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3 | Save Me

word count: 4,113 
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warnings: violence, gore probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, dead bodies, non-con etc

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“What if I don’t want to join gang Bangtan?”

“I’ll kill you myself.” 

Grey walls, bland, flavourless unexciting grey walls. The very same grey walls you’d been staring at day after day for the past six weeks. Figuring it had to be better than death you accepted Namjoons offer and joined forces with gang Bangtan. Better than death. Oh how you were wrong.

Day after day your tired body would be decorated with bruises, cuts, and even on some occasions - bite marks - whatever Taehyung and Hoseok had specialised in that day. They said it was crucial that you were trained to fight if you would be joining them on their excursions, and Namjoon agreed, especially with the whereabouts of the professor still unknown. 

You exhaled longingly, slowly running your fingertips over your latest gift from Taehyung, a small cut on your left shoulder blade. Just when you thought you were getting better at defending yourself he had pulled a knife out of nowhere, and you’d barley slipped out of his reach in time.

“Oh good, you’re finally awake. Let me see to your injuries.” Jin smiled at you as he walked into the plain box room you’d been staying in. Out of all of the members of gang Bangtan, you were sure Jin was the nicest. You’d met him the day after you arrived at their head quarters, he told you he was a trained doctor and that he didn’t want to hurt you, only help you. It made you wonder, what a guy like him was doing mixed up with people like them.

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The NYPD got braggy over a $100 drug bust.

Are you afraid of this gang?

That’s a smooth $100 in cash and – since I don’t buy weed and I’m That Dude who only smokes everybody elses – I have no idea how much herb this is but it definitely ain’t enough for me to be like OMG Thank you NYPD for keeping our streets safe.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if I knew at least seven people right this moment holding this much green on them because they were either about to sell it or just bought it.  I live near Columbia University okay?  Them Connors and Bradleys stay having backpacks of marijuana parceled out for sale in various sizes.

But it’s gang members with this Mary so I should be thankful.  Gangs are bad.  Gangs dealing drugs are bad.  Gangs are not shooting each other up over marijuana.  That’s just so not part of the game.  

Nothing about me feels like Queens just got safer because of this lil moment of grandstanding and if the NYPD really wants me to be all “wow, our brave officers, cleaning up the streets” they’ll tweet out pics of cops arresting their own for planting drugs and beating up on suspects.  Then I’ll feel safer.  Some dude on his way to get the party started or hustle to make rent is not threatening my quality of life in the least.

At first I felt like this season just kind of swept the whole “almost died together on a cruise ship” thing under the rug, but now I’m thinking maybe not? 

I mean think about it. After all this time, Mac is finally ready to accept himself as being gay NOW? What has changed? Well maybe after almost dying last season, and also having that experience with the gay couple on the cruise, who could still have their religion, he realized he is ready, and was just waiting for the right moment to officially come out and stay out to the rest of the gang. 

And what about Dennis? Maybe he seems much more detached this season because after nearly dying and Mac also discovering that he had hid Mac’s dad’s letters from him, Dennis realized that he needs to make some changes in his life. And that’s why he is now on medication, and he is trying to just have a “normal” (whatever that means for the gang) lifestyle, and he is trying to confront his issues with women, even if it is in a not-so-healthy way. I mean the Dennis from a few seasons ago would have never been vulnerable in front of the gang and told them that he has big feelings, but the Dennis who almost died and told his sister he loved her in that moment would. 

And that lets not forget about Charlie and Dee. After they had sex in The Gang Misses the Boat, they were barely in the same room alone together, let alone being smoking buddies and singing “I love you” songs. Maybe after almost dying, they realized that they wanted to have that close relationship where they made a good team and could be there for one another, but kept it a secret from the rest of the gang still. 

Even Frank is a little different, and more concerned about what Charlie thinks of him, going so far as to give himself a tapeworm just to try to please Charlie.

Even though none of the episodes this season have directly referenced the incident on the cruise ship, I think this season is showing that every single member of the gang was affected and a little traumatized by it, and it shows in everything they do. 

The engagement [loki x reader] part 1

Summary: You make friends with Loki while staying at Stark Tower. To repay you for your kindness and friendship, he takes you on a trip to Asgard, but there’s one small plot twist.. (Part one!)
Warnings: some swearing

Your name was (y/n). You lived in stark tower. You had some decent friends, but not many. One of them happened to be Loki, the mischief god. It wasn’t really a mutual friendship at first. See, whenever you were bored you’d do random art projects. Unfortunately, Tony wouldn’t let you put your art projects around Stark Tower because it “ruined the streamlined look”. Sarcastically he said you could store them in the room where Loki’s cell was. You were so annoyed by his refusal you accepted this offer, and began decorating the room.

The room was decently sized, and against one wall was the cell where Loki sat. The cell was like one giant glass bubble.

At first, neither of you spoke. You put down your art projects on the floor, or on the wall, then left. Loki would just stare at you listlessly, depressed from his captivity.

On the fourth day you brought your art, he finally broke the silence. “What are you even doing?” He asked. His tone was uninterested, but deep down he was grateful for something to watch to pass the time.

“Well, I, I just wanted a place to put my art projects. I don’t have any other place to put them and Tony said I could put them here.” You stood up and gestured towards your art that was scattering the floor.

Loki seemed pleased with this answer and stayed quiet for a moment. “You could at least put them up so I can look at them.”

You looked over at him. He sat on the floor with his back up against a wall, his eyebrows raised expectantly. Seriously? He couldn’t even say please?

You hadn’t heard the best stories about Loki and just wanted to leave. He was a bit creepy, with his unbrushed hair and sulking and all. “Maybe tomorrow,” you spoke, “I have stuff I need to do today.”

Loki exhaled softly. “Alright. It’s not like I am going anywhere, is it?”

You laughed shyly. “Well, I guess I can show you some of what I have here.”

And that was how Loki and yours friendship began. Every time you finished a project you’d bring it down to the cell room to show him. He would tell you what he liked about your art, what he didn’t like. Although you didn’t listen to him much when he said he didn’t like something because he seemed like the sort of guy who would complain about anything.

It got to the point where you would occasionally bring your art supplies to his room so you could work. In the rest of Stark Tower, everyone was always running around, freaking out, and making mountains out of molehills. In the six months you’d lived there, there’d been like 15 apocalypses and 6 attempts at world domination. It was nice having some peace and quiet for once.

“Lady (Y/n), why are you so kind to me?” Loki asked abruptly. He had been reading and you were working on art. You looked up from your task at hand and met his blue eyes. He looked puzzled. Not confused, just puzzled.

You tried to think of a decent response. “I don’t really have many friends around here.” You did have friends, but they were always busy with the aforementioned apocalypses. “And you like talking about art. And books.” Again,your friends only liked to talk about the apocalypses.

Loki adjusted his position, sitting up straighter, and a small smile took over his face. “Do you consider me to be a friend?”

Of course, you wanted to say. But you didn’t know if this was one of his pranks or not. Although, you had noticed he pranked you less than everyone else, but maybe he was going to culminate in one big prank?

“Yeah,” you admitted.

His smile grew larger. “I think of you as my friend as well, (y/n).”

You bit the inside of your cheek. If anyone knew you and Loki were now officially friends, you’d be dead.

“Um, thanks, I guess.” You shrugged and laughed it off.

Loki’s smile turned into a frown. “A God and a future king’s friendship is not to be taken lightly.”

You raised your eyebrows at him. Ah, so he was still going for the Asgardian Throne. You sort of thought he had abandoned that plan, after, y'know, being imprisoned and all. “I’m not taking it lightly, you are a good friend to me. You’re the only one who cares about my art.” You told the truth, hoping to avoid him give a rant about how he was the future king etc etc.

“I do like your art, although I admit sometimes I pretend not to like it. It gives me something to do in this boring hellhole.” Loki spoke as he kicked a chair over absentmindedly. You flinched back.

Loki glanced up at your sudden movement. “I am sorry, lady (y/n), I just get so frustrated in here.”

You relaxed and smiled at him. It was funny and cute when he called you a lady. “It’s okay. I sort of get it, I feel like I’m being held captive here at Stark Towers. I have to stay here because I’m hiding out from a gang. I, uh, stumbled into one of their warehouses by accident and saw stuff I shouldn’t have. So now I’m here, for the time being.” Luckily Tony decided to be kind for once and help you out.

Loki tilted his head, the smile reappearing. “If you could go anywhere, absolutely anywhere in the world, where would you go?” He asked gently. He stared at you, his gaze intense as he waited for your answer.
“Asgard,” you said immediately, then bit your lip. “Uh, or Italy, Italy’s cool too.” You were a bit embarrassed to tell him you daydreamed about his home a lot.

Loki smirked. “Asgard? My home. It is beautiful. You would enjoy it immensely.”

You leaned forward. “Where would you go, then?” You were actually interested in his answer. He knitted his brows.

“I have been pretty much everywhere. I suppose I would pick Antartica.” He was serious.

You laughed at him. “You just want to see penguins, don’t you?”

Loki looked down, and then up through his eyelashes at you. There was a strange look on his face; humility? “The polar bears fascinate me.”

That conversation with Loki went forgotten, replaced with new memories of you two bonding over books, art, and childhood stories. It wasn’t until one morning, months later, that you remembered that conversation.

It was early in the morning, but you were beginning to stir, wrapping your blanket over you for extra warmth. Why was it so cold? Stark always kept the tower at a blazing 79 degrees. It was then you realized something was not right. You reached around the bed and couldn’t feel any of your stuffed animals. instead to your shock, you touched something ice cold..and breathing?

You jumped up and screamed, thinking it was some horrible monster from twilight coming to get you. You then felt a cold hand touch your back softly which made you jerk away even farther.
“Lady (y/n)! It’s me, it’s Loki.” You whipped your head around to find Loki staring at you, wearing-from what you could see- not much.

“Loki?! What the heck!?” How could be here? Why was here in your bed? Wait, this wasn’t your bed! You scanned the room. Not, definitely not yours. “Where am I!” You jumped out of the bed and screamed.

“Please, (y/n), let me explain!” Loki threw the covers off and chased you over to the window. The window went from floor to ceiling and had a giant, red velvet curtain covering it. You pulled the curtain back and revealed a world unlike nothing you had ever seen before. All you could do was stare.

“Is everything alright? I heard screams!” An out of breath lady ran into the room, and you and Loki both turned to look at her. Her outfit was old renaissance fair old fashioned.

Loki spoke up quickly. “Yes, maid. Everything is quite alright, thank you. You are dismissed.” He waved his hand, but then stopped. “Hold on for one moment. Please don’t mention this to mother. Or father. Will you?” Loki gestured to you and then the bed.

The maid nodded her head. “Of course not, sir.” She turned around and headed out of the room.

You didn’t know what to say or do, so you just stared at Loki furiously, waiting for him to explain.

He simply stared back at you, trying to gauge your reaction.

“What the hell is going on!” You whispered shouted at him.

You could see him trying to hold back a laugh. “Do you remember, right when we first became friends, you told me if you could go anywhere you’d go to Asgard?”

You briefly flashed back to the conversation. “ to tell me…we’re in Asgard?!” You had sort of figured it out but another part of you couldn’t process what was happening.

“Yes, please, don’t be upset with me, I am simply trying to repay you for your friendship.” Loki stepped closer to you. He looked seriously concerned that you were going to run away screaming.

You had had friends in your life who wouldn’t lift their pinky fingers for you, so this was a bit of a shock.

You sat back down on the bed, confused. Loki sat next to you, unsure of what to do. Should he put his hand on your shoulder? Should he say something?

“Um. That’s. That’s really cool of you, Loki.” You said, staring at the ground. You were sort of in shock. “But why were you in my bed? And how did you get out of your cell?”

“The cell? That was easy. The guard messed up and I had an opportunity.” Loki waved his hand in the air and rolled his eyes.

“And. About the bed. There’s.. There’s one more thing.” Loki pursed his lips and you looked up at him. He wasn’t looking at you, he was looking down at your left hand. You tore your eyes away to see what he was looking at. And right there, on your ring finger, was the biggest fucking emerald you’d ever seen.

“We’re married?!”

Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi EPILOGUE

| Part 1| Part 2 | Part 3  | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11| Part 12 | Part 13 | EPILOGUE | EXTRA 1 |

Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi EPILOGUE

Author: Taettybear

Words: 6.4 k

Genre: Smut/Gore/Assassins/Killer JK/ Drugs/ Gangs

Rating: M

A/N: This may be my last writing before I suddenly disappear from Tumblr. I’m going to leave for Japan on the 21st this month. Hopefully I’ll be inspired to write a lot during my trip~

It was like any other day in the HQ. You were happily cleaning your gun in your office, humming a familiar tune as you admired your precious weapon that gleamed under the artificial light.

Days like these were the best, nice and qui-


You froze, your eyes narrowing in irritation before you stood up, gently placing your cleaned gun in your pocket before stomping out of the office, slamming the metal door behind you.

“Fucking Taehyung…” You cursed his name, locking your office while mumbling insults at the man, fully aware that he was the cause of the scream because Hoseok never made his interrogation loud and obnoxious.

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Don’t save me (Pt.2)

Genre: Gang! Au

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: After practically losing everything, you ended up in the Bangtan member’s hideout and as nice as they seem you can’t help but get a strange vibe from their leader. 

Pt.1 /

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The sound of distant sniffling was enough to finally wake Namjoon up from his not so deep slumber. With a tired grunt and a tug of his comforter, he was already headed towards the sound. It didn’t take long to figure it out considering your figure was missing from the other half of the bed. He lightly knocked on the door.


Your shoulders flinched, looking up at the still closed door. You didn’t have the strength to fight with him nor did you have the strength to make an excuse. When you didn’t answer right away he open the door for himself, hoping for anything but the worst. Thankfully he just found you sitting on the bathroom floor. 

“Go away..” You mumbled, wiping your cheeks with your already shaking hands.

Namjoon squinted due to the bright light of the bathroom but came over and sat down next to you.

“Does it look like i’m going anywhere?” 

You moved away from him, looking in the complete opposite direction. He didn’t dare to touch you, just trying to look you in the eyes. 

“You don’t have to hide from me you know. Crying isn’t embarrassing, who the hell wouldn’t? You’ve been through way more than something I could have handled and you’re-”

“What? A Girl? That’s why I don’t want you to think i’m weak.”

He let out a small sigh, sounding a disappointed. 

“You’re way stronger than I would be.” He finished. 

“I’m not looking down at you because you’re a girl. You made it on top of everyone regardless of that, despite the minor lack of income, you’re still are just as tough. I used to really admire you back then much less think I was going to end up meeting you like this. I’m not trying to save you. I just want to be there for you.”

“But why? This has nothing to do with you. I shouldn’t have even stayed here, if the other gangs find out about our little sleepover they’re gonna think i’m some kind of joke. We’re supposed to be made for shit like this..”

Namjoon slowly rose from the bathroom floor, not looking down at you as he spoke. 

“Because one of my members died because I made a wrong call. His name was Taehyung. He was honestly my right hand man, always eager to do whatever dangerous mission he could get his hands on, and always optimistic. Jimin and Jungkook blame me and only speak to me out of respect and I can’t blame them. This is more than just a gang, we made this our family and I let them down. Y/N, I know how to feels to watch someone you care about die and though I’m not trying to compare our situations, I just want you to know I actually care.I don’t give a shit what we’re supposed to be built for, we’re people too.”

You lifted your shaking hand up from the cold tile flooring, reaching up to grab his. He instantly gripped yours a little tighter, smiling down at you. He seemed so much different from yesterday, you barely new how to react to his warm gestures. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear about it…”

“It’s whatever, you had way more to focus on then other gangs. Can you stand?”

You gave a gentle nod, standing up next to him. It took you over a few seconds to realize you were still holding onto his hand until yanking your hand away, feeling your face start to feel hot. 

“Come on, I’m sure everyone else is waiting to meet you.” He stated, walking back into the bedroom.

You tilted your head in confusion, wondering how the others would even know you were in the house aside from Yoongi and Jin. Namjoon easily read the look, seeming to understand you well despite the barrier you keep putting up.

“He doesn’t seem like it but Yoongi’s got a big mouth…uh, don’t tell him I said that though.”

You cracked a smile, making even Namjoon’s eyes widened.

“I won’t.”


Stepping into the hallway you instantly saw a familiar face staring back at you, Jin eyeing you when he looked up from his cell phone. He was staring at your clothes, making you realize you were still wearing the clothes you borrowed. 

“Wow. I’m surprised you got her to agree to that.”

You rolled your eyes, knowing you must come off as stubborn towards them. Namjoon snickered, looking at you himself. 

“Cute, huh?”

You shot him a glare from in front, almost ignoring Jin.

“Better watch it. I heard she’s got quite the aim.” Jin joked, walking to the living room ahead of you both. 

“I thought you didn’t think of me differently just because I’m a girl?” 

“I said I didn’t think of you as weak. You’re still just as hot as you were before but now you’re standing here in my clothes. Although I’m quite sure you’d look way better without them.” Namjoon smirked. 

“And here I was starting to think you might be decent.” You mumbled, walking off without him, regardless of how little you knew the house layout.

Namjoon couldn’t hide his smile, enjoying teasing you. 

“Aw come on, baby. Don’t be like that. You were the one holding my hand this morning.” 

You stopped in your tracks, only getting a few feet away from him. You felt your face instantly blush, clenching your fists. 

“Oh fuck off, I needed help standing up!” 

“Sure, whatever you say.” He winked, leading you ahead into the main living room area.

Just as you felt last time, if you were in any other position you would have mouthed off but part of you was extremely grateful. You were in a new house with new people, and way more things to do than you would have been if you went home alone last night. Everything here seemed like a distraction and you were glad to think about anything but everything you’d lost so far. Things here felt oddly comfortable, just as though Namjoon said, they felt like family members to each other. It was something you hadn’t seen in a gang for so long, it was almost shocking. 

You found Yoongi sitting on the couch with another cigarette between his lips, taking a glance over at you before sending his attention back to his laptop. Alongside of him was an unknown boy. One with Dark hair, big brown eyes, and soft face features. He looked strangely shy, adjusting himself in his seat after exchanging eyes contact with you from across the room.

“Who’s she?” Jungkook asked, not particularly talking to Namjoon although he was the one who responded.

“Y/N. I’m sure you’ve heard of her.”

He gave a quick nod, waving over at you.

“Oh…..she’s the one you brought back last night. I thought I heard a girl’s voice last night but I thought I was just imagining it.”

“Nope. Sadly, I’m actually here.” You groaned, moving over to sit down. 

“She’s gonna need help getting her stuff from her old place and she’s gonna stay in my room for a while. You wanna tag along?” He asked Jungkook, cautiously.

Jimin stepped out from the kitchen, holding an already bitten out of apple in his hand. 

“I’ll go.” He suggested with a stoic expression. 

It was hard for Namjoon to hide the look of shock on his face, nodding. Even Yoongi who didn’t seem particularly interested before was now looking up again, seeming surprised himself.

“yeah, thanks.”

You could feel the sudden awkward atmosphere starting to cave in the room, making you believe Namjoon on just how bad things were before you arrived. Granted, it didn’t feel aggressive, just-stiff. Like they no longer knew how to act around one another after the incident. You questioned the likelihood that they didn’t blame him, but knew he was blaming himself, not knowing how to bring it up without reliving the painful memories of the past. Maybe that’s why it was so easy for him to take the blame you had yelled at him before. He was subconsciously used to it. 

“Are you sure it’s safe to go to my place? It’s obvious i’m a target right now and as a leader you shouldn’t be putting your members at risk for me. I should just go alone and if something happens, so what? It’s not like I have anything keeping me alive.” You let out.

“Wasn’t revenge what you had your mind set on?” Namjoon responded, leaning back on the couch. 

“Besides, that’s why i’m bringing someone else along, for backup. Jimin’s one of the toughest we got. They’re a new, cocky gang, it’s nothing we can’t handle.” He smirked.

Jimin picked the hand gun off of the coffee table, checking the bullet count before bringing it with him. He was quiet yet, you could practically feel the dangerous aura coming from him. It was just as intimidating as it was hot. You felt your lips part, finding it hard not to stare at his physique while the gun sat tightly in his back pocket. The untimely attractiveness of this gang never ceased to amaze you. 

Namjoon’s eyes shifted over to you, noticing your hard gaze on the man in front of you. He didn’t bother to say anything, pretending not to notice.

“Let’s go then. I’m sure she’s sick of sitting around in your clothes.” Jimin added.

You jumped to your feet, holding your hands out to Namjoon for your prized possession back, the excited look showing on your face. Your mind was now on other things.

“Hand it over.”

With an eye roll, he rose from the couch, walking the both of you back to his bedroom. Bending down to the safe he started to unlock it.

“What do you think of the others?” He questioned, calmly. 

“They seem nice. Yoongi was quiet but always listening to the conversation, Jin strikes me as odd. I don’t really understand the guy but he’s always holding a smile on his face. Jungkook seemed-shy? Which is strange for a gang member but in a cute way.”

“and Jimin?” Namjoon asked in the most, “i’m not jealous or anything, I’m just curious” type of voice he could manage.

You gave him your best shrug, waiting patiently for your weapon.

“He’s hard to figure out. Wait, didn’t you say there was 6 of you? Where’s the last member?” 

Namjoon titled his head, wondering the same thing. It was odd for Hoseok not to be awake already but most likely he wasn’t home at all if he wasn’t in the living room by now.

“He might have ran out for something. He mentioned something about a girl a few days ago so that’s probably it.”

You nodded, hoping to meet him eventually as well. Finally Namjoon turned around holding your precious weapon in his hands, just to yank it away when you tried to grab it. 


“Convince me you won’t run away if I give this to you.”

Knowing just the trick you came closer to him, leaning in as close to his face. With a sweet smile you tilted your head only slightly.

“Because, why would I leave this place when you risked your life for me? Bringing me back here to meet the people you care about most when you didn’t even know me? Don’t you know how grateful I am for that? Maybe I have to prove it…”

As you leaned it close to his lips, he didn’t dare make a move. It’s not as though he hadn’t been with many other girls but it was strange enough for him to freeze up like that. Almost acting like a teenager about to experience his first kiss. Something about you changed him despite the cocky teasing he enjoyed doing, it was just to save face after all. 


The distance between you was closing in and your eyes fluttered shut, tricking him into doing the same. Just as you were sure he had fallen for it, you snatched the gun from between his fingers, smiling proudly in his face. His ears started to turn red when he noticed you not planning to kiss him after all. 

“Hey, if you can tease me then it’s fair game.” You waved the gun around in front of him.

“Jimin’s right, we need to head out already to get my stuff. It’s kinda gross being in last night’s clothes for this long.”

You couldn’t help but notice the the look of embarrassment on his face, starting to feel bad about teasing him like that. 

“You really aren’t going to run off, are you?” He suddenly asked, with a broken expression. 

Although it caught you off guard, you wanted to sincerely answer him this time, wondering if this was the wrong time to joke around. Shaking your head you come back over to him, awkwardly lingering at his side.

“No. I’m not. I meant what I said, I’m actually grateful you’re doing all of this for me and If I ran off now you would have risked yourself for nothing. So, thank you, I guess.”

With a quick peck on his cheek you booked it towards the door before stopping in the doorway. 

“Now, hurry up already.” You mumbled, feeling your own face start to blush once more. 

“My pleasure.” Namjoon smiled. 


Samuel Drake + Quotes that define his personality

Okay. No guts, no glory.

But, hey, I’ll have you know that I am a… changed man, Bought this with hard-earned cash.

I will find the greatest pirate treasure of all time…

Do you think you can find it? Given the opportunity? Absolutely.

I don’t trust Charlie or anybody else you got on that phone with my life, okay?

All those years… it’s the little things that you miss the most […] The smell of fresh citrus, Ah, riding a motorcycle. It’s little things, but they add up.

I can’t believe I’m out. Can’t believe I’m here… with you… in Italy, huh?

It’d suck if you missed right now. It sure would. But I don’t miss.

You’re the best pickpocket. (Nate about Sam)

Ah, y’know.  Reading, mostly. […] History, especially everything related to Avery and other pirates. […] You know, besides books, push-ups, smoking, trying to stay out of fights between rival gangs… just a whole lot of thinking.

He seems excited. (Sully about Sam)

He’s got a lot riding on this. (Nate about Sam)

I’m so excited my ha—my hands are literally shaking. Either that, or I—I just need another cigarette. Maybe a little bit of both.

Your “okays” are never just okay. It usually means the opposite of okay. (Nate about Sam)

I’m gonna scour this island, inch by inch, if I have tountil I find that treasue.

What? You know what? You’re just jealous. You always were.(Nate about Sam)

Hmmm. Normal. You’ve got everybody gathered around a table for thanksgiving. Exchanging all the baby photos. Something like that? No. No, thank you. Not for me. I like the hand we’ve been dealt.

Hey, hey, hey! You keep your gun on me […] Then at least let him go. I brought him down so he could see our mom’s stuff […] I’m telling you that this is all on me.

Yeah,well Sam made it all up. What an asshole, right? (Nate about Sam)

Of course he used it all up. Smoked like a goddamned chimney on the boat ride over… (Nate about Sam)

Stupid, stubborn… (Nate about Sam)

All I ever wanted to do, was to find this treasure with you […] Come on, Nathan. I gotta know you made it out all right!

I just thought that after we found Avery’s treasure I’d be… satisfied? Instead, I’ve, ah… kind left with this strange feeling of… Emptiness. Yeah.

…someonerecently out of prisonwho might be perfect for this kind of work. (Sam about himself)

Is he trustworthy? More or less.

He’s a sneaky one. (Elena about Sam)

It’s All Fun and Games Till the Wrong Brother Kills the Hellhound

A/n- The next part of Long Lost Sister. Sorry its a little long. I’ve got a good idea of how I’m going to use Y/n in this trials storyline. 

Series Summary- Sam and Dean meet their little sister, Adam’s twin, on a hunt and things don’t go all that smoothly.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

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Long Lost Sister Masterlist


The siblings hadn’t even been there 24 hours before Carl was killed by a hellhound. Y/n walked to the barn to grab her gloves, when she noticed Alice Cassidy grooming her horse. Y/n tried to quietly walk around the woman, not wanting to disturb her, but she paused on her way out, “Are you alright Mrs. Cassidy?”

“I’m fine.”

Y/n looked at the woman confused. Fine? Her husband just died, “Are you sure?”

“I really am, and I know I shouldn’t be because I loved Carl, I think. I just can’t remember why.”

“What, what do you mean by that?”

“Carl grew up around here, we went to school together and he was always mooning over me. I never, I used to make fun of him. We didn’t get together till Valentine’s Day 2003. I was at this party and Carl was there and it was like I was seeing him for the first time and suddenly he was cute and smart and funny. It was magic. Carl and I were happy for ten years.”

Y/n stood there eyes wide, well this changed things. She hurried back to the room, rushing through the door to tell the boys what she learned, “Guys-”

“No running around, you’re still recovering!” Dean cut her off. She tried to talk again, but the boys talked over her, continuing their conversation.

“Dean, were not summoning a crossroads demon.”

“I agree with Sam,” Y/n firmly cut in.

“Plan A bombed,” Dean stated. “So, welcome to Plan B. We get some red-eyed bitch in a trap and we hold a knife on her until she calls us in a pooch. Special delivery!”

“Yeah, except when Crowley finds out we’re dialing up hell, he won’t send one hellhound, he’ll send a hundred. That’s not a plan Dean, that’s suicide,” Sam argued back.

“Well you got a better plan?”

Sam hesitated, clearly having nothing. That’s when Y/n interjected, “Yeah, we stay here. I just talked to Alice at the barn, Carl didn’t sell his soul for oil. He sold it for Alice.”

Sam and Dean shared confused looks, “His wife?”

“He loved her, she barely noticed him, so he made a deal and now the time’s up and it’s like she barely even knew the guy.”

Dean pauses, “You think our demon signed up more than one schmuck when he was in town?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Sam nodded.

“Look Dean, this family’s rich because someone booked a one-way ticket downstairs,” Y/n said. “And as of tomorrow, they’re all gonna be right here.”

“And you want to scope them out?” Dean questioned.

“I want to kill a hellhound, not die. How about you?” Sam responded. The two brothers were starting each other down, and Y/n got the feeling she was missing something.

“Two days and we do it my way,” Dean caved.

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The Playbook (Jughead Jones X Reader) prt. 2

summary- Reggie puts the reader in the playbook and Jughead finds out. Things go down, but not without a little romance first.

warnings- fluff, fighting, kissing.

requested- no but I got positive feedback on part one!

A/N- i have a math benchmark tomorrow wooooo kms. 

Read part one or this will make no sense! 

part 1

You ran after Jughead. Ran into the school. Into the student lounge. 

You stopped yourself in the door entrance, looking at the scene.

An angry Jughead, yelling at an angry Reggie. Archie was trying to stop them, but it wasn’t working. Betty, Veronica and Kevin stood anxiously away from the scene, all with frightened looks on their faces.

“You idiot!” Jughead was yelling at Reggie.

They were both standing by the vending machine, all in each others grill.

“No, it seems like your the idiot here!” Reggie shot back, “You just can’t understand that your crush wanted a good time. With me! And not you!”

“She didn’t do anything with you!” Jughead spat.

“Oh ya? Got any proof?” Reggie said, cockily.

That was it, Jughead launched himself at Reggie. 

Reggie was not expecting it, and Jughead hit him in the nose, hard.

Blood gushed from Reggie nose and he grunted in pain, stumbling backwards.

“You’re gonna pay for that!” Reggie yelled and tried to attack Jughead.

“Jughead!” You and the rest of the gang yelled as Reggie’s fist collided with Jughead’s eye.

Jughead stumbled back, holding his eye in pain.

“Oh my god!” You exclaimed and rushed over to him as the rest of the gang did too. 

“See, you got what you deserved, dim whit.” Reggie said, still holding his bleeding nose.

you turned to Reggie.

“Get out of here!” You yelled and he did as you said, with the rest of the football team, laughing their way won the halls.

You kneeled beside Jughead who was now sitting not the ground.

“God, Jug, I told you not to do it.” Archie said as he shook his head.

“Worth it.” Jughead said flatly.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” You told him.

He looked up at you, with his green eyes. 

“Yes, I did…Even if I got beat up a bit, it was worth it.” He told you.

You smiled at him. You then touched his bruised eye.

He winced in pain, “Ow,” 

“Sorry!” You replied, taking your hand back.

Veronica then butted in, “We are going to get ice. You guys can… Stay here.”

And the rest of the gang went out of the room to get ice, leaving you and Jughead alone in the quite and empty room.

Veronica knew when something romantic as going on, so she obviously sensed the vibe and left you two alone. And you were relived about it. 

You needed to talk about that kiss.

“Juggie, I’m really sorry about your eye.” You told him as you sat beside him, resting our back on the wall.

“It’s ok.” He responded.

There was a moments silence before you shifted uncomfortably and said, “The kiss.” 

He turned to you, looking into your eyes.

“The kiss was… A kiss.” you said awkwardly. 

Jughead chuckled, “Ya.” 

“Ok, I’m sorry about that, I was caught up in the moment.” You assured him.

“It’s ok…” He replied, then silence, and then, “I liked it.”

You quickly turned to him. “You did?” 

He nodded.

You giggled, “Ya, uh, I did too.” 

He laughed and so did you. It was weird, having feelings for one of your best friends.

He then took your face in his hands and brung your lips to his. A soft and loving kiss. You broke away and rested your foreheads on one another’s.

“Wow!” What is going on here?” A loud and sarcastic voice came from the doorway. 

“Oh hey Ronnie…” You said as the gang came into the room.

“I knew it.” She said, “Yep, I just knew it.”

And you knew something too. You had the best friends and the best new boyfriend in the whole world.

Little brother! WinkDeep

Note: I got a request to write a little brother Baejin scenario (like 2 weeks ago, im so sorry ) but I had a Jihoon one halfway written out too and since I felt like they were both too short to post separately i’ll post it like this.

Originally posted by jaejoongisbae


  • The sweetest lil brother 
  • honestly so sweet, sometimes you question if you’re even related
  • only a few years younger than you so you played together a lot
  • when he was born, you always wanted to help take care of him
  • he was just so cute and when your mom used to pick you up from preschool with baby jinyoung in tow, you’d always try to show him off ‘this is my baby brother, he’s 3 years old and really nice and he’s my favorite person now’
  • a strong sibling bond
  • though he does tend to get you in trouble a lot
  • but not out of spite, he’s just a good boy, honest to a fault
  • he’ll get caught taking a cookie before dinner and he’ll say it because he saw you taking some earlier so he thought it was okay
  • which leads to you getting in trouble for ‘setting a bad example’ and being sent to bed earlier
  • and sure you’re always mad when it happens
  • But jinyoung, that sweet boy, comes into your room and apologizes by giving you his favorite stuff animal and pleading to forgive him with tears in his eyes
  • and you can’t stay mad at him for long, you hate when he’s sad
  • now that’s he’s older, he’s learned to keep his mouth shut a bit more but he’ll slip from time to time
  • but again you always forgive him because he’s just so pitiful when he’s upset, he looks better when he’s happy
  • it’s one of your, unofficial duties, to make sure this boy is always happy
  • sometimes you’ll here rumors in school about him because of his looks
  • 'he looks so angry and mysterious all the time’ ’ I heard he’s mean and in a gang, i’d stay away’ 'he’s not in a gang, he hangs out with that sunshine boy from LA and Park 'Jeojang’'Maybe he’s just doesn’t like being here?? Cause Honestly same’ 'Resting bitch face on point’
  • You never say anything to correct people because it’s really funny the things people will make up but if they’re being rude you’re always quick to shut that shit down
  • but he’s just a shy boy that takes some time being comfortable with people
  • and whenever you see him in the hallway you have to stop and tell him 'people think you’re angry and in a gang, Jinyoung. Please smile a lil more’
  • 'If I was in a gang I wouldn’t be hanging out with him’ points over to Daehwi, who’s got colorful pins attached to his uniform 'Hey! I can be tough and angry looking too, you guys don’t know me!’
  • (having Daehwi as your honorary little brother because he’s around so often )
  • basically the ideal little brother

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  • too-cool-for-you little brother 
  • definitely got most of the charms in the family 
  • everyone loves him 
  • and you’re just like ????? Why? I don’t get it? 
  • doesn’t want to be seen with you in public 
  • not because he hates you he just wants to be his own person and not feel like he’s being babysat all the time by his older sibling 
  • also, one time one of his friends called you cute and he never wants to here that ever again 
  • but he really just wants to be his own person 
  • hates being compared to you, or anyone else 
  • one time, during middle school he got a teacher that used to have you as a student and she was kept going on about how nice you were and all your accomplishments And how she’s glad to have ‘y/n’s little brother in her class’ 
  • and Jihoon’s response was 'Yeah I’m well aware of everything y/n has done cause I live with them and I’d appreciate if you just call me Jihoon, not 'y/n’s little brother’ because that’s not my identity’ 
  • he got a call home for the sass and when he was getting lectured that night, you threw him a quick thumbs up behind your parents back cause it was pretty cool what he did 
  • not really any sibling rivalry but you two tend to bicker a lot, about anything 
  • both just too stubborn, that’s family for ya 
  • 'Jihoon! What did I tell you about using my body wash!’ 
  • 'Well, I ran out of mine and you know that the bar soap makes my skin dry, y/n’
  • 'I don’t care about your dry skin, you used the rest of it so you buy me more’ ,, 'I used the rest of it, not all of it. I’ll give you a dollar so leave me alone’ 
  • while he has this cool image to him, you live with him, you know the truth 
  • he’s always dancing around the house 
  • and not like good dancing, he just flails into the room, headphones on, limbs everywhere, probably throws finger guns at you then grabs a drink and dances out of the room 
  • a little weirdo 
  • always wants to fight, you’ll be minding your own business and suddenly a pillow hits your head and your like 'wtff??’ And he’s just smirking pillow in hand and ready to go 
  • of course you retaliate, you can’t ever let him win
  • usually ends with one of you being sat on by the other basking in victory or a broken picture frame or vase 
  • you usually end up in trouble for it though cause you’re 'the oldest’ and should be 'more responsible’ and Jihoon usually 'turns on’ the aegyo whenever he gets in trouble 
  • (honestly who can stay mad at jeojang boy?)
  • it sucks but you know you can exploit him and his aegyo when you need to 
  • 'hey y/n can I get a bite of your sandwich?’ 
  • 'Why of course you can my favorite little brother-’ 'I’m your only little brother’ 'if you do the thing’ 
  • 'why do you always do this, I’m not doin-’ 'I’ll give you the rest of my sandwich’ 
  • cue Jihoon pulling out his best aeygo and you with your phone recording the whole thing 'Wow~ the things my brother does for food, What a beggar.. I’m posting this’ 
  • and then you run out of the room before he can catch you and post the video on Instagram
  • he promises to get you back one day and you won’t admit it but you’re a little nervous as to what he might do to you in return, (watch out for those geminis) 
  • the type of siblings that say 'I wish I was an only child’ but don’t really mean it cause without each other life would be pretty dull 
Make Me Feel Something (H2OVanoss P3)

H2OVanoss fanfic! Part 3. Part 4 will be posted if enough people are interested and/or when I get motivation!
AU: Gang/GTA
Words: 803
Prompt: Vanoss becomes cold and heartless after becoming leader of his gang, changing from a friend to a person they hardly even knew. He doesn’t have any remorse or regrets from killing innocent people, he didn’t have any guilt. He was numb. But maybe something, or someone, can make him feel human again

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From The Wrong Side (Cheryl x Reader)

request from anonFem reader. Cheryl and reader are dating secretly. Reader is a serpent. The gang finds out. + Cheryl has been staying with reader since she burned her house down. Reader likes to drive Cheryl to and from school but makes sure no one sees them


word count: 855

warnigs: none i think

A/N: i hope this is what you wanted! if not, feel free to send in an other request and i’ll make a new one!

(i don’t own river dale or the characters, i don’t own the GIF)


Originally posted by madelainespestch

Cheryl had been staying at your house since she burned down Thornhill,. Her mother, Penelope, had moved out of town but no one knew where to. When Cheryl had moved in you were just friends, but after a while you both knew you wanted more. You had now been dating for 5 months, but no one knew about it since Cheryl was from the north side and you were from the south side. In fact, you were a Serpent, but you weren’t involved with all the bad things they had going on, you just had the label.
It could be both good and bad to be a Serpent, good because you could just show your tattoo and people would run away like little kids. But bad because it could be very hard to make friends. You knew Cheryl from when you were children, you had been good friends and used to play together all the time. Then your father left, your mother became alcoholic, and you joined the Serpents. After that the Blossoms didn’t want anything to do with you. But the night after Cheryl burned down Thornhill she came to you because you were the only one the could think of.
The two of you kept your relationship a secret because a lot of people wouldn’t accept it, and the people in Riverdale could have very strong beliefs.
You drove Cheryl to school almost every day, both because there were a long way from the south side, and because you liked spending extra time with your girlfriend. You always made sure to drop her off about 200 meters away from the school so people wouldn’t see you.
“Bye baby, i’ll see you later” You said and kissed your girlfriends cheek, “careful with the kissing (Y/N)! People cold see us,” she smiled and got out of the car, “i’ll see you.” You sat and watched your girlfriend walk towards the school before you drove of again.
Later that day you and Cheryl sat in a booth at pops, talking about your days. When Cheryl said she had gotten an A on her biology paper you got so happy for her that you just had to hiss her. So you did, but it was terrible timing. Just as your lips locked with hers you heard a gasp coming from the door, you both liked over and saw the well known scooby-gang, Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead. Betty looked at you in shock and Veronica looked thrilled to be honest, “oh my god! Cheryl has a girlfriend!? Can you believe it!?” She almost yelled. You looked at Cheryl and saw the panic rise to her face, you stood up and decided to do this with confidence. “Yes she does, and I’m from the south side and I’m a Serpent. And Cheryl is living with me and i love her,” you said. You looked down at Cheryl and saw her smile a little, you then looked back up at the other kids. Veronica looked excited, Betty still looked kind of shock, Archie looked like he was about to laugh and Jughead, well he didn’t have much of an expression to be honest. Suddenly Archie burst out laughing and Veronica followed, even jughead let out a small giggle. You didn’t understand what was so funny and it looked like Betty didn’t either, “what? What are you laughing at?” she asked her friends. “It’s just that” Archie managed to get out, “Cheryl has been very secretive the last couple of months, and this” he gestured to you with his hand, “must be the reason.” You didn’t quite know what to do or think, so you just stood there, “well” said Betty, “i don’t think it’s funny, i mean she’s a Serpent! That could be dangerous, not that i care that much for Cheryl but i don’t want her to get in trouble.” Now you got mad, you hated when people assumed you were mean or no good when they saw you were a Serpent, “well, isn’t your boyfriend a Serpent himself Betty?” you asked her, “it doesn’t look like you’re afraid of him!” You argued. Betty expression dropped, now Jughead decided to say something “she’s right, Betty, i know (Y/N) a little, and she’s honestly the most harmless Serpent you will ever meet. And she does have a point, have i ever hurt you?” You smiled and Jughead kept talking, “(Y/N) does have kind of an attitude from time to time, but she would never physically hurt anyone.” Betty looked up at Jughead, “okay, i guess it’s fine then” they smiled at each other. Now Cheryl got up, “yeah, (Y/N) makes me really happy! In fact i have never been happier than i am now. And she’s letting me stay with her, so that just makes me love her even more.” You smiled and mumbled a “i love you too.”
The rest of the night you and Cheryl sat with the other guys and talked and drank milkshakes, it was great to meet the kids she went to school with and get to know them.

Life is like candyland, there are many paths to take. Sometimes you run into Lord Licorice, but the end will always be candy castle.“- Jack Barakat

"I’m not even on drugs, I’m just weird.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Everybody goes through some bullshit. It doesn’t matter how you measure it, it doesn’t matter how it weighs out to someone else’s bullshit. The fact of the matter is that you have to press on and you have to smile, and you have to figure out how you’re going to keep trying.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Jack and I are going to have sex. If anyone wants to join, hit us up. Uh, oh. I see some parents back there like "oh hell NAWWW” but you know what? Everyone has a little sexual side to them. Even your parents. After all….they did make you-“ Alex Gaskarth

"I have a confession to make: Jack Barakat is the love of my life”- Alex Gaskarth

“Therapy is about every kid’s nightmares when people are telling you that you need to get help, but all you you really want is a hug”- Alex Gaskarth

“Never underestimate a girl’s love for her favorite band. Never think, even for a minute, that she won’t defend them to her death. Because it’s not just the music that makes that band her favorite. It’s the guys, the gals, it’s the fans. People of whom she interacted with thanks to that band. That band might saved her life or maybe made her smile everyday. That girl’s favorite band, they’ve never broke her heart. They have yet to leave her. No wonder she finds such joy in her music”- Alex Gaskarth

“I want you to fucking pinky promise me you won’t do it. No fan of mine will kill themselves. Don’t do it for me, I love you.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Music is the soundtrack to every good and bad time we will ever have. It becomes our soundtrack-” Alex Gaskarth

“Be real, because a mask only fools people on the outside. Pretending to be someone you’re not takes a toll on the real you, and the real you is more important than anyone else.”- Alex Gaskarth

“I know deep inside that being older won’t make me any more mature. Because I will always be an immature little kid in on the inside.”- Jack Barakat

“Finding the perfect person won’t make you fall in love. When you see an imperfect person perfectly, that’s love.”- Alex Gaskarth

“I will never deny a fan hug while my heart is still beating.”- Alex Gaskarth.“Do not let any motherfucker tell you that you aren’t beautiful.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Guess what? You can do it.”- Austin Carlile

“I give a damn.”- Pete Wentz

“Breathe, remember, it’s just chemicals.”- Alex Gaskarth (about panic attacks)

“Beauty isn’t judged by the size of your jeans.”- Jack Barakat

“The closest friends are the ones you’d take a bullet for, but they’re the ones you constantly feel you could put a bullet through as well.”- Alex Gaskarth

“I hope you can find someone out there who can you help you the same way.”- Tony Perry

“Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.”- Austin Carlile

“I myself have dealt with self harm. I was young and alone and I got beat up on all the time. And I cut to ease the pain. I realized I wasn’t the only one I hurt when I cut. I found to wait it out, that it gets better. I wrote music instead of going to the blade. I found out that my little brother, Mike, looked up to me and I wanted to change for him.”-Vic Fuentes

“Just wait things out, things won’t be bad forever, I promise you.”- Vic Fuentes

“Keep your head up high, beautiful.”- Vic Fuentes

“You are beautiful.”- Tony Perry

“If you let go a little, you will have a little happiness. Let go a lot and you will have a lot. Let go completely and you will be free.”- Oli Sykes

“I love you.”- Vic Fuentes

“It’s going to be okay,”- Vic Fuentes

“I love you”- Jaime Preciado

“Life sucks sometimes. But it all happens for a reason and a higher purpose.”- Zack Merrick

“It’s more important to be yourself and to turn into the person you aspire to be than it is to let people change you.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Life’s too awesome to waste your time thinking about someone who doesn’t treat you right.”- Jack Barakat

“Keep being crazy; keep being loud. Be yourself because the only thing you have in life is yourself and your friends.”- Zack Merrick

“Music has become my driving force behind my life. It, to me, can fix bad moods, bad days, even bad people. It is the beat of my life.”- Rian Dawson

“Music’s become my life.”- Austin Carlile

“Keep listening to music. It gets you through everything, I promise.”- Mitch Lucker

“You have many options in life, never make giving up one of them.”- Austin Carlile

“Wrists are for bracelets, not for cutting.”- Kellin Quinn

“Ladies, if someone touches you and you don’t want them to, feel free to punch them in the fucking face.”- Billie Joe Armstrong on rape

“We believe in open mindedness.”- Chris Motionless

“Nothing’s sexier than smile.”- Morgan Joyce

“You don’t have to be 75 pounds to be beautiful.”- Chris Motionless

“It hurts because it matter.”- John Green

“Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.”- Johnny Depp

“Follow your heart and chase your dreams until you catch them. Negative people who say you can’t do something are only speaking for themselves.”-Jake Pitts

“Don’t give up.”- Andy Biersack

“Be your own person because no one can take that away from you. No one’s ever going to be you.”- Austin Carlile

“Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.”- Ashley Purdy

“Normal is a setting on a washing machine. Nobody wants to be that.”- Ashley Purdy

“You don’t have to smile to be happy.”- Zack Merrick

“I receive a lot of letters on tour and read about a lot of people hurting. Hang in, keep cool, and stay who you are. Things will improve.”- Alex Gaskarth

“You don’t always get the waterfall shortcut in Mario Kart. That’s life.”- Jack Barakat

“Tragedy has struck….we are out of peanut butter.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Never started our band in the hopes of saving lives, started it for gun. But the fact that it does…God bless.”- Jack Barakat

“We don’t offer you any solutions necessarily but we definitely offer you a minute to escape.”- Alex Gaskarth

"Be yourself=very punk.”- Patrick Stump

“Stay strong, believe in yourself, and be good to others.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Your uniqueness is your strength. Remember that. Don’t mold yourself to others or to what others think. You’re an individual. You’re special”- Austin Carlile

“You have many options in life. Never make giving up one of them.”- Austin Carlile

“Don’t do drugs, stay out of gangs, and wear condoms.”- Vic Fuentes

“Don’t ever let the media tell you what your body is supposed to look like. You’re beautiful the way you are. Stay beautiful. Keep it ugly.”- Gerard Way

“Just give things time and you will leave the ones who don’t deserve your friendship in the dust. Fuck ‘em.”- Vic Fuentes

“Be strong. We got you.”- Jaime Preciado