stay out of the dog park

Return to your homes, if you can. But do not lock your doors tonight. Do not hide yourselves away from danger. Be brave. Be truly brave.

I mean, don’t get carried away. Stay out of the Dog Park. And don’t run with knives. And, for crying out loud, don’t cry out loud. You’ll upset the bears, which are emotionally fragile animals that are already very uncomfortable with themselves.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 48 - Renovations

Hello yes? I need someone to love Welcome to Night Vale with me, because i have NO one to talk to about it, and I’m in desperate need.
Do you listen to WTNV? Are you in the fandom? Do you ship Cecilos? Hiram McDaniels for Mayor? There are no angels, stay out of the dog park? I dont CARE what your Cecil headcannon is, i dont care if you ship the mayor and a hooded figure for christ’s sake, i just need someone to talk about it with..

Dog (2/3)

Summary: The only thing Gavin finds more terrifying than Ryan is the enormous dog he’s brought to stay in the base with them.


Part 1  AO3

At first, Gavin actually managed to avoid the dog for quite a long time.

Most days, it spent the afternoon locked in the car park out back, which was walled in with a high gate, so it couldn’t get out. Sometimes Gavin saw it through the window, racing about the parking lot or rolling in the grass or pissing all over the doormat, or sitting scratching itself (claws. terrifying claws). But it tended to immediately come over to the door if it noticed someone standing there watching it, so he stayed well away just in case.

When it was outside, it was fine.

When it was inside, it was very much not.

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Dating Kim Taehyung

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  • dating tae would never be boring that’s for sure
  • him being weird wouldn’t even phase you after a while
  • “babe look at this”
  • “tae please stop balancing on your head you’re going to pass out”
  • ice cream dates at any time of the year
  • reading aloud to each other
  • not being able to go to the dog park because all the dogs follow him around
  • being known by all the neighborhood shop owners because they’ve all been charmed by your boyfriend
  • somehow he always ends up with baby in his arms
  • never staying mad at him because let’s be honest with ourselves
  • endless teasing in every way shape and form
  • two words: oral fixation
  • tae’s a freak we all know it’s true
  • you’ll be fucked five ways to sunday with this boy
  • waking up to him just watching you with that blocky smile
  • “don’t be creepy tae”
  • “you love it”
  • you love Tae for all his little quirks, he wouldn’t be the same without them.
Ice Fishing 2016

This past weekend we went ice fishing for the very first time.  We drove up to a state park near Walden, Colorado and had a whole weekend with 10 great friends and 3 brave dogs up on the icy lake.  We stayed in a cabin that felt like summer camp– one communal table in the middle, bunk beds, and no running water– but it was rustic and fun and made us feel like kids.  Our trip’s ringleader (our friend Jason) organized the whole thing, including renting the cabin and the fishing shanty, gathering all the fishing supplies, and even bringing all the food for us.  We simply helped out by auguring 2 feet deep holes through the iced over lake and catching tons of trout for supper.  We also played games in the cabin when it got too snowy and sipped on another friend’s homebrewed beer. 

All in all, it was far more fun and memorable than we ever imagined it could be.  I already can’t wait for the next trip.

(Hard to see in the pic above, but the snowman is, in fact, holding a fishing rod with a dangling trout on the end of it.  What else do you do in 0 degree weather??)

Tons of pics below the cut:

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lifewithduma asked:

I looked this up in the faq and knew I wouldn't find it aha. But what does one do when they have a PSD and they go to an amusement park, what do you do with your dog? Do you leave them at the beginning of the ride, can you bring them on some rides? Do you have to have them wait with somebody else?

I’m sure it all depends on what amusement park you go to. You should call ahead to find out what accommodations a particular park has regarding service dogs, where service animal relief areas are located, and which rides service dogs are allowed to be on. For their safety, unless the park has a kennel at the ride (I believe the individual Disney World parks and Universal Studios have cages for service dogs at many rides) you should not leave your service dog unattended without a friend or family member, even if they have a rock-solid down stay or you have them tethered somewhere.

@servicedoodle has written a ton of good stuff about her experiences with her service dog at Disney and I highly recommend checking out these three posts.


anonymous asked:

are you the same person who hates dogs and told your parents dog to go away because if you are then I don't like you nobody likes you dog hater

This is the funniest attempt at anon hate ive gotten in years no lie hoooooooly shit
Where did you even make the connection lmaaaoooooo

Nah dude i love dogs they’re all amazing and great

“And told your parents dog to go away”
God lmaaaoooo at that specifically we don’t even have a dog anymore
My dog Simba was put down years ago because my racist neighbor poisoned him and he tried to fight back
We were told either we would get kicked out of our mobile home park or he wasnt allowed to be living with us anymore. Fought as much as I could to keep him with us but it came down to homelessness if he stayed so very much against my will he was taken away
Cried for a straight week and haven’t ever been fully over it but yea tho ooook I’m the one who hates dogs
Fuck outta here

This weekend was really good. We started the registry yesterday and then grabbed some chicken schwarma at a pretty good place in Evans before coming home, staying up late watching TV & then passing out on the couch. Today was supposed to be devoted to video games & relaxing but we decided to get the house cleaned up & run some errands instead. We took Atticus to the dog park & he’s finally figuring out the agility course (he’s not very agile but he actually goes through all the obstacles). Now at least most of the boring junk we had to do is out of the way. Even the stupid DITY stuff is ready to be mailed off.

Tuesday I have a few hours off work for an ultrasound which we’re really excited for. Jimmy is taking the whole day off so he can also get some errands done too. Then Wednesday I get my bonus. So it should be a pretty exciting week.

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I’m about to ride bikes with John and Dean, or at least /they/ have bikes. We stand on a road that curves down a hill. The road is covered in bouncy-ball sized, sharp rocks.
They mount their bicycles, and expect me to keep up. All I have is my bare feet, but I make it work. I try to avoid the rocks while I can, and ignore the pain when I don’t. They’re surprised I manage to stay with them, but I do.
The street runs underground, and eventually we turn a corner and end up in a basement. It feels like a parking garage with some ratty furniture and piles of blankets and trash. There’s a massive hole in the roof of the basement that leads outside, and has plants and debris pouring inside.
A black, medium sized dog comes out of nowhere and clamps its’ teeth onto my left foot. I desperately fight the animal off, suffering bites to my hands as I do so.
Now I’m driving around town. It’s bright and sunny out. I’m driving past houses that I don’t recognize. John radios me to throw the soup I have in the car with me. I pull over and open the Styrofoam cup, and pour out it’s contents in front of a two-story, blue house. I hope no one is watching and thinking I’m doing this in front of their house maliciously. The soup was old and molding, black specks mixed in with dark brown liquid that makes me want to gag. I toss the cup into the garbage bin in front of the blue house without ever leaving my car, and then close my door. I examine my left knee, which either Dean or John extremely bruised. It’s so bad that it’s black, as black as it would be if I kneeled on an inkpad. It hurts so bad. Dean, John, and I refuse to talk about it. It’s an awkward, unwanted situation which all of us half mixed feelings about. [End]

Relative to Real Life~
Day of May 10th, 2015 (2 of 2)
Real-life characters: John Winchester (Supernatural), Dean Winchester (Supernatural).
Dream-created characters: Dog.
Real-life places: None.
Dream-created places: Street, basement/underground place, streets I drove on, blue two story house.
Different than real life: I’ve never had to run on bare feet to keep up with anyone on a bike, I’ve never been attacked by a dog, no one has ever bruised me intentionally.
Reoccurring: No.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.

zurastar 05102015

Took Astrid out with my friends’ dogs to a park I haven’t been to in a long while today. I left Scout so I could focus on training some specific behaviors and I think it’s important/good for Astrid to get time in with other dogs on her own. I’m definitely going to start coming here more, it was a great place to train, we focused mostly on off leash skillz and recall and sit staying on the side of the trail when people pass. There were a ton of people out (and geese!). She rocked it 👌🏽 I dropped my fave slip lead when we were on the trail tho and it had only been like 15 minutes since I last had it but by the time we retraced our steps someone must have snagged it 😭 there were a lot of people out and I must have dropped it in the middle of the trail so I def think it got picked up. Bummer.

BuT I  did realize that this would be an excellent place to bike w scout, nice wide and flat unpaved trails, need to bring my bike up to school so we can jore again. ive been keeping it back home and running him there bc ive been struggling to find unpaved paths to bike him on here, so this is an exciting development. 

I am Where I Am

I am Where I Am

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It’s been a strange couple of days. On Saturday, when I left the house where I was staying and headed out, I started crying. It mystified me because I was glad to leave that place. I’d been invited, and I paid rent, but I never felt welcome, felt as if the dog’s dislike of me was an imposition for them even though I was the one who bore the scars of his dislike. And it’s not as if I were leaving…

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