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Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Imagine: Savior

Summary: Peter saves you when Flash begins to get a little bit too handsy

Requested: Yes
–> “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” And “You can’t leave without letting me hug you first.” combined into one with Peter Parker please? Btw I love your writing!

A/N: fucking pissed cause tumblr deleted all of this and so now I’m writing it again

Warnings: none


To say that Peter Parker had a crush on you was a complete understatement. The boy was head over heels in love with you. He thought he had it bad with Liz, but with you it was a whole other level. In fact, his infatuation with you was the sole reason he dragged Ned to this party with him.

Peter had over heard some fellow classmates talking in the hallway about how Flash was planning on asking you out tonight. And Peter simply couldn’t just stand by and let that happen.

His soft brown eyes scanned over the crowds of people hoping to find the one angel that stood out above all of them, but to his dismay all he saw were strangers.

Apparently Flash has many friends from other schools cause Peter only knew a handful of the kids that he could see.

“Do you see her anywhere, Ned?”

“No. Maybe we should split up. Cover more ground, you know?”

“Yeah, good idea.”

Ned headed off in one direction, and Peter in the other. Peter wondered off through the different crowds of people searching for the girl of his dreams.

He said a few hellos to some people he knew from the robotics club, the school band and the academic decathlon team.

He was just about to give up on finding you when he suddenly heard the beautiful sound of your laugh.

Peter jerked his head around and saw you leaning against a wall surrounded by a group of your friends, one of them which was obviously telling a funny story.

Peter admired the way your soft curls perfectly framed your face and how the crop top and high waisted jeans you were wearing hugged your body in all the best ways.

Peter felt his heart begin to beat rapidly when his eyes connected with yours from across the room. You gave him a soft smile and a small wave and Peter is still not quite sure how his brain got the message to the rest of his body to return the gesture.

But the beautiful moment was quickly cut short by Flash pushing through the wall of your friends and placing an arm above your head.

Peter didn’t have to be near to know what Flash was saying when he saw his mouth begin to move. He knew he was asking you out.

Peter heard his heart pounding in his ears as he watched the horrific scene unfold before him. It wasn’t until he saw you flip Flash off that he was able to breathe again.

But soon the relief disappeared once again as he watch Flash grab your wrist and pull you into his chest. Peter realized all your friends had scattered once Flash walked up and there was no one to come to your rescue.

Now, Peter knew you were a tough girl that could fend for herself, but he also knew how relentless Flash could be. And the thought of anything happening to you was enough to send him across the room in a matter of seconds until he was standing between you and Flash.

Peter felt your fingers grip the back of his shirt and it was the fear in them that caused the sanity in his brain to blur. Peter no longer cared if he used his Spidey strength to harm the ass hole that threatened the girl he loved.

Peter sent Flash flying across the room into a glass door that lead into his backyard.

Peter felt the eyes of everyone at the party on him. He knew everyone was wondering how the scrawny kid from gym class that could barely do a pull up managed to send a man flying across the room.

Peter was about to panic when he heard your soft voice pull him back to reality.

“Peter? Can we please get out of here?”

There was no hesitation. Peter had grabbed your hand and was leading you out of the house.

Once you two had safely exited, Peter began to lead you down the street.

“Where are we headed?”

“I-I can’t go home. Not like this.”

It was then that Peter saw the tears in your eyes which only angered him more. He pulled you into his side and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“We can go back to my apartment. It isn’t far, and May won’t mind if you stay over.”

Peter felt the girl nod and began to lead her in the direction of his home.

The two fell into a comfortable silence until you finally spoke up.

“Please don’t think I’m a baby for crying… I’m used to guys hitting on me and I’ve gotten quite good at shutting them down. I’m just not used to them beginning to get physical with me and it freighted me. Thank you, Peter, for saving me.”

The fear in the your voice when you spoke of Flash’s actions was almost enough to send Peter back into the house to end the bully for good.

“I’ll always protect you, Y/N. No matter what.”

Peter was too focused on getting the two home safely to notice the smile that crossed your face, but he did notice the way your small fingers gripped his shirt tighter.

After a short while of walking, you and Peter had finally reached his apartment.

Peter lead you quietly into his room, careful not to wake his aunt up.

Although he knew May wouldn’t mind the girl staying over, he also knew she would never stop teasing him about having a girl sleep in his room. Especially one as pretty as you.

Peter opened up one of his drawers and pulled out some clothes for you to change into.

“Here you go. I’ll sleep on the couch and you can take the be-”

“No! I um… sorry. Can you, um, sleep in here? With me?”

Peter didn’t think he’d ever hear such beautiful words leave someone’s mouth.

Peter nodded his head and turned around to give you privacy to change. He stared at his poster of the periodic table until he heard you clear your voice, signaling to him that he could turn around.

Peter felt his cheeks grow red as he looked over your attire.

His t-shirt hung loosely off your body and his sweatpants were bunched up at the bottom due to him being a few inches taller than you. You looked completely adorable.

You shifter your eyes to the floor under his intense gaze.

“Do I look bad or something?”

“No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.“

A smile grew across your face as Peter crossed the room and took your hand in his to lead you to his small twin sized bed.

Peter laid down on his back and pulled you to lay on top of him. You laid your head on his chest and Peter began to run his fingers through your hair.

The soothing gesture and the sound of his heart beat was enough to send you to sleep in a matter of minutes.

—The Next Morning—

You were pulled from your dreaming state as the sunlight crept in through Peter’s window.

You lifted your head up and couldn’t help but smile at how adorable Peter looked as he slept.

His brown curls were scattered in different directions. His soft pink lips were slightly parted and a soft blush was spread across his cheeks.

You reached your hand up to push a loose curl out of his face and Peter’s eyes began to flutter open at the soft touch.

A smile spread across his face as he leaned into your touch.

"Good morning, sleepy head.” You whispered.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Peter replied in his husky morning voice.

His eyes widened as he realized what he said but the soft giggle that escaped your lips calmed him in a matter of seconds.

“I should go. My parents are probably worried sick.”

Peter frowned at the loss of warmth as your body left his.

He watched as you picked up your clothes from the floor. You turned and gave him one last smile before your hand reach out to grab the door handle but his voice stopped you from opening it.

“You can’t leave without letting me hug you first.”

You bit your lip and turned around to see Peter already standing behind you smirking.

“I can do you one better.”

Confusion crossed his face as you gripped the front of his shirt and pulled his lips into yours.

The kiss lasted a few short seconds but they were the best seconds of his life.

Peter watched you walk out of his apartment with a goofy, lovestruck grin on his face.

He had finally got the girl of his dreams.

  • *221B*
  • Molly: *playing with baby Rosie; wearing the deerstalker*
  • Rosamund: *giggling*
  • Sherlock: *feigning annoyance* Do you have to wear that stupid thing?
  • Molly: *shrugs* She loves it.
  • MP Mary: *watching over Rosie; smirking* She's not the only one.
  • Sherlock: *ignores her* I-I don't want her getting attached.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; tickles her goddaughter* Is Uncle Sherlock being a grumpy pants?
  • Rosamund: *squeals happily; kicking her legs*
  • MP Janine: *sitting on the sofa* She does look good, though.
  • MP Irene: *nods* Even I didn't look that good.
  • MP Jim: *peering dramatically out of the window; sighs* I would've.
  • Molly: *nudges his leg* Well?
  • Sherlock: *shakes his head* Hmm? *looks up*
  • Molly: *still wearing the hat; frowns* I was going to order takeaway. You want anything?
  • Sherlock: *staring; nods slowly*
  • Molly: *nods; goes to the laptop*
  • Sherlock: *blinks*
  • Sherlock: *stands* I need some air *marches out of the flat*
  • Molly: ...okay *shrugs*
He likes you! // Bill Denbrough

Word Count: 1558 

Summary- Your best friend, Beverly, takes you to the Quarry to see the boys after another night of your parents fighting.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; It’s a bit longer than normal, but hopefully makes up for the lack of imagines I’ve been posting, I didn’t realize how many ships I’d get!

Requested; Yes! I altered the requests a bit because they were so similar, and I didn’t wanna write it twice x

req;  Hi! Can you do a Billxreader imagine where you’re bests friends with Beverly because things weren’t going well at your house and you’re staying with her since that and one day she invites you to the lake and the other boys tease Bill because of his crush on you? Thanks!

req; Hi! Can you do a Billxreader imagine where you stand up to Greta because she starts bullying Beverly and she becomes your friends and introduces you to the losers club at the lake and the boys tease Bill?


“What are you doing?” You asked your ‘friend’ Greta, as she and your two other friends were standing menacingly by the doors of the school, in front of a girl. Beverly Marsh, you recognized her from your English class. “Having some fun, and teaching this little shit a lesson.” She replied, smirking at the girl. “How’s it feel, slut?” “Make up your mind, Greta. Am I a slut? Or a little shit?” Beverly retorted, taking a puff of her cigarette. You knew the rumors about her were fake, and frankly, you felt bad for the poor girl. “Leave her alone, Greta.” You rolled your eyes, turning to the queen bee of your school. “Excuse me?” She asked, crossing her arms.

“Are you stupid?” You asked, and Greta glared fiercely in your direction. “Watch it, Y/N. Do you really want to be a loser, like the slut over here?” She asked, gesturing to the smoking teen. “Yeah, I would rather be her friend than yours. She’s a lot better than you.” You said, not missing a beat. “I’m disappointed, Y/N.” Greta said, pouting mockingly. “I’m not. You’re a terrible person, Greta. Go to hell.” You said, and she scoffed, walking away, your other two friends following suit. “Sorry about her.” You said, leaning on the wall.

Beverly looked at you, confused. “Why did you help me? I thought you were Greta’s friend.” “Yeah, an unfortunate thought, isn’t it?” You sighed. “I’m not the best at making friends, Greta’s the only one who pitied me enough to let me hang out with her.” You said, rolling your eyes. “Well, I’m not the best at friendship either, but we can give it a try? It’s the least I could do.” Bev offered, a kind smile on her face. “Sure. Y/N L/N, nice to meet you.” “Beverly Marsh.” 

That was the day she became your best friend.

“Why do we have to fight like this every fucking day?!” Your father screamed, exasperated. “Because you can’t get it into your idiotic head!” Your mother retorted. They’d been fighting for a solid hour, and you were trying to do anything to keep your mind off of it. Eventually, you gave up. You packed an overnight bag, and stormed out of your room. “I’m going to Beverly’s house.” You interrupted their heated bickering, watching their angry gazes shift to you. “Excuse me?” Your father asked, annoyed.

“I’m going to Beverly’s house.” Your repeated, not giving them a chance to reply because you were already out the door. “Y/N L/N, get back here!” Your father called, but you simply ignored him. It wasn’t the first time this happened, and you were sure it wouldn’t be the last. Beverly was kind enough to let you stay at her house. Her father didn’t mind you, because you were a girl and you were polite. You jumped on your bike, and rode the short distance to her house.

You parked your bike next to hers, climbing the short distance up the steps to her door. Knocking, you shivered as the wind blew against you gently. The door swung open, to reveal a confused Mr. Marsh. “Oh, Y/N. I didn’t know you were coming tonight.” He said, a slight annoyed tone to his voice, but overall it was a welcoming and kind statement. “Sorry, Mr. Marsh.” You said, sheepishly. He looked back and calling out “Bevvy! Y/N’s here!” before opening the door and allowing you inside.

Bev came running out, happily hugging you and dragging you almost immediately to her room. She didn’t have to ask what you were doing here, she already could tell. Not only by the look on your face, but just because it was such an often occurrence, she merely had everything ready for a sleepover daily. “I’m so sorry I have to burden you with this, Bev. If you ever don’t want me here, tell me.” You spoke, sadly. “Y/N, don’t be ridiculous. You’re my best friend.” Bev said, changing into her pajamas.

“I know, Bev, but I’m here so often..” you said, sighing. You wished it wasn’t this way, but what could you do? Your parents were always fighting, and you didn’t have many friends other than Beverly, so you were in the house a lot of the time with them, despite wanting to escape almost every minute of everyday. There was never silence in that house, and you never had fun there. It was a living hell. It was your living hell.

“I really don’t want to go home..” You whispered, a tear sliding out of your eye. “Hey, I know you don’t really feel comfortable around the boys, but why don’t you come to the Quarry with us tomorrow?” Bev asked, placing a hand on your shoulder, her tone pleading. She knew how hard it was for you to walk back into your house everyday.

“For once, would it be okay if I said yes? I don’t want to intrude on your club meeting, but.. I left pretty early in, and it was already bad. I have a feeling I don’t want to be there tomorrow.” You said, sheepishly wiping away the few tears that ran down your cheeks. “Of course it’s not a problem, Y/N. All the boys think you’re great, even if you think they don’t want you there.” Bev reassured, pausing before sending a suggestive look your way. “What…?” You asked, tentatively.

“You know.. Bill’s gonna be there.” She said, winking at you. You turned bright red, groaning. You’d made the mistake to tell Beverly about your crush on one of her best friends; Bill Denbrough. You loved Bev, she was more family to you than both your parents combined, but wow she needed to relax on trying to get you and Bill together She ‘ships’ it, and won’t leave you alone about it. “Let’s just go to bed.” You said, rolling your eyes, and climbing into bed, Bev following suit.

The next morning, you both awoke early, quickly getting dressed and leaving as soon as physically possible. Though Mr. Marsh was nice enough to you, he wasn’t exactly someone you wanted to be around for a long period of time. Not to mention how uncomfortable Beverly was around him. Climbing on your bike, you smiled as you began to bike. As you approached the quarry, the feeling you weren’t wanted consumed you again. “Are you sure they won’t mind me being there, Bev?” You asked, nervously.

“Oh please, Y/N. Even if they did, Bill would probably beat the shit out of them because he’s in love with you.” She said, nonchalantly. Your cheeks flushed, and you were happy you were biking in front of her, as she couldn’t see how red your face had turned by the mere mention of him. Arriving at the Quarry, you saw all the boys standing with their backs to you, in their underwear.

Bev immediately stripped, and you followed her lead, shyly. You weren’t ashamed of your body, but you weren’t exactly the most social person ever, and you hardly talked to the losers. Meeting them for the first time, officially, while you’re almost naked? Not exactly your favorite plan. “Hey, losers!” Bev called, moving the attention onto the two of you.

You saw Bill’s face flush as his eyes fell on you with little clothing on, but before anything could be said, Beverly grabbed your hand, pulling you with her, and running straight off the cliff. “WHAT THE FUCK?” Someone, who you assumed (from what Beverly told you), was Richie ‘Trashmouth’ Tozier. You landed in the water with a loud splash, the water refreshing after biking in the blazing heat.

“Coming, sissies?” Bev called, and reluctantly, the boys jumped in, one by one. Bill immediately swam over to you, his nervousness practically radiating off of him. “H-H-Hi Y/N.” Bill stuttered. “Hi, Bill.” you said, shyly. “W-W-Want t-t-to b-be my p-partner?” He asked, and you furrowed your brows, confused. “For what?”

Water wrestling. That’s what. You two won, knocking Richie off almost instantly. You two beat the entire group; and the others wore smirks as you and Bill, the last of the group, swam in. “What are those looks for?” You asked, confused. Bill was shaking his head behind you, glaring at the others. “Billie’s got a cru-ush!” Richie shouted, running behind Ben, who threw his arms up in surrender. “S-S-Sh-shut up-p, R-Richie.” Bill stuttered, flustered.

A wave of confidence washed over you, and praying Bev wasn’t lying to you, you took a chance, spinning around and grabbing Bill’s neck, pulling him down and smashing your lips onto his. “FINALLY!” Richie screamed. It didn’t take long for Bill to wrap his arms around you, kissing you back. A wave of cheers followed from the rest of the losers. “I told you he liked you, Y/N!” Bev cheered, and you could hear the others agreeing. You pulled away, smiling as you saw Bill’s flushed cheeks. “I like you, Y/N.” Bill whispered, breathless. “I’d hope so.” You chuckled, turning back to the group, Bill’s hand clamped tightly in yours. “Hey Bev, you’re right for once in your life!” You teased.

Bev smiled, proudly, and the others snickered. It took a moment for Beverly to fully understand what you’d said. “HEY!”

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even if stucky weren't canon, if one of them was a girl no one in the mainstream would question the legitimacy of shipping them or wanting them to be together or reading romantic tension into their relationship


I’m scared of myself;
Something about me
that I’m telling you
despite knowing there’ll be
one more ‘why’ in your mind
just the same as in my own
- yet another question about me.
This 'why’ is the reason
my words are now silent
For when I talk of 'her’
my mind asks - 'Who?
Who is 'she’? Is that you?
Then, who are you?
Or is 'she’ a stranger?
Someone else? Without a name?
Questions and more questions
corrupt the simplicity of words
So I doubt myself
and I feel incomplete
and so I can’t complete
a single thought anymore.

I’ll sit in the library when it’s crowded and sit my ass on my Taylor Swift blog on the big Mac screen on the entrance floor. I don’t care anymore lol I’m just staying in my lane and minding my own business. “that girl is scrolling through 2342 pictures of Taylor Swift” yes, hello, it’s me, i don’t care lmao

I want a girl that’s okay with silly dates. Dressing up and going to a fancy dinner is fine but I want a girl who’d be ready to go to the arcade at 4pm on a Thursday just because it’s there. I want a girl who’d go on NYC tour buses and act like a complete tourist with me. I want a girl who’d go to the movies with me and watch the newest Pixar films even if we’re the oldest people there. I want a girl who’ll go to the amusement park with me. I want a girl who considers playing wii sports all day a date. A girl who doesn’t need fancy dates, expensive nights and money to have fun. I want a girl who won’t complain about having dominoes for dinner because I can’t afford a fancy restaurant. I want a girl who’ll text me date ideas that include carnivals or karaoke night. I want a girl I’ll have fun with. I want a girl who won’t mind staying in all night watching movies together in a homemade fort. I want a girl who’ll cook meal with me but when we burn it we will look at each other and we know to order Chinese food. I want a girl who won’t give up on me because I’m broke, but when I want to spoil her I want her to let me. I want that girl.
The Best I Ever Had (Acoustic)
The Swellers
The Best I Ever Had (Acoustic)

It was a young and angry summer
A song that changed my mind
I heard it on the radio
And if everyone else heard this
They wouldn’t be so sad
It was the best I ever had
It was the best I ever had

I remember April ‘94
September '96
And every day of '99
Whether I waited for those records
Or helped Seattle cry
It was the best I ever had
And I know we’ll never die

Yeah, we were right about it
We’d be lost without it
Yeah what could ever take that?

I miss it too
And I miss the songs we knew
And if I could go back
I’d do it all again
It was the best I ever had

While the world was waking up and
Putting on their suits
I was planning my escape
And when I had that conversation
With my mom and dad
I said I’m never looking back
It was the best I ever had

And they were wrong about us
We showed them not to doubt us
Yeah what could ever take that?

I miss it too
And I miss the songs we knew
And if I could go back
I’d do it all again
It was the best I ever had

I’d do it all again

I’ve been everywhere now
Searching far and wide
But she was down the street
She looked just like an angel
Flying down to me
But I was underground
Where the devil comes to feed

And everything felt so right
I could show it to do wrong
But she taught me everything
And I don’t know where she is now
But I’ll never forget
She was the best I ever had
Or ever will again
The best I ever had

And if everyone else heard this
They wouldn’t be so sad
It was the best I ever had

(The Swellers – The Best I Ever Had (Acoustic))


@marvelfanlife: Could you please do hotch x daughter reader request where the reader gets bullied at school and he and the team comfort her and tells her that they’ll find the person who is bulling her and tell the school about what’s going on ❤️


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The cold air encapsulated her trembling form, her skin prickling under the biting wind. Y/N’s cheeks were pained pink, tears coating them lightly as she rubbed her bloodshot eyes. Her fingers shook uncontrollably as she hesitantly took out her phone to dial her father, Aaron Hotchner, while she paced outside of the BAU building.

“D-dad, the receptionist…she won’t let me in.” She muffled her cries, her weak voice making Aaron tense up instantaneously.

“I’m coming, what’s wrong, darling?” Aaron questioned urgently, making the other agents stare on with worry as he rushed to the elevator.

“I-it happened again, dad. I tried to stop them b-but-” Y/N replied, panicked voice shaky as she tried to take deep breaths through her harsh sobs. Aaron exhaled lowly, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration as his daughters cries pierced his ears agonisingly.

“Calm down, sweetie. I’m going to hang up now, okay? I’ll be there any second.”

Aaron rushed out of the BAU doors, dark eyes flickering across the parking lot before they landed on Y/N who was curled into the bench, her deep red cheekbone capturing his attention immediately. Within seconds he was by her side, gently placing a hand on her shoulder but she flinched at the touch.

“Hey, it’s just me.” Aaron whispered, his homely voice making her glance up at him immediately. As soon as her eyes met his, she leapt up, burying her head into his chest and wrapping her arms around him tightly.

“It’s okay, they’re not going to hurt you.” Aaron cooed, rubbing his hand up her back comfortingly as he placed his chin on her head. After a while, Aaron pulled back, brushing her knotted face out of her bruising face to inspect the darkening contusions on her cheek before noticing the large one across her forearm.

“Come on, darling, let’s go upstairs.” He uttered, wrapping an arm around her shoulders as he urged her into the building. When they reached the floor of the BAU, Aaron held onto her while she limped slightly towards his office. As soon as they came into sight, the agents in the bullpen shot their concerned stares towards the two immediately. Spencer shot up when he noticed her bruising cheek, empathy possessing him as he recognised the same marks that were once given to him when he was younger.

“Y/N, what’s happened?” Spencer questioned softly, opening the door for her and Aaron, making Aaron nod thankfully towards the doctor. Aaron sat her on the small couch in his office while Spencer leant against his desk, gazing expectantly at the young girl.

“Do you mind staying in here while I go get some ice packs?” Aaron questioned, rushing out of the room as soon as Spencer nodded his head. When her father had disappeared, Spencer sat beside her on the couch, placing his hand on her back comfortingly.

“I tried to leave like you said but I-I couldn’t.” Y/N whispered, her fearful eyes meeting Spencer’s as he began rubbing her back slightly. He smiled softly, shaking his head at her comment.

“It’s okay, we’ll sort it out. But, if anything, we need to keep your mind off of it so I’m sure if you don’t tell your dad we can play chess for a little while.” Spencer grinned goofily when Aaron caught the last of his sentence, making Y/N giggle but winced when her cheeks tensed under the tender bruises.

“Don’t smile and it won’t hurt.” Aaron teased, kneeling in front of his daughter while glancing up at her with a playful smile. Y/N shook her head, trying to supress the smile tugging on her lips. Spencer glanced down at her bruised arm, furrowing his eyebrows at the purple mark. Noticing his lingering glance, Aaron wordlessly offered him one of the icepacks before giving her one to hold on her face.

“I know it will hurt, darling, but you need to press quite firmly.” Aaron urged, causing her to press slightly harder but the harsh sting that cursed through her skin made her hand retract immediately. Aaron sighed, taking the icepack from her to dab her cheek with it softly. However, Spencer offered her the other icepack for her arm as he stood up.

“Take that one a second, I’m just going to go get something.” Spencer muttered, leaving the office before either of them could say anything. Taking the time alone, Aaron lifted his daughters chin slightly, forcing her to look at him.

“Y/N, you have the option to leave that school, you know. You don’t need to stay there while this is happening, I hope you realise that.” Aaron assured, observing her bloodshot eyes closely as she swallowed back the lump in her throat. A soft hum escaped her throat as she nodded but when her removed his hand from her face, she took the opportunity to bow her head once again, getting lost in thought as she fumbled with the icepack.

“I don’t think I will need to leave, not while I do have friends there. But, either way, I know you and the team have my back…right?” Y/N questioned but Aaron simply chuckled breathily, wrapping his arm around her.

“Of course we do. If you don’t want to leave that’s fine but I’m going to talk to the school about it because it has gone too far now, okay?” In response, Y/N nodded into his chest before he glanced down to her face, reapplying the icepack softly. Aaron’s office door creaked open, making Y/N look towards it to find Spencer shuffle into the door with his chessboard he kept at his desk.

“Just an hour or so?” Spencer pleaded to Aaron, a large grin threatening to break across his face when his unit chief uttered ‘yes’ under his breath.


Busy Man~ Harry Styles Imagine

Harry imagine 

this is inspired by the song busy man by ralph 

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“I get a shiver when you come around here                                                      Lose my voice when your body’s near                                                               Are you really no good or is it just talk?”                                                                  Harry could light up any room that he walked in. His charismatic smile and charm could make any girl weak in the knees. You were infatuated by Harry, but everyone warned you that he was no good. Your friends called him a fuckboy, but you refused to listen to them. Harry was way too sweet and caring to be the kind of guy who would use a girl.

“Tell my friends I’m staying in                                                                                    I don’t mind a little lyin’                                                                                    Cause they think you’re no good but they don’t know you”                           Your friends warned you not to get close to Harry, “he’ll only break your heart” they said. So on Friday night when your friends asked you to go out with them and you already had plans with Harry you told them that you were sick and couldn’t go out. They thought Harry was a bad guy, but he wasn’t.

“And I don’t care what they say                                                                            It’s me and you                                                                                                         But don’t prove them right”                                                                                   You had been waiting for an hour at a fancy diner for Harry. You had reservations, “how could he forget?” You thought.                                                      "I told you so!“ Your best friend said.                                                             "He’s a busy man, he probably just got caught up in something.” You said back. Just as your friend was about to retaliate, a buzzing phone caught her off. It was Harry.                                                                                                          "Hello?“ You answered.                                                                                      "Y/N, I’m so sorry baby. My interview went longer then I had expected. I’m so sorry again.” He said                                                                                                 You sighed, “it’s fine.”                                                                                           “No, it’s not Y/N. I feel so bad, let me make it up to you.”                                    "Ok,“ you said.                                                                                                      "Come outside” Harry said.                                                                             Opening your front door, you saw Harry with flowers in his hands.

The Lost Memories - Part 4

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I wake up next to Jungkook, the one that I hated wholeheartedly and let’s not forget that he claims that he’s my husband

◇ genre : angst & romance
◇ summary : when you thought the vacation would be the best solution to overcome your problem, there’s one problem awaiting you and Jungkook there
◇ words : 3.5k
◇ author’s note : thanks @jeonjaykay for helping me a lot. it been a while and I’m really sorry for not updating it. since i’m on my semester break, i will promised to update it as frequent as before and please stay tuned cause i will update the next chapter next week. love xoxo :*

《previous | next》


A loud shriek of surprise escaped from Jungkook’s lips, that were followed after an idea proposed by you, who is sitting right next to him; staring at him with a glint of hope sparked in your eyes. A hope that he will agreed to your idea, an idea that will redeem all her wrong doings towards him, hopefully.

He took a deep breath to calm his rapid heartbeat, inhaling enough amount of oxygen while shutting his eyes closely to each other. He then put down the cup onto its actual place before wiping the water that splattered around his lips.

“You don’t need to force yourself on something that you don’t like.” He trailed off as his gaze fell on yours and you do felt your heart clenching in pain right now after looking at his face, a face full of despair. The urge feeling that blooms in your heart right now shows that you need to give out a tons of explanation towards him so he would not misunderstand your real intention.

“No!” You blurted out before continues back, “Let’s go to Jeju. I really want us to go. I getting tired of myself who constantly not even giving a try to regain my memories back.”

“I don’t want to hurt you anymore.” You trailed off as your gaze fell on your slender fingers that kept fidgeting.

A smile curled on his lips, after a long time. He loves that looks that you currently have right now; a mixture of shy and hope. Slowly, he lessen the distance between both of your by moving himself closely towards you before intertwined his hands to yours.

“If you said so, let’s do it.”


It’s been half an hour since your plane landed here, in Jeju. Your eyes swim around the crowd of people that never stopped walking here and there in the airport. Some of them seems in rush and hurry by observing their action, perhaps they need to catch the flight soon. But some of them are opposite. They seems calm and relax, walking to the boarding area without any worries plastered on their face.

A soothing yet melodious voice hit your eardrum, snapping yourself back to the reality.

“Let me hold that for you.”

Without even waiting for your reply, Jungkook immediately grabbed your bag pack’s strap from your shoulder and carried it on his own. His act of daring towards you resulting to your heart thumping with amusement and  it seems your heart going to burst in any seconds if you didn’t managed to control it.

He might saw you who constantly hitting your fist in a slow pace against your shoulder, slightly swollen shoulder, enduring the pain of carrying the heavy bag pack. It was your fault to pack such many things in a bag without even care about the weigh of the bag.

Anyhow, Jungkook need to thank to you because if you don’t bring that bag pack, he might lose a chance to make you flutter over his action for a simple things that he did.

“Thank you.” You utter your gratitude towards him in a low tone, sounds almost like a whisper but loud enough for him to hear that.

Yet, those moment being disturbed by a high-pitched voice, screaming his name across the crowd of people there, making them to divert their attention towards the source of the sound and same goes to you.

Your eyes swim to focus on an unfamiliar figure of an adult girl, who is around your ages, running as fast as she can towards him.

In a split of seconds before you can even blink your eyes, you already being served by an uncomfortable occasions where she wrapped both her arms around his waist, hugging him tightly in her loving embrace.

An unknown girl, completely a stranger is hugging him right in front of you.

He is Jeon Jungkook.

Jeon Jungkook who is your husband.

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BTS ideal type: Rap Monster.

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Just saying that this is >my< opinion on how the girl should be for each of them, it has nothing to do with what they said in interviews or something.

  • someone smart
  • someone that knows he has a lot of responsibilities and helps him with them  
  • someone with nice legs 
  • nice hair too
  • probably someone on a college 
  • a girl who wouldn’t mind staying at home just reading next each other 
  • or that wouldn’t mind having the other members around 
  • knowing when to support him 
  • a good person who knows how to listen and to give good advice 
  • a sexy brain like his 
Fall (fluff)

@shoottothestars: Hi love! Can I request an enemies to lovers kinda thing with Moonbin? Thank you xxx

Also dedicated to my sister who’s heavily Moonbin-biased

Title: Fall (Moonbin/Moon Bin)
Genre: Fluff, sprinkles of angst, highschool!MoonBin
Words: 1767
A/N: Okay, okay. So I know that Moonbin’s name is Moon Bin but I’ve gotten used to his stage name Moonbin/MoonBin so I’m gonna use Moonbin. Enjoy!

p.s. Chanwoo from iKON is a childhood friend of MoonBin.

Originally posted by binsblush

The very first time you laid your eyes on the tall handsome male with that sweet eye smile was during your first evening at your new neighbourhood. You peacefully walked around the subdivision, evening breeze brushing against every exposed skin as you went about, observing all the different houses as the sound of crickets followed you. You were in the middle of convincing yourself that evening walks were nice and refreshing and you should do it often (which you knew well you wouldn’t) when a flash of light streaked not past you but straight at you.

You lost your balance but before your bum could hit the warm concrete, a hand has stretched itself to hold one of your flailing arms. The person pulled you up and you came face to face to a rather handsome pale boy whose cheeks were flushed red and his soft sharp breaths blowing against your face.

“Sorry,” he breathed out, looking at you to make sure you were okay. You slightly blushed at the attention he was giving you. Then he realized he was still holding your arm, quickly retracting his hand away and tucking it to the safety of his pockets. Both of you blushed deep red, I didn’t realize, sorry.”

You gave him a reassuring smile, waving your hands at the fallen bicycle, “No, it’s okay. Um, thanks for…er, saving me from falling.”

The boy smiled back at you, “It’s fine. It was my fault anyway.” There was an awkward gap between the two of you as you both just smiled at each other, not really knowing what to do but not wanting to move.

“I’m–” you started but a ring in your pocket interrupted you. You procured a phone from your pocket to see your parent calling you. The boy noticed this but he just nodded at you as he picked his bike up and started walking away, leaving you to stare at his back as your parent talked on and on.

Moonbin stared across the canteen to only spot you. You were accompanied by the class president as you held a book to your chest and listened intently at the other student. It was you, the girl next door. But of course, you didn’t know that. Moonbin had freaked out when he saw you entering the house next to his, therefore feigning illness for the weekend. He didn’t know what to do with you. He just felt clumsy, sweaty, and awkward with you. It was a strange action for the most popular boy in school. But yes, you were causing him trouble in properly functioning and he despised it.

The class president kept on talking until a someone stopped in front the two of you. You were slightly relieved because that meant your ears could rest but then you felt a little irritated because you wanted to get out of the building already. It was depressing to see some of the students look at you with big round eyes as if you were some alien.

It was him.

You looked at the person in front of you, a cocky smirk playing on his lips. You felt your heart beat faster and your neck redden.

“Y/N, this is Moonbin,” the class president said, after a while. “Moonbin, Y/N.”

You offered a hand in front of him but before he could put down his tray to shake your hand, someone who was playing around accidentally pushed him, causing all the contents  of his tray to topple over you.

The whole room hushed, staring at you and Moonbin. Instead of a flurry of excuses, Moonbin let out a small chuckle heard by everyone causing them all to erupt into a loud noise of laughter.

You couldn’t believe it. You felt humiliated, alone, dirty, and out of place. You thought the guy you met under the sky of stars would still be the same but instead you could clearly see that he was just another arrogant schoolboy. You clenched your fists and stared at the laughing Moonbin, intense fire in your eyes.

You kneed him in the balls.

Ever since the visit to the vice-principal with Moonbin, word spread out quickly. The two neighbours were mortal enemies. A lot of rumors were even conjured by your imaginative classmates, saying you two were part of opposing gangs and stuff you didn’t mind correcting. It was better that way.

Of course, both of you lived up to your titles. You would occasionally trip him down the halls or he would intentionally pull your seat when you were about to sit. It was a game of a cat and dog that everyone loved watching.

To you, it would have been more entertaining if he didn’t make your heart beat so so fast. It would have been easier if you didn’t have a crush on Moonbin. But sadly, you did.

Moonbin peeked through his curtain to see one of his friends walking down the street. It made him excited. Chanwoo hadn’t told him he was visiting. But once Moonbin opened the door halfway to greet the boy, his friend swerved and walked over the house next to his. To your house.

What was he doing there? Moonbin thought as he watched Chanwoo knock on your door. You appeared and you were dressed nicely. Moonbin felt his heart reach his throat as he struggled to breathe. There you were again, making breathing difficult for him.

Moonbin watched Chanwoo give you a hug and a kiss on your forehead. That’s when it dawned to him. The reason Chanwoo had been distant from him, your ceasing taunts, the way you’ve been fixing your hair and the way you often smiled. Chanwoo and you were dating.

Moonbin shut the door slowly and went back to his room, crawling to his bed as he lied on his back and stared at the ceiling. He felt…weird. He felt waves of resentment, anger and somehow, hurt.

He shut his eyes, as time passed by, drowning in tons of self regret. Regret? What would he regret? Moonbin shook the question off his mind as he got out from his bed and pulled on a hoodie.

“I’m going for a walk,” he called out to his mom, not bothering to wait for her reply, as he went out and took his bike. Moonbin nodded to people he knew as he biked past them, afternoon haze falling on him. He turned his attention to the houses and the dogs and the tall trees. But no matter what, he still couldn’t get the image of you smiling to the others. 

Funnily enough, when he opened his eyes, you were in front of him. Moonbin’s eyes widen as he hastily pressed the brakes and you waved your hands in front of you.

He finally stopped, an inch of gap between the two of you. Moonbin looked at you. There was a faint sparkle of line across your cheek, your nose was red, and your eyes were red-rimmed. And in that moment, Moonbin forgot Y/N, his mortal enemy. What stayed in his mind was Y/N, the girl who made his heart beat oh so fast and his cheeks redden.

“A-are you okay?” Moonbin placed his bike down and cautiously walked towards you.You looked at him in wonder. Why wasn’t he making fun of you?

“Aren’t you going to say something else?” you croaked, your voice hoarse from crying. Chanwoo had broken up with you. It didn’t really hurt that much but you just felt confused thus the tears spilling out of your eyes.

Moonbin shook his head, slightly smiling, “No, what should I say?”

You only looked at him before looking down at the pavement. Moonbin walk towards you and laced his fingers through yours, making you look at him with wide startled eyes.

“Do you want ice cream?” Moonbin only asked and you nodded as the two of you walked to his bicycle. You sat at the back and reluctantly wrapped your arms around his waist.

Moonbin had taken you to the closest mart and payed for two pints of ice cream. You felt bashful but accepted the free ice cream. You and Moonbin sat on one of the benches outside the mart as cars whizzed by and the sun’s golden rays started dripping down, making hues of orange and red and gold.

“I’m sorry for um,” you cleared your throat. “For hurting your, er, your manhood.”

Manhood? Moonbin stifled a chuckle but when he saw you grin, he let out a laugh, “That’s fine…it was years ago, you know. I exaggerated about the part where I said I couldn’t pee.”

“I know,” you giggled, remembering his red face as he blurted that out at the vice-principal’s  office.

“I’m also sorry…for humiliating you on your first day.” Moonbin smiled and looked at your side profile, your face catching the angles of sunset haze perfectly. It almost made you look heavenly.

“It’s fine…” you say and turn to the gawking Moonbin, you offered a hand to which he took and shook your hand. “Are you wondering why I’m crying?”

Moonbin nodded, ice cream in his mouth, so you laughed and continued talking, “Chanwoo, your freaking best friend, broke up with me.”

Oh. Moonbin felt bad about it but he knew that part of him felt ecstatic. Moonbin reminded himself to try to be a better friend next time but he knew he couldn’t deny the happiness erupting in his heart. “Are you…are you hurt?”

Stupid stupid stupid. Moonbin mentally knocked his head for asking the obvious.

But you only shrugged, “I don’t know…I’ve never really like like him. But it did hurt my pride.”

Moonbin chuckled, “Your pride?”

“Yeah, it’s foolish but yeah,” you say. Moonbin grinned at this and you grinned back, causing you two to blush at the sudden closeness you felt. With that both of you talked to each other without really knowing what the hell you were telling each other as stars started appearing in the sky.

“Can I take you out for another pint of ice cream, sometime?” Moonbin said as he walked you to your door, cicadas creaking here and there.

“A box of ice cream would be awesome,” you leaned against the door, your heart doing jumping jacks.

“Okay, see you at school?”

“See you,” you quickly hugged him and then you were gone. As Moonbin walked back to his own house, he suddenly knew why he had a hard time functioning when it comes to you. He was falling.

It sure wasn’t love yet but Moonbin knew he was falling.