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Worst Patient on the Enterprise

The title pretty much says it all. A fluffy fic revolving around Bones being known as “the worst patient on the Enterprise.” 

You were woken up at three in the morning to a hacking cough. You weren’t particularly surprised since he’d been coughing ever since he’d traveled down to a new planet two days ago.

“Leonard,” you mumbled sleepily as you turned over opening your eyes a little to see him sitting up coughing.

His coughing stopped for a minute, but another fit came on before he could say anything. You reached over and rubbed his back as you sat up.

“Do you need to go to Med Bay?” you asked.

“I’m fine.” He shook his head as he got up and got a drink of water.

“That cough says otherwise. It’s getting worse.”

“It’s fine. It’s just a cough. Nothing I can’t handle.” He got back into bed and laid down.

You sighed as you laid back down. “Come here,” you gestured him closer until his head was resting on the bottom of your chest. “Please get an exam in the morning.” You rubbed his arm gently as you felt his breathing steady as he fell asleep, occasionally coughing in his sleep. You closed your eyes, your thumb continuing to rub his shoulder mindlessly as you drifted back to sleep.

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Request-38 Award Show

The soft white silk of my dress shifted around my thighs as I made myself more comfortable. Dodie sat next to me gently tapping away at the keys on her phone, writing lyrics for her upcoming song. I marvelled around the room, adoring the elegance of my peers. Pastel colours coated the room and glittered balloons hung from the walls like last minute birthday decorations. Dim fairy lights floated around the ceiling. Sweet hums of Troye Sivan danced around the room leaving happiness after every step. Vanilla and cinnamon joined the scent of expensive perfumes in the air and made my nerves melt away. The atmosphere could only be described as soft and gentle; no other word could match.

I stared at the gold flowers on the back of my phone. Dan, my boyfriend, didn’t know I was here. He didn’t know where I was at all. He wouldn’t be able to make it anyway. It was late on a Tuesday, his fans had been waiting for a live show for weeks.  Turning on my phone would have meant streams of his messages asking where I was, who I was with, being concerned for me. My brunette best friend, sat beside me, told him not to worry, making my uneasy feeling waltz away.

“Y/n. Fuck it’s so late. Why are you on- why are you wearing that?” Dan was panicking. I tried my best to sneak back in, like a teenager out after curfew. I got as far as the lounge before I was caught, Dan’s eyes filled with disappointment.
“I was uh I was out with Dodie.” I mumbled, looking up to Dan through tired eyelids.
“I know you were with Dodie but she was at an award ceremony.”
“I was there as a friend for her.” I lied making my way towards the bedroom. Dan followed and sat on the bed as I changed from my dress.
“Y/n, I was watching online, you were nominated for most original and emotional songs.” Hints of pride flashed in his eyes as I pulled my y/c/h hair away from my face. “Why didn’t you tell me?” The pride was replaced with hurt as the two of us remembered the stem of this conversation. 

“Letting you know would have meant going through the disappointment when you said you couldn’t come. And the hurt of saying ‘hey Dan I didn’t win’ on top of that disappointment was too much for me to deal with in one night. I’m sorry.” Tears pricked at my eyes at the thought of what would’ve happened.
“Y/n? Don’t you think I deserve to be there when my girlfriend gets nominated for an award? Don’t you think it should have been me to be there and comfort you when someone else won the award?” He was raising his voice, emotion taking over his mind. I couldn’t help but retaliate, he ruined what was a perfect night for me.
“Don’t you think I should’ve been the one there when you were ill on tour? Don’t you think it should have been you and I in the bedroom on the tour bus?” I was screaming and I couldn’t hold in the feeling any more, I was pouring it all out in front of Dan.

I walked towards the front door, unable to stop the tears running down my cheeks.“ I left you for under 4 hours. You left me for 3 months Dan. 3 months.” With that I stepped out of the door. My dark green coat zipped up to my chin, my doc marten boots taking me down the street.

Over and over I replayed the events of tonight in my mind like a vinyl in a record player. It hurt to remember that Dan left me for so long: it hurt me to remember he didn’t bother even inviting me.

 The cold wet reality that I was living took me from my thoughts. I didn’t have my phone or money; just the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet. Being spring in the UK it hadn’t stopped raining since my shouting match with Dan. There was nowhere to go to escape the rain so I stayed out slowly wondering the dark London roads.

I remembered one place I took Thomas when he visited, it wasn’t well known, it was just a small park. With the image of it in mind my legs carried me there.

Standing underneath the wide oak tree, that sat on the edge of the park, I stared out across the lake. I watched as the water droplets bounced into the water sending waves to the edge of the lake. There was no other animals in the park, just me; maybe there were a few fish in the water. Once I’d blocked out the noise of cars and their lights I found peace.

I sat down on the small walking path that ran under the tree. My eyes fluttering closed as I took in a long breath. It was the first time I was properly able to breathe and I enjoyed that feeling. I listened for the sound of the wind, pushing through the leaves on the tree however a familiar voice held me back from finding the tranquil sound.

His arms wrapped around my body, pulling me up from the cold concrete. He pulled me towards his chest and held me close; his hand drawing circles on my back. “You forgot your phone and I didn’t realise until I called. Sorry if you don’t want me here I just panicked.” He sounded sincere as I pulled back from him and intertwined our fingers.

Both of us remained silent as we kept our hands together and stepped through the streets. After walking through the front door I let the familiar scent of cinnamon dance through my veins. Neither of us spoke for the rest of the night; neither of us caring about the time.

I pulled my blanket up to my chest before accepting the tea from Dan. He joined me on the sofa as I flicked through movies looking for something to cheer me up. I selected Romeo and Juliet deciding young Leonardo DiCaprio would make me smile. The atmosphere was like being back at the award show. Dimly lit room, quiet sounds from the TV, comfortable in my seat, comforting drink in hand. My company still as amazing.
The Universe with Red Towels

Title: “The Universe with Red Towels”
Word Count: 4.015
Warnings: Child abuse, language, blood, injuries

Pairing: Evak

Notes: Set back when Isak still lived in Kollektiv with Noora, Eskild and Linn (and Even)

Summary: The parallel universe where the curtains are the same colour, but the towels are stained with red because Isak’s mom isn’t all that nice

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Austin Nights - Part 3

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: 3070

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly. Part 1 After abruptly leaving the party, the reader hopes to run into Jay again. Part 2

Warnings: Language, Implied Smut? (not sure if that’s a warning or not)

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


Everyday had become an anticipated wait until your next ‘Skype Date’. They felt awkward at first, you weren’t really sure what to say, how long they should last, and an underlying desire just to touch him. But they soon became a familiar and comfortable part of your relationship. You built on depth and connection being denied the physical aspect. Part of you knew because of his status and profession, your relationship would not likely last long but you told yourself you were going to enjoy the ride while it lasted.

The hardest part was keeping it all from Angie. Jensen had discussed how he liked privacy and you agreed with his reasons. But if you told Angie, even though you loved her to death, it would only take one drunk night for her to start spreading it like wildfire.

Due to both your schedules and the time difference, dates would sometimes be at odd times or cut short if he was needed back to a scene or walk through. Tonight he seemed to be running late. You kept your laptop open and volume on high so you wouldn’t miss him. The rumbling in your stomach could not be patient any longer and you eventually found yourself with a bowl of ramen noodles as the familiar sound of Skype rang. You immediately answered despite the noodles hanging out of your mouth as you paused slurping. Jensen looked as perfect as ever wearing a backwards baseball cap. He immediately threw his body back in laughter as your image popped up on his side of the screen.

After a final slurp you defended your actions. “What? A girl’s gotta eat.” He continued laughing. “You are not my only priority believe it or not Jensen Ackles.”

“Ah, man. I wish I would have captured that.” He teased regretfully.

“Oh, don’t worry, I gotta better one for you.” You played back as you used chopsticks to dangle the noodles above your face, dramatically slurping them from above.

Jensen grinned from ear to ear at your antics. “You’re one of a kind, Y/N.” He continued to tease. “What is that anyways?” He asked more seriously.

“Um, Ramen,” You said as if it was obvious.

“Hmm, how did you make them?” He said trying to get a better view of the bowl.

“It’s like a .25 cent packet, you dork.” You laughed. “No culinary experience needed.”

“Are you short on money?” He asked concerned.

You rolled your eyes, hating when he brought finances up. “I am fine,” You assured. “Just trying to put some money aside, that’s all.”

Jay pondered trying to imagine what you would be saving for. “When are you someone to save money?”

“Not that it’s any of your information, but I do have a 401(k) and do know a thing or two about finances… why have you become so inquisitive?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Gotta make sure my girl is taken care of.” You blushed at his response. “So, what are you saving for?”

You pressed your lips together. “It’s a secret.” You smiled slyly.

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Wedding Speech - Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N - Hi can you do a Joe one where it’s the reader and his wedding and the buttercreams do a really embarrassing speech for them x If you don’t want to or can’t that’s fine ❤

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride” My smile grew even bigger as I felt Joes lips on mine. Hearing everyone around cheering and clapping, I felt the tears building in my eyes. I finally married my best friend. 

Walking down the aisle hand in hand with my now husband smiling and waving to all our friends and family. My feelings right now wouldn’t process. I am literally over the moon with happiness. All I could hear were people cheering “Yes Sugg” “Go On My Boy” and a few faint cries. I still cannot believe this is my wedding day. The wedding day I have been planning since a little girl. I was now living it out. Everyone else was gathered into another room with champagne, me and Joe were guided around the building for photos. We had photos on the stairs, in arch ways, in the gardens, and in front of the country side view. We were then joined by the bridesmaids who happened to be my sister and Zoe, the groomsmen Caspar, Josh, Oli, Jack, Conor, Mikey and our parents. Lastly We had photos with the whole group and I stood there being grateful to be surrounded by the people i love most. 

While everyone moved to the reception room to take their seats, me and Joe waited back a bit giving everyone time to settle. 

“I cannot believe we did it” Joe turned to look at me with a beaming smile. 

“I’m still in shock, I’m generally so happy” I smiled back taking his hand in mine. 

“After 6 years of being together and 8 years of friendship I can officially call you a Sugg” 

“I finally fit in the Sugg family!” I cheered laughing. 

“You’ve always been classed as a Sugg babe” 

“But now we have it in writing”

“This is the happiest ive ever been, even though we’ve been in a relationship for so long, our next adventures start now”

“Our honeymoon, new house, new projects. Im so excited”

“Same love, it’s going to be something to treasure” 

“I love you” 

“I love you too”

“Are you two ready to go in?” The staff member asked. We glanced to each other and nodded. We followed the member of staff and waited behind the doors until we were told to go any further. 

“Can i have your attention” The staff member started. “We’re all there to celebrate the newly weds, so please put your hands together for Mr and Mrs Sugg!” We walked in and everyone was on their feet, cheering. Glad we got someone to film this day, I can look back and remember this moment for a life time. We took our seats in front of everyone while they all settled down and allowed us to get comfy. After all the food was served and drinks were topped up Zoe got out her seat to walk in front of the table with a microphone in her hand. 

“Hope you all are having a good time!” A few yeah’s and whistles flew around the room. “To kick off this evening, we are now going to move onto the speeches” Zoe turned to smirk at us both while i groaned and Joe nervous laughing knowing how embarrassing this was going to be. We watched as Josh took to the stage first also smirking as Zoe handed him the mic. 

Joe placed hand on my leg and lent in close. “You know this is going to be interesting” 

“I’m dreading it” I laughed turning to face Josh and linking my hand with Joes.

“I get the pleasure of starting this off. I remember meeting you Joe for the first time then i didn’t leave your apartment for months. I basically followed you and Caspar round like a lost dog. You used to get grumpy when i finished your milk or i didn’t wash up after myself. I can clearly say you haven’t changed. You’ve been a good friend buddy you’ve helped me through a lot of shit and i’m grateful to have a friend like you. I’m glad you found a girl like Y/N, she’s kept you in place but at the same time you’re still the Sugg i first met. Y/N you have a lot of work now that your married, he’s going to become even more lazy. You’re a talent women and you’ve been there to listen when i needed someone to. You’re like my sister and I wish you both the best for the future. Ill be round soon so you can cook me food” I’m glad Josh went first because he wouldn’t embarrass us. He’s the nice one out them all. 

Next was Mikey. 

“Cor i get to do a speech. I’ve always been the target and now i can target you two. You’ve been good friends to me over the past few years. Despite the bad things Joe has made me do or forced me to do such as having a leaf blower in my face to wearing tight red lacy boxers to trying to light my farts. I’ve even had to eat dry protein powder ruining one of my many black t-shirts. Joe your crazy ideas make you as a person, you’re one heck of a guy and you are very lucky to have Y/N, anyone would be. Y/N thanks for looking after me making sure i have eaten. No wonder i cant shed weight. I look forward to raiding your new sweets draw by the way”

Next was Conor. 

“I would like to thank Y/N for introducing me to Joe, because of you i made a great friend and because of Joe I made even more. Y/N i would like to thank you for staring in so many of my covers and even on my album. I mean i still say i have the better voice but I’m not going to judge. I cannot believe you two are married now, I’ve seen your relationship grow these past years and I look forward to having something like this. You two are literally a perfect match. Joe i dont even know what to say about you. You are one of the most hilarious down-to-earth guys i know. You deserve to be happy. I’m glad it’s Y/N who has to deal with your strange ass. I’m surprised she can handle it. She has to wake up to you farting, coming home drunk but then again thinking about it you are both as crazy as each other. I remember coming round once and you both swapped clothes pretending to be each other. That was a weird sight. I wish you both the world of happiness you both deserve it” 

Next was Jack. 

“Suggy got married! To a gorgeous girl also i should have started youtube sooner maybe i could of snatched her. Im joking im joking. Seeing how happy you two are together makes me want this but it also makes me sick but in a good way. You are both good friends to me i couldn’t ask for better people in my life. Well sometimes i could replace Joe after what he’s made me do. Clamping my hand, sticking sellotape to our heads and ripping it out our hair and daring me to run down the street naked. I hope you enjoy people licking your ears Y/N because Joe will be doing that a lot when he’s drunk. trust me. I remember Joe telling us he was going to propose and how nervous he was. You should of heard the other plans he had. They weren’t as romantic. Y/N thank you for appearing in my videos to give me more views. Thanks for the many shout outs too. Like i said, you’re a beautiful women inside and out i know how happy Joe makes you. You’re both weird and I’m glad i know you. Hears to the future”

Next was Oli. 

“Mr Joe Sugg? The Joe i know is actually married now! It feels so weird saying that. I’ve known you for so long and you haven’t changed one bit in a good way though! You both have helped me through a lot over the years with projects, videos, and life in general. I do appreciate it. Joe you are an absolute nutter. Seriously. I couldn’t ask for a better friend what friend would draw penis’ on your body or do jump scares every time we meet or would make me stay up will ridiculous times in the morning to set up pranks. I mean what friend would have a cardboard cut out of me? You better move that into your new home. I’ll always be watching then. Your relationship is probably the strongest i know. You’re both so open and that can be taken in different ways. I’ve seen them both naked. It was a few strange moments. Some moments i wish i could take back because i can still see them imagines in my head to this day. I also remember when i turned up at your apartment Joe was wearing this horse costume and Y/N was dressed like a cowgirl. I didn’t want to ask what went on. They said it was for a video but i dont believe that. I dont like to think what goes on in their minds. Moving on, Y/N you are one in a million you’ve been that one friend i can always rely on even if i’m in a bad mood you put up with me and i can speak on behalf of the other guys as well. You have so much patience and i respect you for that. You have a wonderful mind and a heart of gold. You are both lucky to have each other and im glad to call you both my best friends” 

Lastly, Caspar. 

 “I would like to start off with thanking Y/N for breaking my heart, you killed jaspar. I’m joking jaspar will always be round. I have known you both since we all started Youtube together. Remember our gang when we first started? The 3 of us, Zoe, Alfie, Tanya, Jim, Marcus, Niomi and Louise. Then it grew bigger. But look at the two of you now, i know you both never expected to get this far in life. I respect the both of you because you don’t take the famous title seriously, you just see yourselves as normal human beings doing something you love. It’s been amazing watching you both grow and seeing the success you’ve achieved. I couldn’t have wished it on better people. Joe, You are one or the bestest friend i could ask for. You are also one of the craziest dudes i know. Very spontaneous also. I could stand here all day and tell all our stories but i don’t want to bore you. Thank you for being my travelling buddy over the years. I’ve had some of the best memories with you such as doing Hit The Road. What an experience that was ay?  and for everyone’s information i am still the best pizza maker here. Im not thankful for the pranks though. Filing my room with cups of water, setting many alarms, posters of my face all over the walls, filling the room with balloons then Oli popping out with a clown outside and the best one turning my apartment into a slip and slide. I’m also not going to miss seeing you naked when i walk into your room. I am defiantly not going to miss hearing you and Y/N have sex either. You loud buggers. The amount of times i’ve walked in on you both, i still do it today it’s like a curse! Y/N, i still remember meeting you for the first time. You were so shy and timid and now, now i cannot get you to shut up. You are like a boy only when it comes to burping though. Ive seen you when you only had a few thousand subscribers and now you are the top female Youtuber in the UK. I am so proud of your achievements. You seriously deserve it. If i ever needed cheering up i knew you were and still are the person to text or call. You are a positive soul. You and Joe have always been perfect for each other. You are literally the same person. I hope you both the best as a married couple. I love you both.” 

I continued to wipe away the tears which were flowing from my eyes. I couldn’t of asked for better friends or a better husband. 

Past Pt 1 : Remus Lupin Imagine

Pairing: remus lupin x reader
Request: yes

‘We were so in love once, now this emptiness feels so heavy. Sometimes I miss you, sometimes you never existed. The scars fade for a while but they come back again, sometimes I love you, sometimes I never met you at all. We were so happy once, now we are nothing.’

It was weird, that was the only word you could think of to describe it. One day you’re in your nineties, happily in love, and the next you’re a little kid again. It shouldn’t be possible, remembering your past life. Everyone knows that reincarnation is real, normal even in the wizarding world, but to remember every detail of your past lifes? That didn’t happen, and if it did no one spoke of it. This time around you were devastated to get your memories back.

In your last life you were a muggle, which was new for you but you managed. He had been a muggle as well, but he didn’t know he was once a wizard. He never remembers. You were twenty three when you finally met him, and you only had a few short years with him before you passed. A burglary gone wrong, is what the police had deemed it. You had been in your kitchen, cooking dinner for your anniversary when you heard the crash. You weren’t supposed to be there, and you weren’t supposed to put up a fight. The burglar had shot you in an attempt to get you to back away, aiming for your leg but hitting your chest as their hand was shaking so much. He came home to see you taking your last breaths, and the last memory you have is telling him you will see him again.

In your current life, you’re 17 and a Hogwarts student. You’ve tried figuring out who he is, if he was reincarnated as a muggle or a wizard like you, if he was even reincarnated at all. For all you knew he could still be living as Edward Thompson, although he would be about ninety five by now.
You had suspicions though, about the sandy haired Gryffindor who kept to himself.  Remus Lupin was his name, and he was almost exactly like Edward had been personality wise. You couldn’t be sure though, you never were until the first kiss. You had classes with him, having been in the same year, but you didn’t know much about him. It wasn’t like you had tried but so hard either.

“Good morning class, for the next three weeks you will be working with a partner to brew a number of different potions, the group with the best average potion will be exempt from all further testing except for your N.E.W.T.S.” the Professor smiled from the front of the room, tutting as everyone began to turn to their friends. “And I will be assigning the groups.”

“Oh great, watch me get stuck with Snivellus,” Sirius Black groaned from behind you, a dull smacking sound following short after.

“Shut up Sirius, I’m sure he wouldn’t want to be your partner either,” Remus warned, his voice sympathetic regardless of his words. “I just hope I’m put with someone who will actually do some of the work this time.”

“You know I’m shit at potions Moony, did you want to lose your eyebrows?” James Potter snickered, abruptly stopping as the Professor read off his name.

“James Potter you are with Lily Evans-” “all right!” “Don’t make me regret this pairing you two, I expect only the best from head boy and girl, Remus Lupin you are with Y/N Y/L/N, Sirius Black you are with Peter Pettigrew-”

You heard the chair beside you scrape across the floor as Remus moved to take a seat beside you, a hesitant smile gracing his lips only for a moment. You returned the smile, extending your hand. “Nice to meet you Remus, looks like we will be partners for the next few weeks.”

“Hi Y/N about the project, I won’t be here this weekend I have to visit my mum whose very ill, I hope that’s okay?” He asked, scratching the back of his neck nervously.

“It’s not a problem, we can just start on Monday,” you assured, smiling softly as he visibly relaxed. He turned back to listen to the assignment after giving you a grateful smile, giving you the opportunity to get a good look at him.

You let your eyes trail down his body, staring curiously at the vast number of scars that littered his pale skin. You took note of the way he chewed on the end of his pen when he paid attention, and the fact that he had a pen at all. He must be a half blood, or muggleborn. He had honey colored eyes that seemed just a few shades lighter when the sun caught them, and curly sandy hair. He was tall as well which you had noticed in the corridors, but seeing him try to fold himself into the chair without bumping his knees on the bottom of the desk just proved how tall he really was.

 A soft cough brought you out of your train of thought as you cast a look over your shoulder at the source. Sirius smirked at you, lifting a single eyebrow and glancing at Remus’ back momentarily. You flushed deeply, turning back in your chair and staring down at your parchment.  You quickly began copying down the potions required for the project, making sure to keep your eyes off of Remus in case Sirius was still watching you. You jumped slightly when a scrap of parchment was pushed across the table towards you, but you picked it up regardless.

'Are you okay?’ Remus had etched onto it. You looked up at him, smiling softly at the worried look on his face.

'I’m okay, thank you though.’ You wrote, sliding it slowly across the table back to him. He gave you a half smile after reading it, then turned back to his paper.

You finished copying everything down, and began to pack up your supplies. As soon as everything was safely in your bag, you left the room, keeping your head held high as you passed the tables of Sirius Black and James Potter, who had by now spoken to Sirius and he too giving you a knowing look.

“Hey Y/N wait up,” Remus’ deep voice called from behind you, bringing you to an abrupt halt. “Hey, when do you want to get together to work on this? We’ve still got a few days until the weekend but if you just want to wait until after then that’s okay too.”

“We could start on it tonight in the library?” You suggested, readjusting the strap of your bag on your shoulder.

“The library will be filled with other students, I doubt we’ll be able to find a seat,” he sighed, chewing on his bottom lip. “We could try the kitchens.”

“The kitchens?” You asked, resisting the urge to laugh.

“It sounds weird I know, but the house elfs usually stay out of the way unless you ask for something and hardly anyone knows how to get in there so it’ll be really quiet,” he began to ramble, his cheeks darkening slightly.

“I’ll meet you outside the great hall then?” You suggested, smiling softly as he visibly relaxed.

“Yeah um six maybe? Right after dinner?” He asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

“See you then Remus.”

You walked out of the Great Hall, scanning the corridors for your partner. You took a seat on one of the benches, pulling out a quill and parchment and began to sketch half heartedly as you waited for him to show up. You weren’t really paying attention to what you were creating, but as it began to take form you recognized almost immediately. What had started off as a set of eyes was now a very detailed drawing of Remus. You took a deep breath, quickly putting the drawing away so that he would not see it when he arrived. Just as you had finished clasping your bag back, he came running up.

“I’m so sorry Y/N, Sirius and James wouldn’t let me leave finally Peter distracted them so I could escape, are you ready?” He asked, panting loudly as he tried to catch his breath. You gave him a sympathetic smile, getting to your feet.

“It’s okay, I was kind of wondering what that loud bang from the great hall was,” you laughed, eyeing the mess of soot in his hair. “Dungbomb I take it?”

“You would be correct,” he chuckled, attempting to brush the ashes away but failing.

 You stepped forward, bringing your hand up and brushing it away for him without a second thought. You froze as you heard a sharp intake of breath, silently cursing yourself for acting so quickly. You pulled your hand back and looked to the side, blushing deeply. Remus cleared his throat, bringing your eyes back to him just enough for you to see how red he had gotten.

“Right, um thanks,” he stuttered, scratching the back of his neck nervously. “Shall we go then?”

“Lead the way,” you sighed, throwing your bag over your shoulder and following him down to the kitchens

Daddy’s little kitten. (Sugar daddy Harry one shot)

*Warning: Contains smut. Might be badly written as its my first attempt. Also contains swearing. Don’t read if offended.*

Getting involved with a sugar daddy is never easy. The whole, no strings attached, being a virtual sex toy isn’t really my idea of a healthy relationship.  However the endless amounts of louboutin shoes, sparkling diamonds, givenchy bags and the brand new mini parked on my drive makes it more worthwhile. Sounds shallow doesn’t it? But daddy insists. So the kitten gladly accepts.  

Being 19 and currently under-going three years of a degree isn’t easy. So when Harry offered to pay for my tuition fees I accepted. If he’s going to throw his money at me I would rather it be on something worthwhile. Harry is one of the country’s most eligible bachelors. Being a millionaire at 29 doesn’t go unnoticed in the UK. Not by the female population anyway. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me or if he showers all his girls with gifts?

It was 10pm on a Friday evening and there was still no sign of Harry. He had insisted that I stayed at his apartment tonight. But yet again, he had failed to appear. I was sat on the sofa, which overlooked the city of London. It was a truly captivating view. Bored out of my head, I decided to scroll through my twitter feed. A certain article suddenly caught my eye.  


Now, I am fully aware that most articles are full of absolute bullshit, but photographs never lie, and boy was there photographs. So whilst im sat at home waiting for ‘Mr styles’ to come home, he’s swanning about in fancy restaurants with what appears to be some sort of play boy bunny? Grabbing my coat and bag I decided that tonight was drawing to an end and I was no longer willing to wait around for Harry. Not to be made into a mug. Just as I was about to leave the door flung open, causing me to be greeted by a disheveled looking Harry. "Kitten? You’re not leaving are you?” “Yep” I smugly replied whilst trying to saunter past him before his grasp caught my arm. “Baby, why?” “Maybe because I’m sick of sitting here like some sort of mug, wondering where you are. Thinking maybe you had been caught up at the office, or thinking even worse, that something has happened to you! But then look, I open my twitter and your all over the papers with some blonde bimbo! Don’t invite me round if you haven’t got time for me Harry!” I shouted whilst shaking my arm out of his grasp. I have never spoken to Harry like this before. Harry’s eyes suddenly went dark and I knew I had crossed the line. “Fucking stop acting like a child! I was negotiating a business deal with her father, but unfortunately he’s taken ill so she came to sign the papers for him. I have the emails if you really want proof. But however y/n I thought you would have trusted me and known better than this. ” Oh shit. “If you can’t trust me then this deal is off!” He spat. “Harry, if you had of at least called me to tell me what was going on then I wouldn’t have thought that way!” I feebly defended myself earning a sigh from Harry. “Get to the bedroom” Harry ordered. Oh I see where this is going. You see when Harry is mad, he lets it out via sex. Fucking amazing sex though I have to say.  

Doing as I was told I walked to the bedroom, hanging my head low like a naughty little school girl. Boy did I feel naughty. I stripped down to my specially picked out black lace underwear and lay on Harry’s bed. I knew this was going to happen tonight anyway. That’s the whole idea of the deal. He doesn’t want a relationship, he just wants sex. I know it’s wrong and I’m being used but I can’t help myself. A short while after Harry entered the room. “Ahhh, what a beautiful sight. Daddy loves it when your all ready for me Kitten.” I simply watched the sex god that stood in front of me. He dropped his jacket off his shoulders and started to undo his shirt. I stared at the tattoos that graced his skin. He truly was amazing to look at.  Once that was done with he removed his pants and shoes.  "You know, you’ve been a naughty girl, not trusting daddy like that" “I know, mmm sorry daddy” I spoke innocently. “I think daddy needs to teach you a lesson, don’t you kitten?” I seductively nodded. He started by leaving bite marks down my neck, and sucking on my skin until it turned into a violent purple. “Mine” he mumbled as he trailed further down my body; over my breasts, down my stomach, and finally, to the hem of my lace thong. Using his teeth, he pulled down the lace, and flung it to the other side of the room. He was definitely skilled in the bedroom. Forcefully opening my legs, he looked straight at me and dipped his lips down towards my core, never breaking eye contact. Earning a hiss from me, he lapped up my juices, making me moan and grab onto his hair. “Mmm feel good kitten?” “Yes daddy! oh fuck yes” I nodded. God he was such a tease. He then inserted a finger, and pumped them in and out of my dripping centre. “Oh fuck daddy!” I arched my back, feeling a familiar sensation in the pit of my stomach. “Do you want Daddy’s cock baby” “Yes, I want your cock inside me”. “Tell me who you belong to” “You Daddy, I belong to you!” I shouted. Harry soon switched his attention to removing his boxers. Without warning, he thrusted into me, causing me to scream in pain and pleasure. “That’s its kitten, let them know who’s making you feel this good”. “Fuck fuck fuck” I moaned as he thrusted into me, harder than ever. “Fuck” the curly haired man grunted. “You’re always so fucking tight baby. No matter how many times I fuck you” he growled. All this dirty talk was making me close. “mmm, mmm close daddy” I moaned. “Let it go baby” he moaned whilst he sucked on one of my breasts. Before I knew it I was a trembling mess beneath him. My walls clenched around him which caused him to release too. “Fuck” he whispered before collapsing next to me on the bed. “That was fucking good” He sighed.  


“Harry” I asked a few minutes later, once we had both cooled off. “Yes kitten” he replied, pulling me closer to him. “Do you think you will ever be more than my sugar daddy in the future? I mean, I know there’s a ten year age gap but I-” “Shhhh, sweetheart” he spoke before kissing me on the lips sweetly. “Let them talk, the age gap doesn’t mean shit to me. Right now, I’m not ready for a full blown relationship, or the commitment that comes with it. But I know, as soon as I am ready, you will be the girl for me. I can feel myself slowly falling y/n, it’s only a matter of time before the penny drops and I’m ready to make you all mine. But until then, we need to keep enjoying moments like these. Okay kitten?” I simply smiled and nodded at the man that lay in front of me, heart warming at the word that had just graced my ears. Although it wasn’t entirely the answer I wanted, it showed that he cares, and there is a possibility that we may be together one day, like I’ve always dreamed of.  

“Ready for round two sweetheart” he winked. “Always with you daddy”.   

Okay so this is my first attempt at writing smut. I’m still trying to grasp how to write it hahaha. Sorry if its bad! Again, if you have a request feel free to message me. Also, please leave me feedback and dont be a silent reader! Hit that like button ;)

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A New Lesson

Hello there.

 I’ll be honest and say I’ve never really posted fan fiction before, and I’m pretty terrified. However, there’s a first time for everything. *Inserts grin with too many teeth* Anyway, this fic follows feysand as little second graders and has been sitting in my computer for far too long.

 As a not so random side note, I am fully aware that it’s feysand smut week, and with eight-year-old characters, this definitely isn’t that.

“Turn to chapter 54. Today we’re reading the short story version of Beauty and the Beast,” Mr. Keir told his students.

Grumbling rolled around the rooms as students griped about how, “We should just watch the movie”.

“Oh, don’t complain. We will be watching the movie once we finish the story, but we’ll be reading it-“ he paused-“popcorn style. Now, I will not tolerate any passing. Make sure you open to…”

While the teacher droned on, Feyre Archeron subtly looked at the girl’s textbook next to her to see the picture painted at the top of the chapter. Her fingers grazed through the pages until they found the same image in her own. As a Second grader, Feyre knew she should be able to read somewhat, but no one in her house, or any teachers, had ever bothered to take the time to teach her.

The popcorn style opened with some kid named Lucien, whose hand was high in the sky. Unlike everyone else, Feyre’s eyes were never anywhere near her textbook, as they were fully focused on a blank sheet of paper next to her book. She painstakingly drew a castle in the mountains while voices around the room wove the tale of the reader-becomes-princess, one Feyre despised. She thought she was in the clear of being called on, since she was new and no one would know her name.

Her face was practically kissing her drawing when a shrilly voice called.

“Popcorn…Farrah, Philippa, Faerie.. the new girl.”

Feyre’s body stilled.

“You must mean Feyre, our newest addition. Right, Amarantha?” The teacher crooned from his desk.

“Sorry. Popcorn, Feyre,” Amarantha repeated.

Feyre whispered, “Pass.”

The teacher tsked his tongue, “I know this is your first day, Feyre, but as I stated earlier there is no passing.”

Feyre didn’t even know what page they were on. Her rudimentary drawing of the moon and some mountains showing exactly what page she was on.

She wiped her hands against her legs and swallowed to bring moisture to her dry throat.

Everyone’s eyes were on her at her silence. Flipping pages pounded through the room as Feyre desperately tried to find the right one.

She hoped that Amarantha girl would call on someone else.
Hoped the teacher would cut her slack.
Hoped everyone would stop their staring.
Hoped someone would just read for her.

“I’ll read,” Some godsend called. 

“Rhysand, it’s not your turn.”

“I know, but I really want to. Fay-re can read later.”

The teacher’s glare was full of ice, but his voice was sweet as honey, “Rhys, we must take turns, and right now it’s Feyre’s. Maybe if you’re lucky she’ll call on you when she’s done.”

There was no way Feyre would since she would never be done if she couldn’t even start.

“C’mon, it’s her first day. Give her a break.”

Feyre whipped around to see the boy defending her and stifled a gasp.

He was by far the cutest boy in the class. But even more alarming were his violet eyes staring at their instructor, with an equal amount of ire as their teacher.

No one glared at teachers like that.

The staring match between Mr. Keir and Rhys seemed relentless, until Keir finally sighed, “Just for today, Feyre, you’re off the hook. Know that this is not the norm, and you will be expected to read. And please, pretend that you’re at least following along.”

Feyre’s cheeks warmed at the accusation, but she relaxed as Rhys’s voice filled the room.

When the bell finally rang for recess, Feyre sprang from her seat. The easiest way to go unnoticed was to sit on the farthest away swing. She just hoped that no other social outcast had taken the spot. Upon initial analysis, the best seat was the one in a set of two that faced the woods, and Feyre raced to it.

As she sat on the swing, she reminded herself that she wasn’t dumb, she just never learned to read. That was the truth. But what was also true was that she couldn’t go her life being ill-tolerant, or whatever the word was for someone who couldn’t read.

Math wasn’t as bad since it was more symbol association than anything else. Which, some would argue that’s what reading was.

Someday, hopefully soon, she would learn. Yet, she just didn’t know who she would ask to teach her. She needed someone who would do it judgment free. Definitely not her sister Nesta, she was too bitter, and Elain could, except she wouldn’t hide it from Nesta, eliminating her as an option.

Lost in thought about possible tutors, Feyre nearly leapt off the swing when a voice called from behind her.

“Excuse me,” except it sounded more like, “Excuth me.”

Feyre turned to see the same boy from class waiting behind her with his hands clasped behind his back.

“Can I join you?” Rhys asked after he already seated himself next to her.

She bobbed her head yes.

“I’ve been looking for you. My friend thaid to leave you alone because of cooties, but I don’t believe in that thtupid thtuff. Or at leatht not anymore.”

Feyre didn’t know how to reply, and blurted out, “Cooties aren’t real. And you didn’t have a lisp in class. Why do you have one now?”

“Well, I don’t want Keir, or anyone else, to taunt me, so I hide it in class. I can talk faster with it, though.”

Through his hurried speech, he struggled through the words, “else”, “so”, “class" and “faster”. Feyre just nodded along as if this boy made sense.

“Anyway, I don’t think you’re shy. Or at leatht you could be. But, do you have problemth reading? Because I can help you. My adopted brother, Cathian, had this thing called,” his finger tapped his lips while the other stayed behind his back, “dinothaur anorethia, or thomething like that. He thays the letters blur together on the page. I can help you. I helped him.”

Feyre couldn’t find it in herself to mention that his lisp was only there part of the time or say she was ill-tolerant, even if she did know that he meant dyslexia when talking about his brother, and wouldn’t judge if she messed up a word too. It was too embarrassing.

She looked away.

“You don’t need to feel bad. I mean, I have a lisp. I just want to help, Feyre.”

The innocence in the way he said her name made her whisper, “I can’t read.”

There was a loud, drawn-out “oh” from behind her, and Feyre turned back around.

“I think I can thtill teach you. I brought my favorite book.”

From behind his back, Rhys pulled out Greek Mythology for Kids.

He opened to a dog-eared page. “My cousin, Mor, said that you were drawing during class, and thought you might like the story of Persephone  and Hades. She said you seemed a little bored with the whole Beauty and the Beast thing. It’s my favorite, too. Persephone and Hades that is, not Beauty and the Beast.”

Feyre brought her swing closer to Rhys’s, indicating for him to begin, and followed his fingers across the page. He enunciated each word slowly, having her repeat after him. The next day, against her doubts, he found her again. And the next day, and the next. Until every day, she not only learned to read, but to expect him, and every day the two began a new lesson.

(A/N When I wrote this, I had just finished watching Stranger Things, and fell in love with Dustin’s lisp. So that why Rhys has one. Because I think it’s adorable for the High Lord to have a little lapse in his demeanor)

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by wooyoung

Group: Exo

Member: Sehun

Genre: Fluff

You don’t much care for Oh Sehun, and he sure doesn’t care about you. Right?

A/N Please send in some requests and sorry this is so long. I got a little carried away. Enjoy!

Oh Sehun.

You liked calling him that. It was simple and quick, not to mention just fun to say. The way it rolled off your tongue made you grin, loving how it condescending it sounded; as if you were scolding him.

Oh, Sehun, what did you do now?

Oh, Sehun, not again.

Oh, Sehun, I can’t believe this! 

God knows he should be scolded more often.

No one ever seemed to be the one who wanted to do it. You never understood why, considering how rude and disrespectful he was. It would never make sense to you how he came to be as popular as he was. Perhaps people were simply afraid of him.

You weren’t though.

He was a jerk, that was all, and there were a lot scarier things in the world than that.

Sure, there were rumors. He was in a gang, he had a drug business on the side, he had thrown a chair at a judge once, he had sold his own kidney on the black market; you know, the usual.

Despite all this however he still seemed to be the top dog at school, which you found quite odd. It wasn’t even strange because he wasn’t very nice, it was strange because he was quiet. Truth be told you’d only heard him speak a handful of times, each of them being blunt and rather impolite, so it wasn’t like anyone had a reason to put him on a pedestal like they did.

OK, even you could admit he was good-looking, gorgeous actually, but with his ill manners and hot temper, it was quite easy to forget how attractive he was.

Well, to you at least. Nearly every other girl either swooned over him or ran in the opposite direction, too scared of him to form a proper opinion.

You did neither, just did your best to stay clear of the boy in general. The closest thing you’d ever had to interaction was when you were forced to sit next to him during detention one day. Other than that, all you did was make fun of him in your head and give your opinion when one of the girls at lunch decided to bring him up.

So why was he staring at you?

You were sure you hadn’t given him any reason to. Your uniform was clean and ironed, your hair washed and you’d just blown your nose last period so that wasn’t the issue. You just looked the same as you always did; hair out of your face, phone in your hand, makeup applied minimally. So why was he staring?

You turned to your friend, a slight concern beginning to work its way into your mind.

“Is there something on my face?”

She gave you a strange look and shook her head, confused considering you had asked her the same question just 10 minutes ago when lunch had ended.

“Why?” She wanted to know.

“Oh Sehun is staring and it’s really starting to creep me out,” you said in a hushed tone making sure your mouth moved as little as possible in case the boy who had his eyes fixated on you could read lips.

“Wha-” Your friend began to turn towards male in question before you grabbed her arm and hissed at her to stop drawing even more attention in your direction. By now some people were starting to notice and it was making you feel awkward.

Unsure of what to do you sent a small wave in Sehun’s direction, causing him to look away immediately.

“What the hell?” Your friend said as you made your say out of the room. “What was that all about?”

You just shook your head. How would you know?

“He’s doing it again,” your friend informed you during fourth period.

“I know,” you replied through gritted teeth in an effort to stop the teacher from catching you whispering in class.

It had been a week since the staring had started and it had only gotten worse. In every class you shared with him you could feel his eyes boring into the back of your head, annoying you and even making you a little nervous. In the cafeteria he had changed which side of the table he sat on so he was now facing you and you had noticed how he always seemed to be in the hall when you were on your way to class.

Perhaps you were his next victim, you reasoned. He didn’t like people saying things about him behind his back. Maybe he had heard one of your conversations at the lunch table. Maybe he was trying to unnerve you.

Maybe it was working.

“Y/N!” Your boss called just as you had finished untying your apron. You sighed, just knowing he would ask you to do something else even though your shift was technically over.


“Someone spilled on the window seat; can you clean it up before you leave?”

You grit your teeth and nodded, before putting your apron back on and moving out from behind the counter, a cloth in one hand, a spray bottle in the other. It wasn’t so much that it was that bothersome to be asked to clean up a simple spill, it was just that this was the third time this week that your boss had kept you past your shift’s end and it was only Thursday.

Even so, you made your way over to the table with the bubble tea dripping from it, hoping against hope that somehow you would be compensated for all the extra time you were putting in.

Perhaps it was because of your annoyance that you didn’t notice the small child running towards you, or maybe you were simply too engrossed in humming your favourite song, but whatever the reason, you did not see the kid until it was too late. He slammed into you at full force, apparently unable to stop at his age, causing you to topple over into the remaining bubble tea and pulling a customer down with you by accident.

You landed in an awkward position, you laying oddly on top of said customer with your nose pressed against his ribs and your arm twisted strangely beneath you. Things only got worse from there.

“Oh Sehun?!” You yelped in shock as you caught sight of the person’s face of whom you were currently using as a mattress. He simply looked back at you with a raised eyebrow, his expression less angry than it should’ve been and his hair slick with bubble tea.

It took you a moment to find words and a moment more to find your footing. You stood quickly, face flushed, as you offered him a hand. One which he refused.

“I am so sorry,” You babbled as he inspected himself silently, shaking his hair out best he could. “I-”

“Do you live nearby?” He asked, interrupting your apology.

“What?” Your surprise was evident in your tone. Why did he want to know where you live? Wait, why was he here in the first place? Was he following you? At this point you wouldn’t put it past him.

“I said, do you live nearby?” He repeated, looking somewhat annoyed.

"Why do you need to know?” You asked, narrowing your eyes in suspicion.

“Because I have a very important appointment in 45 minutes and now I need a shower.” He replied as if it were obvious.

You gaped at him for a moment. He wanted to know where you lived so he could shower?

“Why not just go home?” You said, after you got over the initial shock of his response.

“My apartment is too far away,” he answered, getting more annoyed by the second. “So I’ll ask you again; do you live nearby?”

Unsure of how else to respond you nodded. What else could you do? Sure, he was weird and rude and everything else in between but you figured the least you could do was let him shower at your place considering you’re the one who got him into this mess in the first place.

“Just give me a moment.”

To your surprise, he nodded and went over to stand by the door without complaint, allowing you to finish cleaning and getting ready to go in peace. Unfortunately, as was his usual manner, he didn’t take his eyes off you the whole time, making you rather self conscious.

“Okay, let’s go,” You said finally once you had grabbed your favourite bubble tea that your friend had made you on your way out and a pastry of your choice.

The first five minutes of the walk were spent in silence, with him seemingly unbothered and calm about this whole thing, except for the fact that he was standing much too close for your liking. Closer than he ever stood to anyone, as far as you could recall.

It was only after those five minutes that you noticed him eyeing your bubble tea and for the first time you considered that perhaps he had simply been in the shop at the same time as you due to coincidence. Perhaps, for once, he wasn’t being creepy and he was simply there to get a drink like everyone else.

Hesitantly and silently, you offered him your cup without meeting his eyes. You were unable to see his expression as he took it from you, though you could practically feel something melting away from the gentleness in his touch as his fingers brushed yours.

"It’s just a block more,” you told him, breaking the silence. “How far away is your meeting?”

“Close,” was all he said as he took another sip of his tea, a look you’d never seen before crossing his features for a moment before he became stoic once more.

There was another minute of silence before he decided to speak again.

“This…is your favourite type?” he asked, referring to the bubble tea.

He sounded almost…shy as he said it, if that was possible. No, shy wasn’t the word, but his tone didn’t hold the same power behind it as it usually did. He seemed more unsure than anything; though unsure of what, you didn’t know.

You nodded in reply. “Mmhm, by far.”

He looked thoughtful for a moment before taking another sip. “Huh,” was all he said.

The last minute or so was spent without words before you reached your small apartment, guiding Sehun up the stairs to a rather ugly door at the end of the hall.

“This is where you live?” Sehun asked with a raised eyebrow and a look of disbelief as he scanned the tiny area.

Immediately you became defensive, annoyed that you had invited him in only to have him criticize your living conditions.

“If you don’t like it, you can go shower elsewhere,” you answered harshly, dumping your bag on the coffee table.

“Where are your parents?” He asked, ignoring your previous comment.

“They move around a lot,” was all you said before thinking better of it and adding, “but I wasn’t abandoned or anything. I just wanted to stay in one place.”

Oh Sehun nodded as if he actually understood before you remembered why he was here in the first place.

“The bathroom’s through there,” you told him, pointing at a door across the room. “Towels are in the cupboard beside the sink. Go knock yourself out.”

Again he nodded, making his way to the door before turning as if he was going to say something but apparently thinking better of it and letting himself into the washroom.

“You’re welcome,” you said under your breath, your mind only on how long it would take him to get out of your apartment. He wasn’t the only one who needed to shower.

Oh Sehun was naked.

Oh Sehun, the most popular, sought after boy in school was naked in your home and you hadn’t even realized it for a good 30 seconds.

Well, technically he was half naked, considering he wore a towel around his waist, but that didn’t stop you from dropping the bowl of chips you had been holding when you turned around and finally caught sight of him.

To be fair, it was quite a shock to find a wet, attractive boy standing less than a foot away when you had forgotten that you weren’t alone. Still, later you would wonder why you were so surprised by this whole thing. Obviously he had no clothes to change into other than his soaked outfit in the bathroom and it wasn’t as if he was chubby or anything. Still, you hadn’t expected abs sculpted by Michelangelo himself. You weren’t sure what you had expected but it sure wasn’t that. Whatever it had been, it wasn’t that.

“Where did you put my bag?” Sehun asked, once you had managed to bring your eyes back up to his face again. At least one thing that could be said about this boy, was that he didn’t tease you or even acknowledge the fact that you had obviously been checking him out.

"Bag?” You repeated, dumbfounded, before you got your head on straight and remembered the backpack he had been carrying. “Oh yeah, sorry. I put it by the door.”

Wordlessly he went to retrieve it, carrying it with him back into the washroom and causing you to let out a breath you had been holding in as you slumped against the counter.

Within moments he was dressed and ready to go, his bag slung over his shoulder and his hair combed to the side.

“Sorry again,” You apologized as he was leaving.

He turned back to you, looking mildly confused. “For what?”

“For getting you covered in bubble tea?” You reminded him, still feeling slightly guilty about the whole thing.

He shook his head. “It wasn’t your fault,” he told you in a flat tone before turning and walking out the door without another word, leaving you with no hot water and way too many conflicting emotions.

“Don’t look now,” Your best friend said as you did your best to rearrange the contents of your bag so one of your books would stop stabbing you in the back every time you moved, “but Oh Sehun is coming this way.”

You sighed, too annoyed with everything even though it was still early morning to care properly. “What does he want?” You asked exasperatedly, turning in the direction in which your friend was looking.

"Just this,” said Sehun himself as he completely filled your entire field of vision, startling you slightly.

“Just wha-?” You began to say before getting shocked speechless by the feel of his lips against your cheek.

“Thank you,” he said, once he pulled back, placing something in your hand, “for this weekend.”

You just stared at him as he looked back at you with his deep brown eyes, seemingly trying to decide something.

“It really helped,” he finally settled on, leaning down once more; almost hesitantly letting his lips brush yours for less than a second before pulling away once again and walking back in the direction from which he’d came.

“What?!” Your best friend all but yelled. “What just happened?! Are you dating him?! What does he mean by the weekend…”

You ignored her questions and the other student’s stares as you looked down to see what he had given you. A small laugh escaped your lips.

“What now?” You friend wanted to know.

You smiled at her involuntarily, unable to stop your lips from curling upwards. You held your favourite flavour of bubble tea tightly to your chest as you replied, warmth filling your whole body as you continued to grin.

“He remembered.”

“I didn’t know you could dance.”

Your voice surprised him, pulling him out of his intense (and rather adorable) concentration mode.

You were more comfortable around him now, having formed a rather odd relationship with Oh Sehun after that day in the hall. He would show up at your place unannounced with some feeble excuse such as forgetting what the homework was or needing directions to something down the street and he would come to the tea shop nearly everyday, you handing him his order before he could even get the words out. You would hang out in the library, reading side by side or he’d wait for you to finish work simply to walk you home. You spent most of your time together in silence, but it was not awkward or strange. In fact, it felt natural; more than anything else you’d ever felt before.

This was why, nearly a month after he had kissed you (if you could even call that a kiss), you felt comfortable simply barging into the practice room where he had been doing some sort of routine and well, you might add. At least now you knew where his abs came from.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” he replied, wiping his face with a small towel before coming over to join you on the floor where you had been observing his dance moves.

“Then tell me,” you answered simply, meaning it.

A lot had changed over the last month, including your feelings for the boy sitting next to you. You had went from finding him rude to creepy to odd to…something you couldn’t really describe. All you knew was that you liked it. A lot. Maybe too much.

You had begun to daydream about him and your heart always swelled at the idea of him. Never before had you had such a strong urge to be near as someone as you did with him, never before had you wanted to grab someone’s hand so much, or even, though you didn’t want to admit it, to kiss someone like you wanted to kiss him.

Without any explanation, reason or rhyme, you were falling for Oh Sehun, the boy you would’ve loved to scold barely a month ago, and you found yourself not even trying to stop it.

You never talked about the (so called) kiss, even though against all your best judgement all you wanted to do was bring it up. Sometimes you thought he might too, but he’d shut his mouth and turn away before he’d thought you’d notice and continue to keep quiet about the whole thing. It was driving you insane, but then he’d touch your arm or send you a rare smile and for that moment you let that be enough.

“Why did you used to stare at me?”

You’d asked this with only a drop of alcohol in your system, not even enough to make you tipsy but just enough that you could make yourself believe that it gave you courage.

“Because you saw me as I was,” he replied simply.

“But not who you are now?”

Oh Sehun shook his head. “I’d like to think not.”

“So now when you look at me, what do you see?” You asked, curious.

“My opinion is too biased now,” was his response as he looked away from you.

“What? Why?”

“Because I cannot answer honestly if I can only look with clouded eyes.”

“Clouded by what?” You questioned, holding your breath.

He took a moment to respond, apparently trying to find the right words. “Friendship,” he answered finally.

You let out your breath in a slightly bitter laugh. “Right,” you said with a forced smile. “Friendship.”

Sehun gave you an unidentifiable look.

“Yes, friends,” he repeated, staring at you intently. “Because that’s what we are.”

You were about to nod when his tone changed slightly, laced with something you’d never heard from him before.


“Well, we do friend type things,” You reasoned cautiously. “We hang out.”

“And we know things about each other.”

“And sometimes we share drinks.”

“Exactly,” Sehun agreed. “So we’re definitely friends.”

You nodded, trying not to think about the sadness beginning to pool in the bottom of your stomach.

“But…” the dancer began, looking slightly uncertain, something incredibly uncommon coming from him. “Do friends shower at each other’s houses?”

You shrugged, doing your best to seem nonchalant, “If there’s a need to, I suppose.”

“Of course,” Sehun nodded, falling silent for a moment before raising his eyes to meet yours once again. “Do friends kiss though?”

Your heart caught in your throat, your mind wildly trying to come up with ways that would somehow confirm that what he was saying was for sure what you wanted to hear. “I mean…maybe once, if they’re really close, you know or if-”

“Twice though?” Sehun asked, cutting you off.

Your brows furrowed in response.

“Twice-” you began and then his lips were on yours and he was kissing you like there was no tomorrow, his mouth moving against your own with such a warmth coming from him, you thought perhaps your whole body had caught fire.

“Do friends do that?” he asked once he’d pulled away.

You shook your head breathlessly.

“Then I suppose we can’t be friends,” he said, resting his forehead on yours and searching your eyes.

“I guess not, Oh Sehun,” you managed to get out.

Without warning he kissed you again, even more deeply than before, his hands cradling your neck and back as he pulled you to him.

“I really like how you say my name,” he said before pressing his mouth to yours once more.

You supposed that maybe there were better reasons to call him Oh Sehun than to simply scold him.

A/N hope you like it! Sorry it was a bit long and possibly out of character. This is my first one so let me know what you think! Constructive criticism is always welcome and please, please, please send in some of your own requests! Thanks!

Badass!reader part 6 Request: Are you going to do any more Badass!reader? You said your gonna do a part 5 and y/n has to live because somebody requested it. so assuming that im right and y/n does come back, can you write one where she finds out that shes pregnant and doesn't know what to do and how to tell dean because shes scared of dying and leaving it like most hunters do. but dean reassures her and lots of fluff. ta babes xx

Word count: 3135
Pairing: Dean x reader
Warnings: I can’t weven remember. Just maybe swearing.
A/N: I’m actually sick of my shit luck, and that half of this got deleted, and that I’m short on time because my college work went missing so I have to redo it, so I rewrote the end of this one, but if I get time to rewrite it, I will upload the baby being born and whatnot later. Sorry about that haha. I hope you enjoy this :)
And yeah haha good call with her coming back.

“Baby… You gonna get up today? I made coffee…”

These were the words that woke you from your semi-comfortable sleep in Dean’s bed in the bunker.

You groaned and rolled onto your back, opening your eyes and looking up at your boyfriend who was leaning over you, a small smile on his face.

You tried to return his smile, but when you looked at the clock next to the bed, your eyes widened.

It was 12:56.

You’d been asleep for nearly 15 hours.

Dean dropped the smile and stroked your hair back off your forehead before using the back of his hand to check for a temperature, a frown coming to his face after a moment.

“You feeling okay, Y/N?” He asked, and you surprised both of you by shaking your head.

In the year you’d been living at the bunker, you had never admitted to being ill, even when you’d had the hell beaten into you on a hunt, and you’d never slept in later than 8am.

You felt too hot and dehydrated, so you kicked the covers away and sat up, feeling your stomach suddenly turn, so you threw your hand over your mouth and ran for the bathroom, just making it before you threw up in the toilet.

Dean held your hair back, rubbing your back soothingly, completely unbothered by the state you were in, as he had seen you much worse.

When you were done, he handed you a glass of water, which you used to rinse your mouth with, and then climbed to your feet.

You felt a little better once you stood up, but still sleepy, so you decided to follow Dean to the kitchen for the coffee he had offered you.

However, once you were sitting on the side and taking a sip of it, you screwed your nose up in disgust and tipped it away, not going unnoticed by Dean, who just raised his eyebrows at you and you shrugged.

“I think I’ve got a bug or something. Probably that burger I had at that diner. I said it tasted funky…”

Dean shrugged and nodded, taking your word for it.

But something didn’t fit. Dean had eaten the same as you and he was fine… And when you thought about it, you realised that your food had been tasting a little off for a few weeks, but you’d just put it down to your mind messing with you.

But when you actually thought about it, a thought hit you that made you gasp, drawing the attention of Dean, but before he could ask what was wrong, you jumped off the side and took off running through the bunker, praying that you were wrong, but when you got to your room and pulled your planner from the wall, you knew that you weren’t.

Still you counted the days. Four times.

But it was pretty clear to you then.

You were late.

Trying not to panic, you decided to make sure.

So you pulled on some clothes and threw your hair up into a messy bun and then grabbed your shoes and headed for the door, passing Sam and Dean in the library.

“I’m just heading out. You guys want anything?” You offered, slightly distracted, but luckily they just said no and didn’t ask any questions before you could get out of the door.


An hour later, you were in your own bathroom, the door locked as you anxiously waited with the little white stick in your hand.

Your knee was bouncing around and you looked at your watch.

15 seconds to go.

As the seconds slowly ticked by, you tried to figure out what you wanted the test to say.

The loudest voice in your head was screaming no. You weren’t ready for this and it hadn’t been planned. What kind of life could you give?

But the other voice was happy. Dean would make a great father. You could see it. Him pulling up from a hunt, and your baby running into his arms, brightening his smile.

But you shut that thought down.

Hunters didn’t make good parents. There was always the chance that work would follow them home… Or that they wouldn’t come home at all.

You couldn’t do that to a child.

You’d grown up without a dad, and then you’d lost your mom, and you knew how hard it was.

Taking a deep breath, you turned the test over and looked at the little indicator, your breath leaving you in a puff as you saw the little plus sign.

You were pregnant.


You stayed in your bathroom for an hour before you remembered that you were supposed to be going out that night, so you got in the shower, trying not to think too much about what you were going to do.

The test had said you were between four and five weeks pregnant, so you wondered how you had missed it, especially when you thought of all the signs that you should have picked up on.

Until you knew what you were going to do, you weren’t going to tell Dean, scared of how he would react to the news.

You knew that you would have to tell him, but the thought of it was scaring you, so instead, you just focused on getting ready and looking well enough that Dean wouldn’t ask if you were okay.

When you were done, you tried to relax as you headed out to meet the boys, knowing that it was already going to be hard for you to hide.

They both knew you so well.

Turned out that God was against you that day though, as when you stepped into the library, you say that Cas was waiting with the boys.

You smiled at him as you got closer, but before anything was said, Dean jumped in.

“Cas, Y/N has something wrong with her. See if you can heal it?”

Before you could protest, Cas stepped towards you, his fingers briefly touching your forehead before a frown crossed his face.

“Y/N is…”

“Doing much better! Thanks Cas!” You almost shouted, hoping that he would get the hint and not say anything about what he had just found out about you.

Luckily he seemed to be on the same page, and so just nodded and turned back around, acting as casual as he got.

The brothers noticed no change though, so you took Dean’s hand and left with him, the other two men following close behind.

You managed to act normal until you were all sitting at the bar, and without thinking, you ordered your usual JD and coke, but when it was placed in front of you, you remembered and growled, mentally sending a dirty look at the thing in your stomach as you asked for a coke and pushed the alcohol aside.

It was gonna be a long night. You could tell already.

Dean was in a playful mood though, and seemed to notice that you were being quiet, so he pulled you to your feet and then led you over to the dance floor, making you laugh as he goofed off to try and make you laugh. It didn’t take long for you to start laughing and dancing with him, managing to forget about your worries for a while.

But eventually you had to sit down.

Sam and Dean went to play pool, leaving you and Cas at the bar, finally able to talk.

“You are with child,” he commented, looking you dead in the eye, and you nodded, taking a sip of your coke.

“Cas, you can’t tell anyone. Not yet. Dean should have been the first to know, but you figured it out… I don’t know how to tell him… I don’t want to tell him…” You trailed off and took another drink of coke, your eyes watering slightly.

“I’m scared, Cas,” you whispered, knowing that he would hear you over the crowd with his angel hearing.

You couldn’t look at him, so instead you stared into your glass, as if looking for the answers to all your problems in it.

Without saying a word, Cas reached out to you and put a hand on your back, rubbing it soothingly for a second before he moved his hand to your arm and squeezed it so you’d look at him.

“Everything will be okay, Y/N. Dean is a good man. He will protect you, no matter what you chose.”

But what should I choose? You thought, looking back to your drink.

Cas’s words had helped you out a little. Deep down, you’d always known what he had told you, but hearing it out loud made it clearer, so you made yourself a promise that you would tell Dean soon.

Soon came faster than expected as Dean had gotten bored of watching you look worried while he was playing pool, so he had told Sammy and then walked over to you, taking your hand and kissing the back of it.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He demanded, no longer asking if anything was wrong, as he could see that he was getting no answers that way.

You met his worried gaze and then sighed.

What the hell? You figured, standing up and looking around.

“Let’s take a walk?” You suggested, and Dean nodded, his brow creasing in a frown as he followed you to the door.

Once you were out in the cold air, you spotted a wooden bench next to the dark park, across the road. Leading Dean over to it, you mentally tried to figure out how to tell him.

In the end, you just blurted it out as soon as he sat down.

“Dean, I’m pregnant.”

It took a few seconds for it to register what you had actually said, and then you watched as his eyes traveled from your face and down to your belly, then back up again.

You waited for a reaction, your body trying to tell you to run, but you stood where you were, and after a second, Dean stood up, a huge smile on his face.

“Really?” He asked excitedly, placing a hand on your stomach, even though there was no bump yet and the baby would still be tiny.

You frowned but nodded, watching as he looked down at your stomach again, the smile not leaving his face.

Pushing his hand off you, you took a step back, your internal conflict about what to do getting even worse.

The smile dropped from Dean’s face when he saw your reaction, and he stood up straight.

“You don’t want to keep it?” He asked bluntly, and you flinched a little.

“I don’t know,” you whispered, looking away and trying not to cry.

Your life had been going so well. Everything had been great between you and Dean, and you’d settled in at the bunker, gotten better at hunting, and you were happier than ever with your little pick n mix family.

But then this had happened, and now you didn’t know what you wanted.

Dean knew what he wanted though, more than he wanted the baby, and that was for you to be happy and safe, so he tried to push the images of the future he had already imagined of you and your baby, and instead, he took you into his arms.

“Y/N, it’s okay. Whatever you decide, I am here for you, 100%,” he promised, only making you feel worse.

You could tell that he wanted the baby, just by his reaction to the news, and him giving up his own dreams for you made you feel wretched.

“How did this even happen? We were so careful…” You wondered, and Dean sighed, not answering as he had no answer. Some things just happened for a reason.

Sitting back down on the bench, you sat facing Dean, who was staring at the park in front of you.

“We can’t have this baby, Dean… This is not the kind of life you bring a baby into. It’s not safe…” You started, but Dean looked over at you for a second before taking your hand again and making you look at him.

“Then we can leave. Get out of this life. Like Juliet. We can go for the white picket fence, apple pie life. Just say the word,” he offered, his tone light, but you could tell that he didn’t want to. His whole life had been hunting, and giving it up would be hard. You knew that too. You didn’t want to give up hunting.

It was your life too.

“Dean, you don’t mean that. I couldn’t do that to you. You love hunting, and so do I. We have a job, and it’s protecting people, and kicking evils ass. We can’t stop that… But even if we didn’t give up hunting, and we had this baby. What if something happened to us? We’re hunters and it’s not like the life expectancy is very high. You and I are both living on borrowed time already. The baby would grow up with no parents! It would be alone in this big scary world!”

You paused to take a breath, and Dean tried to speak, but you spoke over him.

“And it would be born with a target on its back. A baby Winchester? Do you know how many demons would come for it? And what they’d do to it, turn it into? I can’t do that!”

You hadn’t noticed, but your hands had moved to protect the baby in your belly, without you telling them to, and when you realised, you felt a bit choked up.

Dean watched you, weighing his options, but he could tell that at least a small part of you wanted the baby, so he moved closer and put his hands over yours.

“Y/N, do you really think that I would ever let anything happen to you or this baby? Do you think Sam would? Or Cas? Or Bobby?.. No they wouldn’t. And I know that you wouldn’t let anything near it… This baby would be the most protected child in the world,” he urged, and you had to mentally agree.

Even if something happened to you and Dean,there was still so many people who would protect it. Who you could rely on to raise it…

You shook your head when you realised what was happening. You were wanting the baby. You were coming up with reasons why you should keep it.

As soon as you realised that, all of your worried seemed to dissolve and your shoulders slumped briefly before you stood up, pulling Dean up beside you.

You took his hands and placed them back on your flat stomach, looking up to see Dean looking at you with barely contained hope in his eyes, and you smiled, suddenly feeling weightless.

As soon as you smiled, he knew, so Dean laughed and picked you up, spinning you around once before putting your feet back on the ground so he could kiss you.

You laughed against his lips and when you pulled back, you realised how much you had been wanting that baby, and how much better you felt knowing that Dean did too.

There would always be that little voice of fear in the back of your mind, but you figured that was just a mom thing, and you’d learn to get over it…

It was two days later when you decided to break the news to Sammy.

You and Dean had decided the night before that Sammy would be the first person you told, not including Cas as he had figured it out with his angel mojo.

So when you were all in the library, all doing various tasks, when Sam stood up and started heading for the kitchen.

“I’m making lunch. Anyone want anything?”

You and Dean both nodded, but as Sammy was walking away, you shared a quick grin with Dean before you called over to Sam.

“Hey Sammy! Bring me two sandwiches please?”

He stopped and turned around to face you, his eyebrows raised as you rarely ate that much in the day time, and mostly stuffed your face at night, or in the car.

“You trying to put on some weight or something?” He asked, probably already thinking of ways to help you bulk up.

You smiled and shook your head.

“No. But it’s gonna happen soon anyway… But I’m eating for two now, so I need two servings,” you shrugged, acting like you hadn’t said anything different, but you could see that Sam had figured out what you had said, and he looked over to his big brother, a small smile on his face.

“Really?” He asked him, not daring to believe it until Dean nodded and then Sammy grinned and walked over to his brother, pulling him into a tight hug. One of those weird man hugs that involves lots of back pounding.


Dean laughed and they separated.

“Thanks Sammy,” Dean grinned and then the mooses attention was on you.

You smiled as he crossed the room and hugged you, picking you up off your feet to do so and squeezing you tightly.

Quickly he let go and put you down though, taking a step back and looking at you with worry.

“I’m sorry. The baby, I was squeezing you and….”

You rolled your eyes and punched him in the arm.

“Sammy it’s fine. She’s fine…”

That got everyone’s attention, and Dean frowned.

“Surely it’s too soon to tell? How do you know it’s a girl?” He asked, and you shrugged, a small smile on your face.

“Just a feeling… Besides. Everyone starts out as a girl, at least until the hormones come into play. So right now, it is a girl,” you smiled, a feeling telling you that it was gonna stay that way.

Dean watched you for a second and then grinned and shook his head, knowing what you were thinking.

A daughter would undoubtedly end up just like you, and that thought made Sam laugh and clap his brother on the shoulder

“Good luck with that, bro.”

Scowling at your friend, you threw a pen at him as he ducked out of the room laughing.

Sitting back down, you ran a hand down your stomach and smiled faintly.

“How about it baby? You wanna be the new family princess?”

His One And Only

Warnings: lmaguage, fluff, suggestions of sexual activity
Rating: everyone…I think?
Summary: Steve Rogers x Reader where the reader is Tony’s daughter and he catches them making out (as requested by anonymous)
Y/N = your name
Being Tony Stark’s daughter has its perks. You have the money to buy absolutely anything you want. But you’re not spoiled, so you either save it up like a reasonable person would, or give some to charity.

Your mom had left when you were young, so you stayed with your dad. Your grandpa Howard always told you stories of a hero disappearing in the ice back then, in war time. He told you all sorts of stories, but the story about the man in the ice was always your favorite. When you were finally old enough to understand about S.H.I.E.L.D, you realized that the story was true and there actually was a man in the ice. Tony knew you had an interest for the hero, so when they found him, you were the first person he told.

You knew all about him - you’d secretly asked F.R.I.D.A.Y to provide his information and personal details for you to read while everyone else was asleep one night. His name was Steven Grant Rogers, born July 4th, 1918, in Brooklyn, New York. Technically speaking, he’s 97 years old, but he was around the age of 25 when he went into the ice; frozen in time. Even if it was a little embarrassing, you had to admit, you knew every last detail about him and his life.

The day you first met the man was when you were sat on a couch in the Stark Tower, with your art book in hand, drawing. Steve - as he preferred - proved to be quite a handsome man; so that was why he was the subject of your artwork. You were alone in the Tower (with the exception of J.A.R.V.I.S, of course) so it was safe to sit in the living room that overlooked the city. There was something that was peaceful and calming about the view-

“Are you drawing…me?” A voice said behind you, their tone bewildered.
You screamed and quickly hugged the art book to your chest, holding it tightly. You turned around to see him, with the trace of a small smile on his face.
“Don’t be embarrassed, show me, I wanna see,” he said, walking around the couch to come and sit next to you. “I’m Steve. Steve Rogers,” he held out his hand for you to shake. 

Taking his hand, you stuttered, “Nice t-to meet you, I’m Y/N Stark.”

“So you’re Tony’s daughter. I never knew you were into art, Miss Stark,” he smiled.

“I’ve always loved art,” you replied, loosening your grip on the art book and taking a peak to see if the drawing was worthy of your own approval. In all honesty, it looked alright.

You turned it around for him to see. He studied it intently with a smile, before finally meeting your gaze. “That’s…that’s amazing,” after a short inhalation of breath, he asked, “Was there a reason why you drew me, specifically?”

“Grandpa always told me stories about you; the man that disappeared in the ice. The stories about you were always my favorite - made me want to be a hero myself,” you admitted, “I never knew they were true until I was old enough to understand. But I think what you did was really brave…although you coulda gotten yourself killed.”

His smile had widened, and he was now watching you with admiration. “It was either I died, or thousands of innocent civilians died, so…I did what was right. I did it for our country. I’m lucky I’m even here,” he laughed.
With time, you found that you had feelings for Steve. You’d look forward to seeing him after every mission the Avengers did, going to greet him first - even before your own dad. You couldn’t wait to see him at breakfast every morning - and it certainly felt more than just a little crush. You were always the first person sat at the breakfast table, and one morning, you saw that Steve was the next person to walk in. You were alone together, and there were plenty more spaces to sit, but he came and sat next to you. While you were eating your cereal, his hand brushed against yours and he apologized and blushed. You thought that, since you were in love, you’d naturally make a big deal out of things, so you brushed it off of your shoulder.

Morning after morning, he took up the space next to you at breakfast. This is not you making a big deal out of things, this is reality. Each and every time, he’d ‘accidentally’ touch you and his cheeks would redden. Adding 2 and 2 together, you realized that he felt the same way.

After confronting him and your guess being proven as a fact, he asked you out on a date. You chose to keep your relationship with Steve a secret from everyone else; especially your father, because you didn’t know how he’d react.

He came back to the Stark Tower one night after being injured from a mission. They’d finished the mission and Steve was the only one who’d been injured more than anyone else. He’d pulled his calf muscle and sprained the ankle on his other leg, so he had to spend the night under Dr. Cho’s observation. You sat beside him all night, holding his hand and rubbing the back of it with your thumb.

“Y/N…you can go to bed now. I’m okay. Dr Cho’s taking care of me,” he said.

“I want to stay here with you. I want to be the one to take care of you,” you answered, and he lifted your hands and kissed them.

“My doctor, Doctor Y/N,” he chuckled.

“I’ll always be here for you, Steve,” you told him with a smile.
The next week, there was a new mission for them. Steve was being a lazy-ass and faked being ill. “I think I’m coming down with something,” he’d told your dad, coughing believably.

“We’re going to be gone for 2 days, you better be all good by then,” your dad warned Steve. “Oh, and take care of Y/N for me. Don’t let her do anything stupid.”

“Dad, I’m not a fucking kid anymore. When have you known me to do anything stupid?”

“I’d tell you to watch your language, but Cap’s the one that tells people that. See you guys later,” he said before leaving you both in the living room - the one that overlooked the city.

You turned to Steve and took hold of his hand, “You just wanted to stay with me, didn’t you?”

“Maybe I did,” he smirked. You led him to the couch and sat him down so that you could straddle him, sitting comfortably in his lap. Entwined in each other’s arms, you rested your head on his shoulder. “Where have you been all my life?” He whispered into your ear, voice soft like velvet.

“I don’t know…am I your new Peggy?”

“You’re not my ‘new’ anything, Y/N. Peggy could never compete with you. You give me the feeling Peggy never did,” he answered, as if it was obvious. He didn’t sound particularly annoyed, maybe just a little upset - like he was questioning himself and questioning your feelings towards him. 

Sensing his uncomfortableness, you responded, “Hey, I didn’t mean it like that…I’m sorry. You know I love you. I love you more than anything.” You pressed your lips to his to prove your point. He kissed back eagerly but as you pulled away, you said one last thing, “and you give me the feeling I don’t think anyone could’ve ever given me.”

Closing the space between you again, you gripped the back of his neck with one hand whilst you kissed. He took things slow - something that you were more than comfortable with - and kissed you passionately. This followed for a couple more minutes, until you kissed back harder in return, implicating that you wanted more. He caught on quickly and soon, his hands were all over the place, quickly moving from your hair, to your waist, and finally finding himself comfortable on your ass. He gave it a very firm squeeze and with your other hand, you tugged on his golden hair.

He licked your bottom lip, nipping on it. You parted your lips and allowed him to explore with his tongue. You gave him some time to find his way around your mouth before you slowly clamped your lips around his tongue as you sucked on it. Ever so graciously, you bit his lip and he opened up for you. Your tongues clashed against each other and you lapped your tongues together in rhythmic motion-

“Well, I’ll be damned…I thought you were ill, Rogers. But it seems like you have enough energy to be making out with my daughter,” your father’s voice came from across the room.

You sprang apart and you pushed yourself away using your hands that were on Steve’s chest at that moment but obediently clasped your hands together in front of you. Whilst you were doing so, Steve removed his hands from your ass and placed them either side of him on the couch. He’d seen it with his own eyes, there’s no point in hiding it or pretending it never happened.

“Y/N, I’m disappointed in you. I’m going to tell F.R.I.D.A.Y to keep a close eye on you while you’re home. As for you, Rogers, I would’ve never expected you to be so…rebellious,” your dad said, walking closer to you. “If you want to be with my daughter, talk to me - don’t keep it from me. And next time, don’t lie, 'cause soldiers don’t do that. Am I right?”

“Sorry, Stark,” Steve said, embarrassed.

Your dad sighed and you could feel his gaze resting on you both. “Being the loving father and amazing person I am, I’m going to let you both off. Just this once. I will not expect to see such displays of affection when I’m around. If you want to do such things, for the love of god, do it someplace private. Cap, pack your things, you’re coming with me.” You shuffled off of his lap and watched as he followed your dad’s orders. Just before they left, you cupped Steve’s face and kissed him. “Seriously, guys? After everything we just discussed?” your Dad said.

“Sorry,” you apologized.

“Won’t happen again,” Steve added.
After they came back from the mission, your dad sat you both down to give you a small pep talk. “You’re gonna be up to all sorts before I know it, sweet jesus,” your dad huffed. “I know I’m saying it’s okay for you guys to be together, but I don’t want to hear any funny stuff. You two got that?”

You were looking down, blushing an embarrassing shade of pink, but you nodded. You looked up to see Steve nodding solemnly. He looked over to you, and christ…the look that he gave you meant that that would be an order he certainly will not be following.

“Thunderstorm” (Drabble #21) LINK TO DRABBLE LIST

(A/N: Alright, so this drabble is a little different from the rest so far. I decided to hop aboard @geek-fashionista ‘s Sidekick!Adrien AU and write a Ladrien fanfic drabble as contribution to such a beautiful idea. Hope you like it! [like omg my computer science knowledge finally came in handy for this fic drabble])

Summary: Driving in the middle of a thunderstorm as it grows darker outside makes a particular Parisian hero very nervous.

Prompt: “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

Pairing: Ladrien

Word Count: 1,143

Ladybug thrummed her padded hands against the rental car’s steering wheel, keeping a firm but slightly lackadaisical stare trained on the miles of empty road ahead of them. The car ride back from Dijon had been a virtually quiet endeavor so far, with only the sound of rain pattering on the hood overhead and continuous clicks of Adrien’s laptop keyboard in the passenger seat chasing away any chance of utter silence. Even with the Stygian overcast, Marinette could tell they were well a ways into dusk judging by the fading overlay of colors on the horizon. It would definitely be nighttime once they arrived back in Paris, much to her disdain and annoyance. Driving in the midst of a rain shower is one thing, but driving during a thunderstorm while it’s dark out was a completely different story.  Many risks and perils came with coasting on a wet road, at least in her mind.

“Damn akuma, delaying us so long…” Ladybug muttered resentfully, frowning as a drum of thunder pounded in the distance. A streak of bright lightening followed in its wake, sending spider webs of electricity dancing along the under-belly of the cloud cover. Based on how numerous the bolts were, the heroine deduced they were drawing closer to the center of the storm, which inevitably worsened her attitude about driving.

“What was that bright flash of light?” Adrien suddenly remarked from beside her, the familiar rhythm of his typing coming to a halt. “Also, is it raining?”

Had he really not been paying attention to their surroundings this entire trip?

“Adrien, it’s been raining ever since we left Dijon. What have been so immersed in this whole time that kept you from noticing this obvious detail?” Ladybug surmised that her boyfriend had either been hacking into some major security network or scoping out potential motor parts on for his beloved motorcycle. There was usually no in-between for him.

“I was just updating a few of my Class Arrays and toString methods in JavaCreator, so the next time I have to do a binarySearch in a security grid it’ll be a less time consuming process for myself and the computer mainframe…” Adrien stopped in the middle of his explanation, catching sight of the deadpan expression his girlfriend threw in his direction. He often forgot most people had no idea what he was talking about when it came to explaining the tedious job of a hacker, especially when he went off on tangents involving computer science. It really bugged the shit out of Ladybug that she didn’t understand a lick of what he chattered about when they discussed battle strategies.

“So, to summarize, you were doing hacker stuff?”

“Basically. These kinds of things require immense focus, so…yeah.”

Somewhere in the brief conversation Ladybug carried with Adrien, the rain had went from a shower to an all-out downpour, spurring her to make the decision of turning the windshield wipers on full blast. Out of nowhere, the car’s headlights flicked on, indicating there was about thirty minutes of daylight left. This made Marinette more nervous than she already was, which added another ingredient in the mixing bowl of possible causes for a car crash. To make matters even worse, an aggressive spurt of thunder and lightning burst forth from the clouds directly in front of her field of vision, intensifying the storm. Sheets of rain were slamming against the windshield while the female could slowly but surely feel the car start to hydroplane (or maybe it was just her imagination but either way).

“Adrien, I’m going to pull over on the side of the road for a while, driving in this bad weather is dangerous.” Ladybug informed her oblivious sidekick, tentatively applying the brakes and veering the steering wheel to the right of the pavement. By the time they came to complete stop on the roadside, her hands were shaking so badly she could barely put the vehicle in park. Adrien took note of this and voiced his concern.

“Hey, we can stay here until the storm passes. If you want, we could spend the night here…my father is on a business trip right now so no one is expecting me home. Would you like that?” Adrien reached over the small space and took hold of Marinette’s trembling hands, chiseled features softening in compassion. The lass nodded, offering a pearly, grateful smile in return for her partner’s thoughtfulness. Because of their intertwined fingers, both adults scooted farther over on their seats so that they could hold hands in comfortable distance on the center console. In the dim light of the car, Adrien eyes resembled an almost vibrant forest green color, which in turn complimented the long blonde waves of hair framing his structured cheek bones. Ladybug traced her gaze down the slope of his adorably pointed nose, stopping when she got to a very pink mouth. They were so close together now that she could clearly see every crinkle and curve of his lips, stirring up just the tiniest bit of desire in the pit of her stomach.



“Can I kiss you?” Ladybug felt a blush creep up her neck at her own forwardness. Adrien, who was clearly caught off guard (his cheeks looked pinker then they were a moment ago), only smiled a little and nodded. Marinette leaned forward with repressed eagerness and he met her in the middle with equal vigor, letting out a suspired breath as their lips melded together in a familiar pattern. Her nose began to prickle with the tantalizing scent of mint body wash and cologne, and she could swear she tasted bubblegum on his tongue when he dragged it across her bottom lip. As more and more seconds flew by, their kiss grew more heated and it became very obvious the temperature in the car was rising also. Just as Ladybug was coming to realization that the car was too cramped and small for something intimate like a makeout session, Adrien broke their liplock.

“This is a weird urge, but I really want to get out and play in the rain now.” The model stated, totally impromptu. Ladybug gave him an incredulous look.

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” Marinette pursed her very kissed lips, considering his proposition.

“I mean, we don’t have to stop just because we’re in the rain…” Adrien waggled his eyebrows suggestively, inching his hand toward the car door handle. “Plus, there’s more space outside rather than in here.” Now that was an idea. Ladybug weighted the pros and cons of snogging in the rain, and after brief cogitating, grinned deviously.

“So?” Adrien pushed for a reply.

“So, why are we still in the car?” The bluenette mimicked, laughing as she unlocked the car doors.

Maybe thunderstorms weren’t so bad after all.

I’m sorry if my writing is a bit muddled(? is that the right word), wording something based off of someone else’s AU is kind of difficult. But I really hope y’all liked it because I spent four hours on this give me credit


summary: dan is your typical teenage artist. he draws on anything and everything thats blank. especially his arms. or the one where dan decides to draw on himself instead of cutting himself and phil is a tattoo artist to make dans drawings stay forever.

warnings: implied self harm, (tattoo) needles into skin,,,cussing

genre: fluffy fluff, v v v v v slight angst

a/n: i wrote this over a span of like 5 days,,,
i give you, ‘bliss’

third pov

it was the last period of the day in edward’s high school. this is where you could find a teenage boy sitting in the back of his class drawing.

his name was dan. he drew on anything and everything, as long as it wasnt important. he was currently drawing a flower on his left wrist. the petals were exquisitely defined and the stem stretched from his wrist, to his inner elbow.

normally, teenagers dans age would draw on themselves to rebel against rules, or simply their homework assignments.

but dan was different.

you see, he would draw something on his arms, thighs and stomach whenever he felt depressed and he wanted to hurt himself. he figured getting ink poisoning would be better than people constantly agonizing him about his 'scars’.

the bell signifying the end of school rang and everyone jumped out of their seats and ran out the door to get home. but dan slowly got out of his seat. he put his books away into his rucksack, put his pen in his front pocket, and swiftly left the classroom.

as he was walking down the corridor, everyone stopped talking, and stared at him. well, maybe not him, but his best friend who was running up behind him.

“dan! wait up!” the voice called. dan turned around to see his best friend phil running towards him. “hey phil,” dan replied smoothly. phil. he was an interesting one. he wore leather-clad boots and jackets, tight black skinny jeans, and piercings and tattoos littered his body. well, maybe not littered, but uniquely placed. for instance, he had tattoo sleeves, a neck tattoo of a dragon, and an unfinished chest tattoo. phil said he just wants to leave it the way it is, but dan knows that phil just doesnt want to finish it because it hurt too much. and thats ok, even tough people have a pain break.

“hey dan, i know i tell you this a lot, but you should let me make those drawings actual tattoos for you.” phil is also a tattoo artist. dan remembers the first time phil told him about it.

~flash back~

“hey dan? i have to tell you something, but hear me out before you say anything about it, ok?”

“yeah sure, just tell me.” dan had replied. he knew it probably wont be as important as the time when phil came out to him as gay. he had felt very special that day considering dan was the first one phil had told. so dan decided to come out to him as pan as well.

“dan, im a tattoo artist.” phil stated.

“phil thats ver-” dan started but was cut off by phil. “dan let me finish. i know you wont approve because that can be a dangerous job, and if i mess up i can get sued and everything. but you also know that ive wanted to be a tattoo artist since we were both very little. i had seen the application in the window for it, and the sign said no experience required just art skill. and i had to dan, i just had too. and i really want to do this so please acce-”

“phil, i dont care. i know youve wanted this, so do it. go for it.” the next thing dan knew was he was being tackled to the ground by one of phils amazing hugs. he hugged him back and said, “phil, youre my best friend, tattoo artist or not, youre still my phil, and thats all that matters.”

phil kisses dans cheek and said, “thanks dan.” dan buried his head into phils shoulder and held him there for the rest of the night.

~end of flashback~

“i dont know phil, i like the idea of turning them into tattoos, but, i also like the way the ink disappears in a couple of days and then i have a new blank canvas to work with,” dan said ducking his head slightly.

“dan,” phil whispered, “look at me.” phil put his finger under dans chin and lifted his head up enough to look dan right in his eyes.

“dan, just think about it, ok? i honestly believe youll be as beautiful with tattoos as you are without,” phil said and smiled.

dan chuckled and gave in, “ok, as long as i draw the design, pick the place, and that y-youre the artist for it.” he said. he trusts phil with every fiber of his being. he knows phil would be careful, but he was unsure with everything.

phil kissed his cheek, grabbed his hand and ran to the tattoo parlor.

whilst they were running, dan wasnt really focusing on where he was going or his surroundings. he was rather focusing on his and phils hands interlocked. it might be cheesy, but they moulded and fit perfectly together, naturally.

they soon were inside the parlor. “ok dan, just have a seat on the, well seat, and ill get started on this tattoo for ya,” phil stated. he had started up the tattooing gun and got to work on the flower on his wrist. all of a sudden, he stopped. he put the gun on the table looked dan straight in the eyes and said, “are you sure you want to do this? tattoos last forever.” dan thought it over quickly. he does want it done. although hes quite afraid of the pain itll bring, but that should subside. after thinking it over, he replies with, “yeah, im actually excited, so start.” phil smiled, “yes sir,” he saluted and went to work.

about 2 hours later the tattoo was done, with a minimal pain, swolleness, and a red arm. but, the tattoo look amazing. dan stared at it in awe, “oh my god! phil!” dan shrieked. “what? did i mess it up? oh no, i knew i wouldnt do good, im so sorry dan please i-” phil was interrupted by a tackle hug. “no phil!! its so fucking amazing!! i love it!” he exclaimed. phil hugged him back with the same force.

they both started to pull away slowly. they gazed into each others eyes with such love and passion. they slowly started to lean in, getting closer and closer to each other. then, they kissed.

after years and years of waiting, they kissed with such force. every emotion was mixing together, creating one.

they pulled apart and rested their foreheads together, looking into each others eyes with love and admiration. phil decided to speak first. “you have no idea how long ive been waiting for that,” he stated. “im pretty sure i do,” dan replied and connected their lips together once more, bliss.

it was the last period of the day in edward’s high school. this is where you could find a teenage boy sitting in the back of his class.

his name was dan. he drew on anything and everything, as long as it wasnt important. he was currently tracing a flower on his left wrist. the petals were exquisitely defined and the stem stretched from his wrist, to his inner elbow.

this really is bliss.

Medical Student - Ashton Irwin [smut]

Requested - yes

timothyletrout - “Hey can u do one where u and Ashton r medical students and he helps u learn stuff xxxxxx xv”

A/N: Ik this is vague but my friend Mhairi (the one who wrote cheater) came up with this idea and I promised I’d write it if she wrote cheater part two.

Word Count - 1583


Medical school is harder than you first anticipated. You were always top of you class in high school but apparently you need to be some mega freaky child genius to be even close to top of the class in medical school. It probably serves you right for applying to one of the most prestigious schools in the country. You’re at the bottom of you class and while back in high school that would have made you for some reason cool you’re the loser of the medical student world. Top of the class, however, and envy of the school, Ashton Irwin, getting practically 100% on every test and exam he’s ever taken.

You struggle to take down what the teacher is saying as you scribble for the last 5 minutes of your lecture knowing that if you fail the next test you could possibly be kicked out of the school. You have no problem remembering the words like the names of muscles and bones and illnesses but when it comes to their actual definitions your brain just doesn’t retain them.

“Miss [Y/N] can you stay behind for me please,” your lecturer says when everyone is packing up.

You sigh to yourself and stand up to head down to the front of your class where your lecturer and also Ashton stand, which confuses you a little.

“We’re both very aware that your a little behind with your learning,” you nod. “So I have asked Ashton if he would tutor you”

Ashton gives you a small wave.

“It’s completely up to you if you wish to do it but I would recommend it”

“Yeah sure,” you say a little annoyed that even your teacher pities you.

“Well great, I have to be off but feel free to use this room or whatever if you need to, I’ll let you two arrange things,” the lecturer leaves the room.

“We’ve never talked before, I’m Ashton,” he says nervously pushing his glasses up his nose.

“Yeah, I know,” you laugh a little.

“Oh of course, he just said that,” Ashton adds.

“No, you’re top of the class, it would be weird if I didn’t know you,” you clarify. “I’m [Y/N]”

“I know,” he replies mimicking your tone. “You’re bottom of the class, it would be weird if I didn’t know you”

You laugh, “Thanks, that makes me feel heaps better”

“Sorry, so when do you want to do this?” he says.

“Em… back at my dorm, say tomorrow, my last lecture is this one, what about yours?” you question.

“Same, meet up after then?” he says.

You nod and give him a small wave before leaving the lecture hall.

The next day, after 2 hours of scribbling non stop, you meet up with Ash.

“Ready for an intense study session? We could maybe get pizza make it longer, might not even end up like studying,” he smiles bashfully.

“What, would it maybe end up like we’re hangin’ out?” you joke but he nods which makes you laugh.

You lead him back to your dorm on the east side of campus, your roommate is out for the next few nights, some family troubles, so you’re left alone with him.

He sits next to you on the bed, “Let’s see your notes”

You pull out your page of scribbles and watch as he screws up his face at your atrocious handwriting as you say, “What?”

“Your handwriting, how can you read this?” he chuckles. “Maybe that’s why your revision isn’t working”

“I can read it fine,” you hiss with a laugh, snatching back your notes.

“Maybe we should use mine?” he suggests.

You nod with a loud sigh as he brings out his own folders.

“Jesus christ, how do you take all these notes in class?” you question, looking at the piles of work that he has.

“My mind works faster than most,” he shrugs. “Let’s start with this…”

He begins with flashcards but they don’t help, then he tries his own homemade tests, then posters and then straight up reading and copying. None of it makes any difference.

“Let’s stop, it’s getting late,” you say checking the time, 5.30.

“No, I won’t stop until you get this right,” he says and you sigh. “Fine, let’s stop for a bite to eat, maybe you’ll think better on a full stomach”

You order pizza, one each, plain margarita pizza, he wouldn’t let you think to hard about toppings.

“I’m never going to get this, Ash,” you say.

“You will, I’m not giving up,” he smiles, reassuringly.

“Well I do,” you stand and wander into your ‘kitchen’.

“Where are you going?”

You don’t reply but when you emerge you have a bottle of some strange shot mixture your roommate mixed up one day.

You place down a glass as he says, “What’s that?”

You smirk as you pour some into a shot glass.

“Don’t you dare”

You raise the glass.

“I swear to god, [Y/N]”

You quickly knock back the shot.

“Great,” he sighs.

“Come on, it’s harmless, we don’t need to get drunk, just make us a little looser,” you say.

“No,” he seems uncomfortable.

“You haven’t done shots before?” you narrow your eyes but he just shifts slightly. “You’ve never gotten drunk before?”

“Not exactly,” he coughs.

“Don’t worry,” you pour him a shot. “Just makes you a bit fuzzy headed, you never know, one might not even do anything”

He takes the shot.

That shot leads to another, and you both end up tipsy.

“Okay, I’ve got one last idea of what could help you,” he smiles.

“Help me with what?” you question with a giggle.

“Your revision,” he sighs.

You sit up, “Okay, one last try”

“This is a little riskier, so just tell me where you draw the line,” he shifts so he’s sitting behind you. “We’re going to start simple”

“What are you doing?” you laugh but you gasp when you feel your shirt rise a little.

A cold hand rests at your hip.

“What’s this bone?” he questions.

“The hip bone,” you laugh.

“Good,” his hands slide a little so they’re on your lower back. “What muscles are in here?”

“Um… the erector spinae and…” you screw up your face.

The tension hangs in the air as he whispers in your ear, “not so good”

He lifts his head again.

“The gluteal muscles,” he informs.

His hands trace up the middle of your back.

“Well that’s the spine,” you say.

“Did I ask you that?” you can hear his smile.

“No, just making assumptions,” you grin.

His head rests on your shoulders and you feel his breath on your neck.

“What about these?” you feel his hands tickle along your rib cage.

“My ribs,” you state.

He stays quiet as his hands roam around your lower torso and his lips gently peck at your neck. You tilt your head as he gently sucks and nibbles at your neck, before softly blowing on the now red marks. You lean back so your practically sat between his knees and let out a small whine that he hears. You smile when you feel his growing bulge against your back. His hands move to your chest, which is when you’ve had enough and you remove your shirt and turn to him. He has a look of shock and happiness on his face when you turn to him.

“Wasn’t expecting that were you?” you smile with a slight nod.

You move to straddle his waist as he whispers, “Holy shit”

You place a hand either side of his face and carefully peck his lips once, then twice and a third time with more force. You rock your hips against his, feeling his hard on through his jeans which makes him groan against your lips. He fiddles nervously with the hook on your bra, almost as if he’s scared to try and remove it.

You pull away from the kiss and press your nose to his, “Go ahead”

You see him smile as he finally removes your bra and his hands return to your chest.

You stand slightly and he lets out a disappointed whine as you say, “I think you’re wearing a little too much clothing”

You unbutton his jeans while he bites his bottom lip to try and suppress a moan but it doesn’t work. You whip off his jeans and slip a hand under the waistband of his boxers. You kiss down his collar bone now as his head rocks back with pleasure. Tearing open his shirt you feel his fingers hook onto the belt loops of your trousers and he pulls them down along with your underwear. Finally you take off his boxers and pump his length a few times.

“Fuck, don’t do that, I’m close,” he grins with a blissful look on his face.

You don’t stop so he grabs your waist and turns you so your laying on the bed with him hovering above you. He looks at you with one last questioning look, checking if its okay. You nod and your back arches as pushes into you.

“Aaashhh,” you moan.

“Does that feel good?” he mumbles with a new found confidence.

“Shit I’m close,” your breaths are short and shallow.

Without another word being said you both climax and he falls down next to you.

He lazily pecks at your lips for a while before his eyes widen and he sits up looking at the paper covered floor, “shit my notes”


Masterlist // Request

Blue Jeans

Imagine falling in love with Dean even though he repeatedly loves and leaves you, and being completely unaware that it’s because he’s a demon.

Author’s Note: This was a tough one! My first Demon!Dean x reader. I tried to get the perfect balance of Dean’s demonness and a small bit of his humanity. I think the beauty of the Demon!Dean character is the slightest essence of warring personalities; it's the constant questioning of how much of him is really him. Heavily inspired by Blue Jeans I recommend you listen with it. Reader falls in love with demon!dean. She doesn’t know he’s a demon and he loves/leaves her a lot. She still holds on to the hope that he’ll stay with her. It’s sexy angsty.

If you aren’t a fan of demon!dean you might still like this because I don’t portray him as excessively evil and the reader isn’t aware he’s a demon. 

I can definitely see a part 2 if you guys like it. I really want to resolve this with a happy ending, but I couldn’t see forcing it into this first section. I hope you enjoy! Warnings: language, violence, drinking, drunk kissing, angsty angst, demon!dean

I wiped the back of my hand across my forehead, taking with it a thin sheen of moisture. The room was thick with body heat and cigarette smoke. My clothing would probably always be permeated with alcohol and other scents of human misery. Everything around me seemed concentrated. The rumbling noise of the passing cars and ever-present clatter of voices came together to make a deafening hum. Glasses clicked like metronomes, the beer tap hissed rhythmically, and chairs screeched across the scratched floor. Another crash from the other side of the room brought my attention to the task ahead of me. I rubbed a rag across the surface of the bar top in large circles, my thoughts not on my work. Suddenly a sweaty hand landed on top of mine, pudgy fingers grasping at my wrist.

“Hey honey, think I could get another cold one?” I recoiled immediately, my skin crawling under his unwanted touch. The man at the bar was just another face. His jaw was slack in a drunken smile that looked horrifyingly empty.

“You know the rules, pay the tab.” I turned my back to him and poured a shot of whiskey for different customer who had just sat down and raised his hand for my attention. I was about to slide the tumbler in his direction when the same reddened fingers grabbed my arm forcefully. The alcohol in my grasp sloshed on to the freshly cleaned bar. “Dammit!” I tried to pull out of the grip around my forearm, but there was no escaping it.

“Hey, don’t get cocky just because you’re the bar slut. I said I wanted more beer.” I could feel his hot breath on my face, dots of spit spattering my turned cheek. I hated this job. I hated the men that came here to drown their sorrows and suffocate my dreams.

“And I’m saying piss-off.” I grit my teeth and faced him with all of the courage I could muster, my lip curling in disgust as I got a closer view of his Cheshire grin. The grip on my arm tightened, till I was sure there would be bruises the next day.

Suddenly the pig of a man was propelled forward, a hand on the back of his head forcing him down. It took me a moment to process what was happening as his hold on me released and his forehead hit the bar with a loud crack. It was so brutal, so primal and quick, that I didn’t know how to react. My gaze slowly followed the large hand that held the man’s head down against the splintered and alcohol stained wood. At the end of the strong arm was a white t-shirt framed by a worn leather jacket.

“She said no, asshole.” The stubbled jaw I saw matched the gruff voice perfectly. His words were like whiskey; smooth, fiery, and left me licking my lips. I had never seen him before, I would have recognized a face like that.

My rescuer jammed his hand into the unconscious man’s pockets and retrieved several crumpled bills. “Cheap son of a bitch…”

I should have said something, anything about what just happened, but I was speechless. Apparently the rest of the bar was no different; not a single person dared stand to defy the attractive assailant. He pushed the limp body off the bar stool and sat down in its place, the whole time completely nonchalant. I felt my heart beat fast as he raised the money in my direction. His eyes exuded something darker than any sin I knew. A chill worked its way up my spine as I struggled to pin point the source of his twisted yet blank expression. He looked sick, in a way that was far beyond medication.

“Here. This should cover his tab, and my drinks for the night."He slid the money into my hand, his stare drifting down my body slowly before he smiled. The curve of his lips was everything I should have run from, but it was too late. This James Dean stranger had captivated me with fear and fascination. Whatever illness he had, I wanted to catch.


I could feel his eyes on my as I worked. He never seemed satisfied with the refills I gave him, or the brief conversations we had. I kept expecting him to just not show up one day, maybe because he had the wild look of a man either wrestling with death or done with life. He would sit there for hours, knocking back more alcohol than most men could consume in a week. There was something fierce inside him that couldn’t be dulled, even when his head was swimming with drunkenness. It wasn’t till I finished restocking the bar that I realized he was the only one still there with me. The flickering street lights outside signified that it was long past closing.

"Sorry Dean, looks like you’re down to your last drink.” I used the title I had heard someone call him over the phone. His ears perked up and he cocked his head at my words. It looked like he wasn’t used to the sound of his own name, but he seemed pleased to hear it from me. He nodded towards the bottle of whiskey in my hand and gestured me to draw close with one bent finger. Every thing he did was so captivating. I hesitantly stepped up to the bar across from him and watched as he wrapped his hand around mine and tipped the bottle down over a shot glass.

He filled another and slid one towards me. “Well then, let’s drink to it.” I shouldn’t have been drinking at all, let alone at night in an empty bar with a foreboding stranger, but something about his gaze made my veins buzz with electricity. I felt a force outside of myself lifting the tumbler next to his. His mouth was parted slightly as he glanced at me, his unoccupied hand running through his hair.

“To you, Y/N.” My name had never sounded so damn beautiful as when it was slipping from his lightly chapped lips. We were so close that I could see the freckles dotting the bridge of his nose and cascading down his cheeks. I wondered if I would ever get the chance to see just how far those sun kissed marks extended.

I’m not sure when one shot turned into two, or when three became something closer to four, but soon I was sitting on the bar, Dean’s arm around me as he poured another finger of alcohol.

“No, no… I can’t.” He grinned and stared up at me with lazy eyes. It could have been my imagination, but they seemed dark as the room we were occupying. No matter how I leaned I never saw the light from outside catch in his irises. It was like they had gone completely dark.

“Are you sure you can’t?” Dean’s hand ran down my back slowly, one finger craned to catch on the folds of my tank top with painful slowness. I’m not sure how but the conversation had shifted, and I no longer believed we were discussing something as innocent as whiskey. I breathed with an open mouth as I watched him get closer and closer to my face. His lips grazed mine before settling in the crook of my neck. He was dangerous, deadly even, yet I couldn’t do anything but bury a hand in his soft hair. A haunting question lingered in the back of my mind. Was he was really drunk as I was, or just pretending?

His right hand spread flat on the bar surface to anchor his body as he leaned into me, pulling me close as possible. It was then that I noticed the strange tattoo on his forearm. I didn’t have long to examine it before his kisses clouded my already shattered thoughts.

“Y/N… You can come down off this bar.” Dean’s voice was muffled as he pressed open kisses on my bare shoulder. “And we can get out of here.” He pulled me closer to the edge of the wooden surface to illustrate his suggestion, my legs dangling into his lap.

I stared down at him as he broke away to take a jagged breath. “Or I’m leaving. Because I’m not sure how much longer you have before I pull you down myself…” I could tell from his strained voice that he was close to doing just that. A little growl emanated from him as he finished his sentence, only deepening the ache I felt for him in my chest. I was shaking with a mix of nervousness and desire. I swallowed in consideration and tried to reassure myself that this was all perfectly normal. He wasn’t really a stranger anymore, not after talking with him for my entire shift for the past few weeks. Before I could change my mind I placed a hand on his shoulder and slid from my safe perch.

As soon as I landed in his arms I could feel the change in atmosphere. A smothering sense of darkness and self-loathing practically oozed from his skin. For the first time I felt compassion instead of fear. I leaned up to his mouth and kissed him softly. My lips moved against his with the sweetest passion I could offer, a foolish attempt to try and purify him with my love.  


“Dean…” I squinted through the dimly illuminated motel room and searched for the source of the footsteps shaking the floor. Thankfully I was a light sleeper. I finally caught sight of a man slipping a jacket over his arms. The bed I was lying in suddenly felt much larger and colder than it had the night before.

“Are you leaving?” I already knew the answer. Night after night had been the same. It wasn’t in him to stay longer than a day or two. He sighed and braced himself against the door with his arm before turning to face me. Even in this lighting I could see that he wasn’t remorseful. His expression was that same dull fire as always, completely oblivious to the pain he was causing.

“You’re amazing babe, really.” He walked to my side and ran a thumb over my cheek with delicacy that made me want to cry. He was obscenely gentle and tenderly violent, almost as if he was at a war with two halves of himself. It wasn’t fair to be loved like this and then left alone. 

“But I have to go, you know that.” I closed my eyes and tried to hide the tears forming under my lashes. He didn’t deserve to see what he did to me, not when it didn’t affect him in the slightest. I rolled over with my back to him and ignored his touch. I had begged him to stay too many times.

“Then just go.” I could imagine the way he was grinding his jaw and staring down at me. I had seen it enough times to know what it looked like. Hot breath tickled my hair as a kiss was pressed to the shell of my ear, along with a heartbreaking whisper.

“I’ll be back.”

I mumbled that I didn’t care, but I secretly counted the steps he took towards the exit. Some terrible part of me hoped he would stop somewhere between here and there. After I heard the door close I broke down, my sobs echoing off the emptiness around me.

I cursed myself for ever going home with a man like him. He would be back in a few days, his knuckles covered in cuts and bruises. I had no idea where he went or what he did, and I didn’t want to know. All I knew is that he would smell like blood and other women when he climbed into my bed again. He wandered in and out of my life as he pleased; he knew that I could never say no. I would stay up waiting for him every night if I had to, and as long as he came back to me, I would give him every ounce of love that I had left.

“And I’ll be right here…”

Luke Hemmings Imagine

“Happy valentines baby.” luke said waking me up with a kiss.

I slowly opened my eyes and smiled at him. “happy Valentine’s Day too you too.”

“I made you break fast and yea…” He handed me a tray with heart shaped pancakes and bacon and so on.

I giggled a bit. It was so cheesy and just like Luke. He has done this every year since we got together.

“Thank you.” I gave him another kiss.

“I’ll be right back.” He disappeared and came back with our baby boy and little girl.

“Mummy!” My daughter exclaimed as she ran in.“ Daddy helped me do my hair and outfit for our valintimes day paty.” She said spinning around.

Luke sat back in the bed with our baby. “ and daddy did a very good job…for once.”

“Hey! Don’t be mean. I put a lot of work into this. ” he Said with a pout.
“They both made you cards too.”

He handed me a big paper card with our boys hand prints on it and our daughter gave me one with her name written sloppily.

“Awe thank you! Mommy loves them so much!” I gave them each a big hug and kiss.

“Daddy I have one for you too… CUz you’re the only boy for me!” She handed him one too and gave him a hug.

“Good! And it better stay that way!” Luke looked at the clock. “Okay sweetie we need to get you on the bus!”

He handed me over the baby and took her out to the bus stop. She loved him waiting with her because she was proud to say that’s her famous, punk daddy. No lie. That’s what she tells all the kids.

When Luke came back to the room he made grabby hands for the baby. I shockingly barely got either of my kids because he was such a hog over them.

“So my moms taking lil man and Princess tonight so we can have some time alone.”

“Is that so? ” I asked with a smile.

“Mmhm. So that means we can do whatever…dinner…movies… Maybe even…a nap?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Sounds like a plan as long as I get to have some time with both my favorite boys.

I set a side the tray and cuddled next to him. "I have candy for you in the draw by the way….I didn’t eat it for once.”

Luke laughed at that, “what a shocker, I’ll share it with you.”

“And that’s why I married you!”


Prince Luke [Luke Hemmings; 3]

Contains: Fluff!


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 Another note: Heres Part 1 if you havent read it yet:  Prince Luke [Luke Hemmings; 1]

And here is Part 2: Prince Luke [Luke Hemmings; 2]

Every day was harder. You would hear rumors about Luke’s new bride or new girlfriend and it made your chest heave. Clearing your thoughts, you decided on spending your day at the meadows. No one really knew about the place except fro pastoralists who didn’t mind you and considred a “regular”. They were fine with you visiting as long as you didn’t steal anyh of their wheat crops or mules or anything. Packing a small bag of necesties (food, water, a map, etc) you kissed your grandma goodbye before heading on your small journey. You enjoyed the walk there. At first, the streets were busy with people but slowly it began to clear out and you could hear the beauty of silence. Getting past the busy herders, you began to slow your pace and take in the beauty. The scent of the fresh apple trees, the grass, the earth, and the sounds of birds singing brought you an assuring calmness that no one could provide. Finally reaching the certain area, you sighed happily. You looked past your shoulder to see a couple herders. They gave you a toothy grin, recognizing who you were and you simply waved at them. Finding a comfortable spot near the lake you crouched down and watched the reflection of the sky off the lake. You began to throw rocks, watch the clouds, run with the geese, anything possible really that made you laugh. Finally realizing your hunger, you sat down and began to munch hungrily on your sandwich. Hearing a quack, you look up to see a gorgeous swan. It had flecks of golden hair in its white fur and bright blue eyes. You frown a little. The swan reminded you of Luke, bringing back vivid images of your past encounterings with him. You felt your heat twinge. Shaking your head, you smiled at the swan and fed it bits of your crust and apple. After your little encountering with the swan and your lunch, you lay down on the grass and watched the clouds while soaking in the sun. It was beautiful in the day but cold in the night which reminded you not to stay out too late. You felt your eyelids get heavier and soon you were fast asleep.

Waking up with a sudden jolt, you panted. You dreamt of Luke and a girl. They were getting married while you were left off in the suburbs. Feeling you heart twinge, you wanted to cry. So maybe all these rumors were true. Shaking your head, you came to the realization that it was nighttime.

“No no no no no no” You mutter to yourself, hastily packing your small bag. This was the time the bad men came out. These were the bad hours. Quickly splashing some water from the lake onto your face, you darted home.

You finally reached the town square. The place was deserted. Glancing at the giant clock, you realized it was 11:30!!!

“Grans going to be so pissed.” You mutter before darting again before feeling a hand pull your arm.

“Not so fast, little lady.”

Fear surged through your veins as you turned around to see a man with a beard. He had a rotten breath and seemed as if he didn’t know what the term “shower” means.

“Whats a girl like you doing out so late?” He drawed. Such a stereotypical line. You rolled your eyes before feeling a burn on your cheek. You whipped your head at the man.

“DID YOU JUST SMACK ME?!?!” You screech before he put his hand on your mouth and began to drag you into the woods. You began to sob, screaming in his dirty hand. Fear was taking over your body and at this point you knew you had no savior. No gran. No police. No Luke-

“HEY!!!” You hear someone shout to the side. You desperate eyes looked over and saw the familiar blonde quiff. And suddenly you felt relief before you felt something poke at your side. Glancing down, your eyes widened. He had a knife.

“Don’t want me to hurt the girl? Give me money.” He states. Luke’s eyes widened and you resisted the temptation to roll your eyes. This was so incredibly cliché. He began to pierce your skin with the knife causing you to screech.

“Im serious.” The man draws. Luke’s eyes widened. Pain and fear both seemed to drive the relief away. In panic, you bit the mans hand and kicked his crotch. He screamed in agony, releasing you. You lurch forward, not able to move your legs, almost falling till you feel Luke’s arms around you.

“Run!!” You scream/whisper. The both of you sprint toward the castle before you hear the man trotting behind. You look behind before screaming duck as he had thrown his knife in your direction. Pushing Luke to the ground, you fell ontop of him. You look forward to see the kife clutter on the ground. You desperately help Luke up and proceed to run into the castles fences.

“YOU BASTARDS!!!” The man screeched before running away. Panting you look up at Luke and everything hit you like a brick. The emotions.

“Y/N..” He whispers. You close your eyes for a second, missing the sound of your name on his tongue.

“I cant-” He cuts you off

“Your not leaving, Y/N. Im not letting you go this time. Please-” He weakly says. You open your mouth to protest but he shakes his head. Leaning in slowly, he attempts to kiss you before the memories come rushing back. You step aside. An expression of hurt flashes on your face making you feel the guiltiest person on this planet. Luke deserved so much. So much than you couldn’t possibly describe. He was so kind. So loving. So everything.

“I cant Luke.” You whisper. He takes your hand forcing you to look at him.

“What can you not do, Y/N? Tell me.” He says, shaking you slightly. Tears slip from your eyes.

“I cant do this. Don’t you know what the kingdom will think? How low you stooped for a girl. For me.” You cry, throwing you hands up. He frowned.

“I don’t care what they think. Y/N. I love you so damn much it hurts. Please listen. Please don’t run away. Please don’t leave me.” He pleads,. You could hear all the emotion in his voice. You sigh and then look up at him before nodding.

“Ill stay.”

Feelings his fingers under your chin. he brings you in for a kiss.

And this time, you didn’t pull away.


UGH! That was so horrific!! Im so sorry for it being so bad and so late. Anyway, I think ill start doing requests starting next ish week. My birthday is this Thursday and I have a mock ap to start studying for so i have to postpone. I mean you are welcome to request but i wont get to it until like a couple ish weeks. So yeah :) Have a great rest of the week! You deserve it!


Once in a Lifetime by @josjournal
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: G

Zayn remembered nothing. He had no solid memories from before he turned fifteen. He was fully aware that his name was Zayn Malik, that he lived with his family in a small cottage in the woods. His mother homeschooled his sisters and himself, something that she had apparently always done. Zayn had knowledge that came from having been educated his entire life, but he had no memory of actually learning. 

He once asked his mother about it, but she had been no help. “Some people just don’t have a mind for such things,” she’d responded with a shrug.
He spent all of his time with his family, there were no other people for hundreds of miles around. When his family got to be too much, he headed out into the woods for hours, wandering and getting lost in his own head. He would sit and draw for hours, amazed at some of his own drawings since, again, he had no memory of every learning to draw. He didn’t know how much he’d improved, practiced, or if the talent was natural.

The strangest thing was that some days, he would swear he’d dozed off out in the woods and upon waking, the page would be covered with sketches of eyes. Warm eyes that felt familiar, but he couldn’t even begin to explain why. As he ran his hand over the drawings, trying to spark a memory, he swore he heard someone call his name. He would glance up, expecting his father, but the woods were clear.

Sometimes, he really wondered if there was something wrong with his mind.

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