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You guys need to stop portraying Nico as ready to murder anyone at any time like it’s some kind of joke to him. He’s a son of Hades who lost his sister. I really don’t think other people’s death are that funny to him.

It’s okay to change your yes to a no. Yes’s aren’t permanent. They’re something we choose again and again, each and every day. Something we have the right to recall and reconsider as soon as saying yes no longer feels conducive to our wellbeing and happiness. It d.oesn’t matter whether you said yes to a job, a date, a relationship, sex, a favor to a friend, a social endeavor, or a vow of silence — you don’t ever have to commit to something that forces you to compromise who you are and what feels right; especially if it’s something you agreed to under pressure, intimidation, or force. Changing your yes to a no might make people angry. It might hurt their feelings, cause them to see you as a flake, and result in lost connections. But if saying no means staying true to yourself, honoring your feelings, and making self-care a priority, it’s worth it. You are worth it. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.
—  Daniell Koepke

Dedicated to @amaitsumi, who for some bizarre reason, watched the entire 5 hour stream of me drawing this image from start to finish and commented on it while it was being drawn. We also definitively found out which way Law’s finger tattoos were oriented, despite certain anime scenes drawing them upside-down. 


“Who is the current Ring of Honor World Champion? Me. Who is your first ever three time ROH World Champion? You guessed it, me. So in New York City I finally put this to rest. I finally show the world that Adam Cole always has been and always will be better than you.”

bring him back to me
and while I wait, I’ll stay and fight
and honor the love he gave me

because in every victory there is sorrow
and mine will forever be that I never said the words in my heart
that now lay in the constellations with him

we said more with a look than we ever could with any language
and every time he gave me his hand, a new universe was born
and with each passing second, more of me belongs to him

it’s a tragedy, that our love only grows stronger
the more space is put between us
it’s a wonder, that our love only grows more faithful
the more we rely on each other's echoes

—  Firelight and Smoke by Abby S

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Age: 27

  • CEO of Oda International.
  • Known as the “King of Hell” in the business world for his infamous short temper and authoritarian work ethic towards his employees and business partners.
  • He actually wanted to become an actor but because of his father’s failing health and his older brother Nobuhiro’s illegitimacy, Nobunaga was made the “true” heir of the Oda family. Because of this Nobunaga isn’t fond of his father or half-brother and often has arguments with the both of them.
  • He’s known Mitsuhide since forever as their families are old family friends.
  • Later met Hideyoshi in high school and became fast friends with him and everyone suspected that something was going on between them whether romantic or purely sexual but no one knew for sure. (They dated for quite awhile until Nobunaga’s father found out and put a stop to it but the two remain really close friends to this day)
  • Owns several luxury cars but his absolute favorite is his red Lamborghini. 
  • He can be quite the playboy at times and you’ll frequently find his name in the media often with a picture of a woman on his arm
  • Other than his father and half-brother, his family means the world to him especially his mother and younger siblings Nobuoki and Oichi. The latter of which he’s very overprotective of and he frequently tries (and fails) to quell his sister’s growing feeling for his COO Shibata Katsuie much to Oichi’s displeasure. 
  • Absolutely hates when his father arranges dates for potential marriage candidates. He’ll show up just to be polite and not risk any business relationships but Mitsuhide is usually the one that has to call him with some important fake excuse so Nobunaga can leave without being seen as rude.  
  • He goes through assistants like crazy, one time going through three in the span of a week often firing them for the smallest of reasons. 
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS has to have a bowl of konpeito on his desk to satisfy his immense sugar tooth. Especially if there’s a meeting. He needs a sugar rush often to get through the damn things.
  • Speaking of konpeito, he once fired an assistant for hiding it from him. Even though the poor guy was obeying Nagahide’s instructions. Needless to say Nagahide made sure that the now ex-employee found a decent job. (Nagahide was just looking out so that Nobunaga doesn’t get a cavity like that one certain time in his childhood) 
  • He’s certain that he’ll never find an assistant competent enough until he meets Karina Carter who definitely is determined to prove him wrong. 
Love is the bane of honour, the death of duty | The Dragonpit scene

This episode was the physical embodiment of this warning, now that I think about it. And yes! I’ve been repeatedly watching Jonerys scenes on near-loop since the episode came out because I’m in love and that killed my duty, so see, it works on multilevels 😂

When Aemon Targaryen had said this to Jon, I had thought it applied to Ygritte later, but it wasn’t it. Because with Ygritte, Jon always chose honor/duty, and though the choice wasn’t easy, he never sacrificed his duty for love (technically, he didn’t sacrifice honor for love too, he did it for duty). Of course, the lesson that Jon finally learned was that if anything can make someone forget their duty, it’s love, and no matter how honorable a man is, honor seems a small price to pay for the warmth of love. With Ygritte, though he came close, he never forgot his duty because as I’ve said numerous times, that wasn’t a choice. Be with Ygritte and let the entire Night’s Watch, countless innocents, his family and who knows who else just die? Come on, we all knew that was so not happening. But with Dany… Here is where it gets trickier and I loved how the episode set up the honor vs love clash we can expect next season.

So, the first scene (after Dany’s extra extra appearance 😂) is when Jon publicly pledges himself to Queen Daenerys of House Targaryen.

Oh wait, do you hear that? The sound of complete utter silence? That’s the sound of all the antis who were loudly clamouring about how Jon is playing Dany. And that whirring sound is their brains switching to a really high gear as they desperately try to ‘reach’ for a new explanation other than Jon being in love with Dany. Funny isn’t it, how one section of the antis is completely okay with butchering his character which is literally a symbol of honesty and honor and staying true to his word. Cersei’s deliberate ‘Ned Stark’s son’ was a reminder that Jon stands for not just honor in the narrative but duty, and unnecessary cruel treachery is by no means part of that code of honor and duty; but to part of the Jonsa Fandom what matters is that he shack up with Sansa even if it be the biggest OOC action ever for him, while the other section, of course, is happy to pile hate on him because he loves someone they don’t and are now loudly proclaiming how he isn’t even good enough for Sansa anymore. Like really? Dislike a ship all you want, but in this house, we do not tolerate any disrespect of the purest of all puppies Jon Snow, and we defend his honor and will continue to do so to best of our abilities.

So anyway this scene, Cersei makes a very reasonable offer in exchange for the truce, [and of course we now know that all she was trying to do was deal with her enemies one by one by dividing them (classic Cersei)], and listen no one, not one person, even considers that Jon will turn her down, not even Daenerys!

In that moment, everyone believed that they had succeeded and it was a done deal and let’s all pack up and go home. This scene simply smashed any theories of Jon playing Dany (like any reasonable person thought he was? 🙄) Why do I say that?

Every person, most notably on Team Dragonstone looked various states of surprised/shocked when he announced his allegiance to Daenerys, not just because it was a foolish thing to do, but because none of them were aware of it happening! Dany hadn’t informed any of them about what had happened between them on the boat, which is definitely odd because if the King in the North has submitted to you, shouldn’t you inform at least your Hand about it? But she didn’t do it. Why?

Because she did not take his submission seriously. Say what you will about Dany, but she knew that his swearing allegiance to her could stem in part from an overwhelming feeling of gratitude (and possibly the other overwhelming feeling of love? 😂) and she respected him enough to give him the chance to declare his submission to her in his own time and way, without pushing him into a corner where he would have no other option but to back her. She wanted his allegiance to come of his own free will, and that, ladies and gentlemen, made me love her like crazy. It was almost like giving him a way out, because she didn’t even tell Tyrion what had happened between them, and that’s interesting because it only emphasizes how much she trusts Jon and trusts that he will be true to his word.

And Jon, oh Jon! 💖😍 If Daenerys has come far from her first meeting, he has too. If this same offer had been made before he met Dany, he would obviously have accepted it because his priority was the White Walker threat, the Northern independence and the staying as far as possible from Southern politics. This offer was literally everything he had wanted at the beginning, all neatly wrapped up and handed to him on a platter, which is why everyone expected him to accept it. Because there is no reason to refuse! Right? Right?? Now I kept saying all along that Jon wasn’t playing Dany, he couldn’t possibly be doing that because his actions are not that of a player. And no moment more strongly proves my point than this one. The ‘undercover lover’ theory could have worked if Jon had agreed to the truce. He wouldn’t even have needed to justify it to Dany or anyone else, and if he did, all he had to say was that of course he’s still loyal to her, but she doesn’t need the North as much as she needs a truce with Cersei, and she would have agreed. Like seriously, it was such a neat solution. Jon would have gotten everything he wanted without having to give anything in return, Dany wouldn’t have doubted Jon’s loyalty and would have still helped him defeat the Night King without assuming that he’s fallen in love with her (which is what she’s probably been trying to convince herself about anyway after the intense hand holding, that it was a spur of the moment thing and ’Jon Snow isn’t actually in love me and the longing stares were just him being hopeful for a successful military alliance!‘😂), and of course, the antis would have had a field day because if Jon was truly in love with Daenerys, then why didn’t he publicly stand up for her in the pit? And what did our precious puppy decide to do? What he does best! Make a stand because it is the honorable thing to do, and also because there is no way he’s not going to help Daenerys take down Cersei at a time when she will need all the help she can get! It’s honor born out of love! And my Jonerys heart has never danced such a gig as it did in that moment. Because in this scene, Jon not only does the honorable thing, but he also reveals that his feelings for Dany go beyond political alliances, or the crass 'use her for her dragons’ theory.

And this scene was yet another iconic moment in their relationship, when Dany - whose sole focus was winning the Iron Throne - is now giving much more importance to Jon’s original goal, and Jon - whose sole focus was defeating the White Walkers - is now giving more importance to Dany’s original goal. The dynamic is so beautiful because they haven’t just fallen in love with each other, no, they have come to understand the other’s viewpoint, they have come to know, respect and admire the other person and value their goals and give them the importance they deserve. Because if defeating the White Walkers is important to save humanity, so is defeating Cersei, who has shown time and again that all she truly cares about is her immediate family, completely disregarding the realm, unlike both Jon and Dany. Their relationship is so complex, so balanced, so beautiful. It’s not just as simple as ’ice and fire’ by any means. And this scene brought out their relationship dynamic extremely well.

So this tiny sliver of a moment between Cersei’s offer and Jon’s rejection gave me intense Jonerys feels because Dany’s trust in Jon is so unwaveringly strong that she expected, wanted even, him to agree to Cersei’s condition. Which is a glorious way to show how far she’s come from her initial stance of ’bend the knee’. Dany has realized the importance of the Northern threat and when she pledged to destroy the Night King in return for nothing, she meant it. How do I know that? Because she was willing to let Jon remain neutral ’for the greater good’. See, this is why I love Dany. The White Walkers are a threat to the entire realm, and Dany is dedicating all her forces towards their destruction, that is after losing already having lost a dragon. She could have gone the Cersei way of letting the world burn as long as it didn’t affect her, but she didn’t. [A lot of antis make her sound like a tyrant and I’m just so done, but that’s another post. This one is strictly 💖Jonerys💖]. She is actively contributing and asking for nothing in return. Cersei, on the other hand, is only being asked to not make Daenerys fight on two fronts. Dany could very well have demanded Jon Snow’s help in return later, and it would only have been fair. But she didn’t. Even knowing that after fighting the White Walkers, her forces will be heavily depleted and facing Cersei will be more difficult, Dany still does not expect/want Jon to help her. If that isn’t reason enough for Jon to support her, I don’t know what is. Antis claiming that she’s an entitled selfish supremist??? Antis claiming that Jon has zero reason to like/admire her??? When she’s thinking exactly the way Jon wanted her to, realizing the importance of the White Walkers threat and not demanding anything in return. My Jonerys heart melted at this scene! 😭💖

And of course, Dany’s face was priceless!

She was so torn between ’oh you idiot, now you’ve done it’ and ’my God, I love this man’. The perfect mixture of exasperation and admiration was so perfectly pulled off! Because of course she had wanted him to agree, that was the logical thing to do. But then he didn’t, and her face is like.. Yeah, no wonder I love him. Because this is part of who Jon Snow is, and part of the reason we adore him so much. Lies and deceit don’t come easy to him, this man doesn’t lie unless he absolutely has to, unless he has no other choice, and even then it’s not easy, and that makes him the hero we all love.

Another thing I found super interesting about this scene is Jon’s choice of words, but that’ll be a whole other post.

Also, I love how their ‘together’ness is echoed in everything. They will defeat the White Walker ‘together’ and then fight to overthrow Cersei ‘together’.

*jonerys feels intensify*

Health care access 

“I’ve been a big supporter of Planned Parenthood. To me they’re such an important and critical thing for American health care that I want to do whatever I can for them. As a Canadian, health care wasn’t a thing for me that you would have to pay for or think about. When I moved here I went to Planned Parenthood because I needed to go see a doctor. I had the most pleasant experience that, when I left, I actually called my dad sobbing. I told him what happened, and how nice, and polite, and everything they were with me. At that point I was making no money as an artist, so I could have not afforded getting tests. It needs to be something that stays.”

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are posting quotes from our latest Creative New York interview with Petra Collins, highlighting issues relating to body image, openness, collaboration, and health care access as an artist. Read the entire interview at

Join us on 3/18 for MoMA PopRally’s Petra Collins: In Search of Us, an evening of performance, music, and digital art conceived and developed by Collins and artist Madelyne Beckles. Tickets and more info at

[Portrait of Petra Collins by Nguan]

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Hello~ Can I request phantom boys + Mishima reaction to their crush that loves cook give them their favorite type of cake that says "I love you. Would you be my boyfriend?", please? I really love your blog, darling, keep doing your best! ♡

sdhfgdj You’re as sweet as the cake in this prompt??? Like I’m gonna get a cavity??? Thank you for your encouragement and this adorable request!! I hope you like it!


  • Has it already been a year?
  • S/O had been friends with Akira long enough to determine that his favorite cake is tiramisu.
  • It was Sunday when Akira invited S/O to Leblanc for their usual hangout; S/O had whipped up the dessert beforehand and they presented it to him in the privacy of his room.
  • His raven eyes scan the words written across the petite cake. S/O is waiting in suspense, but his neutral expression gave them no indication of what he was thinking.
  • Remaining expressionless, Akira reached into his back pocket and pulled out origami folded in the shape of a heart.
  • There was a message scribbled on it: ‘Will you accept me as your boyfriend?’
  • S/O nearly dropped the cake from their shock. “Y-you too…?”
  • Akira nodded solemnly. “Me too.” They gazed into each other’s eyes, even as he stepped right in front of S/O.
  • They could feel and hear his steady breathing. He placed his hand on their cheek and gently caressed it with his thumb, his eyes flickering between S/O’s lips and their eyes.
  • “You’ve kept me waiting, you know,” he breathed, his voice low and his lips inches from theirs. S/O wondered if his heart fluttered as much as theirs did.
  • His lips ever-so-slightly brushed theirs, but he opted to kiss their forehead instead, much to S/O’s chagrin.
  • “Why don’t we have some cake?” he asked.
  • “Fine,” S/O muttered. 
  • Akira smirked knowingly.
  • The two seated themselves adjacent to each other on the couch once Akira fetched some utensils.
  • He tried a bit of the cake. 
  • “Is it good?”
  • “Hm… I can tell you put a lot of love into it, but there’s still something missing,” he replied inquisitively.
  • S/O became confused; they had followed their recipe perfectly, so there shouldn’t have been room for a mistake… right?
  • “What is it?” they asked.
  • Akira abruptly placed his lips upon theirs, and S/O wasn’t ready for him to break the kiss so soon.
  • “Perfect,” he whispered, his breath laden with the sweet aroma of the decadent dessert. His eyes were locked with S/O’s as he caressed their cheek once more, and they had the feeling that the word he uttered carried more emotion than they initially thought.
  • “Akira…” S/O said softly; they understood his sentiment.
  • “I really admire you, S/O. You’re like a breath of fresh air amidst the suffocation of my life. I promise that I will make you feel as important as you are to me…” His forehead gently touched theirs. “I won’t let this world take you, too. I love you.”
  • “Yeah,” S/O sniffled, snaking their arms around his neck. There was no doubt in their mind that he was special to them. “I love you, too.”


  • Ryuji was a challenge because he didn’t have too big of a sweet tooth; however, he wasn’t opposed to desserts, especially when S/O was the one that created them.
  • They knew he had a certain weakness for chocolate (he’d never admit it, though), so S/O ultimately decided on baking a simple chocolate torte with a light chocolate ganache.
  • Once the cake had been adorned with S/O’s message, they didn’t waste a moment further.
  • They invited Ryuji to their place, and he stated that he would be over shortly as he had no plans.
  • S/O was giddy and anxious, causing them to pace around the living room until they heard a knock on the front door.
  • Why are you so nervous? He’s just a boy…
  • They inhaled deeply, and opened the door. When they did, he straightened up from his slouch and beamed at S/O.
  • “Hey, S/O! You opened the door pretty quick. Didja miss me that bad?” he teased.
  • “I can close it just as quickly,” they replied sweetly. The sight of him made their heartbeat accelerate.
  • “Nah, you ain’t gettin’ rid of me that easily after I came all the way here,” he said, inviting himself inside. S/O was unsure of whether they wanted to smack him or smooch him.
  • “So, what’s up? Somethin’ wrong?” Ryuji’s voice snapped S/O back to reality. He was cutely lounging on their couch.
  • “Um, yeah, I wanted you to try something I’ve been working on…”
  • “That’s it? Hell yeah, I’m game. Your stuff is freakin’ amazin’!”
  • S/O turned away so he couldn’t see them flush. “Thanks, I’ll go get it.”
  • They joined him on the couch as they presented him with the torte, and after reading the message, his face reddened as he stuttered.
  • “H-hah, um, yeah, that’s…” He nervously bit his lip.
  • “Ah, s-screw it!” he exclaimed, and he planted a firm kiss on S/O’s lips.
  • Their eyes widened and promptly closed, savoring the moment that they’ve been aching for.
  • Ryuji pulled away first, and his face somehow deepened in color upon the realization of what he just did. “Sh-shit, sorry, I’ve been, uh, wanting to do that for a while now cuz’ I think you’re pretty amazin’ and perfect, and, um, what I mean is-”
  • He took a deep breath. “I… love you. A lot. And I may not be charmin’ or hot or anythin’, and I can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but I really care about you, and I want to be the kinda guy that makes you happy. So… yeah.“ Ryuji shyly rubbed the back of his head. “I wanna be your boyfriend.”
  • “…Thank god.” They couldn’t hinder themself any longer, and S/O closed the distance between them to plaster their lips onto his. He was surprised, but his arms slithered around their waist to bring them closer.
  • No, S/O thought as their kiss deepened. He’s not just a boy. 
  • Ryuji was entirely too special to be limited by such simple words.


  • It had been about two years, and S/O had collaborated with Yusuke on many occasions to improve their eye for aesthetic; the presentation of food is just as important as its flavor, after all.
  • They spent enough time with their best friend to acknowledge his fondness for ice cream and exquisite treats. 
  • As a result, S/O fashioned a luxurious fruit tart, and they used a small sheet of fondant to inscribe their confession upon.
  • They asked him if they could visit his dorm for the purpose of allowing him to taste-test their newest creation, and he accepted the request without delay.
  • S/O knocked on his door and a brief “come in” followed. When they stepped inside and shut the door, Yusuke greeted them with a soft smile.
  • “Ah, S/O! Welcome. It’s always a pleasure to see you.” His eyes flickered to the box they were holding. “I admit, I am eager to see what marvel you’ve created this time.”
  • S/O felt their consciousness slipping away; they were overcome with apprehension. “Y-yeah, I hope you like it. I had you in mind when I made it.”
  • His eyes widened and glimmered. “S/O…” The artist proceeded to chuckle. “Very well, I will not betray your expectations. I shall savor every delectable calorie of your creation.”
  • S/O became slightly more pacified from his enthusiasm as they grinned and nodded. “I’m counting on you.”
  • Without further ado, they revealed their pastry to his hopeful eyes.
  • Yusuke wore a perplexed expression on his face. “S/O…”
  • They waited for him to speak again.
  • “The variety and the arrangement of the fruit are balanced beautifully, and the dollops of cream adorned around the border of the tart truly entice the viewer and draw the eyes in toward the magnificent burst of color…”
  • S/O smiled knowingly. “Yusuke, read the fondant.”
  • He snapped out of his seemingly endless musing. “Hm? Ah, yes, I was curious about that.” 
  • His eyes surveyed the inscription, and S/O’s stomach was in knots from the suspense.
  • He then locked eyes with S/O and slowly blinked before he chuckled. “You spoil me with not one treat, but two.”
  • “H-huh?” 
  • Yusuke glided over to S/O, determination etched on his porcelain face. He halted directly in front of them. “I accept,” he breathed, and he gently grasped S/O’s chin to place a delicate kiss upon their lips.
  • “It took a significant amount of strength to deter myself from doing this sooner,” he whispered into their lips. “I hope you will take responsibility for being so tempting…”
  • “Y-Yusuke…” S/O felt dizzy and they were positive that they were seeing stars.
  • He stroked their cheek. “I love you too, S/O. You’re divine in every aspect, and the mere thought of you consumes me and halts my brush. You managed to look past my… eccentricity, and even embrace it, as well as my other flaws. It would be my honor to stay by your side and do the same for you.”
  • S/O’s heart swelled, and they nodded. They knew their voice would quiver if they spoke.
  • The couple swayed together, and the dessert left on the table was completely forgotten as they gazed upon each other with adoration.


  • Mishima loves sweets, and he shamelessly asks S/O if they can continue baking for him.
  • Throughout the year of their friendship, S/O quickly discovered that his favorite cake was cheesecake, since it tasted delectable in any flavor.
  • So that is what S/O baked for him; they also provided sides and toppings for him to experiment with.
  • S/O invited him to come over to their place and join them for dessert. 
  • As expected, he didn’t refuse. i wouldn’t either
  • Mishima arrived in no time; S/O hadn’t even finished mentally preparing themself yet.
  • They flinched when they heard the doorbell.
  • Stay calm. You can do this.
  • With a deep breath, S/O opened the door and invited their friend inside.
  • “Hey, S/O! Thanks for inviting me over,” he said happily, taking off his shoes and strolling inside.
  • They smiled. “You don’t have to thank me every time you come over.”
  • “I know, but I feel bad since I always end up crashing here,” he shyly confessed. “Anyway, what’s on the menu today? Knowing you, it’ll be amazing.” 
  • S/O fidgeted. “You’ll see… I’ll go get it right now.”
  • They retrieved the box and reentered the living room. Mishima was standing in the center with his hands stuffed in his pockets, eagerly awaiting S/O’s return.
  • They couldn’t prevent the blush that crept upon their cheeks. He’s so cute…
  • He sniffed the air and whipped his head around to face S/O. “No way… is that… cheesecake?!” He hastily approached them with a serious look in his eye. “S/O, you’re the coolest person I’ve ever met.”
  • S/O’s blush reddened. “I-it’s nothing. Look inside.”
  • Mishima obeyed, and a crestfallen expression fell onto his face as he read the message. “Oh… I-I’m sorry, I just assumed…” He rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. “Um, I’m sure he’ll love it.”
  • S/O was baffled. “What are you talking about?”
  • He shared their confused demeanor. “Aren’t you going to confess to someone?”
  • As realization rushed S/O, they cleared their throat. “Mishima… you’re the boy I’m c-confessing to.”
  • His face was practically on fire and his surprise nearly sent him backward. “Oh…! I, I, um…” He inhaled. “Yes! Please take me!”
  • In the heat of the moment, he clumsily planted his lips on S/O’s, and he backed away after a few seconds. “Uh, sorry! I-”
  • S/O pulled him back in for another kiss; this time was less sloppy.
  • “God,” he breathed, now holding S/O by their hips. “I had no idea you felt the same way I did. Talk about clueless…” Mishima shook his head. “Are you really okay with dating someone like me? I don’t really have any redeeming qualities, and I’m really weak… I can’t help but worry that you’ll miss out on someone better because of me.”
  • S/O cradled his face with their hands. “You’re wrong. I confessed to you because you’re so important to me, and you’re capable of changing the world. I know you’ve changed mine, and… if anyone is deserving of love, it’s you.”
  • Mishima simply blinked. “S/O…” His face turned scarlet, and the following words involuntarily slipped past his lips. “I love you.” 
  • S/O stroked his cheek. “I love you, too.”
  • The duo cozily snuggled on the couch together, munching on the cheesecake and feeding each other.
  • And they quickly discovered that desserts are much sweeter when you have someone you love to share them with.

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Hi, just a quick thing to ruin your life. The Foxes are a gang in Ketterdam, Neil is a Grisha fleeing... anyway have a good day!

hellooooo thank u sm for this prompt, this is only part one bc i couldn’t wait to share it, but i’ll post the rest as soon as i can!!

The streets were deadly quiet the night Nathaniel left everything behind – his life, his family, his very name. His father was asleep when Nathaniel climbed down the window of his small, cramped closet of a room. The cold air bit harshly at his skin, froze his bones through the thin cotton of his shirt, but Nathaniel didn’t dare turn back to the slightly warmth of his home.

Not anymore, he told himself. It was no longer his home – if it ever had been. Now it was just the place that would get him killed, or worse. Finally, finally, after years of hiding it, his father knew the truth about him and his mother was nowhere to be found. He knew, somewhere deep in his core, that she would be dead soon. He’d seen the look on her face when they took her away, when his father just let them take her. He remembered the way her frantic eyes found him cowering around the corner, the word she mouthed at him.

Run. RUN.

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*Aggressively reopens tumblr to vent*

You know what no. All this noise about Emma not fighting for him or giving up on him, CONTEXT is KING people. If she truly believes this was his choice she’s doing the right thing by not looking for him. She doesn’t have the right to force him to stay. She’s honoring his volition, which is huge considering their particular history.

It’s coming from a place of pain but it’s still a potentially good development. So again….We have no context. None. Zilch.

*aggressively re-closes tumblr grumpily*

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I'm a cruel person and HC Robert as being in the army and dishonorably discharged following the death of his wife for attempting suicide. In the Army you stay honorable and you dependents get full benefits if you commit suicide. It felt like the way to take care of Val without burdening her with the sack of shit that was her dad. But it was foiled. And attempting suicide is a crime in the army. Failure to perform duties. Dishonorable discharge and a year in confinement (at least)


Betrothed Part 3

Summary: You have been betrothed to a disgusting pig to settle your father’s gambling debts. The night before your wedding, you are rescued by an unlikely party.

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here.

A/N: Here’s Part 3! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted much of anything, but especially this story. I just realized it’s been over a month! Life’s gotten crazy. Let me know what you think!

Warnings: alcoholism, gambling, arranged marriage, bullying, maybe even verbal abuse, anxiety


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