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Whew boy this took longer than I thought it would… hahaha. Here’s @therealjacksepticeye as a Jedi!! I saw how happy and excited he was when he played Star Wars in VR so I figured he might like to see what he’d look like as a Jedi! (complete with his very own SepticBB8 of course ^_^)

This drawing/animation probably took about 18 hours total… I loved how it turned out and hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do! 

I made a speeddraw video of this and will upload it as soon as i have time to edit. Stay tuned!

SDCC MASTERPOST 2016 (and some other useful links)

oncesaps stuff: [Colin and JMo signing] [funko dolls] [funko dolls II]
Josh with a fan [x]
Ava (JMo’s dog) rolling around in JMo’s comic con dress [x]
“Three amigos on their way” pic [x]
Field trip pic [x]
Rebecca posts a pic with herself, Josh Dallas, Colin O’Donoghue and JMo [x]
Captain Swan Comic Con portrait [x]
Colin video snapchat [x]
OUAT Ladies portrait [x]
OUAT cast leaving Comic Con [x]
Cruella De Vil clip [x]
Aladdin Comic Con reveal (video spoiler) [x]
Lana teasing Emilie about the food [x]

some panel videos: [x][x]
some panel pics: [x] [x] [x]
some panel gifsets: [x] [sq]

useful stuff: [ouat cast social media

What can you track? #ouat,sdcc (comma included) or #ouat spoilers

And this is what you missed on Glee!

posted on: july 23rd

Vacation. 👙🍹⛵️☀️

Ok, I thought I could run this blog as usual even when I’m on vacation, but this poor internet connection here where I’m staying is just not helping. So, for the next 7 days, I don’t think I’ll be publishing any submissions (you’re still free to send them, I’ll check it out once I’m home), and maybe queue will get empty once in a while.

Btw, I’m here. 😊



Happy 6 years One Direction ❤️

“"You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first” Bullshit. I have never loved myself. But you, oh god, I loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.” Thank you for 6 years of touching people’s lives through your music & amazing personalities. You have truly taught me in the 1.5 years I’ve been here, to love myself a little more, laugh a little more & do me. Thank you One Direction ❤️

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One day somebody will look at you like this. They’ll feel so overjoyed at the sight of you that they can’t help but smile. They’ll be up all night thinking about you. They’ll stare after you long after you’ve gone, hoping you’ll come back for a second goodbye. They will love you so unconditionally, and to them, you are the most important person in the whole entire universe… Because you light up their world and you make them feel just as important and just as loved.

 Good luck out there.♡♥︎

Einmal durchatmen. Es ist endlich vorbei!!!!!!
Ich hoffe euch geht es allen gut und ihr seid bereits sicher zuhause.

Mein tiefstes Mitgefühl geht an die Familie, Freunde und Angehörigen der Opfer. Ich denke mal ganz Deutschland ist grade mit euch. #staystrong

Der größte Dank geht an die 2.300 Polizisten/Einsatzkräfte die wirklich großartig gearbeitet und geleistet haben und ich denke mal trotz der Lage vielen ein Sicherheitsgefühl vermittelt haben. #Welldonemunichpolice

Der zweite große Dank geht an die Menschen die sich ans Herz gefasst haben und ihre Türen öffneten. Danke dass es euch und solche Menschen noch gibt! #stayhuman

Und für alle die immer noch jemanden vermissen!!!!: Unter 08007766350 könnt ihr kostenlos bei der zentralen Auskunfts- und Vermisstenstelle anrufen!!!

Have you ever had a night where you couldn’t sleep, so you watched dozens of videos about black holes and gravitational waves, which led to the consumption of dozens of videos about the Fermi paradox, leading you to the 4:30AM conclusion that there’s no way we’re not living in a computer simulation created by a superintelligent alien race that is probably studying the effects of a local black hole on an advanced society when it’s placed inconspicuously in the middle of their galaxy? Because I just had one of those nights, and oh boy. Oh. Boy.