stay out of gangs


You are supreme, the chicks’ll cream for grease lightning.”

“Uh, hey…I’m Finn Hudson. I’m auditioning for the role of Putzie. And maybe Danny. Or one of the T-Birds. Honestly, I think there’s something really awesome about the T-Birds, and the dynamic that they bring to the Musical. Grease was from the 1970s; a time that was filled with a changing society. Rock’n’roll was the thing, y’know? People were hanging out in gangs, staying out late and still trying to find themselves in a time where “being cool” was what was expected of dudes. Especially dudes in the T-Birds. I wanna try and help bring some of that new life and spirit to Grease. Where the bond between these guys is kind of unbreakable. Thanks for this opportunity.” 



  • Putzie
  • Danny
  • Kenickie
Gang leader : Michael

You shouldn’t have stayed out late. You hadn’t planned on your lecture over running and you hadn’t planned on your work asking you to lock up. The clock hit 12am and you knew you were screwed. Everyone knew these streets were roamed by gangs. Worst of all the ‘Jet Black heart gang’ they were infamous for their frightening ruling over the streets and they never miss a catch.

Your heart pounded in your chest hoping maybe they would miss you. Maybe they weren’t even near these streets. You knew you were kidding yourself, their 'base’ was known to be located somewhere off this road, they couldn’t miss you even if they tried. But just maybe they wouldn’t get here in time.

The streets lay completely empty at just midnight a place that should be thriving with life 24/7 was hidden away in houses frightened of this gang ruled by 4 very scary and very hot members. You had seen one of them one too many times, after all you lived next door to Liz Hemmings, Who was a mother of the infamous jet black heart gang member Luke. She was a lovely woman her son on the other hand was not.

Your small heels clicked on the cobblestone pavement as you realise you still have a 20minuet walk. You start to speed walk when you heard the sound of a pair of feet. You thought maybe it was another civilian but you knew this pair of feet were too determined. You took the mistake of looking behind you. You were instantly met with a sharp smirk and perfectly styled blonde hair. He had an eyebrow bar and a black hoodie matched with black jeans and white converse.

He sped up his walk to meet yours. You begin to run and you hear the footsteps Persist. You wearing heels managed to twist your ankle and fall straight down almost smashing your face on the pavement. You curse under your breath attempting to stand up when a hand reaches down in front of you. You look up with fear in your eyes. You meet a pair of blue/green eyes. Scrambling to stand up his hand grabs your arm “Get up beautiful your coming with me” he pulls you up and starts dragging you away. You stumble behind trying to keep up. “the names Michael and you can’t run!” He states before chucking you in the back of his car.

What have you gotten yourself into…

Part 2 ?

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Sometimes I wish it had been Inuyasha who had chosen to stay and live in Kagome’s world. 

He wouldn’t have had work experience very much but he’d be insistent on making money so he’d somehow get a job working at Starbucks or Wacdonalds and he’d make friends with young adults who were involved in street trouble and he’d force them all to stay out of gangs and encourage them to be firefighters or something. Eventually he’d move up to be manager of a store somehow or assistant manager but he’d sorta be like Gordan Ramsay in his dictation. (YUKI, IF I HAVE TO TELL YOU ONE MORE TIME TO SPRINKLE THE CINNAMON ON TOP OF THE FRAP LIKE SO *delicately shakes cinnamon bottle* I WILL KICK YOUR ASS SO FAR INTO THE GROUND YOU’LL BE SEEING NARAKU) (Who’s Naraku?)(SHADDUP!)

He gets noticed by a famous photographer and graduates from being a small store manager to being a part-time model. (YOU WANT ME TO TAKE WHAT OFF? HELL NO. KAGOME WHAT IS THIS?) *Kagome sighing a lot*

While playing soccer on the field with Sota and some friends he gets recruited immediately to play for Japan’s team. 

They make it to the finals at FIFA.

The night of the match is the new moon. 

It’s a huge struggle but they win and he still manages to make MVP.

His whole team rushes to pick him up and hug him but he just runs to stands and scales it Ninja Warrior Style to give Kagome a kiss.

They have a lot of money so Kagome can stay at home, but she chooses to work anyway, at a museum, big artifact and history nerd

Inuyasha chooses to retire early because he wants to spend more time at home with the baby. (You’re a big sap)(*turns to look at his wife with makeup all over his face and bows all over his hair, his daughter giggling* SHADDUP)

Mama Higurashi finally gets her puppy-eared kids.

Happy Ever After. 


Sometimes I just wish things, guys. 

I've seen people say Zaya is Semma 2.0 and I couldn't agree more

Sean was the first guy Emma liked at degrassi (Maya liked Zig until she found out he was dating Tori)

Sean started hanging out with the wrong people and became the bad boy that got into trouble (Zig with the gang)

Emma starts dating Peter, a spoiled confident rich boy who previously hurt her best friend (Maya dating Miles after Tristan liked him first)

Peter gets jealous of Sean and plants marijuana in his locker to get him in trouble (Miles telling a teacher that Zig has drugs in his locker at the dance)

Emma was on Rick’s shooting list and Sean stood in front of her protecting her/getting the gun away from Rick (Zig standing in front of Maya and taking the knife away from Tiny)

Emma raised money to pay for a lawyer to get Sean out of jail (Maya gave Tiny money hoping to get him out of the gang)

Sean stayed at Emma’s house after getting out of jail (Zig living with Maya)

Emma gets drunk and loses her virginity to Sean (Maya and Zig got high and lost their virginities to each other)

Okay, so I know the minion hate is pretty normal around here but let me tell you, the minute you go out into the real world and declare your hatred for minions, everyone will turn against you.  You will be treated like monster.  People will gasp, people will get angry, people will cover their children’s ears, your family will abandon you.

The world is not like us.  The world loves minions.  Keep your minion hate a secret lest you be outcasted.  Our kind is only safe here.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.