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“Tell me!” You begged your best friend for the past five minutes.
“No,” Johnny answered softly with a shy smile.
“Well at least tell me about her,” you pleaded.
“Okay,” He laughed, “She’s uh….really gorgeous. She’s smart and sweet, talented, adorable,” Johnny rambled while blushing at the thought of her.
“Johnnycakes,” you interrupted, “I have a feelin’ you could go on for hours and hours, just tell me. You tell me everything else!” You said, feeling some betrayal.
Johnny faced the ground, his face crimson red with embarrassment.
“I didn’t want to tell you because…it’s you.”

Dally: Johnny man, you look really good

Johnny: r-really? T-thanks Dal

Dally: ya, you know what you’d look even better on?

Johnny: what?

Dally: My d-

Steve: A bench in a church, thank you good lord

It will pass

Without his parents, Sodapop Curtis thought he had nobody left that cared about him.
After Sandy cheating on him, after losing his parents, feeling unloved by his bickering brothers, Sodapop’s admired personality faded away.
Whenever Sodapop was with the gang, he never talked anymore. Instead he drowned himself in his own dark thoughts, hoping maybe someone would care about him.
“Soda, you good?” Someone would ask.
“Yes,” Sodapop would lie.
Whoever asked usually believed him, but not Steve.
Steve knew his best friend too well, and the moment he became distant, Steve watched him like a hawk to see what could be the reason behind all of this.

One night, Sodapop simply could not help himself. Ponyboy moved out of his room, so nobody was around to hear him crying in his bed.
Thunder boomed throughout the house, joined with startling lighting that made the night sky bright.
Sodapop pulled his covers over his head. He hated storms. His mom would hold him throughout the scary night, no matter how much he protested about it being weird because he was “all grown up.”
Steve was the only one in the gang who had not went home yet. He was helping Darry clean up when he heard Sodapop’s sobs down the hall.
“Hey Dar, i’ll be right back,” Steve said.
Darry nodded and proceeded to wash dishes.
Thunder struck once more as Steve walked cautiously down the hall to Sodapop’s room. Slowly, he opened the door, increasing the sound of Sodapop’s sob.
A tear rolled down Steve’s cheek at the sight of his best friend crying, the thought of his best friend suffering his own emotions.
Without a word, Steve slipped into bed next to Sodapop, and wrapped his arms around him.
Sodapop did not move, did not flinch, only cried.
Steve ran his hands through Sodapop’s hair as he spoke softly into his ear,
“Are you scared?” Steve asked.
“N-No, storms don’t scare me,” Sodapop choked out.
“Not of the storm,” Steve said, “of yourself.”
Sodapop sniffled, not answering Steve.
Steve lightly stroked Sodapop’s face with his fingers.
“Ya know I’m here for you, you can tell me,” Steve said.
Sodapop exhaled a breath and said,
“I don’t think anyone’s really here anymore.”
“Hey, look at me,” Steve turned Sodapop around to face him, their faces only inches apart. “I know I’ve been distant lately, but I thought you just needed time to yourself to heal. But I see now it’s the total opposite,” Steve said.
“It’s okay Steve,” Sodapop said.
“No it’s not, but it will be,” Steve leaned forward and kissed Sodapop’s forehead.
“It will pass,” Steve said, thunder striking soon after.

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Sodapop is a cannibal, he drinks himself all the time.

I’ll go home.

I get so damn SALTY when people make fun of Pony or call him weak. Like, he’s fucking 14. Both of his parents died, and the person he loved most slapped him. Of course he’s gonna be upset?? Darry may not have meant to and we know he loves him, but that’s still a scary situation to be in. And then he watched his 2 best friends die and obviously the rest of the gang is gonna react differently. They’re older/more mature. He’s just a kid and y'all are calling him weak for having feelings.

I thought everyone should see this deleted outsiders scene that they SHOULD HAVE KEPT Showing Ponyboy walking, Dally getting out of jail, Darry working, Sodapop and Sandy, and Johnny getting abused!

“I hope I never see Dallas Winston again. If I do I’d… probably fall in love with him.”

The Outsiders (1983) dir. Francis Ford Coppola

what even is this

Sodapop + Steve HCS

Sodapop Patrick Curtis  

  • will make you rainbow pancakes for breakfast 
  • is a total SWEETIE in bed except for when he bites (he does that often)
  • incorporates his name into every pickup lines he uses
  • he never goes a day without brushing his teeth
  • knows the effect he has on girls and uses it to his advantage
  • he knows it’s a dick move but i mean…
  • sings to himself in the shower and when he’s alone
  • a giant klutz especially when he’s alone

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Curtis Sister

-You did not just grow up with 3 brothers. You grew up with 7.

-Being the only girl in the gang, you were the gangs pet. Even to Johnny.

-Darry would yell at you and Ponyboy more than Sodapop, so you and Ponyboy developed a strong bond from understanding how it feels.

-Ponyboy telling Cherry about you when they first met.

-“I feel like I know Soda from as much as you talk about him, tell me about Y/N! Is she wild and reckless like Soda or dreamy like you?”

“Cherry, she’s her own person. Golly, she’s like a combination of all of us! She can protect like Darry but have fun like Soda, yet calm down and read a book like me. I love her more than anyone.”

-Everyone referring to you as their sister.

-Keeping Dally in line whenever he’s close to losing it.

-Learning a lot about cars from Sodapop.

-Helping Darry cook all the time. It’s a bonding moment for you and your big brother.

-You love to surprise Two-Bit by jumping on his back.
“Hey! Careful Kiddo!” He would say.

-Being Johnny’s best friend.

-Going to the movies with Ponyboy.

-Picking on Steve.
“She’s a smartass kid like her brother.”

-Whenever you got your first boyfriend, it was time for him to meet the family. He did not just meet Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry though, he met the whole gang. They are your family.

-When you were a baby, Sodapop always popped the bubbles you blew to bother you.

-Play fighting with everyone.

-You actually did good in rumbles, even though your brothers tried nonstop to get you to stay away.

-Because you happened to be a girl, Socs thought you were an easy target.

-One night, you and Darry got into a fight. To cool off, you left the house to go to the lot. Not even a good thirty minutes passed before you got jumped by Socs. Steve found you and carried you home.

-Darry raged, Ponyboy cried, and Sodapop panicked.

-It was a mess.

-Johnny helped clean you up, he was so gentle, you could barely feel him touching your skin.

-Dally barged in and tried to get you to identify the Socs that attacked you.

-He made it his business to get the guys that hurt you this badly.

-Ever since then, you had someone with you all the time, while it annoyed you at first, it was actually heart touching.

-Everyone shoved themselves in front of you whenever a Soc appeared.

-Darry’s always uneasy when you both are around Socs in public.

-Before you became a teen, you and Ponyboy use to share a room and color the walls together.

-Some girls just wanted to be your friend for your cute brothers.

-Without a mom or a sister, life was hard.

-Nobody knew how to handle your mood swings or dramatic phases.

-Sodapop loves to braid your hair.

-He helps you pick out your outfits for important events.

-You are the only one who can bother Darry without getting yelled at.

-You are also the only one who can bother Dally without getting beat up.

-At the awards day ceremony at school, Your gang cheered and hollered for you even though they were suppose to “hold the applause for the end.” Same with graduation.

-Everyone getting emotional whenever it’s your birthday. They go out of their way to buy you something special.

-If you ever feel unloved, you shall be reminded every time that you are loved no matter what.

-Because you are.

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