not flowing correctly and you passing out. 

5. If possible, bring a friend or make friends. Safety in numbers, groups of friends allow for a better time and it will be harder to push you (we made a block that prevented people from pushing). Friends will also know if something is up with you sometimes before you will know. Plus if something does happen you can get out easier. 

6. Anxiety? I have it and standing in the middle is the absolute worst for anxiety and claustrophobia. Navigate towards the sides if needed because it makes it easier for you to leave if needed. 

7. Don’t be afraid to refuse your spot either. If you are at the baricade and someone wants to push you out of the way, give yourself a poised position that gives yourself more room. Do not get aggressive, but don’t back down if someone wants your spot.

8. Use the restroom when you need to, you don’t want to hurt yourself by getting an UTI or anything, please use the restroom when you need to. 

9. Don’t be afraid to sit down if you can. If you have a seat and need to sit down, do it. Ask someone to get yourself something if you start to feel dizzy in any way. 

10. If you are old enough to drink, drink one or two. Someone got alcohol poisoning at their shows that I know and was in the hospital for a couple days. Please restrict yourself if possible and if you do drink, get a sober friend to help you drive. 

11. Know your symptoms for heat exhaustion. Get into a shaded area and sit down. Your safety is more important and I hate to say that if you are near the front if this happens, shade or leave. If you vomit, go. I had to get a full IV.  Go to the doctor’s or if you pass out like me go to the doctor. If you can’t afford it, get a friend to drive you home and rest, replenish your water and electrolytes by sipping. 

12. Wear as little as possible, with lightest colors as possible. I know that red beanie and flannel is amazing but take it off when you get there if you want to wear it. You could get overheated. 

This is all I can think of, if you have anything to add, please go ahead!

Some important lines with fantastic deliveries to remember from AtLA:

“They’re only flowers, dear.” Hama says, right after explaining how they are her favorite because of their beauty–because anything she might actually care about is completely disposable to her now, as long as it helps to accomplish her goal.

“I only wish they would wear pants.” Bato deadpans, having had to spend days and/or weeks aboard ships with these men, wondering how in the world they manage to stay comfortable, how they can stand to bump against the metal sides of the ship or be out in the ocean air…also, if you didn’t wear pants in the Southern Water Tribe, you froze to death, so this is not something he grew up accustomed to. 

“That gloomy girl who sighs a lot?” Sokka asks, almost disbelieving but incredibly impressed–for here is Zuko, the guy who can’t even muster up the wit and organization required to tell a good joke, the boy who can’t talk for more than fifteen seconds without tripping over his own tongue, whose face is far more likely to terrify the average girl than make her swoon…and he has apparently been canoodling with the most attractive and aloof teenager in the Fire Nation. Sokka almost wants to disbelieve this, but Zuko’s been nothing but blunt and honest thusfar, so he just has to accept this story, too.

“Yeah, but I’m not going to shoot LIGHTNING at you!” Iroh shouts, realizing that he really should have seen this request coming, and that the words “Lightning is very dangerous” were probably not enough to dissuade the nephew who decided to swim under arctic ice in order to reach the Avatar. 

“Do you really think that will work?” Aang asks eagerly, delighted that Zuko has actually spent time thinking about a plan where Aang can defeat Ozai without killing him, and perhaps unlock that little piece of good inside him. It worked for Zuko, right?

One of the more entertaining things in Aus in summer is the pre recorded train announcements that contain tips in how to stay safe in the heat. “The 9.35 South Morang is due in three minutes. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.” “The 10.15 Flinders street has been delayed and is now expected to arrive in eight minutes. Stay out of the direct sunlight, and have a good day.”

Do you guys get these where it’s cold? Like, “We are running on time to Detroit today. Don’t leave the house in damp clothing or it’ll turn you into a popsicle.” “There is a delay on the southboard line due to a fallen tree, you can expect your train in twenty to twenty five minutes. Remember not to fuck a snow man or your cock’ll fall off.”


These guys are from Cele Trei Creaturi, which I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned has energy creatures? They are made out of magic, which is very unstable under most circumstances and requires a “magic sink” to stay together. A magic sink conducts ambient magic energy and spits it out for the energy creature to use and maintain its form with. They’re like animals made of running water: if the flow stops they die. The best and most available conductor of magic is other living things, so plants and small animals are usually held symbiotically (or victimized) by the energy creatures. For more info on magic physics in CTC, look here: (1) (2)

What’s unusual about them is that Candentia the creator didn’t make them, they arose naturally from the environment and physical laws she created for the universe. She is super fascinated by this and studies them in her weird god house. They are believed to be descended from spells used by plants and animals, having gotten more complex and extended their lifespans with magic sinks. They are colloquially called ‘spell worms’ because of this.


*** First thing I’ve done with sex. 🙈🙈🙈 I tried to leave things more insinuatory and to the imagination. Let me know if you think I could change things (more explicit/less explicit)*** 

 “You sure you don’t need me?” 

“No sis. Just get some rest. If something goes down I’ll call you, but you stay here. I’m serious.” 

“Fine Ope. Promise to call if you need me.” 

You faked a cough and sniffled. 

“I promise. Now take some medicine and go to bed.”

 Opie pressed a kiss to your forehead and walked out of the clubhouse. Once you were sure he was gone, you took off the blanket that you had wrapped around yourself. You smirked and headed to the kitchen grabbing a bottle of water and went to sit on the couch, waiting for Juice to come out. 

At first it was just a simple crush because he was cute but things had changed since then. You slowly began to feel something there for the guy from Queens with bad luck. You weren’t in love with him or anything, but you definitely cared for him and he wasn’t bad to look at. A couple minutes later, he came out of his dorm with his laptop and sat at the bar, not even seeing you. You smirked and got up, walking up behind him and placing your hands on his shoulders. He jumped and made a move to grab the beer bottle in front of him but you pressed your lips to his ear. 

“A beer bottle? What were you gonna do with that Juicy?” 

You felt his shoulders drop under your hands as he relaxed after hearing your voice. 

 “I was about to break this bottle on the bar and cut you with it. I thought you were someone else, they said you were sick.“ 

Ignoring him, you walked around the stool and dipped under his arm that was stretched out as he typed, wedging yourself between him and the bar top. Juice knew exactly what you were doing. 

"Not now. I’ve got some shit to figure out for the club.” 

“Can’t it wait?” 

“No. It’s important.”

 You pouted and leaned against him, your breasts right in his face. 

“More important that me?” 

He took a breath before looking up at you.

 “You gotta cut this shit out. Opie will have my ass if he finds out about you doing this shit.” 

“Why would he be mad at you? I’m the one doing all the work.” 

Juice gave you a look before scooting the stool back and standing up, grabbing his computer and walking over to the couch. He sat down and put the laptop in his lap before he got back to work. You smirked as you saw how wide his legs were open, an idea popping into your head. You walked over to the couch and sank to your knees in front of him. You placed your hands on his thighs and ran them up and down, squeezing slightly as you got closer to the top. He ignored you entirely and that made you smirk even more. You always liked a challenge. 

 You slid your hand all the way up his thigh and ran your hand over his crotch. Juice shifted his legs a little but continued to ignore you, still looking at his computer screen. You grabbed him lightly and rested your cheek against his jean covered thigh, looking up and him and waiting for him to give in. 


You whined and pawed at him again but his self control was stronger than you thought. For a second you began to think that maybe he just really didn’t want you at all and was just trying to be nice but then you felt him slowly growing hard under your hand. You smiled to yourself in relief and grabbed the hem of his shirt at the bottom, gently raising it a bit and pressing a soft kiss to the patch of skin that was exposed above the elastic of his boxers. Sticking your tongue out slightly, you licked a little strip up to his belly button and Juice had had enough. He pushed the laptop to the side and looked down at you. 

“You really don't quit do you?” 

You smiled and nodded your head, leaving a couple more kisses.

 “I want you Juice.” 

“Your brother will kill me.” 

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” 

With that, you pushed Juice’s shirt all the way up and sat up a little, beginning to kiss his tummy. You pressed your chest between his legs and rubbed your breasts against him, a groan falling from his lips. 

 “Fuck. Just do it. They’ll be back soon.” 

You nodded obediently, which was not a characteristic you showed often. You undid his belt and opened his pants, reaching into his boxers and pulled him free. Juice looked down at you and gently smoothed your hair back out of your face as you pressed one more kiss to his bellybutton before taking him into your mouth. 


 “This is bullshit Clay! We can’t just let these bastards get away with blowing our shit up!” 

“Calm yourself Tiggy. We don’t even know if it was them yet. We can’t be jumping to conclusions and ruining a partnership that could be great for us.” 

Tig grunted in disapproval but nodded, dropping it. 

“Bobby, you checked on Luann lately?”

 “Yeah. she’s good. Everything’s good. Georgie hasn’t been bothering them anymore.” 

 The guys continued talking about all the shit going on recently. You looked at everyone listening to what they were saying but the only thing Juice was focusing on was your warm hand, pressed against the front of his jeans, rubbing and groping him. He tried to focus on what Bobby was saying but his brain couldn’t concentrate with you touching him like that. The fact that he was sitting directly across from your brother made him feel like a piece of shit but it didn’t stop him from getting hard. Suddenly Juice felt you squeeze him roughly and he gasped, looking up and seeing everyone looking at him. 

“You alright there brother?” 

“Yeah Jax I just. I think I, I might’ve, I think I left my iron on.” 

“Ok, don’t get a stutter over it. Just turn it off later.” 


 You finished washing your hands and dried them on the towel before unlocking the door. You opened it slightly and were about to walk out but gasped as it suddenly sung open, throwing you a little off balance. You steadied yourself and looked up, seeing Juice push him way in with you, a stern look on his face. It almost looked like a look Happy would have. The thought both scared and excited you. He turned around and locked the door before getting in your face, his nose touching yours.

 “This little game you’ve been playing? That shit is done. Bend over the sink.”

 You looked up at him with wide eyes, frozen. Slowly you smiled and let out a giggle, turning around and resting your chest and tummy on the countertop. You heard Juice fumbling behind you, the sound of his belt buckle coming loose. You put your head down on the counter and looked back at him, a smirk on his face as well now. He slid his fingers into the waist of your pants and yanked them down, your panties going with them. He leaned forward and grabbed your chin, pulling you to look at him. 

“You wanted me, now you got me.” 

With that, he spit on his fingers and rubbed them over his shaft before he pushed himself inside of you and closed his eyes, you covering your mouth with your arm. 


 “I bet I could beat the shit out of you with one hand behind my back.” 

“Yeah right Trager, you couldn’t beat my ass if you were a fucking octopus.” 

The guys watched as Kozik and Tig continued to bicker but stopped when they heard something shattering in the hallway by the dorms. They all stood up at the same time and walked to the hallway, hearing a banging towards the end by the bathroom. Knowing that the croweaters had gone home already, they grew suspicious. 

“Hap. Kick the door open.” 

Happy nodded at Jax and braced his hands on the wall as Tig, Chibs and Opie gave him room.


 “Harder, Juice.” You bit your lip and smiled lazily at him in the mirror, him leaning down and kissing your back. He grabbed your hips and began pulling you back on him when the door busted open. You both gasped and hurried to pull your pants up but it was too late. The guys stood there, Happy and Tig with smirks, Jax Chibs and Opie with their eyes wide. Opie was the first to turn away.

 “I can’t deal with this. Jesus Christ.” 

He shuddered and walked back to the front of the clubhouse while the rest of them laughed at your beet red face. 

 “Ok, show’s over. Can you go now?” 

Jax laughed loudly before turning away too, Chibs following. Tig however stayed right where he was.

 “Tig. Go. Now.” 

He stayed there laughing. 

“Didn’t know you were the kind of girl that liked getting bent over in public bathrooms.” 

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know.” 

You smirked after throwing your comment back at Tig but Juice got in front of you. 

“Yeah, like she’s mine. Now fuck off.” 

He slammed the door shut and let out a breath, you wrapping your arms around his waist. 

“Yours huh?”

 “Yep. Don’t you forget it.”

anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm FTM. I live in a conservative Christian area with my parents who are also very religious. I'm scared to come out to them, but I don't think I can live as a girl much longer. I can't keep lying to myself like this. What do I do?

Kai says:

If you think it’s a bad idea to come out (ie your emotional safety might be compromised if your parents react really negatively and are transphobic and invalidate your identity) then it might be safest to not come out. Just know that you are valid as a guy no matter what. Perhaps you can test the water and slowly shift your gender expression if that makes you more comfortable and see what your parents say? Good luck and stay safe.


anonymous asked:

what kinds of boyfriend would ethan and grayson be?xx

I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to you!! I haven’t been on this account in forever, school’s been crazy and I haven’t had a lot of time and I’m sorry :( I’ve never done any kind of Ethan/Grayson boyfriend thing, but I’ll do my best :) Ethan: Being with Ethan would be so much fun. He would take you out on dates, but not regular ones like out to eat or anything, he would take you hiking, camping, to a picnic by the water, to do laser tag, to karaoke bars where you could both dance and sing out of key together, to go look at the stars at 2am when you both couldn’t sleep. You guys would stay up super late talking about everything and nothing, the things that you were afraid to say to anyone else. He would give you lots of affection in small ways, like always wanting to hold your hand, giving you little kisses on the cheek and the forehead, leaving you little love notes in places he knew you’d find, and always making sure you were happy. If you were upset it would make him upset, and if you cried he would probably tear up too. But he would offer to make you your favorite food and cuddle up with you to watch your favorite movie. He wouldn’t be a huge fan of a lot of pda, but when you guys went out everyone would know you were his. When you were alone though, he would be down for pretty much a ton of cuddling and making out. Grayson: Being with Grayson would be amazing. He would always make sure you knew how beautiful you were and you would catch him staring at you even when you had no makeup on. He would always ask for you to play with his hair or scratch his back, and he would always do the same for you. When you nap together he would always hold on to you tight and give you lots of neck kisses and tickles before finally calming down and falling asleep with his head on your tummy or your head on his chest. He would show you off every chance he got, and pda would definitely be his thing. He would love when you get dressed up for him to go somewhere nice, but seeing you in your sweatpants and messy hair right after you wake up would always be his favorite. He would have so many silly and embarrassing nicknames for you and there would be a lot of him calling you “babe” and wanting you to come give him attention. He would be super protective of you too, he would threaten to hurt anyone who hurt you and he would get irritated if he saw another guy trying to get your attention or staring at you. I hope those were good :)

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I know it has some stiff competition, but no need to hate on the goofy water dog. I’ll be doing the other starters as well because I really like the simplicity in their designs, but I wanted to start out with my favorite as far as the first stage goes. Come the release of the final stage, assuming this guy sprouts humanoid limbs, I may detest the final form.


Say it with me. 


I have been diagnosed with kidney stones and an infection bad enough that I am a one toe out of line away from being put in the hospital. This was caused not only by winning the genetic lottery for predisposition but also laughable dehydration.  Please guys, even if you don’t feel you are thirsty, even if you’d had sodas or juice, make time for water. Or you will end up like me– in SEVERE pain, paying money out the ass to barely stay out of the hospital. And  my doctor can’t even give me a clear day yet on when I’m returning back to work. 

3 liters of water a day… which holy smokes! That’s a lot of water I know, but if you guys will do it. I can. 

Now, as  far as activity goes, I’m going to be home more until these clears, BUT  I AM AND WILL BE DOPED OFF MY BOOTY. SO IT’LL AN ADVENTURE.. I do not know if these means I will be more active or less, but what it does mean,  I will need you to be patient with me.  I might get on and only be able to communicate through IM,  I may be only capable of crack.  I don’t know yet.  But I do know it will be an E X P E R I E N C E. 

That not withstanding, I thank you all for continued love and support <3 

I always get offended when Americans tell me they’d never come to Australia because it’s too dangerous. What kind of pot/kettle dialogue. “Y'all have got spiders and crocs and sharks!!!!” yeah???? and???? unlike human murderers, we know where they are and what they look like. Don’t want to die? Stay out of the water. It’s harder for spiders I grant, but it’s not like people are coming into our schools firing redbacks and funnel-webs at children on a bi-weekly basis. No one’s arguing about the right to bear snakes or carry a concealed taipan. No-one’s driving around with bumper stickers that say “you’ll take my box jellyfish when you pry it from my cold dead hands” or “blue-ringed octopuses don’t kill people, people who throw blue-ringed octopuses at people from cars kill people.” I’m just saying

My two boys

Requested!                                                                                                         Your Mutation: Controlling water                                                                          Note: This is after the events of x-men:Apocalypse and Peter’s leg is healed at the part were they are talking. I hope this is good and you guys like it. Also it was asked to maybe do smut int his imagine but I don’t write smut so I just kind of faded it out.                                                                                                      —————————————————————————————————
After the fight with Apocalypse you and your best friend Peter both decided to stay at Xavier’s school. You had known Peter all your life and when he had told you that he had found out that his dad was Magneto and that he was planning on going to find him you decided to go with him. He had begged you not to come but you weren’t gonna let your best friend go alone. So that is how you ended up at this school. While you were at the school you had gotten pretty close with Scott and Peter couldn’t have been more jealous. Of course you didn’t notice the only thing you had noticed is that both boys had started to flirt with you. You were sitting in the lounge area when both the boys came to sit next to you.                                                                                                     “Hey Y/N.” Scott said as he winked.                                                             “Sup, babe.” Peter said as he put his arm around your shoulders.             “Hello boys.” You said smiling at both of them.                                                 “So Y/N I was thinking..” Scott started when you interrupted him by saying.       “Well that’s not good.” You said laughing.                                                     “Burn dude.” Peter said as he flicked Scott on the head.                             “Shut up.” Scott said as he pushed Peter’s head.                                        Peter raised his hand to push him back when you looked at him with a warning look.                                                                                                             “Peter don’t.” You said as you put your hand on his shoulder.                     Peter looked at Scott before looking down at you and lowering his hand.   “Look Y/N would you like to go out sometime?” Scott asked looking at you.   “Oh um Scott I’m really sorry but um I kind of like someone else. I’m really sorry. I hope that this doesn’t change anything between us.” You said looking at him sadly.                                                                                                     “Oh um yeah it’s fine I get it. Of course not.” He said looking down sad and then standing up and walking away.                                                                 “So you like someone else.” Peter said looking at you.                                     “Uh yeah but I would never dare to tell that person.” You said looking down playing with your hands.                                                                               Peter grabbed your hands and lifted your chin.                                                   “I uh kind of like someone to and I really need to tell them so uhm Y/N,I-I like you a lot I’ve liked you ever since I met you and yes I know we were both little then and feelings were kind of hard to figure out but I just know that I have always and always will like you. So what do you say wanna go out? Even though you like someone else please just give me a chance.” Peter said looking into your eyes.                                                                                 “Peter you are so stupid. You are the person I like just like you I always have and I always will like you. Of course I’ll go out with you.” You said smiling.     Peter smiled back and started to lean in.                                                           “Is uh is this ok?” He asked looking into your eyes.                                         You knew that if you were to open your mouth to say something nothing would come out so you just nodded. He smiled and closed the gap that was between the two of you. He placed one his hands on your cheek and the other on your upper arm and you put your arms around his neck. Before anything went further you pulled back.                                                                                 “Let’s go somewhere a little more private.” You said winking at him.                   He smirked and grabbed your hand and neck (so you won’t get whiplash) and ran to his room and locking his door.

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{ YAAY ASK BOX IS OPEN -- LOVE YOUR BLOG *__* your writing is.. adlfdkgfkhk } -- So.. Kaneki's [both] , Ayato's, Uta's, Yomo's aand Tsukiyama's reaction to their SO fainting out of exhaustion in front of them. [ Hope it isn't much ._. ]

I think this is an okay scenario— I hope everybody’s staying healthy! if you haven’t already done so, get a drink of water and get up to stretch and take a break from work, okay guys? (。´∀`)ノ

Kaneki: He’s stammering and stuttering as his partner goes down, and Kaneki calls out to them with fear, worried that they’re badly ill or something of the like. He considers calling an ambulance, but he attempts to wake his partner first. Once they wake up, he’s breathing a sigh of relief, now tripping over his words as he tries to tell his partner how scared he had been for them. 

shiro!Kaneki: He darts forwards to catch his partner, not wanting them to hit their head or anything vital as they go down. Kaneki carefully moves them to a private space, where others won’t stare and where his partner can lie down comfortably. He looses any tight clothing and fans his partner, calling out their name to wake them. When they do, Kaneki tells them to relax for a moment, and gently explains what has happened.

Ayato: He panics at first, not sure what has happened to his partner or what had caused them to faint, and Ayato flounders before he finds a way to let his partner lie down and recover. He tries to look up their symptoms, tries to carefully shake them awake, and when his partner does wake up again, Ayato’s loud with his questions as to what happened and how they feel. He’s brash, but he’s simply urgent with worry.

Uta: His outwards reaction is minimal; his eyebrows go up and he catches his partner with ease. At first, he’s not quite sure what’s gotten into them, but once Uta’s aware that his partner has passed out he’d move them to an area where they could like down, such as a couch, and raises their legs and tries to pat their face in an attempt to wake them. He’s cautious with his actions because he doesn’t want to hurt his partner any further.

Yomo: He reacts in a very level-headed manner despite the worry that his partner’s fainting spell is a result of something more serious. Yomo would quickly move his partner to a shaded area for them to rest, and once they wake up he’d ask how they were and sternly, but sincerely, tell his partner to take care of themselves more.

Tsukiyama: He lets out all kinds of phrases in worry and disbelief as he grabs his partner, extremely worried about their sudden change in condition. Tsukiyama would personally try to care for his partner as he waits for them to wake, grabbing a cold compress to dab at their face with and rubbing soothing circles to the back of their neck to help them relax.