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This is just essentials (eyeshadow & highlighter not included) to girls in all ages. For everyday or/and for events. Because it had to include products, she loves, the products aren’t the cheapest, but some of them are - for example the lipgloss (Tanya Burr Lips and Nails). This was quite difficult, so bear with me <3 

Base: Foundation // Concealer // Powder // Eyes: Eyeliner // Mascara // Lips: Lipgloss // Brows: Eyeshadow (Charcoal Brown) // Shape your face: Blush // Bronzer 


I am a big fan of the new Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation.  Thankful I was able to receive it from Influenster to try before it hits stores.

I find this product is best applied with your finger tips.

- Long lasting
- Smooth matte finish
- A little product goes a long way
- Good coverage
- Sits very light on the skin like you’re not wearing anything
- 8 shades to choose from to match your skin tone.

*Only wearing the Stay Matte foundation in the photo.  No concealer or powder.

Thank you influenster and Rimmel!

A Full Face for Under $100

hi everyone! ever since back 2 school season started i’ve been getting a ton of requests for affordable product recs and since im a huge proponent of drugstore makeup i decided to throw together a full face routine for my fellow broke college (or hs!) students. keep in mind that i just listed one routine i think would work fairly well for a wide variety of ppl. also obviously $100 isn’t cheap so i’d recommend gradually purchasing ur routine, don’t buy all these products in one walgreens trip unless ur feeling reckless tbh anyways hope this is helpful and have a nice school year!


primer - elf studio primer: $6; rimmel stay matte primer: $7

foundation - la girl perfecting liquid makeup: $7; elf studio flawless finish foundation: $6, black radiance liquid makeup: $5; rimmel lasting finish 24h foundation: $7

powder - nyc loose translucent powder: $4.49; black radiance pressed powder: $5; rimmel stay matte powder *comes in a great translucent shade too*: $4

concealer/contour/color correction - la girl pro conceal: $5; hard candy glamoflauge concealer: $6

blush - elf studio blush: $3; black radiance artisan color baked blush: $5

bronzer - rimmel bronzer: $4.63; elf studio blush&bronzer: $3; black radiance baked bronzer: $4.49

highlighter - wet’n’wild fergie shimmer palette: $6; elf studio baked highlighter: $3

setting spray - city color all-set spray: $8; elf setting spray *has a terrible bottle so buy a cheap spray bottle tbh*: $3


shadow - wet’n’wild color icon trio: $3; la colors 12 color eyeshadow palette: $2; essence eyeshadow: $2-5;

liner - wet’n’wild megaliner liquid liner: $3; elf studio cream liner: $3

mascara - wet’n’wild mascaras: $2-5; essence mascaras: $2-5

lashes - shopmissa lashes: $1

brows: elf studio eyebrow kit: $3; elf eyebrow gel: $2; essence eyebrow designer: $2;


liner - jordana easyliner: $2.49; wet’n’wild color icon liner: $0.99; essence lip liner: $1.49;

lipstick/lipgloss - wet’n’wild megalast lip color: $2.29; wet’n’wild megaslicks lipgloss: $2.29; essence longlasting lipstick: $3;

🌴**not included in the price, but here’s some affordable brush brands too**🌴


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