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She's Here For Work | Kai Scenario

^[This picture belongs brightskai]^

SCENARIO: “Hi! Can you do a Exo scenario where you’re a young but, very popular and well known choreographer from the US and was requested by SM to come and work with them, and Kai ends up liking you in the time that you work with them…but you only find out cause the other members tease him about it? :)”

“We’re very glad you’re here.” The man said in broken english. You showed him a small smile, pleased to see that he’s trying his best to make you comfortable. The man looked like he could be in his early 30’s. He had short black hair that was gelled in a messy way. He wore some glasses and a warm smile on his face. Though he told you his name earlier, it had left your mind already.

“Thank you for having me!” You exclaimed in fluent korean. His eyes widen in surprise, followed by a satisfied smile. You couldn’t help but smile back as you two strolled down the long hallway. You walked past many doors, eager to see which one you would be walking through. This is about your third time being in korea. The last two times were on your own time, not for work. Yet, when you got a call from SM to come do some work for them, you couldn’t help but say yes.

Being a choreographer in America, you were never expecting a call from a label in Korea, yet it was good to know that you’re popular in other places.

You looked over at the man, “Who am I working with again?”

“EXO,” He answered simply, looking down at his watch. All you could do was nod your head slowly. Exo huh? Impressive. It wasn’t long before he stopped in front of a door, pausing for a moment. The door was glass, but because of the design; it was tough to see through it quickly. You could see the silhouettes of figures moving around on the other side, but it was far from clear.

He opened the door, stepping in first, and you quickly behind him. There in a quite big room with a whole wall just mirrors and the floor a nice shy wood, was 12 boys. They were dancing around franticly, music blasting from somewhere as two other men, who stood at the other side of the room, watched. You’re guessing one of them is their manager.

One of them quickly takes notice of you, gasping slightly and grabbing the other males attention. Despite that, the other 12 boys that were dancing, didn’t even take notice. It wasn’t till the man who you were guessing was their manager called out over the music.

The music was quickly turned off as the 12 boys of Exo stopped dancing and looked at their manager in confusion. That’s when you were noticed. They all looked at you with curious faces. You suddenly began to feel nervous. All eyes were on you and the room suddenly felt hotter. An awkward silence filled the room for a moment.

“Hello,” You spoke in korean, “I’m ___, I’ll be working with you guys from now on.” You bowed slightly, the corner of your lips pulling into a small smile.

“This is ____ ______ from the US. Remember I told you guys that she would be coming in?” Their manger explain. All of the boys nodded, looking over at you. Some gaves small smiles while others just stared at you. Wearing only simple black leggings and a crop top with a training bra under, you felt quite exposed and silly.

“Nice to meet you,” Their manger suddenly spoke, reaching out a hand to you. You shook his hand and bowed, asking what to call him in the process.

“Just call me Manager Hyung.” He answered bowing back to you. You turned your eyes back to the boys, only to make eye contact with one of them in particular. You’re not a huge of Exo, and you sure as hell don’t know all their names. But you could recognize that face from a mile away.

Kai. Kai was looking right at you. Once eye contact was made, he looked away from you. Not quickly, but he did break his gaze.

“I guess I will introduce myself first,” one of them spoke, stepping out. He was the tallest of all them for sure, and had a friendly smile plastered on his lips. Some of his golden blonde hair was sticking to his forehead, due to sweat.

“I’m Kris,” He spoke in perfect english. Your brows furrowed and you cocked your head to the side a bit.

I know one of them are fluent in english….is it him?

“Nice to meet you Kris,” You spoke back in english.

One by one, they all introduced themselves. Kris, Chen, Suho, DO, Sehun, Tao and so on. Though you new it was going to take some times to learn all their names. When it finally came to Kai, you couldn’t take your eyes off of him.

“I’m Kai, it’s nice to meet you.” He spoke softly. He bowed and showed you a small smile. since you had met everyone Manager Hyung explained that you won’t be working with them today. I mean, of course you aren’t. You don’t have anything prepared yet! He walked you over to a couch that sat on the far right side of the room and handed you an mp3 player.

“These are the tracks we were hoping you could make a routine to? The one we need the most is the dubstep intro.” He explained, pointing it out on the screen. You nodded quickly, reaching into your bag from earphones. You plugged them in and began listening, falling into work mode. You played the song over and over again, closing your eyes as you pictured different arrangements.

When you opened your eyes again the boys were sitting down on the floor near you. They all seemed like they were eating but some of them were watching you curiously.

“____, come eat with us!” Chen called out, waving you forward. You sat there for a second then slowly stood up from the couch, walking over to the offered spot. You sat between Kai and Chen, one earphone plugged into your ear, while the mp3 stayed in your hand.

Kai shyly pushed a small plastic bowl of rice towards you. You said a shy thank you and began eating. Most of them were chatting with you freely. It was like you had been friends for a while.

“I heard you’ve worked with a lot of celebrities,” Kai suddenly spoke, turning to look at you with interested eyes. You stared back blankly for a moment. Oh right! He asked me a question.

“I have, I’ve worked with….” You started dropping various names, getting ‘ooo’s from the boys. The dubstep intro was still playing in your ears as you sat there. That’s when an idea popped into your head.

“Excuse me, Manager Hyung, could you plug the mp3 into the speakers, I think I’ve got something!” You chimed, standing up from your spot quickly.

“You’ve got something already?” Xiumin mumbles to himself, looking around at the other members. You didn’t say anything but gave the mp3 to the manager. He quickly did as you asked and began to play the song. You weren’t obvious to the eyes on you. You could practically feel their gazes burning into your back. As the music played you stood there thinking.

“I need a one girl~” The music played as you stood there.

Once it changed to the dubstep part you broke out into random dance moves, stopping quietly after.  you placed your hands on your hips and sighed. You looked over at your audience and away. They were watching closely and though the music was loud, you could faintly hear some of their comments.

“What we heard about her is true, she does work quickly and serious.”

“Did you see how she just threw those moves out like it was nothing?”

you stood there and waited for the song to to started over. This time instead of dancing, you walked to the mirrored wall and leaned against it, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Formation..” You muttered to yourself, “Formation.” You’re definitely in work mode now.

“Ummm,” You began, really catching everyone’s attention now, “Would you all mind helping me out?” They all agreed nicely, standing up and walking towards you. When it comes to dancing, you’re very focused. Random dance moves flash around in your head, formations just string themselves together. Your parents always knew you were talented. Being as young as you are and having people call you from different countries.

You began to move them all around, starting off in a straight line, with Kai in the front. You put them all in a certain order.

“Alright, this will be the starting formation.” You told them. By the looks on their faces, they were doubting you a bit, but you didn’t let that stop you.

“Now Chanyeol and Kris you see how Kai is in the front? I want you guy two to do this…” You began starting to show them the movements.

“Then when the beat drops when the first ‘exo’ is said, the line will split into two, Kai pushing his arms out. Let’s try it.” You spoke quietly. You signalled for the music to start, and once it did, they tried it out. You watched, quite pleased with it.

You started to add more to it, little by little.

“Alright, now I need Lay and….” You trailed off looking at various faces.

“You!” You said pointing to one of them. He looked a bit confused, his eyes widening immensely.

“Me?” He asked. You nodded my head, still unsure what his name was.

“Tell me your name one more time?” You questioned.


“Alright D.O, you move from your spot at the side and move up to the front next to Kai and Lay you do the same. Then  Baekhyun will go behind Lay but in a window, so off to the side a bit.  Mhhh….Luhan will behind D.O but off to the side in a window and then next to him in a another window will be Sehun and….Kris!” You say placing them all in the places. You started to teach them the dance moves for the dubstep part. They caught on quickly but some people were struggling.

“Kai, you need a bit more control alright? You can’t have your arms just flying all over the place. Let’s try it again from the top.” You commented. You were being very honest like you always were, hoping you’re not stepping on any toes. After doing it once from the top, you had the guys take a break.

“Wow,” Sehun said as they all grouped together. He was speaking towards you, “You put that together so quickly. You’ve already gotten half of the intro done and it’s only 8:30pm.”

“It all just plays in my head like a movie. I’m thankful that you all learn so quickly and can keep up with me!”  You stated, clapping your hands together. As the other guys went to get water and stuff you noticed that Kai was still standing in his same spot, practicing what you had told him before. He was still having a tough time.

You huffed out air, strolling over to him.

“Youre over thinking it, Kai.” You explained, “Watch me.”  You do the move over again and watch as he mimics you.

“Flex your muscles when you get to this point, so you remember to stop there. don’t think too much about it though.” You instructed. After attempting it a few times he got the hang out it.

“There you go!” You said high-fiving him.

“Thanks, you really helped me out.” he said grinning at you.

“No problem, don’t look at me as some stuffy choreographer, I’m a pretty cool person. I promise!” You said, making both of you chuckle.


You’ve been working with EXO for some time now and you can say that it’s been very fun, You’ve become friends with all of the guys. it’s almost like a second family. Of all of them, you’ve become closest with Kai. The other members tease you two alot, claiming you put Kai in the front of the routines because you like. Though the guys were joking, they weren’t very off. About liking Kai, not putting him in the front.

You strolled into the dance studio, being greeted by all the guys.

“____!” They called out, some of them leaving their spots on the floor to run and hug you.

“Hey guys,” You chuckled as they all group hugged you, “I saw you guys yesterday.”

As they all released you from a hug, you noticed Kai lingering in the back. You showed him a cheeky smile and stretched your arms out, “I don’t get a hug Jongin?” You had gotten quite used to saying his real name.

He walked over, the other members watching with teasing grins. He pulled you into a quick, but tight hug. You watched as his cheeks flushed, getting some reactions from the guys. You snickered slightly amused by Kai’s reaction. You walked over to the couch, setting your bag down and greeting Manager Hyung.

“Today I will be teaching you guys the choreography for Christmas day! Let’s get started.” You announced.

After teaching some of the choreography to it, everyone took a break. You walked out the room to use the bathroom. After doing so and washing your hands you walked back to the dance studio. The door being slightly opened you could hear the boys talking.

“Jongin why are you so scared? Everyone can tell that you like ____, even Manager Hyung!” That was clearly Kris’s booming voice.

“She’s here to work, she’s made that clear.” Kai’s gentle voice spoke. You opened the door a bit more to see that they were all sitting in a circle, Kai’s back facing you.

“If you don’t confess I’ll confess for you!” Chanyeol exclaimed.

“You’re always trying to impress her when we’re practicing, and when she compliments you, you turn red. Aww, our young Jongin has a crush!” Chen says reaching over and pinching Kai’s cheek. You opened the door even wider catching a few members attention. Kai has a crush on me?

“It’s not that easy, and stop pinching my cheeks!” Kai complained slapping away Chen’s hand as he reached for Kai’s face once again.

“I don’t even know what she would like!” Kai.

“A movie would be nice,” You called out, catching everyone’s attention. Kai turned around to meet your eyes and the small grin on your lips.

“So what do you say Jongin? A movie on Saturday?” You questioned.

He shyly nodded his head, but couldn’t hide the smile on his lips. All the guys started to cheer, while Chen went about pinching Kai’s cheeks once more.

 - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hope you like it! I made it longer than I meant to. lol. :)