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Married to a Monster - fifteen [M]

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Paring: kaiXreader, minseokXreader

Word Count: 5.5k

Summary: You are forced into a marriage with your once love/childhood best friend. Although, you don’t love him anymore and are disgusted with having to marry him. After driving yourself to suicide twice, you know you can’t ever fix things with him but even though, you push forward for the happiness of your parents who are still grieving the loss of your older sister.

Notes: This series will contain talk of suicide, self-harm, abuse, death and possibly more. This series will also have smut, but chapters will be rated [m] accordingly. This chapter contains sexual content // slight smut

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OKAY SO wol and i made this really cool au where kairi gets her keyblade when she was protecting shadow!sora and so she goes with him after they close the door and on through CO and winds up waking up at the beginning-ish of days because her memories are easier to re-piece than sora’s because there aren’t any xion shenanigans to deal with

she and riku set out together to help sora from the shadows because she wouldn’t LET riku run away all by himself and also it’s the three of them! to the end! she and riku keep an eye on sora together and like. since she was there leading up to CO, sora is freaked out that she’s missing so he’s desperately looking for BOTH of them and the reunion scene is WAY better okay

Me: Okay i am going to get off Tumblr and finish my essay!

Just as i am about to log off……

Taylor : OH HI!! i just logged on to tumblr and I’m about to go on a liking/following spree! 

Me: Stays online.