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My Positive Spec for 5x18

So maybe I’m naive but I’m choosing to stay positive about ANY possibility for Olicity in 5x18 and forward…but this post will focus on 5x18. I should preface this with I’ve stopped reading spoilers and articles - particularly anything that quotes Wendy or Marc - I just don’t need that negativity in my life :)

I believe 5x18 is going to be good Olicity episode…meaning I believe there will be at least one positive Olicity scene! I am basing this belief on science…just kidding ;)

I am basing this belief the fact that even numbered episode since January has had one or more positive Olicity moments! And guess what 18 is a positive number!!

To prove my point:

1) 5x10

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2) 5x12

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3) 5x14

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4) 5x16

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Are you seeing my pattern….and NOW she just got him back after he’s been missing for SIX DAYS and he’s not okay….there is going to be a moment!!!! And remember I think a kiss is possible at anytime….

And even if you don’t agree with me you just got to look at a bunch of Olicity! Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

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Soulmate! Mark

Being soulmates with Mark would include:

-sharing earphones and watching the sunset together
-having inside jokes
-you both make fun of people in your class together
-giving each other the look when your teacher mentions homework
-or when a stupid person starts talking
-going on road trips and blasting music in the car
-giving each other hugs and just staying in that position for ages until one of you has to detach themselves or else you’ll be like that for the rest of your lives
-cool handshakes that only you both know
-being called “a couple” all the time
-listening to his guitar and staring at him in awe
-watching movies together and being in the same fandoms
-having marathons with pizza
-him always being there when you’re feeling sad
-knocking on your window in the middle of the night and you two strolling in the streets like wild kids
-chasing each other
-messing 24/7
-him throwing an arm around your shoulder and you around his waist and just walking around town
-discovering new places together and getting lost in the city till one of you breaks down crying
-hanging out with you two just reading books
-study dates in coffee shops
-eating until you’re stuffed
-you being the first person to hear his self composed songs
-“are you okay Y/N” and when your reply isnt enough he’ll hunt you down
-once he came to your house at 11 pm just because you sounded off
-waiting for you outside your class so you can walk home together
-or walking to school together
-he’s your mum’s favourite and is invited to all your family gatherings
-and you to his
-your parents are best pals with his
-he really is such a huge part of your life
-he is your soulmate

i’m so pissed off at myself lmfao i’ve been complaining for days that I can’t just sit donw and draw and now i finally do and it’s fuck oclock in the morning and nothing is going well and i want a bREAK I WNAT A BREAK OH MY FRICKING FUCK I WANT A BREAKKKSOIFHWEUIJHHEeruiuhuauewfh pa9uwefhlsakj

Exactly 5 years ago today, Edd Gould, animator, creator of Eddsworld and a huge inspiration to all of his fans, died of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. A heartbreaking silence fell apon the Eddsworld channel after a tribute video was posted on it announcing the horrible news. There was nothing more devastating than hearing that he had passed; we didn’t know where to turn. But, despite the grief, I know that Edd would’ve wanted us to stay strong and positive, as he did his last few years.

So rest in peace, Edd. May your world keep on spinning.


I may not be the fastest runner or have the perkiest glutes for someone that trains regular, but I know I am better, stronger & healthier than I was yesterday. It is so easy to fall into the trap of comparing your fitness journey with others, their 2 year progress seems to be much greater than the progress I have made in 5 years. These misleading weight loss pictures & fitspiration on how u can lose weight and get fit in ‘1 month’ these misleading stereo types of how we should look after weight loss.

One thing I would tell myself when I first began my journey that I know now is weight loss doesn’t make all your problems disappear. Yes it is a great achievement & u should do it, but remember not to expect a whole completely different body. Your left with ur battle scars after u go through a mass amount of weight loss & your mental wounds, which I am currently still trying to learn how to tackle. Set your expectations high for yourself and smash ur goals, but don’t forget there is so much more to life.

Happy Training

kjk2016  asked:

Hope everything going okay for you Leonardo, I am here if you need me for guidance because I know most the ways around life so far myself. Also stay strong, be positive, and have heart.~Kennedy

Thank you, Kennedy. This is good advice.

I’m trying to do this on my own…but maybe I shouldn’t be. I don’t know…still trying to really process it all.

Samia is at the end of her rope.

So Samia is going to take a break. 

I can only stay positive for so long. The last thing I need is fandom drama when I’m dealing with bullshit in my immediate life. I’m probably going to go through a radio silence for a few days. I’ll run a full queue which should last up to 4 days. You might see me again before it runs out; I don’t know for sure. 

ABSOLUTELY NO ONE DID ANYTHING WRONG, I just need to be left alone for a while.